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The Geezer Makes Out

Several seemingly inconsequential decisions change a man's life forever
Chapter 1

My name is Michael. People who know me call me usually call me Mike (no surprise there) or “G.” That’s because I’ve been saddled with one of those eastern European names with eleven consonants (two z’s) and only 4 vowels. I can’t shorten it; let’s face it, what can one do with “Grzb?” I am the first to recognize and admit that I am an old geezer. After all, I am in my late 60’s, grey hair except for the huge bald spot that runs from my forehead all the way to the back of my skull, overweight by about 25-30 pounds (thank God I’m very tall or I’d have a huge gut like some of my friends). Add arthritis, high blood pressure, gout, and ED and it’s clear—I am an old geezer. I tell you all of this because it makes what happened to me all the more incredible.

I was married for more than forty years when my wife was killed in an auto accident. Recently, I sold our golf course home (too many memories and way too big for just one person) and moved into a nearby two-bedroom condo. With no yard work to do and a cleaning service once a week I soon became bored so I decided to take a part-time job. I had been a junior high and high school teacher when I started my career so I thought about doing some work as a substitute. I figured to work maybe one or two days a week so I’d still have plenty of time for fishing and golf, but it didn’t work out that way.

I didn’t have any trouble getting hired. There’s always a shortage of subs, especially in science and math, my two specialties. Things went pretty much as planned for the first month or so. Then one afternoon just as I was leaving the middle school the principal’s secretary motioned me to her desk.

“Mr. G, do you know Mr. Jackson, the high school principal?”

“No,” I replied. “I don’t believe I ever met the man. Why?”

“Well, I got a call that he wants to see you as soon as possible.”

“I don’t understand why. I told the personnel office that I wanted to work in junior high grades, not the high school.”

Well, the ninth grade is in the high school. That used to be in this building when we were a junior high but they moved the ninth to the high school when we became a middle school. Maybe, he wants you to sub for him in ninth.”

“Well, one thing for certain, I won’t find out standing here. Would you please call his office and tell them I’m on my way. Is that the high school about a half mile up the road?”

“Yes, Mr. G, just turn right at the exit and go over the hill. You’ll see the entrance on the left just past the school. I hope it works out OK for you.”

“Thanks, Doris. I’ll let you know next time I’m in.” Little did I know I wouldn’t be back, at least not this school year.

So, I left not knowing why, but at this point I was curious. If he has some sub work for me, why not just call at home like the middle school does? It took me a few minutes to walk out to my car. I always park in the last row so my beloved Z4 doesn’t get scratched or dinged. Everyone else parks near the front. There’s also the advantage of always being able to find my car—there’s never anything else near it. A four minute drive took me right to the high school entrance. It took me almost as long to find a parking spot, once again so far from the other cars that there was no risk of a dent. There have been times when I figure I’d be better off with an old pickup like everyone else here but I just can’t give up the Z4.

“Uh, I’m Mr. G. I understand that Mr. Jackson wants to see me,” I said as I entered to main office.

Yes, Mr. G, he’ll be with you shortly. By the way, how do you pronounce your name? I’ve never seen anything like it in my 54 years.”

“Ha ha, I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you,” I replied and we shared a good laugh.

“You know, we share some teachers with the middle school and they all told us you had a great sense of humor.”

Just then Mr. Jackson emerged from his office. He was a big black man with shiny dark skin and a gray mustache to match his closely cropped hair. He wore a gray plaid suit with a powder blue shirt and a deeper solid blue tie-- very professional. “You must be Mr. G. Thanks for coming so quickly, I’m Steve Jackson. C’mon in and have a seat.”

I followed him in and sat in a typically uncomfortable wooden school chair while he closed the door. “Sorry for the rush but I have a real emergency and I need some help. One of my tenth grade Biology teachers, Janet Peterson, is pregnant and having a lot of problems. Her doctor has ordered her to bed for the rest of the pregnancy so I need a replacement teacher, and I need one now! I’ve looked through our applications and even interviewed six people. Truthfully, I wouldn’t hire any of them to work in our cafeteria. Tell me you are willing to take the job. I can get you regular pay, not just sub pay.”

“Wow, I never expected this. To be honest, I really only planned on working one or two days a week and, truthfully, I really don’t need the money.”

“So I’ve been told, but please think about it. I’m desperate. Everyone I talk to about you says you really love the kids and want to do what is best for them. You are what’s best for these kids. They need you.”

Shit! Damn! Fuck! I thought, do I really want to do this? This will be a lot of commitment and a lot of work, especially since I haven’t really taught in more than twenty years, and tenth grade is not my favorite, but doing it for the kids is something I can’t refuse.

“OK, I have some doubts but I’ll give it a shot. I have to tell you that using the kids like that is a real low blow.”

He laughed. “I told you I was desperate,” And then we both laughed.

Chapter 2

Mr. Jackson gave me a text book and Mrs. Peterson’s plan and grade books so I’d have some idea where to start. The following morning I was on the job. The hardest part was getting up early again. I walked into my first class and put my name on the board. Then I stepped back and watched the kids‘ mouths drop as they tried to figure out what the hell it was and, worse, how the hell to pronounce it. Then, of course, I erased all but the first letter and said, “Just call me Mr. G. It’ll be a lot easier on all of us.” Then I seated the kids in reverse alphabetical order. I like to do that so different kids get to sit in the front. It all went well until I got to third period. When I called Jason Summers’ name, nobody came to take the seat. All the kids looked toward the back of the room so I didn’t have any trouble finding Jason.

“Do you want to come up and take your seat?” I asked.

“Nah, I pretty much do whatever I please here. You’re new so you probably don’t know my dad’s the president of the school board.”

“Is that right?”

“Yup, so just leave me alone and you’ll be fine.”

