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Medical student next door

Medical student neighbour gives me a checkup
This is a true story of my first sexual experience.

I was 16 when, two girls, about 22 and 24 rented the house to our left. I'll call them Debbie and Jenny in this post. Our house happened to be close to a big medical college where Debbie was studying and Jenny was a trainee doctor.

My cousin, who was about a year older than me lived in the house to our right. She doesn't do much in this post but will appear it some of my future experiences. Behind the three houses were secluded gardens isolated from the outside world but separated from each other by short hedges. Beyond the gardens was a small wooded area.

There was a window from their house opening towards my house. I tried to catch a peek of them nude but the they always promptly closed the curtains before changing. I masturbated fantasizing about both of my neighbours.

One day, Debbie was talking to my mom over the hedge that separated the houses. Eventually their discussion turned towards my studies with my mom complaining that I was poor in Biology. And then, Debbie offered to help with my lessons. I was loitering close by and my heart pounded against my chest imagining many things.

I started going to her house the following weekend for the lessons. Jenny was rarely at home during weekends. Even if at home she kept to her room. We had the lessons in her living room which had medical books, a stethoscope and other medical stuff lying around.

Debbie was about 5 feet 6, slim built with long hair and always wore a pleasant perfume. She was usually wearing tshirt & jeans or shirt & skirt or even pjs some days. I noticed that her boobs were just above average sized. I tried to look down her shirt or up her skirts at every possible opportunity but without much luck. She rarely even showed any cleavage. So, against my expectation of some action, the weekends passed by uneventfully. I did show some progress at my studies though.

Then on a Sunday morning everything changed. I had skipped lessons the previous day. We were at her living room and Jenny was out as usual. Debbie was wearing a shirt and jeans. I noticed that the top buttons of the shirt were undone. To this day I don't know if it was intentional or unintentional.

"Where were you yesterday" she asked.

"I was not feeling very well" I lied

"You should have come anyway, I am nearly a doctor remember. I would have given you a medical checkup" she said. "In fact, I don't know why I haven't given you one so far. I need the practice" she joked. And "let me check you now anyway".

I was in no mood for any medical checkup as I was prefectly fine but I just played along.

She checked my heartbeat with a stethoscope on my chest and back. Next, she took my pressure. Then she had me open my mouth, show my tongue, checked my eyes and did all the medical stuff.

Just when I thought she was done, she started pressing various places in my chest and abdomen asking "does it hurt here" or something like that.

She went down even further, below my navel and while pressing in one place, as I was watching her face, she suddenly showed a shocked look. She asked "does it hurt here" and "do you feel any lump". I did not feel anything wrong so I said no.

"I need to check this further" she said and she cleared the dining table and asked me to lie on it.

I did as told, a little worried now.

She pulled up my tshirt and pressed, hard this time. Enough to be painful to anyone. I said it felt a little uncomfortable now. She was deep in thought for a minute and then pressed further down.

"Take off your jeans" she said. I showed the slightest of hesitation. "I am a doctor and you can be open with me" she said. I got down, took off my jeans and got back up on the table. By now I was quite worried.

She continue to feel all around the area. Then she pulled down my boxer shorts just a little bit so that just the pubic hair was seen.

"Is there anything wrong?" I asked.

She said, "I need to check thoroughly to make sure it has not spread any further".

With her face very professional and like a real doctor, then with no warning she pulled my boxer down in one go.

There I was lying naked from the waist down in front of a female for the first time in my life. She showed an expression like a very serious doctor and this was a perfectly normal situation which she was in daily.

My dick was not hard at this point. It must have been only about 3.5 inches. It was just lying to one side. It should have been all the shock about the sudden change in situation and the worry about some serious disease.

She asked me to turn my head to one side and cough. I did so. She touched my balls and asked me to cough again. Then she checked them one at a time with both her hands.

I am uncircumcised. She took my dick between two fingers and pulled the skin back to examine.

By now, I had recovered from the initial shock and finally realized that my dick was in a girl's hands. It started to twitch when she pulled the skin and with her every touch and a fullblown erection started.

I was very embarassed. She was still very professionaland said "This is perfectly normal response, don't worry about it".

"In fact an erection is required for the next step of the exam", she said. "Does it grow any bigger?" she asked.

When she pulled the foreskin back the next time, there was some precum at the tip of my dick. She said "That is good. It is a sign that it is normal" and she continued.

"How often do you masturbate?" she asked. "You can tell me. Anything you say will be a secret and it is important for the checkup" "Twice or thrice a week", I replied even though I used to do it more than three times a week.

All the while, she was stroking the dick, pulling the foreskin back and forth but with a professional look as if a real medical test was going on.

My dick became the longest it had ever been. I was close to climax by now. I felt like electricty was running all over the body. She still kept asking me questions but I could not answer properly.

I could not bear it any longer and I had the biggest orgasm in my life. I thought I was about to faint. I moaned involuntarily. My body was shuddering as she kept doing it. I blew my load all over her hands, the table, my thighs and abdomen.

She let go of my dick and wiped her hands in a tissue.

She gave me a box of tissues and asked me to clean up. The dick was becoming soft fast and by the time I had cleaned up, it was limp. She pulled my foreskin back as far as it would go one last time. I was so sensitive that it was unbearable. Mercifully, she let go of it.

Then she said, "It looked more or less fine but you seemed to finish quite quick" still in a professional tone.

"Trim your public hair often and do not wear tight underwear" she advised.

"Is everything fine?", I finally blurted out.

"Things look ok but I cannot say for sure without an expert opinion. My friend is a specialist. I'll let you know when she is available" she said.

I got dressed, packed up my books and left.

"See you next Saturday", she said on my way out.

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