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Employee of the Month

Candy helps Ryan and Karen to start their affair.
I’d only been in my new place for a couple of weeks but it already felt like home.

Ebony and I had lived together for several years but now that she’d consented to marry her boss, it became necessary for me to move on. She knew that she would always be welcome if she wanted some extra-marital fun with me but I was actually looking forward to living solo.

With my share of the proceeds from the sale of our apartment and the money that my Granny left me I was able to buy my new home outright. It’s a brand new eco-friendly wooden cabin built to a modern award winning design and there are about sixty similar dwellings in a woodland setting of mature deciduous trees and evergreen shrubs. Mine is one of only ten that enjoy residential status and the others are mainly used as holiday homes or rented out to holidaymakers.

The ground floor is open plan with a stylish well-equipped kitchen diner and a lounge area with a spiral staircase that leads to a mezzanine floor with a wooden balustrade. The whole place is really light and airy and there’s ample space upstairs for my king-size bed, fitted wardrobes and easy chair. There’s a door in the far corner that leads to the spacious en-suite bathroom with a free-standing bath, large walk-in shower, basin toilet and bidet.

Thursday is my regular day off work and I had nothing particular planned. I was looking forward to a romantic evening with one of my favourite men but I decided that I would just spend the day writing and catching up with my correspondence. I like being naked when I write my sex stories so it wasn’t until around noon that I slipped into a pair of shorts and a skimpy top so that I could step outside for some fresh air.

All I could hear was the birdsong as I absorbed the beauty of my new surroundings and I’d only been outside for a few minutes when I saw two familiar figures heading towards me. Ryan and his personal assistant Karen are part of the management team that looks after the park and they both looked very smart in their crisp white shirts with black slacks.

We exchanged greetings and Ryan explained that they just wanted to finalise the service package with me as regards gardening and maintenance so I invited them in and they sat at my dining table spreading out some papers that they wanted me to sign. I made some coffee and within a few minutes the business was concluded so we just started chatting. They asked me how I was settling in and I told them how happy I was to be living here and that it was so convenient for work.

Karen asked me what I did for a living and I explained that I worked in a boutique selling exotic lingerie, adult films sex toys and suchlike. They both smiled and agreed that it must be an interesting job and started to quiz me further by asking the usual questions about trying out the merchandise. Karen said that she’d always wanted a vibrator so I gave her one of our catalogues and invited her to pop into the shop sometime where I’d gladly help her to choose the right one for her needs.

Ryan seemed quite taken aback by Karen’s forthright confession and jokingly said, "That’s all very well but you can’t beat the real thing."

Karen instantly responded by saying, "That depends on whose real thing we’re talking about."

I interceded with, "What’s your real thing like Ryan?"

He blushed and said, "not bad, not bad, I’ve never had any complaints."

Karen and I looked at each other and smiled. Then she said to me, "Oh well I guess we’ll just have to take his word for it."

"Not necessarily Karen," I mused, "If you guys have got the time, the inclination and you don’t mind an audience, you can use my bed to find out what his real thing is actually like."

Karen slowly undid the top two buttons of her shirt before easing her hand in and sensuously squeezing her breast. She was pouting at Ryan who seemed slightly embarrassed by this spontaneous and outrageous show of sexuality by his young colleague.

I suggested to him that we should take that as a ‘yes’ and although he hesitated at first he responded to Karen’s encouragement by starting to unbutton his shirt.

Very soon Ryan was bare chested and Karen was displaying her lacy white bra which revealed the heavenly cleavage between her ample breasts. Not to be outdone I peeled my top over my head and shook my mane of long blonde hair. I pushed my plump firm tits together and gently flicked my thumbs over my pale brown nipples.

Ryan was staring at my naked breasts as Karen approached and kissed him tenderly. She reached down to his groin to feel the stiffening bulge in his trousers and asked quietly, "Can I get it out?" Without even bothering to wait for an answer she unzipped him, slipped her hand under the waistband of his pants and eased his stiff cock through the opening.

Neither Karen nor I were disappointed when we saw what she was holding in her hand because Ryan’s hard cock was a perfect eight-inch specimen of meaty manhood. She gasped when she realised what he’d been concealing and said. "I like it Ryan, your wife is a very lucky woman."

"As I said," he replied, "I’ve never had any complaints."

