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Amy's First Time

Amy's fantasy comes true when her high school crush takes an interest.
Oh my god! Cameron’s flirting with you!

I glanced over at him, trying not to be too obvious. He was looking back at the book and I admired his chiseled profile. It had to be wishful thinking. Cameron was a senior, tall blonde and built he was in football and track and still managed to make straight A’s. He was one of the popular kids and he couldn’t possibly be interested in me.

I was 16 and just a junior. I had a good group of friends but I would never fit in with the popular crowd because I refused to conform to any of the predetermined “groups” that fill high school mythos.

I had signed up for tutoring with Cameron just to have an excuse to spend time with him. I didn’t really need the help but he had a great way of explaining the algebra problems. Sitting next to him as his voice sent little shivers down my spine was a really pleasant way to get my homework done.

He turned the page again, and again the back of his hand brushed my breast as he pulled it back. Twice in a row couldn’t possibly be an accident. He looked up and locked eyes with me; my breath caught as the moment stretched on. Finally the tension was too much for me. I licked suddenly dry lips and asked,

“Want to take a break and grab a drink?”

Cameron pulled his gaze away from my mouth and looked at me.

“We can’t bring drinks back to the library. I only live a couple blocks from here. How ‘bout we finish this at my house?”

My stomach felt like a whole flock of butterflies had taken flight. I wasn’t sure which “this” he was referring to but I hoped it wasn’t the algebra.

We quickly packed our stuff and left the school. As we walked towards the side street he made awkward small talk. We didn’t really know each other well and he was clearly fishing for something. Finally he just came out with it.

“I never see you with any of the other guys; does your boyfriend go to another school?”

I blushed and ducked my head.

“I don’t really have one,” I mumbled.

“I find that hard to believe.” He grinned and looked at me. “Why not?”

I rolled my eyes. “Among the throngs of men throwing themselves at my feet there is not one who is worthy of my attention.”

“Ouch!” He mimed being shot in the heart. “I guess that puts me in my place.”

“I doubt it,” I shot back.

My heart was racing. I was actually flirting back. And I was managing to not sound like too much of an idiot in the process.

“Look at the abuse I’m willing to accept merely to be in your presence; surely that entitles me to a little favor?”

“What kind of favor did you have in mind?” If only he knew, for him I’d do anything at all.

Without saying anything he abruptly pulled me toward him and kissed me. My hands landed on his chest for balance and stayed for pleasure. Unlike other guys I’d kissed in my admittedly limited experience, he wasn’t at all hesitant or unsure. He just kissed me like he had every right to do so, as though we had been lovers for years already. My mouth opened under his and his tongue swept in to tease mine. God it felt amazing! His hands wandered down stroking my back and cupping my ass pulling me tight against him. I rubbed against the bulge in his jeans completely lost in the moment and the sensations.

The blaring of a car horn brought me abruptly back to reality. A couple of the jocks drove past shouting obscene suggestions at us. I blushed to the roots of my hair but glanced at Cameron out of the corner of my eye. Some of them might actually be fun…

“Come on, Amy, Let’s get out of here.”

The rest of the walk was silent and as the door of his house shut behind us the awkwardness grew.

“Uh, can I get you a coke?”


I trailed behind him as he went to the kitchen and pulled out a glass. When he turned around suddenly there was very little space between us.

“Fuck it,” he muttered. He reached for me again and this time I wrapped my arms around his neck and met him halfway. As we kissed it felt like every nerve was hypersensitive, like my blood was on fire and racing through my body. My nipples ached where they rubbed against the lace of my bra and the dampness spreading between my legs would have been embarrassing if I had any thought to spare for it.

Cameron picked me up and set me on the counter without breaking our kiss. Instinctively I wrapped my legs around him and ran my hands over him exploring his shoulders and back. I slipped my hands under his shirt, wanting, needing to feel his skin.

“Fair’s fair,” he said and before I knew it he had pulled my shirt off over my head.

“Oh damn!”

This was uttered in a tone of reverence as he took in the sight of me in my blue jeans and lace bra. My dark brown hair had come out of its ponytail at some point and was spilling over my shoulders. In that moment I felt so beautiful and sexy that it didn’t even occur to me to be self conscious. He leaned in and began to kiss along my neck and shoulders, stroking his fingers over my back. I moaned and arched into him. His clever hands unfastened my bra and he caressed my arms as he slid the straps down over my shoulders. My breasts sprung free of their restraint and he lost no time pulling a nipple into his mouth.


God, it felt so good! I moaned out loud, then caught my lip between my teeth trying to be quiet. He looked up at me then pulled back.

“Don’t ever be embarrassed. It’s so fucking sexy that you’re so turned on.”

I melted completely as he pulled me back for another deep kiss. I broke the kiss for a moment to pull his shirt off then returned to kiss him again as I reveled in the brush of his bare skin over mine. I was so lost in the kiss and the amazing sensations his hands were producing as they rubbed over me that I barely noticed when he unfastened my jeans and slid my panties down. I definitely did notice when he slid a finger firmly over my swollen clit.


My hips jerked involuntarily as I inhaled sharply.

This was going way too far! It was too fast, It was…

I lost my train of thought completely as he slid a finger into my soaked pussy.

“God, I love those sexy little noises you make.”

I whimpered in response as he continued to stroke me. He leaned in to kiss me again, his thumb brushing my clit every so often and sending a new wave of lightning through me. Distantly I heard the sound of a zipper but I couldn’t think. I just wanted more. I knew something wonderful was just out of reach if I could only…

Cameron’s hand vanished as he lifted me back to the countertop but before I could voice my protest he was back. Brushing up and down my pussy then pressing slowly in again. So much thicker that couldn’t be just one finger! I glanced down but before I could form a word of protest I was fully impaled on his hard cock.

I shifted a little, getting accustomed to the strange sensation of fullness. It didn’t hurt, just felt as though I was being stretched to the limit. Cameron groaned as I shifted and I opened my mouth to say something but all that came out was a gasp, then a moan as he withdrew and thrust back into me.

It didn’t matter.

Nothing mattered but the feeling of his cock within me, his mouth on my breast taking me higher, pushing me closer to the edge with every thrust. My legs locked around his waist and my whole body shook as I went over the edge. It felt like free diving off a cliff into an ocean of sensation. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over me. Suddenly he pulled out of me and I could feel a splash of something hot and wet against my thighs.

I sat there, forehead resting against his as my breathing slowed and I slowly and laboriously tried to kick start my brain again. I was naked, in his parents' kitchen. Sitting in a puddle of something, I glanced down. He had cum on my thighs, so what was I sitting in? I started to blush beet red as I realized what it must be.

Cameron looked at me with something close to awe.

“Wow! Amy, I’ve never seen, I mean, do you always…”

He stopped and cleared his throat.

“I wouldn’t know. I’ve never done this before.”

I saw the moment when confusion turned to comprehension then incredulity.


“No.” Now totally self conscious I slid off the counter and started pulling my clothes back on.

His arms slid around me from behind, holding me still and wrapping my still naked torso in his warmth.

“I’m sorry, I just assumed. I mean you’re so gorgeous, so totally out of my league. I would have made it better for you if I had known.”

I turned and kissed him.

“Don’t worry, I’m not sure what ‘better’ involves but I’m not sure I could survive it.”

Cameron laughed. 

“Oh really? Sounds like I need to show you.”

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