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Breasts Stories


Chapter 19 - Our Celebration

Jeff and Valerie begin the holiday decorations, but find time to enjoy thier love.

Valerie called off work the next day she wanted to spend time with Jeff. She was very happy with their Christmas plans. “Jeff let’s get our tree and ornaments today. We can move the table by the window and put our tree there. We can show off our tree to t...

Chapter 4 - Robin Decides Whether To Be A Girl Full-Time

Robin continues her relationship with Linda. She is faced with a big decision. Should she live as a girl full-time?

It was nearing the end of junior year. I dressed as a girl so often that I was finding it difficult to act like a boy at school. I did my best, but I couldn’t help being effeminate. I heard references in my classes to a “sissy” and “he acts like a girl.”...


Fond memories of a wrestling opponent

Fond memories of my ex-wrestling opponent, when we used to play-fight because we liked feeling our bodies moving against each other but didn’t want to admit it out loud. And then that time when you were around at my place wearing a checked shirt and a ner...

The Unexpected Benefits Of Skywalking [part two]

She shows her intentions toward him by using her breasts in a way that completely surprises him

[continued from part one] It must have been 8:00 or even 9:00 PM at this point; I wasn't even sure. Melissa said, "Josh?" I released her breast and sat up; she sat up too. For some reason, I was afraid she was about to tell me to go home, that I'd worn ou...

The Unexpected Benefits Of Skywalking [part one]

She shows her intentions toward him by using her breasts in a way that completely surprises him

We were on our second Margaritas when Melissa caught me looking at her cleavage. She smiled and leaned across the little bar table, her brown, curly hair hanging in ringlets around her pretty face: "Hey, can I tell you a secret?" She and I weren't really...

The New Dark - Julius 1

A new dark is coming, but maybe also some sex

It was the twentieth year of his reign in the Kor Empire. He was called Emperor Julius of House Octavian. Peace was found for the first time in Kor since the dawn of the Elves. The Empire flourished in trade and the world was far more prosperous than it e...

Saturday In The Park

She never could have imagined how a Saturday afternoon in the park would turn out…

A warm, familiar tugging on my nipple sent a shiver through my whole body, waking me from a good night’s sleep. I moaned and smiled as I forced my eyes open. What a wonderful way to start my day! Mike was gently sucking on my left nipple while his hand ru...

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Evening Pleasures Garrick sat on the edge of the large, elegant bed. At his hostess’ suggestion to get comfortable while she changed into something more suitable for the evening’s activities, the dwarf had lost no time in removing his entire wardrobe. Aft...

The Old Man: The Redheaded Tide (Chapter 2)

Three years ago, The Old Man encounters a redhead of his memories

Sunset on a western shore brings a remarkable array of shades of red and orange that soothe the soul. Thomas was taking in the nightly beauty, strolling the beach to clear his anxious head while listening to the waves of the incoming tides. As he tended t...


The girl with a dream

Morganna was one busty blonde. She was a sex worker in Crawley. She worked out of a house in English Martyrs. She was no martyr and not English either. Her accent was Polish. but her English was faultless She left me to undress. Her room was neat and tidy...

Asian Delight

Humble tribute to the ladies from the Far East

I love that sweet Asian delight. With that tight ass. She makes my cock stand upright. My lust may not be right. That's okay, I say no mass. I still love that sweet Asian delight. She looks so sexy in the moonlight. With all that class. She makes my cock...