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What can brown do for me?

I am a thirty year old hot body. Yes, I said hot body. I go to the gym three times a week and I have run four marathons over the last three years. So ‘hot body’ is a fair description. I was named most attractive in my high school year book. It was only natural that I would marry the boy that was also named most attractive. Jeff and I were wed right after college.

Jeff went into the investment banking business. I took a lowly position with a small but growing publishing company. While I was working my way up Jeff was failing miserably at banking. When Jeff’s company was forced to downsize it was a no-brainer that Jeff was one of the first to go. He quit looking for work after about six months then he quit daily bathing and shaving. He would get mad when I refused him sex when he hadn’t showered in two days. Besides, sex with Jeff wasn’t that great when he was bathed and sober. I divorced him when his beer drinking got to twelve bottles a day. I thank my lucky stars that we decided early on to wait ‘til later to have kids.

I have been single now for just under four years. I have had sex maybe six times in these four years. None of the sex was of the mind blowing type. No, it was mostly fumbling bumbling sex that was over almost before it began. I keep thinking that there must be something more to sex. I have never had an orgasm with a man. Masturbation on the other hand is my only gratification.

About a month ago I was sitting in my office waiting for an important call from the west coast. It was 5:30 on a Friday and I was alone in the office. I was thinking about how I would get out my vibrator when I got home. Then I though why wait till I got home. I got up and went to the door to see if I was truly alone. I called out “Anybody here. Hello, anybody here?” Nothing.

I returned to my desk. I got very excited at what I was about to do. Not ever having done this before added to the excitement. I sat down and immediately began making circular motions on my nipples with the palms of both hands. I felt my panties getting wet. I kicked off my heels and pulled my panties away. Then with my eyes closed I inserted two fingers in my pussy and my thumb massaging my clit. The other hand still playing with my erect nipples. After achieving two orgasms I opened my eyes. The UPS woman was standing in the doorway watching me.

“Wow, that was beautiful. Wish I had time to do that while at work. I barely have time for a lunch break.”

“How long have you been standing there?” I asked.

“Long enough for my panties to get wet watching you.” “Here, I need a signature for this.” She said, handing me a fat letter envelope and the little signature computer.

“Sorry to have interrupted. Carry on.” She said with a smile turning to leave.

How could I resume now. I put my wet panties in my purse and waited for the call.

I couldn’t help thinking about what had happened.

My God, what if I had been caught by a fellow employee. Or worse yet, my boss, the Bible thumping, holier-than-thou, Baptist. I vowed to never do that again. I thought too of the UPS gal that caught me in about the most embarrassing act possible. Didn’t she say that her panties got wet watching me. Interesting.

The next morning she was in my office again with an overnight package. My face reddened when I saw her.

“Forget it, Sweetie, we all need release from time to time.” “If it will make you feel better, you can watch me sometime. Then we’ll be even.” She winked at me as she was saying this. I got the feeling that she was most serious, not at all joking.

That night alone in my bed with fresh batteries in my vibrator, I couldn’t get the vision of the UPS woman out of my head.

I had sometimes wondered what sex with a woman would be like. Wondered, but never attempted to explore.

The closest I ever came to girl on girl sex was when I was fourteen. That summer Janis, my cousin, came to stay with us while her parents took a Caribbean cruise. Janis slept in my room in my older sister’s bed. Sis was doing an internship for college somewhere in Arizona that summer. While Janis was just one year older than me, she was more worldly, if you know what I mean. She claimed to have fucked two guys before turning fourteen. The same age as I at the time. We would sit up at night talking. When Janis asked me if I had a boyfriend, I had to admit that I had none. Then she asked if I had ever kissed a boy before. Again I had to say no. “Wanna learn?” She asked. Without waiting for an answer she leaned over and kissed me on the lips. Nothing passionate, just a quick peck on the lips.

I was shocked at what she did. “Want me to do it again?” She asked. “After all, you have got to learn. What are you going to do when a boy tries to kiss you?”

Good question. What would I do. “Okay, show me.”

Janis told me to close my eyes. I could feel her moving closer and then her lips were on mine. When she tried to put her tongue in my mouth I pulled away. “You don’t want to learn how to French kiss?”

I must have been a real nerd about these things. I had heard the word ‘Frenching’ but didn’t know it’s meaning. When she kissed me again I let her tongue into my mouth. She wasn’t done. With her tongue in my mouth she put a hand on my little tit.

“What was that about?” I asked.

“It is what a boy is likely to do when kissing you” she said. “He’s also going to want to touch you down there too but we are not going to do that. Not tonight anyway”.

