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Teen Diaries 16 - Wet Panties

Sammy finds her dad's friend sniffing her panties in her room
My name is Samantha, but everyone calls me Sammy. I'm 17 and have been having a pretty boring summer. I got a part-time job at Target to fill up some of my free time. Yesterday when I got home, my parents were in the backyard having a pool party. A bunch of their friends were over swimming, but I went straight up to my room.

I noticed that my lights were on, which was weird because I always turn my lights off. I'm very energy conscious. I also noticed that my hamper had been emptied out on my bed. Why would one of my parents be going through my dirty laundry? I wasn't going to confront them about it during their party, but was mad enough that I would be asking them as soon as it was over.

I placed all of my clothes back in the hamper, but noticed that some of my panties were missing. My parents don't know that I have a lot of sexy underwear, including thongs. They also don't know that I'm not a virgin anymore. It's not the kind of conversation I want to have with them.

I took off my red polo and slid off my khakis. It was a long day at work and I was doing stock, so I wanted nothing more than to take a relaxing bath. That's when I realized that my closet door was closed. I know for sure that I left it open when I closed my room. Were my parents snooping through my closet too? I walked over to open the door and that's when I let out a scream.

There was a man in my closet! He immediately jumped out and grabbed my shoulders, begging me to stop screaming. I calmed down and realized it was one of my dad's friends, Jack.

"Jack, what are you doing in my room?"

"I'm sorry, Sammy. I came in to use the bathroom and opened the wrong door. "

"Okay, but why did you stay in my room and hide in my closet?"

"Well... I... I heard you coming and thought you'd freak out, so I figured I'd hide in here and see if I could sneak out without scaring you."

"Well you failed," I joked as we started to laugh at the situation. I looked down and noticed a pair of my panties were in his hand.

"Umm... Jack... Why are you holding my underwear?"

The color in Jack's face turned white as he looked down in shame. "I'm sorry Sammy. I'm really sorry."

"Sorry for what?"

"I just... I have this weird addiction... I mean obsession. I just love sniffing used panties from hot girls."

"Oh..." I stood there for a moment taking in what he said. "You think I'm hot?"

"Sammy, you know you're a gorgeous girl."

I was aware that guys thought I was attractive. And I had definitely noticed some of my dad's friends, including Jack, checking me out recently now that I have a figure. But I never really expected anything to come of their glances. Jack wasn't unattractive. He was tall, muscular, blonde and had a few tattoos. His hair was messy from the pool and he was wearing an orange bathing suit and yellow shirt.

"How did they smell?"

Jack's eyebrows raised at my question. "Oh my God, Sammy. Your panties smell like heaven! I hope you don't mind, but I couldn't resist sucking on a few pairs."

He took the pair he was holding in his hand and stuck the crotch part in his mouth and started sucking on it, making a pleasurable face. It was weird, but it turned me on. He walked towards me with my panties in his mouth and put his hands on my hips, bringing his face up to mine. He took the panties out of his mouth and touched them to my lips.

"Have a taste," he said as he put the same part of my panties he was sucking on in my mouth. He lifted up my light brown hair as he started kissing my neck. It felt so good, but all I was tasting was fabric. Maybe Jack had sucked out all of my scent already.

Jack put his hands on my hips and guided me backwards to my bed. He lay me down and took the panties out of my mouth and started kissing me gently, rubbing his tongue against mine. His face was scruffier than my boyfriend's face. Jack was around my dad's age, somewhere in his forties, and his kissing style was so much more sensual than I was used to. He tucked my panties into my cleavage and started kissing down my neck to my chest.

My purple bra held my breasts together. Jack stopped kissing me as he lifted up the bottom portion of my bra and reached his index finger up to hook the loop of my panties. He pulled it down and out of the bottom of my bra and started shifting it back and forth between my breasts like floss. He sucked on my breasts through my bra, making the nipple area a darker purple with his spit.

Jack kissed down my tummy to my pink lacy panties. He started kissing and licking my clit through the fabric as he pressed his thumb against my hole and started to rub with some pressure. It felt so good and before I knew it, my pussy was dripping wet in my panties. Jack stared at my wet spot, admiring his work before putting his mouth on it and licking the juice that was leaking through the fabric.

"You taste so sweet, Sammy. I could eat you all day."

He used his fingers to pinch the fabric together and pressed it between my lips. He pulled above and below it, giving me a camel toe as he licked my lips around my panties. Then he pulled them to the side and slid his tongue up and down along my slit. I started to moan, it felt incredible.

He started fingering me with his index finger as he licked my clit. His finger was so much thicker than my boyfriend's skinny fingers. It felt so good I found myself thrusting my hips on his finger and he smiled, knowing I was loving this. He pulled out his finger and pressed his tongue against my hole, sliding it in and out a little bit. He quickly noticed I wasn't loving it as much as his finger and he went back to doing what he was doing before. He started to grunt and moan as I kept thrusting into the motion of his finger. I was moaning pretty hard when he changed the motion of his tongue on my clit and I became putty in his hands.

