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A Dream

This is my first attempt at a story, feel free to give comments
I see you across Rick’s crowded backyard. It’s another mid-summer barbeque party at Rick and Vanessa’s with all the friends. Last time we were both at one of these parties it was when Rick and Vanessa were getting engaged and you were with her, and I was jealous. None of that matters now, fate has blessed us today with the perfect opportunity, and we just have to play it cool until then. For a few hours we have to act like friends and be social, mingle with our other friends, drink beer, eat burgers, and keep the secret.

I know we’re not supposed to act any differently, so that no one can find out what’s going on between us and tell him, but I’m having a hard time keeping my mind off the thought of your tongue on my clit while my thighs squeeze tighter against your head. Thankfully, he is gone for the weekend on some trip with friends, so I don’t have to worry about him seeing anything or interrupting. Because he is gone and has the truck, you have graciously agreed to drive me home, even though it is out of your way. Everyone else thinks you’re just being the good guy, I know the want to be alone with me.

When our eyes meet, I feel the familiar twinge below my waist; my nipples harden despite the hot humid afternoon. I am wearing a flowing tie-dye dress with spaghetti straps that reaches my ankles and ties around my waist; accenting my already large breasts. The fabric does little to hide the goose bumps rising along my arms as the fire in my belly grows stronger. You see my face flush and contemplate excusing yourself from the conversation you are having with Rick, Jason, Bob, and Ken and hiding somewhere with me as we attempt to scratch the itch that is burning out of control. ‘Better to wait’ you think, there is no need to call attention to either one of us.

I am sitting at the patio table with Gina, Amber, and Jennifer, making small talk and trying to create a reason to excuse myself for a moment. Finally, I am able to break away and enter the house. I go downstairs to the basement bathroom where I can be alone and run a smaller risk of being interrupted. I lock the door behind me and start rubbing my nipples through my dress. I pull the shoulder straps down to expose my hard, pink nipple and roll it between the fingers of my left hand while my right hand probes the smooth flesh of my clean-shaven mound, my wetness escaping. A quiet gasp escapes my lips as the waves of ecstasy cause me to shudder and my wetness soaks through my tiny thong panties. I compose myself and return to the party.

You noticed I had disappeared and were wondering where I went. You see me walk out of the house and motion for you to follow me into the front yard. When we get to the front porch, we are thankfully alone. I pull you close to me, and put my finger directly into your mouth, allowing you to taste my sweetness.

“Is that?” you ask.

“Mmmhmm.” I nod, a sly smile creeping across my face. “Do you like that?”

“Mmmhmm.” You nod, a noticeable stiffening growing in your shorts.

My hand rubs the stiffness and with a sly smile I slip my still-wet panties into your pocket. “Hang on to these for me,” I say as I walk into the backyard.

A few hours pass and try as you might, you cannot keep your mind off the fact that the panties that were on my body are now in your pocket and I am walking around with nothing between me and that flowing skirt. You have to do something about it now, but it is still too soon to leave the party without people wondering why we are leaving early. You feel the buzz of a text message and look at your phone to see ‘damn baby, my clit is still so hard’ from me on the screen.

Decision made, you excuse yourself from the guys and let them know you’ll be right back. “Emily and I are going to go get some more beer, I think she’s drinking all of it before I can get to it,” you say as you motion for me to follow you to the truck. “Let’s go for a little ride and grab some more beer,” you say so the girls don’t wonder where we disappeared to.

“Are we really out of beer?” I ask.

You shake your head. “Not really, but I need...something, and you can help.”

“Oh yeah, what is it you need?”

“You,” you say as you open the truck and I climb in.

As I am stepping into the truck your hand brushes against my pussy and shivers run up my spine, the twinge is back and I can feel myself getting wet again. You walk around the truck, get in to the driver’s side, start the car and drive around the corner, so we can’t be seen.

In an instant, your hand is inching up my thigh, while you kiss and nibble at my neck. My legs spread, allowing easier access as your fingertips brush my clit and the electricity surges. Your kisses move lower down my body, pulling the straps of my dress down with them. Your fingers rock in and out of me as you begin to kiss up my thighs. I push back against you, sitting you back up and unbuckle your belt, unbutton your shorts, and start to pull them down, releasing you.

I lovingly lick long wet circles around your head while my hand firmly strokes your shaft. I take your whole head in my mouth, still stroking with my hand, and slowly move your cock in and out of my mouth. I move over to straddle you, my wet lips resting on your shaft, my clit standing at attention and begin to grind my hips into yours, massing my clit with you. As my orgasm draws closer, my speed increases and you lick and suck on my nipples.

“Oh...God...Brian...I...think...I...ohhhhhhhmmmmm,” I gasp as the spasm starts and the wetness spreads over both of us. I look down at your lap as I move back into the passenger seat noticing the spreading wet spot on your boxers. “Sorry about that,” I say, “I didn’t realize how wet you made me. We’d probably better go get the beer and get back before they start talking.”

You drive us to the party store, we pick up the beer, and head back to the party. I start faking sleepy around 9, just as the sun starts going down. “Well Brian, you’d better get me home, all this beer and fresh air is making me tired, plus I have to let the dog out.” We say our goodbyes and hugs and I beat you to the truck. You get into the truck and start it up. As you pull away, I put both legs on the dashboard, pull my skirt up and slowly rub my clit, teasing you. As you are driving, I put my fingers in your mouth again, letting you lick my juices off me.

We pull up in front of my house. When I step out of the truck I look back over my shoulder at you. “Aren’t you coming in?” I ask.

You follow me into the house, kissing and groping me as we walk up the stairs. “I’m going to go wash off some of this sweat in the shower, grab a beer out of the fridge if you want, I’ll be right out,” I say, leaving my dress in a heap at your feet.

A few minutes later, I feel a rush of cold air as the shower curtain is pulled back and you step in behind me. Your hands roam my naked flesh as your hardness presses against my ass. I reach my hand around behind me to stroke you as the water cascades between us. You grab my hips and push them slightly forward, entering me with one quick movement. As the hot water rains down on us, you slam your hard cock into me, your thumb rubbing my clit on each stroke, building the intensity with each passing second. My muscles squeeze you as another orgasm builds, my breathing grows rapid, and my moans grow louder. My legs go shaky as I explode in another orgasm.

“Oh no, I am not done with you yet, Em,” you say holding me upright. “Let’s go.”

You carry me into the bedroom where you lay me down, kiss up my leg from my ankle to my waiting center; your lips hovering over mine, your tongue slowly probing my folds as your hands circle around to cup my ass and pull my hips to you. You continue kissing up my stomach and chest until your tongue and mine are wrestling and you push yourself into me again. Pulling back so that only the head is in, you grab my hips and pull me to the edge of the bed. Standing and holding my hips in your hands, you plunge yourself into me over and over until you can’t take it anymore. Falling back onto the bed, still inside me, you thrust harder and harder until neither of us can hold back our orgasms. I feel you explode inside me, and I follow shortly after.

You look at me and say, “Well that was worth the wait, don’t you think?”

I look at you, laughing, and nod. “Ready for another round?”

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