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In another time women were brought over from Ireland to serve a family from the old country
“Catherine, please have her dressed and ready for my dinner before evening. She looks like she just came off the boat. Is she...clean?” I asked.

“Yes sir, I believe she is. I'm positive she doesn't have lice or any ailments, of that I've already checked. She just needs a good bath, Sir.” Catherine replied holding the new girl close. I was thankful for that at least. The new girl had beautiful naturally curly blonde hair and it would be a shame to have to cut all that off until the pests could be removed. If times had been better I could have afforded better help but with things the way they were I had to scrape off the bottom and this girl had come straight off the boat from Ireland not more than a day before. Her dress was tattered and torn and she looked filthy but even so I could see she was attractive, a natural beauty, and that was what I needed, more attractive servants to impress the bankers. Anything to impress the bankers now that we were about to loose even more of my parent's wealth.

“Ok, then clean her up and see if she can wear Anne's old dresses, they look to be about the same size. And Catherine, you will be working with her, correct?”

“Yes sir.” Catherine said with a knowing glance.

“I'm going to check on the stables and when I return I'll expect her to know something about how the house is run and be prepared, as I always expect you to be.”

“Yes sir.”

I gave Catherine a long look. She was head of the house but still very young and quite attractive. Normally a woman as young as Catherine would never be head of the house but Ms. Kate had passed away only last year and the current economic situation made it necessary for me to promote from within my current house. There were other reasons as well.

When my mother died she had been survived by her servant Ms. Kate and Ms. Kate had taken care of me from childhood. Ms. Kate was fond of hiring young pretty women to serve our house, and perhaps herself. Ms. Kate had been stern, attentive to detail, and had an eye for natural beauty. In her day she had been a beauty as well, which was probably the reason my father hired her. She was still quite attractive for an older woman and I grew to appreciate her age and skills.

I walked down the hall and looked into my private bath. Even now I could hear old Kate's voice.

“Now young Master Reece just you trust your old Ms. Kate and you sit back in the bath and relax. I know a young man about your age has troubles of this sort and it won't be doin' for you to go in front of your sickly mother with this a sportin'.”

I put my hand on the cold porcelain tub. I realized I was kneeling in exactly the same spot she used to kneel and take care of my growing manhood.

“Ahh, there we go young master. See, now don't that feel better?” She said as she took a wash cloth and began moving it up and down my hard cock. The wash cloth would quickly fall away to be replace by her hand and as soon as her bare skin touched the smooth warm skin of my growing stiff rod, I would moan and thrust myself into her hand. Ms. Kate knew exactly how to massage. She knew just how to twist and turn her hand, stroking me until I felt the familiar sensations of excited orgasm. She could always tell when I was about to shoot my sticky load and as soon as it began she would dive down and close her mouth over every inch of my throbbing cock. I stood and closed my eyes, trying to remember the warm sensation of her mouth over my cock. God, I could use her now. No one could suck me like she could. No one.

“That's more precious than gold young Master.” She would say as she moved her fingers over her cum covered chin and then sucked them into her mouth. I never knew a woman to love eating cum as much as she did. I remember the way she closed her eyes and savored the taste..

“Will you join me in the bath Ms. Kate?” I asked.

“Now you know I need to go check on your Mama.” She studied me for a moment and I could tell she was considering our moment together. I looked over her body and marveled at how large her breasts were and how tiny her body. She glanced down at her breasts and noticed what I was staring at.

“That's from having children of my own Master Reese.” She said, remarking on her long erect nipples I came to love so much.

“So having children makes them grow so big?” I asked.

“Oh yes, I nursed three of my own before I started nursing you soon after you were born.”

“You nursed me?” I asked.

“As if you were my own. Your poor mother was sickly even back then and her milk never really came in like it should. I had just had my second boy and my milk was still flowing. I've always considered you just like my own son.”

“Do you do this with your own boys?” I asked as she started to unbutton her top and reveal her huge fleshy soft breasts.

“Oh heavens no. You are special Master Reese, you are the son of a long line of privileged and royal blood. My children don't need the kind of care you need. I consider this to just be part of my duty to your parents and God. Plus I love your mother and I know she wants what is best for you. Now come over here and I'm going to teach you what you'll need to be doing with your own woman some day. You need to make sure you know how to please a woman and it is high time you used that big stick of yours for more than just beating yourself off.” She reached out her hand and took me into her bosom. I sucked on those long hard nipples for a bit while she reached under the water and stroked my hard cock. To my amazement a sugary sweet flow of milk began and I suckled like a babe while she jerked me back to full erection. When my dick was stiff and pulsing with pressure that needed to be released, she motioned for me to move.

