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First time with Teen Crush

The story is true but the names have been changed. This is my first attempt at writing about my memories. Angie and I dated for almost 4 years before she went back to my ex-best friend to marry him. That didn’t last.

We were both 17 at the time. Angie was my best friend’s girlfriend and off limits, or so I thought. Angie and Pat had dated for the past year and I had heard stories from Pat about their bedroom activities. It turned out that Angie loved sex as much as he did and seemed to like it as much as I thought of it.

Out of the blue I received a call from Angie telling me that she and Pat had broken up and would I stop by her house. Now I was a virgin and couldn’t count the number of times I had masturbated to vision of her bikini image. A little about us; Angie was about 5’6” and a size one. She had perfect D sized breasts. She was blond and as I found out this day had closely cropped strawberry blond curls down below, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

I arrived at Angie’s house on this summer day and was told to come into the living room. It was clear that no one was at home but the two of us. We talked about what went wrong with Pat and Angie’s relationship. At one point in the conversation she confided in me that she had always thought I was hot. I stand 6’ tall weighing all of 145 and as any 17 year old male began to get excited at the conversation. Angie leaned close to me and we kissed for the first time. It seemed like magic, you know, when sparks fly. I doubt that this was anything but young lust.

Her taste was unreal. She had lip gloss on as was popular back in the late 70’s so I remember her tasting of strawberry. The taste was clean and sweet. Our kissing went from light to passionate quickly. I remember her parting my lips with her tongue. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths for what seemed like forever. Being inexperienced, it took a while before my hand reached up and feel her breast through the fabric of her top. I got a little bolder and unbuttoned the first few buttons of her shirt. Wow, she was letting me inside her shirt! I continued to unbutton her top when she reached up and unsnapped the front clasp of her bra. There we were on her couch with her shirt open and her D sized breasts on display for me.

It was either the coolness of the room or the excitement of what was to come that made her nipples hard erasers. You know when the old pencil erasers got old and would not erase any more, just that hardness. She commented that it was not fair that her top was off and mine was on. I needed very little encouragement to shed my shirt. What an image I have of us with hands all over each other in the living room. I got bolder and slide my hand down between her legs outside of her jeans. The heat was unbelievable. Then I reached for the button on her jeans. No resistance. Our make out session went on hot and heavy with heavy kissing, her hand rubbing my now hard cock. One of my hands on her breast and the other trying to get into her pants. Her pants were button fly. The tightness of her jeans made undoing the buttons tough. I finally reached a now slick pussy.

At this point Angie stopped everything and asked me to wait here. I thought I had gone too far. No, she got up and locked the door and returned to me sitting on the couch with my shirt off and a very hard dick. She told me to follow her into her parents’ bedroom where she said we would be more comfortable. This was a wet dream come true.

Angie lay on the bed with her shirt open and her pants undone. She asked me to help her with her pants, which I did with haste. She told me that I should get more comfortable and take off my pants. There she lay in just panties and her undone shirt. I did as I was asked and took off my pants and under ware. Now my 7 inches slapped my belly. I leaned over and took hold of her panties and slid them down and onto the floor they went. Angie sat up and took off her shirt. Now I could see what was hidden under her clothing. She had the most amazing body!

I crawled up over the top of her and slowly put me weight on her. We lay there kissing and exploring each other’s bodies. Her curves, the firmness of her breasts and the tightness of her pussy were as I had imagined they would be. Looking back on this I remember the firmness of youth well.

While I ran my tongue and teeth over her hard nipples my hands played out over the rest of her body. She also ran her hands over my back and ass. Then she grabbed hold of my cock and guided it to her waiting pussy. I told her that I didn’t have any protection. She said that she was on the pill and not to worry. After that I did just what my young body told me to do. With that I didn’t last long (I love the stories of the teen who says the first time lasted for an hour…). The funny thing was I barely got soft and within minutes I was still inside her and had gotten hard again!

Angie got up and went over to a chair in the corner of the room. She lay down on her back and pulled me closer to her. She put her legs up over my shoulders. I had a perfect view of her puffy pussy lips. She told me what she wanted and I obliged happily. That afternoon went on for a couple of hours with us trying many different positions. I think I came 5 times that afternoon.

I remember those days like they were yesterday. I know I was being used but loved every minute of it.

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