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A Chance Encounter, Part 1

It doesn’t have to be Halloween to wear a mask
A frat boy & a sorority girl

I reached my hand carefully under the covers, over Grant’s waist and quietly snaked my hand under the fabric of his boxers grabbing his routine morning-wood.

I began gingerly stroking him as I looked for any stirring of his body indicating he was waking up.

“Hmmm,” he moaned through his closed lips, his eyes still closed. “Good morning to you, too.”

“Ha,” I laughed unable to contain my composure anymore. “You’re easy to wake up when you want to get off.”

“Shit, I’m exhausted. I want to get off, but I’m too tired. I have class at 11,” he said turning onto his back and looking towards me, his eyes barely open and his voice was groggy.

I looked at the clock over Grant’s shoulder: 9:52am.

“You have a few minutes,” I smiled disappearing under the sheets.

My hand manipulated his erection through the opening in his boxers and I felt the warm shaft lightly bounce on my cheek. I stared at it for a second, holding it firmly in my right hand as I grazed the head with my tongue.

My tongue traced the opening of his cock and then under his shaft as he shuddered at the touch of his sensitive vein. I licked and teased him for a while before actually opening my mouth and sliding his warm aching sex inside my eager wet mouth.

I pushed my head up and down, while simultanously pumping him with my right hand. I continued until I felt his legs tense up and his hands instinctively found my hair pushing my mouth down further onto his cock. My panties grew wet even while his cock pounded into my mouth.

“Uhhh,” he groaned.

His cock throbbed before shooting his cum into my mouth, splattering my tongue, mouth and throat. I swallowed quickly and continued pumping until his orgasm had subsided and his sensitive sex began shrinking inside my mouth.

“Better now?” I asked with a smile popping my head out from under the cover.

“Hell yes. Charlotte you are unbelievable.”

He leaned down kissing my mouth; his lips were soft – teasing me as I rubbed my legs together under the covers.

“Hmm, my turn,” I said seductively.

Grant looked over to the clock and jumped up.

“Shit, I have to take a shower and go, babe. If I miss my class Dr. Sanders will kill me, it’s my Senior Seminar.”

I exhaled loudly and looked at the clock again: 10:09am.

So much for me getting off this morning

“I’m sorry, Charlotte, really.”

“I know,” I replied smiling. “You owe me, mister. Senior Seminar: Investment Banking and Mergers & Acqusitions Post 2008. That sounds riveting. Are you telling me you’d rather hang out with Dr. Sanders than with me?” I said pulling the covers back.

I lifted my right leg up, spreading my legs, exposing the wet fabric between my legs.

“Mmm, collateralized-debt-obligation,” I said trying not to laugh. “I could use a big CDO right now since you don’t want to fuck me,” I said

“Oh lord, no I’m not saying that. I’m sorry, seriously. I owe you,” he bent down to the bed and kissed me again before turning and walking into the bathroom and turning the shower on.

“But watching your cute butt helps a little,” I said just loud enough for him to hear.

Grant didn’t respond and I debated whether or not to try and get myself off before remembering I had left my vibrator at my apartment.

I propped myself up on my elbows and opened his nightstand drawer but found only an assortment of condoms, some lube and the random junk everyone collects in a nightstand.

You’d think after six months I’d remember to keep a vibrator here because these cough drops don’t do it for me.

I cursed under my breath as I moved my right hand down between my legs, pressing my hand against my clit, the soft satin fabric of my panties slick from my excitement .

I knew this would be futile; I could never cum with my own hand. I stood up quickly out of the bed, adjusting my t-shirt and walking into the bathroom, carefully avoiding the cluttered mess of clothes and books on Grant’s floor.

“Grant, I left my laptop in my car can I use yours?”

“Yea, it’s on the kitchen table,” he shouted over the roar of the shower.

I walked out of Grant’s bedroom and down the hall into the main area of his apartment, a giant open area for his kitchen, living room and dining area. His black Dell laptop sat opened on the table surrounded by Finance and Accounting books.