Karen bent forward and I watched as she gently pulled on his swollen manhood and gave the tip a few sensuous licks before opening her mouth and slipping her luscious lips over the first two or three inches. As she expertly sucked his delicious cock she released him for a second or two to say, "I wasn’t expecting to be doing this when I came to work this morning."

Then as she tenderly slipped his cock back in her mouth I said, "It might even get better."

Karen sank to her knees and put her hands on her thighs and it was such a beautiful sight to watch her taking Ryan’s cock right in to the hilt. She was clearly opening her throat to devour his full length and her saliva was dribbling down her chin. He was holding her head as he rhythmically used her willing mouth and I asked him, "Does your wife do this for you Ryan?"

He was moaning softly but managed to say, "She never has and I doubt she ever will."

After a few more slow deep thrusts Karen pulled away, clamped her hand around his shaft pulling on it slowly as she looked up at him and demurely asked, "Do you need me anymore today Mr. Johnson?"

Ryan smiled and replied, "Yes Mrs. Woods, something has come up and I want you to deal with it for me."

"Well you are my boss and I wouldn’t want you to think I was an unwilling employee," She said,

We all chuckled and Ryan and Karen began to undress. She was wearing hold up stockings and micro panties to match her bra whilst he wore briefs that were straining to contain the huge bulge of his granite hard cock. For a few seconds we just stood and looked at each other. Then I undid my shorts and let them fall to the floor revealing my bald pussy and feminine slit. That signalled the fact that this was starting to get serious.

"Follow me you two," I said as I led them up the spiral staircase.

There’s no ceiling as such in my new place it’s just the pitched roof clad in knotty pine with a huge skylight that bathes the area in natural light. As Karen and Ryan crawled onto the bed I sat in my easy chair hoping that I was about to witness a fully charged first time sexual encounter.

Ryan had already discarded his pants and was gently stroking his engorged manhood as he knelt behind Karen and pressed it hard against her back. His hands reached around and cupped her generous breasts as he bent forward and kissed the nape of her neck. One hand drifted sensuously down her slim torso and under the waistband of her panties where his fingers found the warm soft flesh of her womanhood. She moaned softly as she reached round and gripped his stiff cock in her hand saying, "God Ryan I want you so much."

He continued to kiss her neck and nibble her ear as he unclipped her bra and she peeled it off to expose her perfect firm breasts tipped by long erect nipples that were just begging to be sucked. In a final act of consent to sex with Ryan she slipped her panties off and spread her legs to show off the neatly trimmed triangle of pussy hair that pointed invitingly like an arrow at the cleft between her slender legs.

She lay back on my bed and spread her legs. Ryan responded by kneeling between them and ran his hands up her slim torso, over her ribs and touched her lovely breasts for the first time. She clearly enjoyed his gentle squeezing and she gasped slightly when he started to suck her young firm nipples. They paid no attention to me but I was quite happy to sit there and pleasure myself as these two attractive lovers performed for me.

Ryan then ran his hands down her body and over her tummy just brushing her pussy with his thumbs before sensuously peeling off her stockings. When she was completely naked he licked the silky flesh of her inner thighs then the entire length of her cleft to the succulent folds of her labia and the hard button of her tender clit. She began to moan softly as his finger penetrated her moist vagina and she didn’t object at all as he also tenderly probed her rosebud with his thumb until it went in.

"That feels so good Ryan," Karen whispered, "You’re making me really wet."

Further words weren’t necessary as Ryan withdrew his finger and sucked it dry of Karen’s feminine juices before shifting his body in readiness. Karen clearly wanted Ryan’s cock deep inside her but she enjoyed him teasing her a little by rubbing the tip over every part of her tender pussy flesh as she waited expectantly for the imminent stab of pleasure.

But the waiting was over and the moment had finally arrived with Karen softly whispering in a tone of mock indignation, "Mr. Johnson!" as Ryan penetrated her vagina for the first time with a single smooth thrust.

"Mrs. Woods," He said quietly in reply then he started to fuck her gently and rhythmically with long slow strokes. Karen wrapped her legs around his and grasped his buttocks with both hands urging him to increase the tempo. Soon they were in perfect harmony and every time they thrust together Ryan’s pelvis collided with her sensitive clit as he buried his long thick cock deep inside the warm wet tunnel of her luscious vagina. She was so wet that I could clearly hear the slurping noises coinciding with the groans of pleasure that they were both making.

