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Seeing Ben

Making my first home run with a stranger, and loving every second.

I had been on dating and meet-up apps before, and had several accounts on various websites. It was always more an intrigue than a craving or a need, but I still wanted it. I had girlfriends before Ben and after, and I had some experience with men, but nothing like him.

One day while scrolling through one of these apps I recieved a message from an older man named, the only name I ever knew him by was his screen name, Ben. I read his profile and found myself strangely wanting to know more so I responded eagerly, we chatted for quite some time, and I found out that Ben was fifty two years old, he had a 9-5 job, a house of his own and he was very comfortable with me being so much younger than him - I was eighteen at the time. Much to my disappointment he made no attempt to seduce me, and after two more days of the same, I decided to get creative, I wanted Ben, and I had to get him.

It was Thursday, and as soon as I got home from school I went to the bathroom, locking the door behind me. I spent at least an hour taking pictures of myself in clothed, semi-naked, and completely nude states, and some which were more than filthy I'm sure. I slipped into some comfortable clothes and made my way to my bedroom. Grabbing my body lotion I dropped my trousers to my ankles and dripped some onto my hand. I sent a message to Ben just as I started to stroke myself.

I asked him some fairly innocent questions accompanied by the clothed pictures, however I got far more lewd as I sent the more risque photos of myself. Sure enough Ben had some very interesting ideas about what we could do with several parts of my body and his together. He and I fnally agreed that the next day I would get off my bus early, and wait for him to pick me up outside a nearby park. Soon after this I came as much as I ever had while looking at Ben's photos and imagining tomorrow.

I spent the next day in school begging for time to go faster, at lunch I met up with my friend whom I had previously blown several dozen times and told him my plan. He offered to take me to the bathroom and get me warmed up back there but I refused, however I did see an opportunity. 

I entered the bathroom with him, kneeling inside a stall as he sat on one of the toilet seats. There was no ceremony, no foreplay, and no time to waste. He unzipped and pulled out his thick 7 inch cock, stroking it as I got into position; I sucked gently on each testicle, as he liked, and then gave a little lick under for good measure before spitting on the tip and starting to suck. He always enjoyed me doing this and I went as deep as I could for him.

I passed him my phone and he started taking the pictures I needed for Ben; evidently this threw him over the edge, and he slammed into the back of my throat rather painfully and shot a rope of gooey cum into my neck. He pulled his cock from my mouth and stroked it furiously at my face, shooting blobs of delicious semen all over me. I did not complain, and took a selfie for later use.

After cleaning up and chatting some more, I sent Ben the photos and went back to class. The hours passed quickly after that and once the last bell rang I ran to the bathroom to check my phone. One message from Ben, a message which made me certain this is what I wanted. "I blew a load in the bathroom looking at you, and I'll blow two more when I get your ass in my car."

That bus ride lasted forever, but once I stepped off, I messaged Ben and waited, my heart pounding as he pulled up in his old Land Rover. I stepped in and we made awkward small talk as he found a nice secluded spot for our sordid affair. 

He parked, and we got down to it, kissing, rubbing and stripping. He grabbed me by my hair and forced my face into his crotch, as he pulled me up I unzipped his jeans and reached in, my mouth almost certainly fell open because he was at least 9 inches long and about as thick as a bottle of lucozade. I stroked and stroked as we kissed, my own erection getting painful in my pants, until Ben slipped them off me and bent down to lick and suck my testicles. I was almost at the edge when he stopped and pushed me down to his meat. 

I tried doing the same as I did to my friend earlier, but Ben was a rougher sort. He used both hands to keep me there, sucking and licking his balls and shaft. He pulled me up and completely removed his jeans and pulling back his seat to make space for me to kneel in front of him which I did with speed. Ben lifted his legs and spread them, placing one at each side of me and baring his asshole to me. I looked up at him and I did as I knew he wanted, I had never given a rimjob before, but I licked Ben's asshole until I could slide my tongue in as I stroked him.

Ben pulled at my hair and repositioned until his cock was pointed at my lips, I opened wide and began to suck as best I could. Ben waited until his cock was lubricated before he shoved my head further, I gagged and choked on his cock and my own saliva. He let me breathe for a moment before repeating this abuse on my throat. 

As he pushed me down on his cock, I felt as happy as I'd ever been. I loved this abuse from him and as I pushed my tongue out to get more of him in he slipped into my throat with a slight pop, obviously this was a step too much for Ben as he held me there choking and struggling as he shot bucketloads of cum directly into my stomach. I could feel myself losing air and just in time Ben slipped out of me. 

I gasped hard for air as Ben lifted me up and slipped off my pants. We stepped out of the car and I hopped up on the bonnet of the Land Rover as Ben set to work licking and loosening my asshole.

I had been licked there before, and fingered, but Ben was a magician and I soon found myself wanting to cum and begging him to enter me. Ben obliged, prodding my wanting hole with his large cock. He slipped into me slowly, which I appreciated as he stretched my poor hole beyond what I thought possible. 

I gasped and moaned as he slid furher and further into me, all the while calling me names and saying he owned me. As his pelvis reached my ass he reached down and grabbed my throat. I almost came all over my own stomach when he spoke. "You are nothing but a little whore aren't you?" I nodded happily as he started to pump his hips back and forth, prodding against my prostate as he went.

He wasted no time and grabbed a handful of my hair as he hammered away at my aching, ex-virgin asshole. As his pace quickened and he became rougher and rougher, I begged him between moans to take some pictures of me. He obliged and slipped out of me, grabbing his phone for the impromptu photoshoot. He snapped several photos of me being bred by him and a few of my teary eyed face as I moaned. Soon though he must have lost interest because he suddenly pulled out, leaving my asshole to gape and contract as he pulled me off the car and down onto my knees again. 

I was a little bit wary of this, but as Ben slid his cock into my mouth I realised something, I love the tase of my asshole on his cock. I forced myself down on his cock and he kept me there as I choked again. Once he pulled me off his cock I tried to catch my breath as Ben forced me onto all fours, taking his position behind me and slipping into me once more.

Ben pounded me like that for what felt like ages and kept up his tirade of insults and names. He pummeled my poor hole until my legs were jelly and in one great big thrust he finished his assault on my ass, launching rope after rope of creamy cum up into my bowels. He stayed inside me as he reached down and began to milk my cock like an udder. Soon after I shot my load onto the ground Ben pulled his now soft cock from my hole, I got to my feet unsteadily, but bent over to clean off his used up meat. The taste of his cum and my ass is one I'll never forget. He handed me a napkin and I wiped myself off.

As he drove me towards home we talked and arranged a few more dates like this one, and even some slightly romantic outings, but I think we both knew we weren't going to be partners, he would always be the man I run to when I want someone who cares about me enough to ruin me physically and make me thank him for it.

I still see Ben sometimes, and each time he is more and more impressed with how depraved I am. I will always have that part of me that wants nothing but to be Ben's little whore.

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