I smiled to myself, glad I could walk around his apartment in my panties without worrying about some perverted roommate. I had grown tired of the leering eyes of roaming boyfriends in the sorority house and that was just when I wore boxer shorts to bed.

I sat down lifting my left leg up onto the black leather executive chair and resting my chin on my knee as my hand moved the mouse over the screen.

I minimized all of his open windows and opened the web browser, clicking on the address bar and started typing “Georgia” when the browser suggested a cheating girlfriends website.

My hands froze and I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. My heart was pumping furiously as I heard Grant turn the shower off and move around in the bathroom. I looked over the screen and back down the hallway towards his room and bathroom.

What the fuck is this? That bastard thinks I’m cheating on him?

I started getting a lump in my throat and felt like I was about to cry when I mustered the resolve to click on the website glaring at me from the screen:

My finger clicked the mouse and my eyes closed in pain.

I opened my eyes again slowly, refocusing on the screen. It was definitely something dirty, no college term papers being researched on this site.

What is this a porn site or web forum? Nerds of the world unite?

I looked over the screen again, nervously. It felt like middle school when my parents would constantly look over my shoulder, paranoid I was having cybersex with every known human being on the internet.

I knew I shouldn’t really be snooping on his computer but he offered and I wanted to know why he thought I was cheating. I wasn’t cheating on him so his thoughts were misguided and I would have to put them straight.

As I continued my inner monologue about being faithful I forgot to actually read the website. I refocused and clicked on a few links, they were forum topics about girlfriends cheating on their boyfriends.

Well there’s an interesting website, it’s not just a clever name, I quickly clicked on a link “my college girlfriend” and read:

I’ve been dating my girlfriend for a year and I’m so glad to see other people have these same thoughts. The idea of watching her get fucked is so hot, I do everything I can to encourage her to be a slut…

“Oh my god, are you serious?” I whispered to myself. I looked at the screen name of the writer: “Gator2013”.

Perverted Florida Gator, obviously.

I continued scrolling down the screen, speed reading while simultaneously looking over the screen to Grant’s room. He was pulling a t-shirt over his head and looking at his watch. I was probably a mere 60 seconds from his entrance into the room and I’d have to cover my tracks quickly.

Suddenly something caught my eye, a post by “GTbiz12” and clicked on it as I watched Grant walk into the bathroom, turning the faucet on. He was brushing his teeth now.

Thank god, a few more seconds

When the link opened I saw group of several photos titled “sororitygf” and then numbered 1 through 4. GTbiz12 had written a post:

"This is my girlfriend. We’ve been dating for 6 months; she’s 21yo, sorority girl. She’s super hot, super smart but loves to party. I’d love for her to fuck another guy, and then have her tell me about it or get to watch it. I wish she’d dominate me like some of the other gf’s I’ve read about on here." 

I looked down at the four pictures and gasped loudly. I covered my mouth with my right hand.

“Charlotte, you alright?” Grant peered around the bathroom looking directly at me.

“Ye-yea. Just reading some sorority drama on Facebook,” I said trying to cover my tracks.

Grant walked into his room and disappeared again.

I looked back down at the screen, my hand still over my mouth. There were the photos of GTbiz12’s girlfriend: one of the tanned girl in a green bikini, the head cropped out of the photo; one of her in a schoolgirl outfit, white knee-high socks and tiny skirt with another girl dressed similarly, this time a black box over the girls’ eyes; one of the girlfriend’s ass wearing a red and white striped thong; one of girl’s mouth, her tongue licking the shaft of the picture taker’s cock.

GTbiz12’s girlfriend was me, GTbiz12 was Grant!

That’s the bikini I had worn to our trip to the beach in August, that was the School Girls & Nerds sorority mixer photo he had asked me for a month ago that he was so in love with, that was my thong and that was my little mole above my right thigh and that last graphic photo was one Grant snapped a few weeks earlier on another morning I had woke him up in style.

I had threatened his life if he ever showed anyone, but hey he showed it to the Dorks participating on this dirty website, that's cool. No big deal

Grant moved quickly into the room and I cleared the browser history quickly, closing the screen and looking up to him.

“Did you get to check your school email? I assume that’s what you needed?”