“Come on Master Reese, lay over me like that. Yes, that's it. You feel my hot pink opening? Good boy, now you slide yourself right on inside and tell me if that ain't the best thing you ever felt. Oh yes young Master, that's it. Just...ahh...yes, just push yourself in. Oh God. Oh Lord heaven and Mary the Virgin if you ain't about as big as your father. Ohhh, Master, oh yes.”

She wreathed around like a cat in heat, her hips swished and pushed, her breasts heaved left and right and I was as excited as a virgin could be. She was also right that this felt like the best thing in the world! She was open in a way no other woman has ever been. I suspect she had been having sex with everyone she could from a very early age. Of course I didn't know better and so I fucked her eagerly and with all the enthusiasm of a young man on the verge of becoming the Master of the house.

“Not too fast now young Master...Oh yes, just move it a little slower and if you feel like you are about to explode that is good but you just stop moving and start kissing. You'll find that your women love to be kissed and will forgive a pause from now and then if you shower them with your kiss.” She was right, I was so close I could feel it and so I stopped and started kissing her. Her pussy was loose but warm and felt wonderful around my thick throbbing love muscle. “You have to pace yourself. I know old Mama Kate's pussy feels good but if you shoot that gold too quickly you won't ever make your future wife happy. Now just start moving again and let's fill up Mama Kate's love cunt with some of that hot gooey liquid gold I've been tastin'. Oh Master, oh young Master, yes. Fill me with that fuckin' spunk or yours. Christ, you are big. Fuck me like your bitch. Fuck me like the fucking stupid whore I am.”

I slowed down and Mama Kate, as I called her during sex, held me in her arms and pulled me to her so as to wrap herself around me. Her big breasts felt wonderful pressed against my body. I fucked her until finally I felt my balls would explode and so I asked, “Please Mama, can I cum now? Oh God, I don't think I can hold out.”

“Dear Master, I'm..oh, I am forever your fuck slave. You cum any time you want, anywhere you want. Do with me as you wish Master. We are all your loyal servants. Fill Mama's pussy with your hot royal cum gold.”

I turned around in the empty bathroom and realized I was as hard now as I had been that first time. Mama Kate was my first and after I shot my load inside her and she eagerly pushed her fingers into her sopping wet cunt and ate up my cum like it was her favorite ice cream, well I followed her around like a hungry puppy. Ms. Kate convinced me that there was never going to be a “her and I” and that I had to start to look for other pussy. I told her I didn't want anyone else, I was in love with her but she slapped me hard. It was the only time she ever hit me but I needed it. I was grateful later. She opened the world to me and I took it.

“I'm too old and plus you are just worked up because I'm your first. It won't do you no good to get all hung up on Ms. Kate because I won't be around long enough to make you happy. You need to go find one of the serving girls and show her some of the tricks Mama Kate taught you. Why don't you try that new girl Catherine?” She asked.

“I don't want Catherine.” I whimpered.

She came over and put her hand on my face where she had slapped me and smiled. “Now I can't say that it don't do me a world of good to hear a young man like yourself telling me sweet things but like I said, once you had yourself a younger girl you'll forget all about Mama Kate. Now go take Catherine some flowers. Trust me Master, she has been well trained to serve and all you really need to do it tell her you want her to show herself to you and you'll have her in your bed. Now you take her some flowers and talk sweet to her and she do anything you ask.

I went to Catherine who was upstairs making the rooms and took her some flowers. I was as nervous as a young man could be. The entire time my cock reminded me of the warm cunt that I could be fucking, why was I wasting time with some pretty little maid that might not open her legs. Catherine moved about the room as only a pretty little maiden could. I watched her bend over the bed and spread out the sheets. Her ass was tight, small and well rounded. My excitement took me over and I realized I was sweating.

“Ahh..ummm..Catherine, I...what I mean!” I said thrusting the flowers out in front of me like a shield.

“Oh dear. Master Reece, you...what are these for?” She asked.

“Well, they are pretty...and um, you are pretty.” God, did I really say that? I laughed as I moved out into the hallway. I think I really did. What a fool I was then. If I had only known my power.

