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A Thirst for Laura

Husband makes a deal with his wife to screw her hot friend
A Thirst for Laura

Just when I felt our sex life was returning to some degree of normalcy, Lacy surprised me. When she called me at my office and invited me to lunch, I thought “no big deal, glad to do it”. But when I arrived at our usual curved booth at our favorite restaurant, she was not alone. There beside my wife sat Laura, her luscious co-worker.

More times than I can count Lacy has seen me literally drool watching Laura at office parties, backyard bar-b-ques at our home and a few social events when Laura and her date tagged along. She is so petite and so gorgeous; she’s like a 105 pound bon bon; just delicious. She’s only 5 feet tall, somewhat flat chested, but her legs and ass are supreme. Laura took ballet as a child and keeps in shape running.

Her tiny face, framed in her fiery red hair is so adorable, so feminine that men gush whenever she gives them attention. I have been forced to discreetly hide an erection more than once watching her playing volleyball in our back yard in the summer. Her tight denim shorts accentuated those cute thighs and that tight little butt. I’m certain that Lacy must have caught me sighing when I tried to mentally undress Laura at those outings.

And so I was flabbergasted to find Laura perched very close to Lacy in our booth, smiling and waving enthusiastically when I joined them.

“Honey, I ran into Laura outside and invited her to join us, okay?”

“Of course; nice to see you again, Laura.”

“Good to see you, too; come on over and sit by me.”

I slid into the booth and moved next to Laura. She immediately put her hand on my leg, just above my knee. We both knew it was out of Lacy’s sight.

“Honey, Laura is having some painting done at her apartment and she’s afraid the fumes will make her sick so I’ve invited her to stay in our guest room a couple of nights.”

My heart skipped a beat at that bit of news and because that small hand was sliding toward the inside of my leg and inching upward.

“Well, that’s great; that makes good sense, too. We’ll be glad to have you, Laura.”

We ate our lunch conversing about the paint job for Laura’s apartment, the food and the weather, but all the time Laura moved her hand higher until it touched the crotch of my pants. She didn’t have to do anything more; I sprung an erection easily. When I left them still talking so I could get back to work, I struggled to hide my excitement.

I was sitting in the den after dinner that night and Lacy brought me a glass of wine.

“Thanks; what’s the occasion, Lacy?

“I wanted to tell you something and I thought the wine might mellow you a bit.”

“Okay, what’s up?”

“Laura and I got into some pretty racy topics at lunch after you left today. She had some issues with the last guy she dated; all he wanted to do was fuck, fuck, fuck and he didn’t care if she came or not. Sex had become boring for her.”

My mind was racing and I was begging my ears to hear something like: “I want you to fuck Laura and make her come,” but that didn’t happen.

“I was telling Laura about our experiment and play time in the shower not too long ago, remember?”

Naturally I remembered; you don’t drink our wife’s urine and forget it overnight. It also yielded some of the hardest fucking and the most intense orgasms either of us had ever had.

“Yeah, I remember, why?”

“Laura will be here shortly, and I promised her she could sort of watch us during foreplay before bed.”

“Say what??? Are you nuts, Lacy?”

“Just cool your jets, Honey and listen. She’s really excited about this pee thing. She said she would wank herself raw if she could see you drinking my pee.”

“There’s no way! Don’t you think that’s just a little TOO personal to share it with someone else?”

“No, no, no, listen a minute; maybe I could just pee a little in a cup and you could sip it and I’m sure that would satisfy her.”

“Oh my God, I can’t believe we’re talking about this Lacy.”

“Look; Laura is a good friend of mine and I want to help her. I know you’ve always had the hots for her, so I’ll suggest something else. You drink my pee in front of her and if she gets really excited, I’ll leave the two of you alone. If she lets you fuck her, I’ll pretend it never happened.”

I nearly pissed my pants at that offer, and no way would I let that opportunity slip away.

“All right, I’ll go along with it, as long as you don’t get mad if she fucks me.”

A bit later, Laura arrived with a small overnight bag, and I dutifully took it to the guest room for her while she and Lacy sat in the den. About 45 minutes and a few glasses of wine later, Lacy made an announcement.

“Well, I think it might be time to retire to the bedrooms, get undressed and reconvene in the bathroom; I have to pee.”

Laura seemed to be delighted and quickly rose from her seat and headed to the guestroom. I was the last one to amble into the bathroom. Lacy was standing in the tub and Laura was sitting on the commode nearby with a vibrator in her hand. It was awkward; exposing my limp penis to someone I’d never been naked with before and in front of my wife!

I stepped into the tub and sat down. Laura came over to kneel by the side of the tub.

“Lacy, can I watch you pee on him?”

“Oh, I’m not going to pee on him, sweetie, he likes for me to call it piss when we’re doing this. So I’m going to “piss” for him and he’s going to drink it, just for you to enjoy watching.”

“Ohmygod, if a guy did that for me I’d have a freakin heart attack.” She blurted.

Lacy stood quietly looking at Laura and I could sense the wheels turning in her head. Then she stepped out of the tub.

“Tell, you what, Laura, and this is a one-time deal only. I told him if he would drink piss in front of you that you would probably get excited enough to fuck him, and I gave him permission if you let him.”

“You DID? Damn, Lacy; you’d let me fuck your husband?” she asked astonished.

“Yes, and I’ll make this even hotter for you, but again, just this once. You get in the tub and piss for him, and he’ll drink it. He’ll lick you clean and until you’re ready to fuck and then he’ll probably bang away until you’re sore. But he won’t stop until you come, at least once.”

“Holy shit! And you’re going to watch us?”

“No, I’ll take your vibrator and go wait in the guest room. When the two of you are done, I’d like you to come in and tell me all about it. Maybe I’ll use the vibrator as you tell me.”

As soon as Lacy left, Laura closed the bathroom door and stepped into the tub.

“How do we do this, I mean, the position?”

“I’ll sit here and lean back. You stand over me, straddle my face and settle until you’re in place. Then whenever you’re ready just let it go. I’ll catch it in my mouth and swallow what I can.”

“Ohmygod, this is so hot, I’m already close to coming!” she exclaimed.

The feel of her tiny soft thighs on my face and the smell of her sex made me hard and I stroked my shaft slowly as she emptied her bladder. She watched my mouth when I swallowed and her flow stopped. She stepped away and lay down on her back in the tub.

“Oh…quick…fuck me….hurry!”

The slip resistant pad in the bottom of the tub was abrasive on my knees but I didn’t hesitate. I lowered my cock towards her and she grabbed it and pulled me into her. Just as my wife predicted, I plunged into Laura with a fury. Her hands hung on to my hips tightly, pulling me deeper into her wet pussy.

She was so tight that I was afraid I would not last long enough for her to come, but she did. Her fingernails dug into my hips and I unleashed my load of semen as soon as I knew she was coming. I knew that Lacy would hear Laura screaming.

“I’m coming…holy fuck, I’m coming!….ohhhh…fuck yes…fuck…yes….YESSSS!”

I withdrew and rolled next to her in the tub, and we laid there until she caught her breath. She was the first one to speak.

“That was the most bizarre thing I’ve ever done in my life. But, damn; it felt SO GOOD! We’d better get a quick shower; Lacy will be waiting for me.”

I let her shower first and then I stepped in as she toweled off. She was in the guest room with Lacy behind a closed door when I came out of the bathroom. I went back to the den, sat in my favorite chair, poured another glass of wine and reflected on how hot she was. Something tells me I’m going to want to tap that again somehow.

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