“Ye-yup. Just wanted to make sure I didn’t have any assignments from my Business Law professor, all good,” I smiled.

Grant leaned down, kissing me fully on the lips, his right hand slithering down my thigh towards my still unsatisfied sex.

“Ach-hmm,” I coughed loudly, grabbing his wrist tapping his watch. “School time, young man.”

Grant paused, his blue eyes widened and his freshly quaffed spiky hair made him look even cuter as he puzzled at my words.

“Young man?” He finally managed to respond.

“School time. If you don’t have time to satisfy your girlfriend’s pent up sexual frustrations because you had to take a shower and not miss your Money & Banking class, you certainly don’t have the time to kiss and tease me with your fingers now. It’s 10:35, move.” I said a little forcefully.

Please, you’re not fingering me after I just saw a photo of me giving you a blowjob on the internet. Boys are so stupid

He smiled nervously and laughed.

“Okay, sure. Are we still on for lunch later? I know you have your sorority Halloween party tonight at Remington’s.” He asked putting his laptop into his backpack.

“Lunch sounds good, we should definitely do lunch. One o’clock after my BizLaw class,” I said forcing a smile.

“Cool, because you know we have our Halloween party tomorrow night at the house,” he replied with a bit of apprehension.

His fraternity’s Halloween party was with the Delta Gamma sorority this year; he was worried I’d be mad about it.

DG: Delta Gamma, more like Dirty Girls

“I know, too bad you have to miss our party. The KA’s get to have the better mixer party than the Fiji’s,” I laughed.

Grant smiled but I knew he wasn’t happy about the party tonight, he knew he wasn’t allowed to go. He was a Fiji and they weren’t allowed to be at the event and it didn’t matter if a sister’s boyfriend wasn’t a KA. Only KA boys would be allowed at the party.

Jealous Grant?

As he opened the door to the apartment he turned around.

“Did you decide what you’re going to go as tonight?”

“Hermione, from Harry Potter,” I said quickly swiveling the black leather chair towards the door. I put my leg down and spread my legs, exposing my yellow stain covered pussy.

“You mean you’re going to dress in a little school girl outfit?” He said almost choking on the word school and girl.

“Uh huh, I decided finally. Do you think it will look good?”

“Well, y-y-yea, of course. That’s a good idea.”

“Call me later so we can meet for lunch,” I said as he nodded, staring at my panties and slowly closing the door.

The Box

I showered at Grant’s apartment, even though I was disgusted and annoyed, it was far better than sulking back to the sorority house and dealing with my sorority sisters. I decided I would call Julie later and try to get her advice; it was Friday so I could catch her before her we both had to go to our 12pm class.

As I leaned over Grant’s bathroom counter, carefully applying my makeup in a new matching bra and panty set I had just bought at Gilly Hicks.

So much for trying to get Grant to enjoy this, he apparently thinks I should fuck another guy, or I am fucking another guy.

As I finished my makeup and hair I walked back into Grant’s room, looking for my jeans and wondering how I could learn more about what was going on in Grant’s head. Truthfully, for the last month I felt myself falling in love with him: he was perfect. Grant was super cute, smart, fun, sweet, sexy and it didn’t hurt that he had a nice dick - nothing huge, but very functional.

What is wrong with him? Why would I cheat on him?

Then I remembered like a light bulb burning in my head: the closet, his secret chest.

Ever since I’d known Grant he had this secretive chest in his closet that was always locked. When I started hanging out at his apartment I noticed it and I didn’t think much about it, but eventually I grew curious. I knew a few girls who dated Grant previously, including one of my sorority sisters, and they joked about “The Box”.

I always figured it was porn, a bunch of terrible Playboys or series of bad movies like “Sorority Sluts Gangbang”. But now everything was different, it could be anything. Grant was hiding something and I needed to know what it was.

I walked slowly into his large closet, my bare feet silently caressing the carpet as I walked. I probably looked like a cartoon burglar, looking around every second as if Grant would jump out from behind a door or something.

I entered the closet and turned the light on, staring at the black box, which was ominously staring back at me from the far wall.