As I started to cum hard, Jack pulled my panties back over to cover my pussy and pressed his mouth against me as I came in them. He was sucking my juices out through my underwear and grunting as my orgasm subsided. He got up from between my legs and laid on top of me, kissing me with my juice still on his lips. He took my bra off and let my small breasts out, sucking on my nipples and pinching them gently as he took off his shirt. His chest had light curly hairs all over his muscular pecs and abs. He was so much bigger than my boyfriend in every way and it was so hot.

Jack got on his knees between my legs and pulled off his swimsuit. His dick was rock hard, sticking out straight at me. It was wider than I'd seen before and had a drop of precum bubbled on the tip. He pushed my panties to the side again and pressed his head against my clit, mixing his precum with my juices. He started rubbing his dick up and down along my lips, pushing it in my wet hole a tiny bit before sliding it up again.

He had bushy pubes compared to my bald shaved pussy. He started to press his thick dick in my wet hole slowly, working the tip in as I grabbed the bed sheets and winced. He was very gentle, rocking slowly in and out, deeper and deeper as he watched his dry dick pull out wet and shiny with each gentle push and pull. I could feel my tight walls spreading wide to take him in me, my lips hugging his cock so tightly that they pulled against his exiting motions. Finally, he had it all the way in, his pubes tickling my lips and crotch.

Jack leaned in and kissed me as he started humping me with more vigor, my legs wrapped around his waist. My moans were half pain, half pleasure. Jack smelled like chlorine and the odor was making me lightheaded. I was rubbing my hands on Jack's hairy back. He reached for the pair of panties he was sucking on when I caught him and straightened them against my neck, holding them down on either side and lightly choking me with them. I'd never had a guy choke me before, but it brought me to the edge of pleasure.

"Oh fuck yes, Sammy! You're so tight and wet!"

Jack started humping me hard and the pain had numbed, leaving me with just pleasure. It felt so great and my breathing was so heavy. I was moaning so hard in his ear as he begged me to cum. I started to and he quickly pulled out and pulled my panties over my pussy again, rubbing my clit through the fabric as my juices poured into my panties. Once again, Jack sucked on the fabric to taste my juices.

He held me and kissed me again as he rolled me over and picked me up by my hips, putting me on my knees. He got behind me and pulled my panties over again as he reentered my pussy and fucked me doggy style. His big balls were banging against my clit as he slammed me hard from behind, grabbing my shoulders and pulling my hair. I was struggling to hold myself up by my arms as the pleasure coursed through my body. That's when Jack reached under my arms and pulled me into an upright position. My back pressed against his chest, I reached behind to run my fingers through his hair as he thrust his dick up and into me over and over, rubbing my clit with his right hand.

He pulled out and rolled me back onto my back as he reentered me, holding my legs over my head. He was fucking me with a lot more force and passion now and I was about to cum again. He started sucking and nibbling on my nipples as I came hard, this time he kept his dick in me and kept thrusting, driving me crazy. My body was uncontrollably shaking beneath his weight as he started sucking on my ear lobe.

"Can I cum in you?" he whispered in my ear.

"No," I sighed between deep gasps for air.

"Please? I know you're on birth control. I found it in your drawer. I'm clean."

"Oh...fuck... okay," I whispered. I'd never let my boyfriend cum in me before, but this felt so great with Jack and I felt like if my birth control failed, he would help me out.

Jack was biting his bottom lip and had so much passion in his eyes as he humped me vigorously and started to grunt and moan. His face turned bright red as he started to yell, thrusting his dick deep inside my pussy and holding it there. I could feel his thick cock pulsating inside me and pressure building deep within me. My wet pussy went from hot to boiling as his hot cum filled me up.

Jack stopped moaning and collapsed on me, kissing me deeply with his tongue as he raised himself up and stared down at his dick in my pussy. He slowly pulled it out and put his face between my legs. He pulled my panties back over my hole and started rubbing it. I felt his gooey cum sliding down my walls towards my hole.

"God, that's hot," Jack said as he watched his cum leak out of me into my panties. He peeled them off me, carefully keeping his cum inside where my hole was. He placed them between my legs and fingered more cum out of my pussy and into my panties. He brought them to my face.

"Eat my cum out of your panties."

I made a face at him. I didn't like the taste of my boyfriend's cum and didn't expect to like his, but he seemed pretty adamant that I do it. I opened my mouth and he shoved my cum-filled panties in my mouth as I started to suck on them. I could taste my juices on the fabric. His cum added a salty component to the taste, but it wasn't bitter like my boyfriend's cum.

"Suck it all of,f Sammy," he commanded as I pulled them out of my mouth clean. "Good girl."

Jack stood up and put his swimming suit back on. "I've got to get back to the party." He put my panties in the pocket of his swim trunks.

"What are you doing with those?"

"I'm keeping them as a souvenir. I never want to forget this. Thank you, Sammy." He gave me a wink as he grabbed his shirt and headed back outside. I laid in bed naked feeling guilty for cheating on my boyfriend, but more sexually satisfied than I'd ever been before. I kept fingering my hole, finding more cum left inside me. I sucked it off my fingers, wishing my boyfriend's cum was more like Jack's.

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