“Well, I’m new here so you probably don’t know that I don’t give a ‘hoot’ who your father is. And, while I’m at it, you should know that I’m financially independent so I don’t need this job. I’m only doing Mr. Jackson a favor. So, if you just pay attention for a few minutes, I will explain why you’ll probably be getting a failing grade in this class.”

Then I continued to seat the rest of the kids before explaining how I would grade their work. I’ve been in high schools for many years so I know all too well that boys and girls at this age run the full spectrum of physical development-- from immature children right through to fully developed men and women. But nothing could have prepared me for Rachel Foster. I guessed she was about 5 feet 7 with sleek reddish brown hair pulled back in a pony tail, green eyes, and full lips. Her mid-thigh length skirt showed her long slender legs to great advantage. She had a beautiful tight ass, a flat abdomen, and full breasts, C-cup, at least . I could see two nubs jutting out through her sweater and for the rest of the year she would be sitting right in front of my desk.

That afternoon I stopped by the guidance office to get Mr. Summers’ phone number and called to explain why Jason would likely fail the course. Summers was actually as cordial as I thought he would be and told me he would deal with it. So, of course, the next morning I expected and received a visit from my new friend Mr. Jackson.

I had just taken attendance in third period (yes, Jason was in his assigned seat) when he appeared at the door.

“Uh, can I speak to you for a moment Mr. G?” he asked.

“Sure. Class I’ll be right back,” I said stepping into the hall.

Quietly Steve Jackson asked me, “Did you call Gary Summers last night?”

“Actually, no. I called him from the Guidance Office before I left. I wanted him no know that Jason was probably going to fail if he didn’t shape up.”

Jackson put his hand to his forehead, “Jeez, he just called me and wanted to know who the hell you were. Apparently nobody ever called him before.”

“Well, they should have; Jason’s in his seat today and he refused yesterday. What did you tell him about me, anyway?”

“I told him about your background as a teacher and principal and how I had so much trouble finding a replacement and how you were doing us all a big favor.”

“Very good--in fact, excellent. You did the right thing. I approve!”

He rolled his eyes and walked away mumbling something about a “fucking loose cannon”, so I went back into the class. All the kids looked up at me except Jason, of course. I guessed they heard every word of our conversation. I noticed Rachel had a huge grin and a twinkle in her eye. Now, what was that all about?

A few days later I left class on the way to the cafeteria when I saw a big crowd of tightly packed kids just around the corner. In a school that only means one thing—a fight. I wedged my way through the crowd and yelled “STOP!” at the erstwhile combatants who so far were just glowering at each other. I turned around and told the crowd to move on. When they hesitated I used my best principal’s voice and yelled, “MOVE IT, NOW!” As the crowd dispersed I saw Rachel at the corner, again with that same expression on her face.

“Rachel, don’t you have someplace to be?”

“Yes, Mr. G, I’m going now,” she replied and headed in the opposite direction, giving her ass an extra wiggle as she walked.

I turned around to talk to the “fighters” and learned that Student A had heard that Student B had cussed him out, something B fervently denied. I then explained the facts of life in schools and how instigators love to get others agitated so they can watch the fun. They shook hands and I escorted them to class, providing some lame excuse for their lateness.

I scheduled a test for the next Friday. After distributing the papers to the third period class and answering a few questions I sat at my desk to check over papers from the previous group. As I glanced up I saw something shining, pink, and wet that seemed out of place. Rachel was busily working on her paper and had her legs spread at least 120 degrees. Her short skirt was hiked up to her hips. I could see she wasn’t wearing any panties so where her shapely legs met her beautiful shaved pussy was clearly visible. I knew I shouldn’t be looking but I couldn’t take my eyes off her wonderful bald sex. I looked up briefly and saw Rachel staring right at me. Rather than cover up, she spread her legs even further, pushed her hips forward, smiled and gave me a big wink. Then she put a finger deep into her pussy. It was glistening with pussy juice when she took it out, toasted me with it and licked it clean. What the fuck was going on here? She went right back to work leaving her hot cunt right in front of my eyes. I figured if she didn’t mind my looking, I certainly didn’t mind either so I never did get to those exams. I just gazed at that hot dripping cunt the entire period.

Chapter 3

From then on I got a glimpse of Rachel’s snatch every single day. I think she rubbed it before class to make it red and wet, but I never caught her at it. I started to take attendance seated at my desk third period rather than standing as I did in other classes, just so I could stare and, hopefully, not drool too much. That’s all that happened for the next three weeks until we had a long weekend coming up for staff development the following Monday and Tuesday. I was being paid per diem so I decided I didn’t need to be developed. I was taking the days off to play golf. I decided to stay late on Friday to finish all my paper work so I could have the whole weekend free. Rachel popped her head in the door just as the students were leaving for the day asking, “Hey, Mr. G. Aren’t you leaving? Everyone else just can’t wait for the weekend to start.”

“Not yet, Rachel. I have a lot of work I want to do so I’ll have the whole weekend free. I probably won’t get out of here until after four at the earliest. You enjoy your weekend.”

I was confused when she gave me that big grin and slipped out the door without another word, but got back to my work. As I figured, it was about 4:15 when I headed to the main entrance. Of course, the office was closed and everyone had already left. I expected the parking lot to be completely empty, but it wasn’t. I was surprised to see a dark SUV parked right next to the driver’s side of my car. I walked diagonally across the lot, approaching from the other side. As I got closer I noticed that the tailgate was open. I pushed the release on my key remote and dropped my briefcase into the trunk. Now that I was almost next to the SUV I could see that there were two bare legs sticking out the rear opening. I looked into the rear compartment and staggered when I saw it was Rachel, naked from the waist down. Rafe, a boy from my study period, was standing at the tailgate looking at her. Even more incredible, Rachel was looking right at me, again with that huge smile on her face.