I walked back to Grant’s nightstand and remembered my search for a vibrator that morning; I had noticed a key ring that was randomly hanging on a hook in the drawer.

I opened the draw and grabbed the key moving quickly back into the closet, my thong riding into my ass uncomfortably as I excitedly dropped to my knees confronting the enigma in front of me.

As I kneeled there it felt like the first time you give your boyfriend head, kneeling there before him nervous and unsure what was going to happen.

Will it be huge, or small, will he be quick or slow? Will he pull my hair?

The box wasn’t going to make me spit or swallow, but if I didn’t like what I found I might throw up and that’s pretty much the way I felt the first time a guy came in my mouth. Yea, I was about to give Grant’s mystery box head for the first time and I was nervous.

I inserted the small metal key carefully, feeling the teeth of the lock and the key begin to unite, finally stopping. I exhaled loudly and turned the key. The lock snapped and released.

I reached out slowly and unhitched the latches on either side of the lock and exhaled again, lifting the lid of the box.

As the light from the ceiling slowly made its way inside it exposed an area 24” long, 36” wide and 18” high with two small trays inside on the top left and right side of the box. The trays held a plethora of condoms of all colors, flavors and brands. Inside the larger area of the box were several porno DVDs: College FemDom and Barely 18, along with a few Playboy magazines and a stack of printed out photos and word files.

I picked up the printed out photos and word documents, they were photos of faceless girls pulling their panties aside showing the camera cum dripping out of their pussy’s onto their panties.

There were photos of girls being spanked or guys being spanked, even a very attractive young brunette standing over a cute looking guy as he licked her black leather boots with a kind of delicate precision

The stack of papers included about fifty different photos, but the last ones were the most provocative. The photos showed a guy licking at the girl’s pussy as cum leaked out into his awaiting mouth and tongue.

More photos showed girls in knee-high boots and lingerie, looking sexually menacing with a calming grace. I almost found it arousing.

Geez, Grant…hiding a few secrets? Guess you like these dominate girls because licking cum isn’t how I would think of you.

Then I noticed a small box under all the printouts. I opened it revealing several pairs of satin and lace panties. One pair was a green satin thong, I recognized it.

This is the same pair I wore the first night I had sex with Grant.

I thought I lost these?

I always figured they were somewhere in his apartment because as anyone could see: Grant wasn’t much of a house keeper.

Suddenly a printed photo caught my eye: it was my same green thong on a body but it wasn’t me.

I stared at it, rotating it in my hands and squinting at the same time.

I gasped quietly.

It was Grant. You took a photo of yourself in these and printed it out?

I grabbed the panties and returned everything to its place and locking the box. I felt like the box had just cum on my face without permission and I wasn’t happy.

I picked up the panties and walked out the closet, throwing them in an overnight bag that I kept at Grant’s apartment and then went searching for the rest of my stuff. In six months I had accumulated a lot at his place: text books, papers, makeup, clothes and shoes. As it turns out I kept a lot of things at his apartment: everything but a vibrator.

A Revealing Lunch

I sat in Business Law 2630 with Dr. John Sutton, an infamous class among the pre-law students. He was known for his quick wit and sarcastic sense of humor, but more importantly for his insanely difficult grading. Straight-A students shriveled up at the sound of his voice.

“Now, this case established precedence that the corporation’s fiduciary responsibility to disclose all information does apply to share holders in addition to senior executives and the SEC. The share holders saw a 42% decrease in value after the acquisition of B&D, LLC…” Dr Sutton’s voice was echoing throughout the room as his laser pointer darted across the large screen in front of the class.

I looked up mildly interested in what he had to say, my mind just wasn’t interested in “precedence” and “fiduciary responsibilities”. I sat hunched over my laptop’s screen, desperately trying to cover the pictures and any of the explicit language visible on the cheating girlfriends website: I have to keep searching the website; I know I’m becoming obsessed

I navigated to GTbiz12’s profile.

"I’m 22yo college student in the Atlanta area at a private school. Love kinky stuff and kinky girls"

I laughed to myself a little at his interest in kinky stuff and kinky girls.

