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First Time with Someone New

The first time with a new playmate.
We agreed on a time and place. I was nervous. All kinds of questions in my mind...

Will the sex be as good as the fooling around was? Will he be as attentive to my needs as he was? Will he be turned on by me? Will he satisfy me? Is this safe? Am I really prepared to go from having basically no sex to having sex with two different people in the same week?

I checked in the hotel and left the door open. He came in shortly after and said he was a a little nervous too. And then he was kissing me, deeply, passionately. The kind of kisses I'd missed. He pulled my shirt over my head and then his shirt over his head. I started to take more off and he insisted that I let him. Why was that so fucking sexy? Peeling away layers, pushing my skirt up, pulling panties down, perching me on the side of the bed where he knelt and began feasting on my pussy. Not eating. Not licking. Not kissing gently. Feasting. As if it was his last meal. I was lost in the pleasure of his lips and his tongue and his fingers and came so easily and wonderfully that it tingled all over my body. This went on forever. He'd bring me right to the edge, that point where your back arches and you know it's coming, and then he'd pause, building me to the highest possible points.

More kisses, tasting myself, and then he pulled me to my feet. I really wasn't sure what he was doing and then he said softly, "Turn around baby. Bend over."

Fuck yes! His hand ran down my back, down the crease of my ass, my inner left thigh and he lifted my leg onto the bed, giving him complete access from behind. And then he went to work again, this time sneaking up to touch and lick my ass from time to time. Such pleasure. When I felt him pull away and heard him unzip his pants I was sure there would be no greater feeling than what I'd just experienced.

And then he pushed into me. Yes! Fuck yes! His dick was deeply buried, very still, as he throbbed and enjoyed knowing he was filling me. And then he gently grabbed my hips and started thrusting. I was wide open to him with one knee on the bed and bent over. With each deep thrust I felt the bed jar under me, knowing the amount of force he was giving me. Holy fuck. This may not be the biggest cock I've ever had, but he definitely knows how to use it. Alternating fast and slow, deep and then teasing. And then he told me to reach under and rub my clit. I did as I was told and then came like a fountain. I could barely hold myself up any more on my one leg and fell completely forward on the bed. I rolled over and that's when I saw his cock, hard and thick.

He asked what I wanted and I knew. Him on his back. And then I returned the favor, sucking him all the way in, choking just a bit, lubing him up completely before climbing up on top of him and sliding down on top of him, as deep as I possible could. I leaned forward so my tits were in his face. I wanted him sucking and pulling on my nipples while I rode him and he did just that. There's just something about being on top, looking down, being in control of the pace and the depth. I love knowing he's looking up at me, watching my tits, seeing all of me. I stayed that way for quite a while varying in speeds, leaning forward and then back and then cumming so hard my head was spinning.

He quickly flipped me on my back, spread my legs and pushed my knees way back. He positioned himself on the bed in front of me and just teased the entrance of my pussy with his dick, touching my clit, making me squirm and then he was inside me again. So deep.

He leaned over in my ear and said "I want to pull out and cum on your tits. Is that okay?"

"Of course," I said. Only we were too into it. My hips bucking, him thrusting with such power and out of nowhere he moaned loudly and came falling onto me with deep heavy sighs nuzzling my neck and saying over and over how good it felt.

And that was only the beginning. Three more times for a couple more hours each even better than the first. It was a very good day and a very good first time.

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