Catherine put her nose to the blossoms and inhaled deeply. She closed her eyes and looked at the floor shyly. I thought that we would stand in front of each other forever but she finally moved her hands and began to unfasten her tight maid's corset. Her undressing seemed rehearsed. She moved with the movements of a woman who has been instructed on how to tease and how to delay at just the right moments. I didn't know it at the time but Ms. Kate had instructed all the girls to take care of me whenever and wherever I desired. For now I thought this was something special and I watched Catherine drop her dress. Even through the thin silk of her under clothes, I could see her body was nothing like Ms. Kate's. Her breasts were large and full and pert. Ms. Kate's breasts hung low and full and when she lay back they flattened and rolled around like pudding. Catherine's skin was tight and smooth and creamy white. Ms. Kate's skin was loose and soft and even though she was attractive still, she was older and had the body of a woman who has lived life. Catherine removed her under clothes and stood naked in front of me. She was so thin, so small and looked like a little doll in my mothers room. Each small light brown nipple grew as she stood with her knees together and her hands clasp behind her back like a school girl. Just a small patch of reddish brown hair covered her private area and as she turned side to side like a nervous little maid, I saw the glitter of wetness on the bottom hairs.

I moved over and touched her arm. She responded and put her arms around me. She smelled sweet, like the gardens just after a summer rain. Her hair was still pulled up and covered in her maids hat. I found this extremely exciting. Something about a woman completely nude but with one useless article of clothing left on makes me throb with pleasure. I moved my hand to her soft white breasts and touched them. They were far firmer than Mama Kate's and the nipples were barely visible even when erect. Mama Kate's stood out like two firm thumbs. I hardly noticed I was massaging them and moving them around in wonder when Catherine said, “You can fuck them if you like.”


“Fuck them. You know, put your manhood between them and I'll push them together and you can fuck them. It feels good, or so I'm told. I am yours to command Master. I only want to serve you and make you happy.”

“You've done this before?” I asked.

“I have never served a Master, you are my only Master and I will serve you until death, Sir.”

“Then yes, I would like to fuck your lovely breasts. They are beautiful.”

“Thank you Master.” She said and gave a polite and proper curtsey.

She removed my pants with all the same tease as she had removed her own clothes, biting and licking around and over my hard cock as she progressed. Once my cock was free she took it in her small hand and stroked it for a moment before opening her mouth and pushing it inside. She seemed mechanical then, how was I to know that she had never done any of this before, only practiced with Ms. Kate? I didn't know she was a virgin, she didn't act it. When my cock was literally dripping with her saliva she lay back and I slipped my cock between her soft breasts. Catherine pushed them together and it felt wonderful, not as good as pussy but wonderful all the same. I began fucking and felt myself getting ready to cum. Catherine smiled and opened her mouth, ready for me to shoot my wad onto her delicate little tongue.

“Ohh...fuck...yeah...OH GOD!” I screamed and shot my full load onto her lips and tongue. Catherine seemed shocked at first and she closed her mouth and for just a moment, she looked displeased and scrunched her face up as if she had tasted something bad. Then she opened her mouth again and again as I filled it with my cum.

“Was it bad?” I asked curious.

“No, not at all. I...I simply have never tasted it before Master. You taste wonderful Master. I just have never tasted anything of it's like before.”

“Are you sure? I don't want you doing this if...”

“Oh no Master, I love it. I am willing. Please Master, don't say such things.”

“What is this? What is THIS!”

Catherine jumped to attention. Her smooth young body straight and at attention, her firm young breasts barely moving as she came to a complete erect position.

“Catherine are you trying to get out of pleasuring young Master Reece? Is that the proper way?” Ms. Kate asked.

“No Ma'am, not at all. I was just showing the Master how he could use my body, he can...”

“He knows full well how to use your body! How upstart of you! Come here.”

I watched with amazed interest as Ms. Kate grabbed Catherine by the hair and roughly dragged her over to the table. She removed one of her sashes and with it she tied Catherine's wrists to the table so that Catherine was bent over and helpless. Ms. Kate began spanking Catherine hard! The slaps echoed against the walls. I found myself growing hard.

“Oh Ma'am, please! I'm sorry Ma'am. I didn't mean nothing. I didn't mean nothing. I promise. I will make sure he has everything, he can use me any way he likes. Please, Please Ma'am.”