Does he think I’m kinky? I’m not sure I’d describe myself as kinky. But he definitely isn’t kinky, that he admits anyway.

“Will you stay behind Ms. Swanson, please?” Dr. Sutton said a little too seriously for my comfort as the other students began to pack their bags and file out of the classroom.

“Yes,” I replied and I felt my cheeks burning.

Oh my god he knows I was reading that website in class, shit.

I packed my laptop into my bag and threw my backpack over my shoulder, smoothing my skirt out before walking down the stairs to the front of the classroom.

“Yes, Dr. Sutton?” I asked in a cheery voice.

“I wanted to commend you on your views of pornography,” he said seriously looking straight into my green eyes, his dark brown eyes staring a hole into mine.

I shifted uncomfortably and felt my cheeks burning again.

“I’m sorry, sir?” I finally muttered in response.

“Your case study on Jacobellis v. Ohio was the best of the class. The ‘I-know-when-I-see-it’ case, an excellent analysis. You have a bright future in law if you choose to pursue it.”

“Thank you, Professor. I haven’t decided yet what I’ll do yet after school, I still have another year before I need to worry about it. But I can’t say my father would be particularly excited about me becoming a lawyer,” I smiled.

“Ha, yes,” he laughed.

“I’m sorry, Dr. Sutton,” I said trying to back-pedal from my comments.

“No need, Ms. Swanson. I am a lawyer and I hate lawyers I understand how he feels, I've met him on several occasions.”
Dr. Sutton smiled again, shook my hand and handed me the graded case study: 96, A+.

Hell yes, at least something good happened today

I smiled at my accomplishment, put the paper in my backpack and gathered my thoughts. It was time to meet Grant for lunch.

I made my way out of the Business Building to the other side of campus, there was a bar and grill there that Grant and I frequented for our on-campus lunches.

My flower printed skirt bounced as I walked through campus I found myself smiling at the attention, and then I remembered telling Grant a story similar a week before. I told him about a guy in Constitutional Law that had made a comment to me after class about my panties:

“Do you always wear panties that match your shirt color?” He asked me.

I had given him a dirty look and told Grant about it, hoping to get some sympathy for the pervert’s admission about looking up my skirt; instead I now recalled that Grant grabbed me and dragged me to his bed.

He fucked the hell out of me that afternoon; I think that was only the second time he made me cum during sex. And his usual cum-once routine was gone that day, he was back to fucking me within five minutes.

It was all making more sense to me as I walked in the door to the restaurant and spotted Grant in our usual booth near a window overlooking a nice grassy common area. Outside groups of students sat reading and talking, enjoying the comfortable October weather.

I smiled and approached the booth, pulling my backpack off carefully to not pick up my skirt and sat it next to me on the booth.

“Hey Charlotte,” Grant greeted me with a huge smile. “You look gorgeous, I’m so sorry I had to leave early today.”

“It’s okay, it actually worked out in my favor,” I smiled back.

I tossed my long brown hair with my left hand and leaned onto the table, staring at Grant deeply.

God he is gorgeous

The waiter appeared hurriedly from behind the bar and we ordered our usual meals and he was gone just as quickly.

“Have you been honest with me, Grant?” I asked as I squinted, trying to make my green eyes stare a hole into his soul.

“Uh, whata mean?” He said playing with the straw in his soda.

I raised my left eyebrow and scowled at him. Grant shifted nervously along the plastic of the booth’s seat.

I reached my left hand down slowly to my backpack, looked around to bar making sure the waiter wasn’t around and placed the green panties delicately onto the table.

I heard Grant stifle a cough, that famous Atlanta soda was getting sucked into his lungs instead of his stomach.

“Ugh,” he coughed again pounding his chest.

I sat motionless, silent.


“Can explain?” I finished his sentence for him.

“Yes, baby. Please, I…” he tried continuing again.

“There’s a picture of you wearing these in your little mystery box in the closet.”

His face turned about five shades of red and he leaned forward onto the table with his hands acting as a hood over his face.

“Did you take them from me after we had sex?”

“Yes,” he said into the table.