“AHEM!” I announced my presence loudly. Rafe jumped back so hard he hit his head on the tailgate, staggered, took one look at me and split. He took off through the woods behind the lot and I certainly wasn’t going to chase him. So, I turned my attention to Rachel. Rather than cover herself she crab-walked toward the back of the car. Now her pussy was only inches away and she raised her legs so I could look all the way into her shining wet love tunnel.

“Rachel, what the hell is going on?”

“I’m glad you finally got here. I’m saving this for you,” she said pointing to her pussy.

“What?” I gulped. “I’m your teacher and besides you could have your pick of any boy in school.”

“That’s just the problem,” she replied, “They’re all boys. I want a real man like you. No, actually, not like you. .. YOU!”

“Rachel, I’m very flattered but it wouldn’t be right.” All this time I realized that I should just get out of there but I couldn’t move, just as I couldn’t take my eyes from that sweet, tight, teenaged pussy. “Why me,” I asked?

“I loved how you handled that asshole Jason, and then when Mr. Jackson asked you about it you didn’t back down. And no other teacher would have handled that fight so well and without getting the guys into trouble. You’re a real man, Mr. G. I want you to be my first. Here’s something else for you to look at.” And then she started to remove her shirt—one tantalizing button at a time. She had glorious tits—round and firm with pink protruding nipples. She reminded of a porn star I had jerked off to just a few nights earlier, only better.

My feet felt like they were in concrete when she rubbed her breasts and squeezed her nipples as she spoke again, “You’re a great teacher, Mr. G. Please teach me about sex. Please teach me everything. Please!” As if those pleading eyes weren’t enough she then pushed two fingers into her hot hole and brought them up to her mouth. Then, apparently changing her mind, she brought the fingers to my lips. Her fragrance was intoxicating. Any semblance of resistance I may have had melted away in an instant. When my tongue peeked out between my lips to taste her sweet drippings it carried my white flag of surrender. Slowly, I opened my mouth; Rachel pushed her fingers in so I could lick them clean. She hooked the collar of my shirt with a single finger and led me into the back of the SUV.

Once there she used to key remote to close the tailgate. I noticed that there was some padding running from the back of the front seats through to the tailgate and that the padding was covered with numerous beach towels. Obviously, Rachel was a girl who planned ahead. As I sat down she leaned into me and kissed me slowly--tentatively at first, her tongue barely touching my lips; then with more and more passion as our tongues danced with desire in each other’s mouths.

I gently massaged her bare breasts and watched her nipples grow hard under my teasing fingers. I removed her shirt before taking one nipple into my mouth receiving an appreciative moan in reply to my licking, sucking, and gentle biting, “Ooh, G, I love that, it feels so good.” Now that she was naked I realized that her body was even hotter than I had imagined. I guessed her measurements to be 34C-23-34, with about a four-inch spread between her legs. Perfect for fucking! I took off my own shirt and loosened my belt. She awkwardly fumbled at my zipper and unbuttoned my pants. I could see that she was inexperienced but her eagerness made up for it. “How nice, G, you shave your balls and around your cock. It looks so clean and inviting.” She clutched my now throbbing cock but she seemed unsure what to do with it. So I showed her how to hold and stroke it. She looked into my eyes and said, “I knew you would be patient with me. Teach me what to do; teach me everything!” So I did.

Next, I showed her how to lick and suck my hard cock. Normally, I need Levitra just to get it up, but not today, and certainly not with Rachel. I knew she was a really good student in class and now I saw how quickly she could pick up something as new and unfamiliar as sex. Like our initial kiss she started slowly but soon took my cock deep into her mouth, her lips touching my trimmed hair. I could feel the roof of her mouth on top and her tongue caressing the bottom of my shaft as she slowly moved me into and out of her steaming mouth. Each time my cock came out she gave the tip and slit a special lick which drove me wild with hunger. I told her I wanted to reciprocate. I moved her into the 69 position so I could lick her outer lips and stick my tongue deep into her canal. As I tongue-fucked her with increasing rapidity she flooded my face with her sweet juices, which tasted even better now than they had earlier. I put my index finger into her, probing for her G-spot, and moved up to suck her swelling clit. I nibbled gently, then licked and sucked some more, moving her entire clit into my mouth so I could suck and lick at the same time. “Oh, God, that’s so wonderful. I love it, G. I love it. You are so good. Do it some more. Don’t stop. Please.”

“I’m glad you like it, Rachel. I love sucking you, too. It been a long time since I’ve eaten pussy and I missed it so much. You taste fantastic.”

“Oh, G. I think I’m cumming. Yes… yes… yes… I’m cummmmmmmmmmming. Oohh, oohh, ungh, aaaaah.” Then she collapsed on my chest.

We waited there in the growing darkness for a few minutes when she started to giggle.

“You know,” I said, “It’s usually insulting to laugh at your partner during sex.”

“I’m not laughing. I’m just thinking how much better it was than I ever dreamed. I can’t wait for you to fuck me.”

“Oh, Rachel, there’s nothing I want more, but do you really think we should?”

“Absolutely! Yes! Definitely! There’s no question! I want you inside me. I want to feel it all. Your tongue made me explode when it was inside me. I can’t wait to have your cock in me. And, don’t worry. I’m legal in this state—I just turned 16; I’m a virgin so there’s no need to worry about any diseases; and I’m on the pill for my period.”

“Well,” I replied, “what a wonderful scientific analysis of the facts. It’s good to see how much I have been able to teach you in a few short weeks.”

“You’re funny, G. But I’m more interested in what you can teach me right now.” With that she reversed out of 69 and lay on top of me, kissing me deeply again, clutching my head, and pushing her tongue deep into my throat. She had cum once but I hadn’t. That’s a problem (or is it a blessing?) that occurs when you get older. As we kissed I rolled her over and told her how to position her legs. “You’re a virgin so this will hurt a bit at first,” I told her, “but it will go away quickly.”