“Ms. Kate.” I begged. It hurt me to see Catherine bent over and her cheeks already showing swollen red hand shaped welts.

“Master Reece, you need to make sure everyone in this house knows their place. Now I don't mean to presume anything so please...” Ms. Kate lifted her dress and pulled down her under things and showed me her naked ass along side Catherine's, “...please spank us both and then you need to fuck us.”

I stood looking at both there naked arses and Ms. Kate said again, “Now Master Reece, don't hesitate, spank us hard and then fuck us. We aren't the masters of this house, you are. You need to always make sure all people in this house know their place and that includes me. Now spank us Master, spank us.”

I quickly moved over and began spanking both of them. I didn't spank hard because I was already too excited. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Catherine's slit was clearly visible between her tight little buttocks and a white sticky cream had formed several drops that were dripping down onto the floor. I didn't know it but Catherine was prone to becoming very wet and would easily begin dripping her girl cream onto the floor like this. I grasp my hard cock and pushed it against the puckered pink lips of her cunt and it easily slipped inside. She was far tighter than Ms. Kate, much tighter. Her pussy sucked my long cock in a way that Mama Kate's never had. It took all my training to keep from exploding inside her. I pulled out and went over to my Mama Kate and pushed my already slick cock inside her. She moaned and I fucked her. I went back and forth between them for a few minutes until I finally said, “Who would like my cum.”

“We both would Master.” Catherine said eagerly, as if she had finally learned her lesson.

“Then you'll need to turn and get on your knees so I can shoot this on both your faces.”

They turned and old and young faces pressed together. I stroked my throbbing cock and shot my thick sticky load onto their mouths. They eagerly sucked at my massive dick and gobbled my cum off each others lips and faces. They began kissing and I watched as two women pleasured each other for the first time, well my first time seeing them that is. It was amazing watching Ms. Kate go down on young Catherine. Catherine spread her legs and her pussy literally dripped with excitement, something I would grow to love. Catherine was equally skilled at pleasuring Ms. Kate and pitched her young ass into the air, moving it side to side, begging to be fucked. But I had cum twice and even though I wanted to fuck her, I couldn't.

They ended with crawling on their hands and knees over to me and the three of us fell asleep naked on the floor.

The memory of this made me turn around and head back to the room. I wanted to see what Catherine was doing with the new serving girl. I walked back up the stairs and pushed the door a crack. Already Catherine had the girl naked and she was standing in the bath. The door creaked slightly and Catherine looked over. I didn't move but I knew Catherine was aware I was watching. The new girl covered herself looking nervously from Catherine to the door. Catherine pulled the girl's arms away and turned her so that I could get a better look. The new girl had almost no breasts, just two light pink nipples a top swollen round flesh. Her frame was small, very small and at first I thought she had no hair between her legs but saw after a moment that her hair was blonde and so light colored as to appear transparent. Her hips were small and the way she stood told me this girl had never been touched. Another virgin straight from Ireland. God I love them and their pale white flesh.

Catherine left the girl for a moment and walked to the door.

“Master.” She said bowing.

“Catherine, do you think she is a virgin?” I asked looking past her at the naked girl standing in the tub.

“I'm positive Master. Would you like to take her now? I think she will be afraid but I don't think she will resist. I've already explained that she belongs to you now.”

“No Catherine, I think I would rather have her watch us first. Please have her dress and then come downstairs. I want you to order all the servants to remove all their clothes as well as yourself and naked I want you all to come to me, the only one I want dressed is the new girl.

“Yes Master.” Catherine said.

I looked over to the new girl. She was covering her body again and her face was a bright red. She was so shy, so embarrassed.

“How old are you girl?” I asked.

“Tha' I don't know Master, I wish I did. I'm sorry.” She said.

“That's ok, I understand. Can you read and write?”

“No Sir.”

“Ok, then just tell me your name.”

“Maeve.” She said and never once looked up. Her small breasts were wonderful. Her firm little hard light peach colored nipples were beautiful. I wanted her already.

“A proper Gaelic name for a proper Gaelic young woman. Do you know what it means?”

“Yes Sir...I mean Master, I know she was a Queen and it...”

“It means you are intoxicating and beautiful. It means that you are quite special.”

“Yes Master.”

I turned to Catherine who looked blankly at the young servant girl and waited for my orders.

“I will see you downstairs.” I said and left the room.

Next, Catherine and Maeve.
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