“You never took them off me, remember. We just had sex with them still on. You took my used, dirty panties and put them in your box?” I asked shaking my head in confusion.

“Yes,” he answered again into the table.

“What about this?” I said placing a printed out copy of his profile from “GTbiz12?”

I slide Exhibit B on to the table next to Exhibit A: The Panties. I was going to break him like Johnny Cochran.

“Oh my god,” he said barely loud enough for me to hear.

The door to the kitchen banged against the bar top and Grant scrambled for the evidence of his perversions, hiding them quickly on his lap under the table.

I chuckled as he banged his hand onto the table and he winced in pain.

“Here you go guys, enjoy the sandwiches,” our waiter said disappearing again.

I started to eat as I waited for Grant to speak again but he resumed his same position and stared at his plate of food now rather than the table.

“Grant, it’s time to tell me what is going on,” I said taking another bite from my sandwich.

“I’m so sorry, Jesus Christ. I, I…fuck,” he cursed loudly and I turned around to see if someone had heard, but most of the other patrons were loudly having their own discussions.

“Do you think I’m cheating on you?” I asked.

“No, never. I’d never think that,” he said excitedly trying to come to my defense.

“You’d never think that but you’d get on some smutty site and tell guys you wish that I would cheat?”

“It’s complicated,” he said.

“It always is,” I replied sternly.

“I know I’m not the best guy in bed, you’ve only cum like a few times when we have sex,” his voice trailing off.

“Twice, and the last time was when I told you about the pervert in class who looked up my skirt. You practically threw me on the bed and fucked my brains out,” I laughed a little at the absurdity of the situation.

“I just want you to be happy, I feel like you’re bored and I feel like you’re better than me so these wild ideas get into my fantasies and…”

“And you think the answer is for me to fuck some random guy from a website? They’re probably all nerds living in their mom’s basement,” I said a little too sarcastically.

I shouldn’t have been sarcastic.

“Do you have any idea what my father would do if he saw this, if a picture of me sucking your dick got emailed to him? How this would affect his business deals?” I said more seriously this time.

“He’d have me killed,” Grant responded finally looking up.

“He’d have me killed for embarrassing him,” I replied.

“I know he doesn’t really like me.”

“Well this wouldn’t help,” I said reaching out to his hand and holding it briefly. His obvious pain was starting to hurt me, I was angry but I didn’t want to hurt him.

“Are you breaking up with me?” He asked staring into my eyes.

“I haven’t decided,” I said gingerly, letting the words sink into him before my next request. “I want to see all of it, I want to know everything,” I continued.

“What do you mean?”

“Hand me your computer, unlocked and open. I want to know every dirty disgusting detail, I want to know all the websites and photos and videos you have. I want the truth, Grant.”

“I love you, Charlotte. Please don’t leave,” he sounded a little desperate with his last request.

“How can you love me if you don’t tell me the truth?”

Grant cringed and pulled his laptop out of his bag handing it to me.

“I navigated to the files in his laptop that I knew to be password restricted.

“What’s the password?” I looked over the screen to Grant. “Don’t worry, there’s no one sitting behind me.”

“@MistressCharlotte21#,” his voice was quivering.

“Mistress, huh? Wouldn’t you have to be punished if I was your mistress and you disobeyed me?”

“Yes,” he answered.

The files were similar to the ones printed out in his box and in some cases identical. There were a few graphic video clips along the same lines: homemade clips he bought online of girls telling the watcher what to do.

“You like these little homemade videos, huh?” I said reaching for my glasses inside my purse. I put them on and looked up at Grant again.

“Yes,” he said with the enthusiasm of five year old little boy eating broccoli.

“Some of these girls are almost cute. Maybe I should make these videos and sell them online, too. I’m cuter than them.”

“Of course you are, way sexier,” Grant perked up again, eager to please me. I liked it but refrained from smiling.

“Then why would you buy these horrible homemade pornos instead of asking me to do this?”

“Would you do this?” He asked quizzically.

“How would you know? You’ve never asked,” I said.

Grant didn’t respond but nodded his head.

I continued browsing for several more minutes before finally satisfying myself that I had discovered all of his deeply hidden secrets.

