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A Chance Online Encounter

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A chance meeting on a Christian Dating site
*names and locations have been changed. Parts of this story are true, parts of it are what may come in the future..but we shall see*

**this is my first story**

One cold December day, after browsing many different profiles on a Christian Dating site, I came across one, that, just for some reason caught my eye. Now this, Juliet, seemed to be an interesting gal. While she did not have very much information on her profile, I decided to sent her a smile anyways. Unbeknown to me at the time that this would be the first start to a Beautiful friendship, and a Wonderful relationship.
Not even 24 hrs later, I got a return smile, and began to get to know Juliet. Come to find out, her name is actually Nicole, not Juliet, and she lives, sadly, on the opposite side of the united States. But that is ok, I feel a strong draw to her, and I decide to get to know her better.
To my surprise, I find out that she is actually only 17, and I inform her that I am 25...And to my surprise, she does not care. She also informs me that in a few short months she will be turning 18, and then nothing will be to worry. So we make sure to keep our chat fairly clean, and innocent. Though I will admit that, every once in a while, we do exchange a few teasing pictures and videos. But until March, I wait.

 It is now June, We have talked about so much stuff that we plan to do, so many fun things we want to go do. I am now living in the Pacific Northwest, so knowing she is now 18, she is graduated from School, I decide to road trip back to Virginia to suprise her and see her. Of course, being the guy that I am I can NOT keep anything from her, and alas she finds out that I am on my way.

Takes me about 3 days to drive there, and When I get there, she CAN NOT wait to see me. She tells her parents about me. Understandably they are a little floored when they also find out that she has decided to move to the Pacific Northwest with me. SO after a few days of meeting the family and such we head back on our trip across the US. While both of us are aching to do more than sleep next to each other, do more than just grope above cloths at each other, we somehow pass the entire trip without getting down and dirty with each other.

I surprise my love, my Nicole, with the ending of our trip being on the Oregon Coast. What better time of year than June to get a small Cabin on the Coast and spend our first week together. The Sexual tension is building, we both know that tonight will be the night. Tonight, we will break that final barrier, we will know each other the only way that two lovers will know each other. Tonight, we will make love.

As evening aproaches, you can see the sun slowly setting over the ocean. We are in a little secluded cabin just south of Newport / Yakima Bay area. Such a nice and quiet area. Nicole is watching the sunset, wearing a cute bikini top and a pair of shorts, the weather, is about 78degrees. I walk up behind her, slowly touching her side, letting my finger tips glide over her sides. I let my hands wander to her stomach as I circle my arms around her and rest my cheek on her side. "such a wonderful sunset" says Nicole. "The sunset is nothing compared to your beauty my love" I say, nay I whisper as I slowly start to kiss her neck. There is no need for further communication, we both know what we want, we both can feel it, and there is no stopping it.

As I kiss her neck she can feel my hands starting to glide up her sides, slowly brushing her the sides of her breasts. I spin her around, and kiss under her chin, slowly up to her ear. I hear a sharp intake of breath, I know that this is turning her on. I kiss from her ear to her mouth...such a sweet mouth, so tasting like candy. As our tongues start to explore each others mouths, I slowly untie the strings from her bikini top, both the neck tie and the back tie. I step back, letting her bikini fall from her sides, tossing it on the table. Her breast are so beautiful, perfect, not to big, not too small. And her nipples, so cute looking, just waiting like little strawberries to be played with.

I start kissing her neck again, as I slowly take her back in my arms. I kiss my way down her neck to her right breast. I slowly take her nipple in my mouth. Ever so gently. I can tell it feels good as her breath quickens....I am the first man to ever see her like this. Slowly she is leading me back to the bed, and I let her.

As we get to the bed, She helps me take my shirt off, admiring my chest..while, I am no athlete, Compared to what I looked like at the start of the year, I have become fairly well defied. As I remove her shorts, I can tell she is a little hesitant, as I said, I am the only guy to ever see her, or be with her like this. To help her feel at ease, I let her take my shorts off first. She teases me as she does, but leaves my boxers on. I then finish removing her shorts, and to my surprise, she decided not to wear any panties. I feel a lil weird, still wearing my boxers

 As I go to remove them, Nicole stops me and tells me to lay back on the bed. As I do she starts kissing my chest, slowly working down to my stomach. As she does, she slowly pulls down my boxers, releasing my raging manhood...she kinda giggles at it, as it is the first she has seen in person...yes, for those of you still not clear, my dear Nicole, my love, is a virgin.

As she comes back up from pulling my boxers off, she kisses my stomach again, and then stands up, pulling me up with her. She leads me off to the Bathroom, toward the Large shower with a very sly and hot ass smile. And a VERY sexy be continued

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