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All is fair in love and war (part 1)

When they first met - they hated each other, they didn't expect this to happen..
It all started on the first day of September and it was a new semester at New York City University, Scarlett, like the other young ambitious people, came on campus early, excited and looking forward to learn and meet new people. She walked down to the big building she would be staying in with her other dorm mates. She had on a pink dress; she resembled the young woman from legally blonde and she had a similar personality. Her long blonde hair was straightened perfectly. She dragged her big pink suit case and walked proudly over to the entrance of what would be her home for the next three years.

Grinning proudly, she made her way over, looking directly at the door, not really paying much attention to where she was going when another young woman walked past and Scarlett ran into her by mistake. The young woman fell to the floor, her fancy Prada heels breaking as she fell to the floor with a great big thud. The young woman's name was Elisabeth and she was a very arrogant rich girl who lived with her brother off campus and just across the road in the Hilton hotel; they weren't aloud to live on campus because their parents refused to allow them to live around the common people. Sadly, that's just how mindless the family was. It was Elisabeth's third year here and she had just come on campus visiting her cousin named Jessica, who's parents were slightly more normal then hers. 

The young bitch rose to her feet and looked Scarlett straight in the eye with a very mad look in her eyes as she wickedly said, "Don't you dare touch me again! You filthy thing.."

Walking past disgusted, Scarlett turned around, sighed loudly and sarcastically said, "Oh dear me - what have we here? Did daddy pay for you to come to this university? Well then, I hope you marry well." She winked, hinting to the fact she'd most likely try to marry another rich person. She then added, "Because, my dear, a stuck up bitch like you won't get anywhere in life with that kind of attitude." She smiled sarcastically and waved before turning around and going to her dorm where she met her room mates and settled down for the day. 

Day two on campus - Scarlett had her first class today; she would be in a business class, wearing a pink feminine suit. She made her way down to the classroom she had to be in. She waited outside patiently and talked to her new friend who lived in her dorm; this girl is irrelevant. Scarlett looked across the hall and her big blue eyes went wide as she saw the bitch from yesterday strutting proudly up the hall and giving her an evil stare before walking onwards. Scarlett stuck up her middle finger to the girl and Elisabeth saw.

She came back and said to her in fury, "How dare you, you filthy skank? We'll settle this.. right now."

Then the teacher arrived so Scarlett gulped and leant in whispering in the bitch's ear, "Meet me at the Brooklyn building at 8pm, room 69 and we'll settle this then with a good old fashioned fight." Elisabeth nodded and they both went their own ways. 

After a long, boring class, she kept clock watching and not really paying any attention. The young woman fled the building after class and went back to her dorm. It was a late class and she was running late for the potential fight. When she walked into the building her heart was racing; she knew what was coming. She slowly opened the door, seeing the young girl sitting on her bed looking up at her. "It's time to meet your maker," said Elisabeth.

"Or it's yours," hissed Scarlett who walked over and sat on her bed. Elisabeth then placed her hand on the side of the bed as she looked at her snidely. Not by intention, she grasped onto Scarlett's dildo which was under the blankets. Her left eyebrow rose as she uncovered it and looked down at the 12inch thick dildo. She looked up at Scarlett who was going red in the face.

Elisabeth was horny just looking at it, imagining getting it rammed into her tight, virgin pussy "Scarlett.." she said, standing up and locking the door to the bedroom "If you want me to treat you like an equal.. if you want me to treat you with respect then you must do something for me." Elisabeth unzipped the back of her Chanel dress which fell to the floor, just standing in black lacy underwear and black stockings. Her slim body was complimented by the sexy underwear. She had a small damp spot in her panties. Her black hair cascaded down her back with slight curls in ends

"Fuck me, or else you'll hate the next three years here, if you manage to make it to the second semester here," she said, smiling in an evil way. Scarlett stood up and Elisabeth ordered, "Take your clothes off, right.. now!"

Scarlett was breathing heavily; she stood up and took off her clothes slowly. She was in her pink thong and pink push up bra. She took off her bra and threw it to the floor, her perky tits moving slightly as she breathed, clearly aroused. A damp spot was also visible in her panties. She was turned on by the dominance of Elisabeth. Scarlett walked over and bit her bottom lip before whispering into her ear, "You know how to turn a woman on.."

She gulped and Elisabeth leaned in whispering back to her, "Don't get too attached, just lead me to your bed and fuck my tight little cunt 'til I command you to stop and open your legs so I can eat your filthy little pussy out.." She said it in a cold, uncaring yet sexy way.

Scarlett panted as she heard what was going to happen to her. "Yes, ma'am.."

(Part two coming soon..stay tuned )

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