Lesson one was over. She went to the other bed. Shortly I heard a humming noise. I fell asleep wondering what the noise was.

The next night we were in our beds when I heard the humming again. “What is that, Jan?” I asked.

She jumped out of bed and came to me with what I now know was a vibrator. She put the tip on the palm of my hand and turned it on. It felt funny as it buzzed.

“Want to know what it is for?”

Sitting cross-legged on my bed she pulled up her nightgown exposing to me the first pussy I had ever seen that was not my own. When she touched her pussy with the buzzing thing, I was transfixed. I watched her in amazement. Her eyes were closed. At the time I knew nothing about orgasms but I witnessed an orgasm before I knew what it was.

When she finished she handed the thing to me. She showed me how to use it. She showed me what my clit was and how my head spun when I touched the vibrator to it. It felt good and scary at the same time. More good than scary.

Two days later her parents picked her up. When I went to bed that night I discovered that she left the vibrator under my pillow. It doesn’t work anymore but I still have it.

Now here I am fifteen years later thinking about another woman as I masturbated.

The next day I was taking lunch at a Chinese buffet near my building when a voice asked if I would like some company. It was, Janis, the UPS woman. Yes, same name as my cousin.

What could I say? So I said, “sure, sit.”

We exchanged small talk. She was unmarried working at getting a BS degree on line. She ate fast saying that she had little time for lunch. She used the buffets because she could eat and run without waiting for something from the kitchen. As we talked she never stopped looking me in the eyes.

“Gotta run.” Before standing she refilled my tea from the pot.

“Hope I catch you here again sometime.”

“Yes, me too.” I replied.

I watched her walk to the door. She was tall and slender with a runners body. Maybe she is a marathoner too. The lose fitting UPS shirt revealed little about her figure.

This buffet was now my favorite lunch spot. I wasn’t able to get away from the office every day, but I was there looking for Janis whenever I could.

A week later she poked her head in my office after delivering a package down the hall, “Going for Chinese in about fifteen, will I see you there?

“Fifteen? Yeah, sure, I’ll be there.”

On our second ten minute lunch together, Janis suggested that we have dinner together sometime.

Sure, when? Where?

“How about tomorrow evening? There’s a place I want to check out. I could pick you up rather than taking two cars.”

“Okay.” I said after scribbling my address and phone number on the back of my business card and handing it to her.

“It’s a date then.” She said as she turned and left my office.

A date? Were we going on a date? Or was it just an expression? Well tomorrow was a Saturday, after all. Wasn’t Saturday traditionally known as date night?

Early the next afternoon, Janis phoned and suggested that she pick me up at 6:30.

I had some wine and cheese ready when Janis rang my doorbell.

My mouth fell open when I opened the door. The Janis that stood there was not the Janis that I knew. This Janis was stunning. Everything about her was different, sexy. Not that the other Janis was not unattractive, but this Janis wore make-up highlighted by bright red lipstick. She wore four inch heels and stockings not the black running shoes and brown socks of a UPS driver. Gone was the baseball cap and pony tail that concealed her wavy shoulder length black hair. I had before noticed her beautiful dark eyes and olive skin that was now framed by her raven hair. The brown UPS uniform was replaced by a simple white blouse and a red skirt that hugged her hips before flaring out. Her slim waist was accented with a wide black belt. She looked gorgeous, fucking gorgeous.

“Wow, look at you” was all I could say.

“Thank you, do I clean up good?” She said as she spun around for my inspection.

“Yes, yes you do. Come in I have some wine and cheese.”

I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as we sampled the wine and cheese.

Shortly we left for a country music bar and restaurant just outside of town.

There we ordered bowls of chili and shared an order of skins. We got long necks to wash it all down. I think that I knew all there was to know about her before we ordered our third beer.

When two cowboys approached and asked if we wanted to dance, Janis said “Good idea.”

We stood and Janis took my hand and led me past the dumfounded cowboys to the dance floor. She held my body close to her as we swayed to the love ballad that was being played by the four piece band. As she held me close I felt that what we were doing was taboo and it felt oh so good.

When we returned to the table our check was waiting for us. Unquestionably, it was a sign that we should leave now. We paid the check and overtipped the waitress so that she might not think ill of us. Outside, we ran giggling to Janis’ car. She opened the door for me. Before I could get in Janis took me by the shoulders and kissed me. Not a quick peck nor a hard passionate kiss, but a kiss full on the lips, nevertheless. Not since cousin Janis had another woman’s lips touched mine. I liked it.

When we were about to leave the parking lot, Janis said, “Left or right?”