“I know. I’ve talked about it with my Mom and I’ve read about it on the internet. I just know I want you inside me.”

“Is this why you’ve been grinning at me? And showing me your pussy in class? How long have you been planning this?”

“Ha, ever since you told Jason you didn’t give a ‘hoot.’ That’s a funny term—‘hoot.’ I thought then you’d be my first fuck. Now, what do you say? Let’s fuck.” So we did.

I gently moved my cock head against her pussy lips, rubbing up and down and making her wet. I tickled her growing clit with the tip of my cock, teasing her to make her more excited. Rachel had teased me for almost three weeks. Now it was my turn. I moved my cock lightly over her hot cunt. “You’ve been teasing me for weeks. Now, how do you like it?”

“Please, G, don’t tease me. JUST…STICK…IT…IN…ME! PLEASE! NOW,” she begged. I spread her labia and stuck my rock hard cock into her gently and slowly. She was incredibly tight—like a wet hot velvety vise. I let her adjust to my girth before moving in further. I felt resistance about an inch in and looked at her grimace beneath me. She kissed me again and nodded her assent. I carefully moved in again and I could feel her shudder in pain so again I waited for her. She started to cry so I licked and kissed the tears from her cheeks. In another minute I pushed my full 7 inches into her. She must have recovered from the pain because she started squirming beneath me. That squirming evolved to very active humping and grinding her clit against me. She was so wet now that I glided into and out of her effortlessly. Soon, even the little friction there had its effect as we both started to cum. She was shaking all over as I felt her pussy muscles tense and then relax in a flood of orgasmic ecstasy. Soon I felt my cock stiffen as a surge of hot cum churned from my balls, up my urethra and into her smoldering vagina. We both groaned in mutual pleasure and clung together as lovers should in post-coital bliss.

“Oh, G, that was so incredible. I never dreamed it would be so good. I’ve masturbated plenty of times but I’ve never cum like that. I feel completely drained. Was it OK for you?”

“Rachel, my dear sweet Rachel, it wasn’t good—it was spectacular. Your pussy was so hot and so inviting. I loved it.”

“Does that mean we can do it again? Please, G, please.”

“Yes, we can definitely do it again, Rachel, but not now. Your Mom is probably wondering where you are and you don’t want to make her worry. But, yes, we can do it again, and soon, I hope.”

We got ourselves dressed laughing as our clothes stuck in the drying cum and pussy juice. But eventually we were dressed and ready for our good-byes. We kissed passionately in what was now total darkness and I watched her drive off before leaving myself. As I drove home I thought back to all the inconsequential decisions that had brought me here. What a day; what a woman! I was completely exhausted. All I wanted now was a hot shower and a good night’s sleep.

Chapter 4

I woke around nine the next morning and the first thing I noticed was that it was raining. Actually, it was pouring. Apparently, a big front had come in overnight surprising everyone, so the golf date I had planned was off. I called my buddies and the pro shop and then tried to figure out how I should spend the day. When I thought about my amazing experience with Rachel I realized that I had failed to go to the market as I usually do on Friday afternoons. But, given the choice, I’d take Rachel every time.

Once I had cleaned up and made some coffee I headed out to the market. We have a new one in town with all the latest innovations, so I first headed to the salad bar thinking about some lunch for the day. I spotted Rachel when I was half-way up the aisle and she spotted me. She quickly started talking to her companion who looked almost exactly like Rachel, but taller, with short hair and an even more fantastic body. She was filled out, but in all the right spots. She had the same great firm breasts, but bigger. Her ass was a bit bigger, but round and firm. Older sister? I thought I had heard that Rachel was an only child but I couldn’t believe that this beautiful woman could be her mother.

As I approached, Rachel came running toward me. “Hi, Mr. G. I didn’t know you shopped here.” And then in a low whisper, “God, I want you to fuck me right now. Too bad we’re in this stupid market.” I looked around, but apparently nobody had heard her.

“Shh, Rachel, that has to be our secret,” I whispered back. “Who’s that you’re with?

“That’s my Mom. C’mon, I want to introduce you.” She hooked her arm into mine and led me up the aisle.

The last thing I needed was to meet Mom when I had fucked the daughter silly yesterday but I figured I had to act naturally. I went to meet Mom.

“Mom! Mom! This is Mr. G. You know, the new science teacher I told you about. Mr. G, this is my Mom.”

“Hi”, I said. I’m Michael G. If Rachel has told you about me you know my last name is unpronounceable.”

“Hi, I’m Becky. I’ve heard so much about you. Rachel just loves being in your class.”

Yeah, I thought, and I just loved being in Rachel. But what I said was, “Rachel is a joy to have in class. If every student were like her schools would be much better places.” Of course, I never mentioned seeing her pussy daily for the last three weeks. Instead, I said, “I can see where Rachel gets her good looks. You are a very beautiful woman. That’s one of the advantages of being an old geezer. You can speak your mind.”

“Oh, G. You’re not so old.”

“May I call you Michael, Mr. G?” asked Becky. “Rachel tells me you are a widower. I’m sure you don’t like eating alone all the time. Why don’t you come to dinner with us tonight? We’re just having pot roast, but I’ve received a lot of compliments on it in the past.”

“Thanks for the offer, but I wouldn’t want to put you to a lot of trouble.”

“It won’t be any trouble, G. We want you to come, don’t we, Mom?”

“Yes, we definitely do. Please say you’ll come.”

If I learned anything yesterday it’s that I can’t resist Rachel and now I have two gorgeous women begging for me. “OK, but only if I can bring some good wine,” I replied.

“Good, come at six. Rachel can give you the directions. Sorry, but I have to get back to my shopping.”