“Hand me back the panties and paper,” I said extending my hand over the table.

Grant sheepishly placed the green panties and his GTbiz12 profile page into my hand. I placed them back into my backpack and looked into his eyes.

“I packed all my stuff up from your apartment; I couldn’t keep it there anymore.”

Grant began rubbing his eyes with his right hand and I felt a pain in my chest, he was about to cry. Not one of those “the world is ending cries” but I had seen it before only once when we talked after a night of heaving drinking.

“Please, Charlotte, you are the love of my life,” his sweet voice carried over the table and I tossed my hair.

“I love you, Grant. I know that I do, I’ve known for a while but now we’ve taken this opportunity to tell each other that seems like horrible timing. I don’t know what I want, I don’t know if I can love you if you hide things from me, I’ve dealt with enough BS in my life. You think life is simple because of my family, it’s a lot more complicated, Grant. People use and manipulate others to get to my father - to his business partners. You worry that he doesn’t like you? He’s protective of his youngest daughter for a reason. When Laura was at Columbia she used to get hit on at bars all the time by investment banker 20-somethings looking to score big with our dad’s firm.”

I stopped talking abruptly, hurt and angry by Grant’s attitude.

“You don’t think you belong with me because of my family?” I asked.

“I’m afraid you’ll leave me for some Goldman Sachs guy or something. Eventually that turned into fantasizing about you fucking a guy like that and cheating on me. I thought that might be answer to my problems,” he stared right back into my eyes.

You really are serious? You want me to fuck some high class rich guy so you’ll feel better about our relationship.

“What about my problems?” My words cut into him, I could see it. “I’m not a dominant person; I don’t even know how to do that. You want these complicated kinky fantasies but you’ve never been dominant with me so how should I know, is there an app for that?”

I laughed at the last sentence and Grant finally cracked a smile.

“You’ve never had a boyfriend that was dominant?”

“Well, Brett Robertson used to love spanking me. I dated him my junior year of high school and one night after a party we snuck back to my house and up to my room and he bent me over my computer desk and spanked me for a solid five minutes. He did it a few times, but never like he did that night. He was upset because he thought I had flirted with some guy at the party. He said he was going to spank me because of it and I laughed at him, but when he bent me over the desk and held my skirt up I couldn’t move. For whatever reason I just sat there letting him spank me. When he was done he just fucked me still bent over the desk. That was really hot but I’ve never experiences anything like it since.”

Grant’s mood had changed dramatically; his tongue was almost hanging out of his mouth. He caught himself and tried to be serious.

I concentrated on Grant’s face because I could feel how excited I was getting retelling that story from high school.

Wow that was an awesome night

“I need to think, Grant. I have the Halloween mixer tonight and I have to get back to the house, we have a meeting.”

“But what do I do? What can I do to convince you to stay?” He said using his sweet voice again.

“I don’t know but don’t text me or call me, when I’m ready to talk I’ll let you know.”

Grant nodded in defeat as the waiter approached one last time to hand us the check.

“I got it,” he said grabbing the check and throwing a $20 bill on it.

Under normal circumstances you know I would have paid Grant, but $20 hardly begins to atone for your sins.

“I love you,” he said as we both stood up, and he looked confused as if I would lean over kissing him and frolic away as I usually did.

“I know.”

“I’ll take any punishment, Charlotte,” he whispered quickly as I began to turn to leave.

“Of course you will, isn’t being punished what you wanted anyway?” I replied turning around to face him again. “So, instead of playing a little game during sex you legitimately screw up our relationship and you need an actual punishment now?”

“I’ll do it, I’m serious. I’ll take the punishment. I love you,” his face was stoic and serious.

“I’ll remember that,” I said kissing him on the cheek and walking away, my cute ass shaking as I walked to the exit. I adjusted my backpack letting it catch my skirt, exposing my thong.

I opened the door and turned one last time to see him still standing in the same position, his hard cock straining against his jeans.

You could have had this ass right now; I would have fucked you in the bathroom today if this hadn’t happened. Now you can go back to the apartment and jack off.

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