“Left or right, what do you mean?

“Left to my place or right and I take you home.”

After a pause. “Left” I whispered with my heart about to pound out of my chest.

I wasn’t sure what was coming when I said, left. I did know that I was then committed to whatever it was.

She pushed a few buttons on the sound system and a Chely Wright album came on. We listened to the music and spoke little on the drive. I could still feel my heart beating and my palms were beginning to sweat.

Fortunately, the ride to her home was a short one. I was pretty sure that when I walked thru the door that my life was about to change forever.

Janis asked if I wanted something to drink. Just ice water will do. She went to the kitchen and returned with two tall glasses of water. When she approached I stood and took the glass from her and put it on the coffee table. Our eyes met and I boldly took her face in my hands and kissed her. We broke the kiss and then I kissed her again, this time with passion. Our tongues were doing their dance. “Sit over there” Janis pointed to the overstuffed chair across the coffee table from the sofa. She sat on the sofa spreading her legs and lifted her skirt revealing a pantieless, neatly trimmed pussy. She closed her eyes and plunged two fingers deep in inside of her already dripping pussy. I watched intently as she worked her fingers between her pussy lips all the while massaging her clit with a thumb. I thought that I should follow suit. I kicked away my shoes and pulled off my panties. I began to finish what I had started that day in the office when she caught me.

Janis smiled at me when she opened her eyes and found me staring at her. We continued our self gratification, never taking our eyes off of each other. Watching her in this way was the most erotic and stimulating experience of my life. I could go on like this forever. We orgasmed at about the same time. Still sitting, we couldn’t take our eyes off of each other. When our breathing returned to normal, Janis stood and walked to me. Taking my hands she pulled me to my feet and kissed me softly, lovingly, then hard and with passion. My knees buckled, but Janis held me up in her strong arms.

“We’re not finished yet. Come.” Leading me to her bedroom.

She threw back the duvet revealing bright red silk sheets. The color and softness of the sheets matched her very inviting lips.

Her fingers began to unbutton my blouse. I never liked for a man to undress me but this was oh so different. Next was my bra with the clasp in the front, that she deftly removed. I wanted so much for her to play with my tits and hard nipples. Instead the button and zipper of my skirt was next. I felt vulnerable at first standing totally naked before her, but her soft smile and a soft kiss reassured me. She hand- jestered me to lie down. Lying there I watched her disrobe for me. First, unbuttoning her blouse, but teasingly did not remove it. Then her skirt. Holding her blouse as if to open it.

“Please, let me see.” I begged.

No more teasing. Her blouse was on the floor exposing her gorgeous braless breasts. Not at all as big as mine, but perky with large nipples.

Her beauty was breathtaking. Looking at her shaved pussy, I made a note to myself to start shaving down there.

When she slid into the bed beside me and took me in her arms, it felt so right. My eyes were locked on hers as she caressed my breasts. Our gaze was still fixed as she moved down. I gasped as her mouth engulfed my tits first one then the other and back again. I arched my back trying to get more of my breasts into her loving mouth. She sucked and licked and tweaked my nipples until I was about to explode. She was making love to my tits not attacking as a man would. I was in heaven. My fingers were still in her hair as she left my breasts and began to move lower. Shifting position, I could feel her warm breath on my pussy as her fingers opened my lips. Suddenly her tongue was licking my pussy up and down then over and around my clit. She took my entire pussy into her mouth, licking, sucking, flicking my clit with her tongue. I screamed again and again as each orgasm washed over me. Janis tugged gently on my clit with her lips sending shock waves thru my body. I wanted her to stop. I didn’t think that I could take any more but I held her head hard to my pussy. Eventually she did stop and moved back up to kiss me again. Janis held me close and kissed me as my body continued to shudder.

“How was that? She asked, smiling.

I couldn’t speak as I was still trying to catch my breath. I answered with a smile rapidly nodding my head.

When my breathing returned to normal I kissed her passionately. I told her how good she had made me feel.

My lips and fingers played with her erect nipples. I wanted to return the favor. I wanted so much to give her the pleasure that she had given me. My fingers slid easily between her pussy lips. The essence of her love juices was intoxicating. I removed my fingers from her pussy and curiously touched them to my lips. Using my mouth and tongue on her pussy as she had done mine. Her gasps and moans and cries told me that I was doing it right. I felt so proud of myself. I was making her cum. God, I was making her cum. I wanted to lick and suck her pussy forever. At last Janis pulled me up. She rained soft kiss on my lips and face. When this beautiful woman told me how beautiful I was, I felt beautiful. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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