Rachel gave me the directions. They lived only about five minutes away from my place. Before she left Rachel asked me, “Do you ever take Viagra? If you do, please take some before you come. I think you are going to need it.”

“Rachel, I don’t think we can fuck in your house, especially with your Mom around.”

“Please, G. Promise me you will. I’m sure I can find a way.”

I couldn’t refuse her so I agreed to take the pill when I got home. She reached up and kissed me on the cheek, and then she hustled down the aisle after Mom.

Chapter 5

I found their home easily. It was a double-wide in a well kept mobile home community. Rachel met me and gave me a deep passionate kiss at the door. “Don’t worry, silly. Mom’s busy in the kitchen. She can’t see out here.”

I was really glad Rachel didn’t wear any lipstick. There’d be no incriminating evidence. So I went in to meet Becky again. Dinner was great. I hadn’t had pot roast since my wife died. We finished dinner and Rachel asked to be excused, so I volunteered to help Becky with the dishes. At least that way I could keep my eyes on her magnificent round ass and those glorious breasts (the rest of her was pretty sensational, too). After the dishes were done she said she wanted to talk to me about Rachel. I suddenly became very uneasy.

“I want to thank you for all you’ve done for Rachel,” she said.

“Actually, I haven’t done that much. She is a wonderful student.”

“No, I was referring to yesterday afternoon.”

Now I knew I was in deepest shit. I figured she’d call the cops on me or force me to give up the teaching job which I’d come to enjoy very much. “I… uh… uh,” I stammered. I was speechless.

Becky started to laugh. “No, Michael, I’m not angry. I’m thrilled.”

“You are?” I asked incredulously.

“Yes. Becky and I have a very close relationship. We share everything. She told me weeks ago that she wanted you to be the one. I even convinced poor Rafe to act as bait. I helped plan your seduction, although exposing her pussy in your class was her idea. I didn’t approve, but she wanted to get your attention and I guess she did. When she came home from school yesterday we put our plans into action. The time was right.”

“I’m afraid I still don’t understand.”

“Let me explain. Rachel is 16, I’m 33. I thought I was in love with my high school sweetheart. My first time—well, today you’d call it date rape. It was harsh and brutal, anything but loving. I was bruised for almost two weeks. My ‘sweetheart’ left town when I became pregnant with Rachel. I had to endure all kinds of verbal and emotional abuse just to stay in school. I wanted to be a doctor but it was a struggle just to get through nursing school. I would never want anything like that for Rachel. I wanted her first time to be gentle and loving. And that’s exactly what she told me about it last night. So, Michael, thank you so much. Now, I know Rachel wants to do it with you again and she hopes it will be tonight. How do you feel about that?”

“Becky, you can’t know how relieved I am. I love Rachel; she’s a wonderful young woman. If it’s OK with you, I’ll continue to teach her everything I’ve learned. But, tonight?”

“Just let me worry about that. Meanwhile, why don’t you watch some TV while I make the dessert. The best view is from the middle of the couch. Why don’t you sit there?”

I watched a ballgame for maybe a half hour when I heard Rachel call from the hall. “G, we have a surprise for you but you have to close your eyes. And keep them closed until we tell you to open them, OK?”

“OK, Rachel, I’ll play along,” I replied and closed my eyes tightly. Suddenly I heard noises—drapes being drawn, something on the floor in front of me, and I thought, furniture moving --maybe the coffee table in front of the couch. Then my arms were moved up and around what I assumed were Becky and Rachel. My right hand felt bare skin—an arm. My left hand – well, what’s round and smooth and fleshy and comes to a point – either Rachel’s or Becky’s fantastic breast. It must have been Becky’s because she whispered in my left ear, “Remember how I told you that Rachel and I share everything? Guess what, or, maybe, I should say who we’re going to share now. Go ahead, open your eyes.”

I slowly opened my eyes and saw immediately that the lights had been dimmed. I gulped as I looked to my right and saw Rachel snuggling next to me wearing only a sheer lacy blue baby doll nightie that looked to be more air than fabric. Even in the dim light I could see the clear outline of her sensational sexy body. She kissed me on the cheek and said, “I hope you took your pill, G. You’re definitely going to need it. I’m planning on fucking you until you can’t stand up.” She grabbed my head and kissed me hard and passionately, wrestling with my tongue in our eager mouths. Before I could recover I heard Becky say, “Whoa, Rachel. Leave some for me.” Rachel broke the kiss giggling and I turned to Becky. If Rachel was outstanding in her nightie, Becky was torrid. She wore a deep red teddy with straps that circled but left exposed her huge firm breasts and a slit in the crotch hat made her pussy readily accessible. I recognized the look in her face. She was hungry and I was on the menu. She started to kiss me, first teasing me with her tongue then coming on strong as our passion rose. Kissing Becky was the closest thing to Heaven I’ve ever known. It seemed like we kissed for hours but it was only a few minutes . She slowly moved her mouth from mine. “Wow, you are a great kisser. Rachel told me how much she loved kissing you and she was right. But right now we have to correct a major problem.”

“What problem? I think I’m in Heaven.”

“It’ll only get better but you are going to have to get out of those clothes—NOW, MISTER!”

Becky started to undo my belt and open my khakis while Rachel pulled my shirt over my head. I raised my hips to accommodate Becky as she pulled down both my pants and shorts. Of the thousands of times I have undressed this was by far the best and most exciting. Rachel moved her head down to my cock as soon as it was exposed. I was already rock hard thanks to the Levitra and we hadn’t even started yet. “I thought that sucking a cock would be yucky but I really love doing it. Your cock is both hard and soft at the same time and I like how the skin moves up and down so freely. I’m going to lick you until you pass out.” When Rachel put her tongue on my tip I felt a powerful shock race through my body. Becky meanwhile had started to lick and suck my balls. Like most other guys my age I’ve had some atrophy there in recent years so it was easy for her to slip both my balls into her mouth. She ran her tongue around each one and sucked gently. Then she and Rachel changed places. Again, Rachel’s inexperience was soon overcome by her desire to give me pleasure. And, wow, what pleasure I was feeling. Becky’s mouth was a vacuum on my hard tool. She sucked hard as she moved my cock deep into her throat then used her tongue to rub me on the way out. It felt as though she would suck me inside out. It was pure ecstasy.