I love watching porn films but I was really enjoying this live sex show even more and I was masturbating vigorously. Luckily I’d put a towel on my chair to soak up my juices as they leaked out of me. I was seriously tempted to join in and perhaps one day they’d let me but on this occasion I wanted them to enjoy their sex without distractions.

Karen was making loud feminine grunting noises as Ryan thrust his meaty cock in and out of her willing body. Then she announced, "I’m so close Ryan, keep fucking me. Oh my God I’m cumming."

Within seconds her legs began to tremble and she started panting as her orgasm engulfed her. I knew exactly what she was experiencing as the heavenly waves of ecstasy rippled uncontrollably through her whole body. Even when her panting subsided her eyelids were still fluttering, her cheeks were red and it was obvious that she’d just enjoyed a wonderful climax but she wasn’t finished yet.

She instructed Ryan to lie on his back and as soon as he did so she sat astride him in a reverse cowgirl position guiding his juice soaked cock into her dripping cunt. Because of where I was sitting I was able to watch every tantalising inch disappear into her grateful body then she closed her eyes and started to ride him hard and fast. I was tempted to say something but I decided to remain silent and let them pretend that I wasn’t even there.

After five or six intense minutes Karen said, "I want you in my arse," And she raised herself up so that she could transfer Ryan’s cock the short distance between her vagina and her anus without losing contact. The fact that his cock was so slippery and she was so willing meant that even though she was tight, there was hardly any resistance. With just a few short thrusts and some help from Karen’s hand, Ryan was soon deep inside Karen’s anal passage.

They rolled onto their sides and the anal fucking was just so beautiful to watch. They were both grunting with every thrust and Karen started to rub her clit. I kept having to stop rubbing mine because I wanted my orgasm to coincide with Ryan’s. It was up to them to decide if he was going to cum inside her or outside but I was hoping to see plenty of his semen when he did finally ejaculate.

The anal sex and Karen’s vigorous stimulation brought about another seismic orgasm and she jolted as though she was getting electric shocks. She was muttering incoherently as the pleasure swamped her and no sooner had she started to come down from the high than Ryan announced that he couldn’t hold back any longer.

I immediately started masturbating hard in the expectation that I would enjoy a simultaneous orgasm with Ryan when Karen said the magic words, "I want it in my mouth."

She disconnected from him and rested her head on Ryan’s tummy with her mouth open just an inch or so from the tip of his throbbing cock. It only took a couple of strokes before he made a long manly groan and his warm creamy cum started to spurt over her tongue into her mouth and onto her face. The first powerful stream went straight in almost without touching the sides and although she tried to catch it all there was so much that even her eye got spattered.

My timing was only just a little out of synch and as Karen licked the last few precious dregs of Ryan’s cum and greedily swallowed every last drop my orgasm hit me like an express train. I’m quite vocal when I cum and for the first time since it all started Ryan and Karen glanced in my direction as I enjoyed my self-induced ecstasy.

They smiled at me then they crashed backwards onto my bed spent and exhausted.

By the time we were all showered and dressed they’d been with me for nearly two hours and Ryan said that he hoped they hadn’t been missed at the office. Karen jokingly asked if she would be in line for the ‘Employee of the Month’ award and Ryan indicated that she might be. At that response she gave him a playful slap on the arm and jokingly said, "If Debbie Brown gets it again I’ll leave."

I asked them if this was a ‘one-off’ or were they likely to do it again. Karen said that it was the best sex she’d ever had especially the anal, which was a new experience for her and she would love to repeat it. But she said that it wouldn’t be easy because although her husband is a good man he’s dull and possessive so she had little space to herself when not at work. They couldn’t use the vacant cabins on the site because they’d be sacked if they were ever discovered.

"Tell you what," I said, "In return for a free laundry concession on my service package here’s one of my spare keys. I don’t work on Thursday or Sunday but you can use my bed any other time you like. Just try to leave the place as you found it."

Ryan made the amendment to the contract and I handed over the key. We had a small glass of wine each to celebrate our new bonding and after we exchanged innocent kisses they left.

The next day when I came home from work I climbed the stairs to change and take a shower and there was no sign that anyone had been there apart from a single red rose on my bed and a card saying. ‘Thank you.’

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