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You never know what you will find in the pages of a book .....

I open my eyes but it’s still dark.
I have no idea where I am last thing I remembered was sitting under a tree reading a book.
I can’t move, my legs and arms seem to be tied to something. I can only move my head a little.
Everything is hazy and I seem to drift off.

I suddenly awake when I hear noises, I find myself straining to hear more. Slight breathing noises. I want to say something but can’t I have something soft gagging my mouth.

I hear three distinct claps and a door opening and shutting, footsteps and very quiet giggles.
Then I feel hands on my arms massaging a warm thickish liquid, the scent wafts to my nose, smells like roses. I realise I am naked when fingers reach my shoulders and my breasts. I stiffen, I am scared. There is nothing I can do I can’t move and can’t see. Fingers rubbing my nipples and I feel each nipple betray me by hardening.
Hands, gliding down my stomach rubbing liquid into my skin as they slide over every inch of my body.
There seems to be something quite sensual in the way they are touching me but I am still scared.
I feel fingers as they open my private parts and feel  the warm liquid being poured ever so slowly onto my exposed mound, I can feel it dribbling down over my clit , down to the entrance of my vagina and then into the crack of my butt.
Three more claps, footsteps, the door opening closing and silence. I listen carefully but can't hear anything. I jump when a finger starts to rub the oil into my clit. The finger feels rough, I stiffen, it is a man’s finger I am sure of it. I want to slam my legs closed, no, man has ever touched me there. I sob but nothing comes out.
"Hush, relax and please don’t be afraid" I hear a deep voice tell me. I try to move but I can't. I am crying but whatever covers my eyes just soaks up my tears.
So gently is my clit being rubbed, back and forwards and then in circles. The whole area around my clit is being stroked. I feel tingles and I am trying to fight, No but my body is betraying me and I can feel myself getting wet. Slowly fingers work down to my hole and massages all around the entrance and slowly I feel a finger being inserted, I can feel the first knuckle and then the second one and then realise you have all of your finger inside me.
Oh the feeling you are giving me as you slide your finger in and out. I never thought this sort of pleasure was possible.
You stopped, why have you stopped? I then feel your tongue lick over my clit and then sucked into your mouth. I want to clamp my legs onto your head so you never stop!!. Your tongue then travels down to my hole and you slide it in and out. I feel one of your hands cradling my left butt cheek and then I feel a finger spreading the liquid down to my back hole. I struggle  No No not there my mind screams, I cant move, My body feels like its open like a book and you are exploring me chapter by chapter.
While you mouth feasts on my pussy I feel you slowly slide your finger into my ass, you seem to go in a little way, then out again then in a little bit more. I silently scream into my gag, it hurts so much. The pain subsides and it actually feels quite good. I feel like I want more of your finger and try to push back so I am more on your finger. You pick up your rhythm licking and sucking me as well as fingering my ass. Then it happens, it was like a slow pins and needles feeling building into a huge climax. OMG what is happening to me, I feel delirious and almost faint with pleasure.
I hear you breathing hard. I am aware of you undoing the gag. Maybe you will let me go!! I only hear you say "my turn".
I feel something brush my lips, skin??
I open my mouth slightly and you push forward, enough for me to smell your scent and then taste the salty liquid that is warm and has beaded on the tip of your cock. You slide further in, I feel like gagging , but I don’t. It’s almost like I am in trance as I am no longer afraid of you. The skin on your cock is so soft yet you are so hard in my mouth, I can feel the veins along your shaft and the ridge between your shaft and the head of your cock. I am exploring - I have never had a man in my mouth like this before. My mouth is watering over your cock and I am sliding up and down your shaft with my mouth, moving my tongue all around as I go. My body and my feelings are too far gone now to be scared instead I find myself hungering for your body. I feel your fingers weave into my hair as you help me fasten up the pace of my sucking on your cock. You move faster almost uncontrollably into my mouth.
I felt you stiffen and wondered why when all of a sudden a gush of hot thick salty liquid hit the back of my throat, I gag a little but swallow. It burns a little. I feel you soften in my mouth and as you withdraw I lick my lips.
"Mmmmm well done" you say.
"If you want me to stop now I will stop and it will be the end , or if you want it can be just the beginning - it is all up to you?. You say to me as you take me in your arms and hold me - "please do not be afraid as I would never hurt you". Strangely I feel safe in your arms. Your chest is hairy- I still can’t see you but I feel your closeness
You kissed me. Slow long kisses like you see a man kiss a woman on TV. Yes you kissed me.
As your lips move on mine your hands are wandering down to my nipples and you are tweaking them with your fingers. My body started to respond to your touches.
"You must tell me now my love, shall I go on or shall I stop - you must decide. If I stop it will seems like a distant memory. I stole the rest of your words with my lips and you said nothing more.
My legs were now free and I felt them being spread and heaviness as you straddle my body. I feel your cock searching for my hole, I panic... I have never done this. You put a finger to my lips and tell me to relax. Slowly your cock slides into my hole. I can feel it stretching me bit by bit. I don't think you will fit it all in me ... you are so big. You work slowly, gently a little in and a bit out, a little bit more in and a bit out. Slowly you work a bit faster and then a little more. The thrusting no longer hurts and I find myself meeting your thrusts. I can hear our bodies slapping together and then the waves of pleasure hit me and I can hear myself screaming over and over again. Your thrusts almost rip me open, till you thrust once more and I feel your cock throb and then gush with your hot fluids.
"You are now mine my love - my Queen"
With that you untied the silk sash covering my eyes and as my eyes grew accustomed to the light - I saw you – The Elf from the book I was reading.

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