“Stop, please stop,” I cried. “I can’t take it any more.” They looked up momentarily then grinned at each other and continued their ministrations to my cock and balls. “Rachel, Becky it’s not fair. Don’t I get the chance to do you?” This time they did stop. I staggered weakly to my feet and moved them to the floor. I recognized the pad that had been placed there from yesterday in the SUV. I lay them next to each other and gazed in wonder at their now juicy pussies. I put a hand on each and squeezed gently, covering each hand in slippery pussy juice. Then I pushed a finger into each of their hot waiting holes. Rachel was tighter, of course, but Becky wasn’t far behind her. Her pussy was pure silk. I pushed my fingers in and out faster and faster being sure to rub their G-spots on every intrusion. Soon they were both panting and writhing in pleasure. I lowered my head to Becky and tongue-fucked and sucked her as I rubbed her swollen clit. “Michael, harder… please…harder!,” she moaned as her first orgasm overcame her and left her limp. I turned then to Rachel, my wonderful young sex student . I sucked on her clit and licked it as I continued to work her tight snatch. She was so wet I was able to slide two fingers into that hot box. Soon she, too, was gasping with pleasure. “Unnnggghhhhh, oooooohhhh, aaaaahhhh,” signaled that her orgasm had arrived. She crumpled into a pile next to her Mom.

“Rachel, I thought you were exaggerating when you told me about Michael but I see now I was wrong. Michael, I needed that so badly. I haven’t had a man do that to me in almost a year. I’ve had to masturbate all that time. Oh God, that was so good. I don’t think I can even move.”

“I know someone who hasn’t come yet,” I said, kissing each of them so they, too, could taste Rachel’s delicious nectar. “And I don’t plan to be cheated. Terrible hospitality here—tsk, tsk; I’m the guest and you guys get to cum.”

“Don’t worry,” they said together, “you’ll have your chance.” They placed me on my back, rubbing my prick and balls. Becky leaned over and sucked and nibbled on my nipple. Rachel followed her lead so soon I was experiencing what I thought was the full treatment. Until, that is, Becky moistened her finger, licking it slowly so I would see. She moved that finger below my balls and pressed it against my asshole. After gently rubbing my butt she suddenly pushed it in increasing my ecstasy tenfold. Becky was a nurse and she applied her knowledge of anatomy most effectively, rubbing and stimulating my prostate. The pleasure was greater than anything I had ever experienced. I needed to cum—badly!

“I want to fuck you, both of you.” I could barely get the words out.

“You go first, Mom. I want G to suck my pussy some more.”

It was like a scene from a porn movie. Becky straddled me, then slowly slid her slit down my pole until it was fully engulfed. Rachel sat on my face facing her Mom. I was able to lick her from her clit all the way to her ass. She shuddered when I put my tongue on her butt hole and jumped when I pushed my tongue all the way into her cunt. At the same time Becky was riding my cock, and riding hard, forward and back, rubbing her clit against me. Becky reached out and kissed Rachel. Soon they were kissing and fondling each other’s breasts and nipples while bucking in rhythm to my body. Becky was humping; Rachel was grinding; and I was doing my best to keep up with their increasing motions. I was chewing on Rachel’s clit when I felt her start to spasm, drowning my face in her cum. She fell to the floor and for the first time I could see Becky straddling my cock. What a sight! I reached up with my fingers to caress her breasts and roll her nipples between my fingers. She responded with the now familiar grin I had seen on Rachel so many times just before shouting out, “Fuck me, Michael. Please, fuck me harder. Now! Now! Now!” She collapsed in my arms.

“Okay, I get it. You guys get to cum and I don’t. Now you have me two to zero. I think it’s a conspiracy. You two are obviously guilty.”

“Please, G. Give me a chance to rest then I’ll gladly take care of you,” Rachel groaned. And she did, too. I mounted her, rubbed her pussy with my cock head to get it wet, and slowly slid it into her tight velvet tunnel. Her heat was incredible. My cock felt like it had the flu; that’s how hot it felt. We humped together slowly at first as I plunged all my length into her again and again. We gradually increased our tempo until we were rutting like wild animals. I could feel it start in my cock, then my balls took over and I came in a huge splurge of jism just as I screamed, “Oooooooh, Rachel!” I collapsed on her and lay there while Becky rubbed my back until Rachel said, “You know, G, you’re really heavy.” I was too exhausted to laugh so I just rolled off, grabbing both her and Becky in a long hug. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Chapter 6

We must have moved to Becky’s bed sometime during the night because that’s where I woke up--lying on my back between two incredible women. I noticed a funny feeling in my groin. When I opened my eyes I understood why. Beautiful sexy Rachel was licking my cock, starting at the base and moving all the way up to the tip, cleaning it of her and my dried fluids.

“Oh, God Rachel, don’t you ever get enough? Last night was more sex than I usually get in three months.”

“I don’t think I could ever get enough of you or your delicious cock. I think I must be a sexomaniac.”

I laughed. “I think you mean ‘nymphomaniac,’ not whatever you said. And no, you’re just a normal young woman. Well, maybe a normal horny young woman.”

We laughed together and that must have awakened Becky. She took one look at my stiffie and another at Rachel. “I can see you guys are awake. And I guess you’re ready to go at it again.”

“Rachel may be ready, but I don’t know about me. However, I do want to thank you two for making one of my fantasies come true. I never thought I’d be in a threesome. It was great.”

Becky thought for a moment then leaned one massive tit on my chest. “Got any more we can help you with?”

“Well,” I replied, “I don’t know. What’s the one form of sex that most guys want but will never get?”

“That’s easy, Michael—anal,” said Becky.

“Ewww, that’s nasty.” Rachel joined in.

“Rachel, you have so much to learn. It’s not nasty,” said Becky, “when done right it can be exquisite and very intimate. I’ve done it a few times and trust me the orgasms are to die for.”

“Actually, …um,” I was hesitant to continue. But when they sat quietly waiting for me I went on. “Actually, all men want to give, but I’d also like to receive.”

“G, you want a man’s cock in your ass?” Rachel exclaimed.

“That’s not what he’s saying. He’d like one of us to do him. Isn’t that right, Michael? Rachel, anal sex has been around for thousands of years. There are so many nerve endings in your butt. That’s what makes it so enjoyable, so intense. And, of course, most guys love the tightness of a woman’s ass. I’ve actually been on both the receiving and giving end.”

“You have, Mom?”

“Yes. Do you remember Joan, the nurse who used to work with me in the emergency room? She and I used to get together here maybe once a month. We’d fuck each other with a strap-on, sometimes in the ass. We weren’t lesbians but this is a small town and there aren’t that many men around to take care of us single women. In fact, I think I still have that strap-on in my closet. Michael, I’d love for you to fuck my ass. Rachel, why don’t you watch and maybe you’d like to try it later. I’ll be right back.”

All this talk about anal wasn’t helping my erection much. In fact, I think it grew as the conversation continued, especially when Becky said she wanted to do it with me—she really was a dream come true. She returned shortly with a tube of KY. She got onto her hands and knees at the edge of the bed. I stepped behind her and brought Rachel with me so she could see. I took a generous dollop of KY and applied it to Becky’s sphincter. After rubbing it around, I started to rub it in. By this time my finger was covered with the slick gel so I had no trouble sliding it right into her sexy ass. I bent down, kissed each of her butt cheeks, and received an appreciative groan from Becky in reply. I added more KY and another finger. Gradually her anus adjusted to the presence of my fingers. I kept moving in and out, twisting as I went. I could see Becky was really enjoying it so I put some gel on my cock and slowly pushed it into her butt. The head went in with an audible pop; then I pushed slowly all the way until my balls slapped against her pussy. I had long imagined what it would be like and I was mostly right, but it was tighter and hotter than I thought possible. Think of a hand firmly gripping your cock in a feverishly hot cavern. Becky turned around and nodded her OK so I started to thrust. “That’s good Michael, that’s so, so good. Please do it harder and faster.” I wanted to please her so I obliged. Rachel couldn’t take her eyes off my sliding cock or her Mom’s ass. I reached down with my other hand and slid two fingers into her pussy. I’ve never seen one wetter. Using my thumb I rubbed her clit while fingering her and fucking away at her ass. Too soon, she started to cum. Her whole body shook and when it hit she jumped a foot off the bed. She fell into a heap on the bed completely satisfied and totally drained.

“Michael, you can do that to me anytime. I can’t recall a better orgasm. Ok, Rachel, want to take a turn? You won’t regret it.”

“It looked great Mom, but didn’t it hurt?”

“There’s a little tightness at first but it goes away when your butt starts to relax. And Michael is so gentle. He wouldn’t want to hurt you. Remember, you love him and he loves you.”

“Ok, Mom, I’ll give it a shot. Will you stay here with me?”

“Of course, Rachel. I don’t think Michael will mind.”

“Rachel, you should know by now that I’ll do anything for you. C’mon over here. I think it will be better for you if we are both kneeling on the bed.”

When Rachel was in position I started lubing her virgin sphincter. I wanted to fuck her ass, sure, but I also wanted to do it more than once. I definitely did not want to hurt her. When I thought she was adequately lubed I looked at Becky and she nodded. She placed her hand on Rachel’s back to comfort her. I slowly eased my index finger into her, more fully greasing her butt. I gave her plenty of time to adjust to it before sliding in another. I moved my fingers in and out turning them as I went. She squealed in delight. “It feels better than I thought,” she said. “In fact, I really like it. Try to put your cock in, G. I want to feel your cock filling up my butt.” Slowly--very slowly--I pushed into her. Once the head was past her anus it was much easier. I waited a minute and, when she turned and smiled at me, I started to thrust my hips forward and back. She wriggled in ecstasy; her tightness around my cock was exhilarating, filling my cock with sensations I never imagined possible. Eventually, she started to hump her sweet ass against me, moving back as I thrust forward, the effect of which was to drive my cock into her as far as possible. Suddenly I felt a funny sensation on my butt and turned to see Becky putting some lube onto and into my ass. She was wearing the strap-on. I could see it was about eight inches long and about one and a quarter inches thick. There was a mini-vibe at the base of the dildo which I would greatly appreciate shortly. Rachel and I were humping ourselves into a frenzy and I could see it wouldn’t be long for either of us. Becky meanwhile had put three fingers into my butt, again attacking my prostate. She was just about ready to fuck me with the strap-on. When she put it in I felt like I had died and gone to Heaven. I was getting tremendous sensations from both my cock and my butt. She stayed perfectly still so when I pulled out of Rachel I was forcing the strap-on deep into my ass. When I reentered Rachel the dildo pulled out. I was totally absorbed in the acts of fucking and being fucked. I wouldn’t have noticed if a bus had driven into the bedroom. My entire world orbited around my cock and ass. I reached down and rolled my fingers over Rachel’s clit. That was all it took to send her into an all-engulfing orgasm that surged through her body over and over again. She screamed and writhed in what seemed to be five minutes of total rapture. She collapsed onto the bed just as I blew my load into that gorgeous tight ass. I collapsed on top of her. I reluctantly pulled out of Rachel and Becky pulled out of me. I lay down next to Rachel and waved for Becky to join us. We pulled the cover over us and fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter 7

We slept until mid-afternoon. By that time we were all famished so we called out for a pizza. We stayed naked and fucking the entire weekend. By Tuesday night I needed to go back to school for a rest. I convinced Rachel to cover her pussy during class but she stopped by every afternoon for “extra help.” Another teacher once asked me why an “A” student needed so much extra help. “Enrichment activities,” I replied. And I wasn’t lying—we were both greatly enriched by the experiences we had.

Mrs. Peterson had a baby girl and returned to work in early April. I quit subbing, so Rachel stopped by my condo every afternoon. This gave us mush more freedom to experiment than we had in my classroom. We tried a lot of different things. She especially enjoyed showering together with the sucking and fucking that invariably accompanied every shower. We learned that soapy water makes a great lube for anal sex. We probably had anal 3-4 times a week. She also loved it when we shaved each other. Of course, a close oral inspection was required after every shave. Becky joined us whenever she could and every weekend we continued our threesomes. I took both my girls to Florida over the Easter break and to the beach on every opportunity during the summer. I loved the l looks they both got from the men who were there. I never had to worry—they both always went home with me.

The next three years were the best of my life and the shortest. I encouraged Rachel to date, but she said she was perfectly happy with me, and the “boys” just couldn’t measure up. Rachel was to graduate as salutatorian, edged out of the top spot by only a few thousands of a point. She was accepted at one of the country’s most prestigious universities. Becky worried about how she would pay for her daughter’s education but she was determined that Rachel would have all the opportunities she was denied.

We all returned to the double-wide after Rachel’s graduation and the three of us made love. We had long ago evolved from having sex to making love. Then we showered (yes, the three of us together) and fucked again. Later we went to dinner at our town’s best steak and seafood restaurant. I had reserved a table in a corner so we’d have plenty of room. I had plans. After we had ordered I said that I had two important items of business. First, to Rachel, “It seems that I have forgotten to give you your graduation present.”

“G, you don’t have to give me anything. You’ve already done so much for me, for both Mom and me.”

I removed an envelope from my jacket and passed it across the table. Inside was a sappy “Congratulations Graduate” card and a single typed paper. “What’s this, G? It has your name on it and my name, too.”

“It’s your college plan. I started it for you right after our first weekend together.”

“G, it says here $156,371.14!”

I had received a multi-million dollar settlement of my wife’s accident and I couldn’t think of a better use of the money. “Yup,” I said,” college is on me and I’ll keep on contributing so you’ll have plenty for med school.” I looked at Becky; she had tears in her eyes. Rachel jumped up and kissed me square on the mouth (no tongue) much to the amusement of nearby diners. She gave me a big hug and said just loud enough for Becky and me to hear, “Wait until I get you home!”

Then I said, “I have a little speech in honor of the occasion: There are two people I love more than life itself. It’s inevitable that I will lose one of them to some handsome dashing young man, but I have no intention of letting the other one get away.” Becky looked at me with amazement as I slipped to one knee and took her hands in mine. “Becky you are everything to me--the sun, the moon, and the stars. Without you I am nothing. I love you with all my being. I can’t stand being away from you for even a second. Will you marry me?”

I looked up at Becky. She was crying and her hands were shaking. “Oh, Michael, you have meant so much to me—to both of us--since you came into our lives. I have loved you from the first moment. Yes, yes, yes, I will marry you.”

I reached into my pocket and extracted a small blue box. I had been to New York City on business recently and stopped by Harry Winston’s store on Fifth Avenue. In the box was Becky’s ring—a flawless blue-white 2.5 carat diamond solitaire with two baguettes on each side of a platinum setting. Becky was looking and beaming at me until I showed her the ring. She gasped when she saw it. Her hand was still shaking as I placed it on her finger. She then kissed me (lots of tongue), to the applause and cheers of the nearby patrons, and hugged me close. “Wait until I get you home!!” I loved that Becky always kept her promises.

Becky and I married a few weeks later but put off our honeymoon until Rachel was off to school. We sold the condo and the double-wide and bought a new custom golf course home. Our only requirement to the builder was that it have a very large shower. I’m sure the neighbors referred to us as the odd couple, but I didn’t care. I loved Becky and she loved me. That’s all that mattered. Becky quit her stressful job in the ER and learned to play golf and bridge, and even to spell and pronounce my name. I learned to love shopping, but I made sure I followed Becky around the store so I could check out her still fantastic ass. She must have known I was faking it; she always rewarded me with some hot sensational sex when we returned home. We still got together for our threesomes and even some solo sessions with Rachel during her breaks and summers. When she was accepted into med school it was a dream come true for Becky. Her daughter was living her dream. During her last year of med school she called to ask us to visit. There was someone she wanted us to meet. Becky and I gave each other a knowing look. His name was David and he was also a doctor, an OB/GYN. I joked to Rachel that maybe she should specialize in urology. She smiled and replied that she only was only familiar with two penises and that was enough. The three of us laughed, but obviously David didn’t get it. We looked at each other and nodded. Rachel told him of our love for each other and how it had all started so many years ago. When David looked at me strangely, Rachel reminded him that she had chosen and seduced me, not the other way around.

We still have plenty of great sex; every now and then she breaks out the strap-on and gives me the fucking I need and deserve so badly. Who would have thought that three simple, inconsequential and apparently unconnected decisions—to work as a sub; to take a job at the high school that I really didn’t want; and to seat the kids in reverse alphabetical order, a move that put Rachel and me in close proximity—would have such dramatic impact on my life. I was practically a hermit before meeting Rachel and Becky and I wound up with two wonderful lovers. Could anyone ask for more?

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