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Mushroom picking leads Alice on an adventure...
Plucking another mushroom from the ground, Alice placed it in her woven, wooden basket. Her cat, Dinah, danced through the overgrown blades of grass behind her, chasing the fluttering butterflies. College had finished for the summer and Alice intended on enjoying every minute of the glorious sunshine. Glancing around at the tranquil, open field she sneakily placed the head of another mushroom to her lips and bit into the chalky texture.

“Don’t look at me like that, Dinah, I’m hungry,” Alice whispered to her black cat, whilst chomping on it.

 She gathered more of the delicious tasting mushrooms, filling up her basket. They were too tasty. Every so often, she would pop another in her mouth, taking her time to suck on the juicy flavour.

Suddenly, she shrieked and fell back with a thud. A white rabbit scurried from out of the bushes and ran towards the wooden fence at the edge of the field. Alice shook her head; her vision was a little hazy. Her head felt a little lighter than usual. Glancing back at her cat, Alice squinted. She could have sworn her fur was turning purple. Shaking her head once again, Alice clambered to her feet, brushing down her pale blue summer dress.

Curious, she followed the rabbit to see where it had gone.

The hole in the fence was too small to fit her body through, or so she thought. Alice bent down and peeked through the gap. Her long, honey-blonde hair fell to the side as she tipped her head. She could see the rabbit. She could also see rich colours of freshly grown flowers and vegetables in the garden, as well as a fresh batch of mouth-watering mushrooms.

Alice glanced up. The fence was too big. There was no way her petite frame would be able to climb over it. Positioning herself on all fours, Alice began to squeeze her slender body through the opening. Her white knee-high socks slid along the earthy ground as she pushed herself further, persevering and eventually tumbling out on the other side.

“My my… What do we have here?” A low gravelly voice asked.

Alice glanced up. A man, sat in his deck chair, was sipping a drink from his flask. A fleeting thought entered her head: was he the rabbit? Had he suddenly transformed to fool her? That sounded mad, as mad as this guy looked. “I... I was looking for a rabbit,” she began. “He came this way.”

“Does that give you a right to trespass, young lady?” His tall body cast a shadow over Alice as he extended out his hand, gesturing to help her.

Nervously she placed her hand in his and clambered to her feet. “Well, umm... no. It was just… Well you see I was looking for a rabbit,” Alice mumbled, looking around the garden before returning her attention to the man before her. “I think I’m going mad.”

A mysterious smile flickered at the corner of his lips, “We’re all a little mad. Tell me your name.”

“I’m Alice,” she innocently replied.

“Such a pretty name, Alice,” he continued. “Would you like some tea? I have some in my flask.”

“Sure, thanks,” she replied, watching as he walked over to pour her a cup of tea. “Umm... Sir?”

“Please, call me Mr. Carter.”

“Mr. Carter? I think you have a mushroom growing in your trousers. Please can I have it?” Alice asked, dropping to her knees in front of him.

Mr. Carter sat back in his seat. Only a few minutes ago he had been enjoying a peaceful day, sipping a cup of English tea and now he had a ravenous young beauty on her knees.

“Please, be my guest.” Leaning back, he placed the back of his head in his hands.

Alice ran her hand over the lump forming in his crotch. “Mr. Carter, this feels like a big mushroom. It feels like it is growing.”

“You had better let it out, Alice, before it expands and grows too big!”

Alice slowly tugged on the zip of his trousers and slid her fingers inside. “Oh I can feel the head of it Mr. Carter. It feels so juicy!”

He tipped his head back, quietly groaning as Alice fished out his throbbing dick from the confines of his trousers.

“Do you mind if I taste it, Mr. Carter?”

“Please do, Alice.”

Alice’s tongue flicked over the mushroom shaped head of his cock, lapping at his pre-cum. “It has a big stalk,” she smiled, wrapping her fist around his shaft. She slowly stroked his aching meat as she began to suck hungrily on the head of it. He looked down at her, watching as his hard prick disappeared behind her beautiful pink lips.

She popped his dick out of her mouth, “This is a very juicy mushroom, Mr. Carter. It’s my favourite. It just keeps on growing and growing.”

Mr. Carter could only nod in response.

Stretching her tongue out, she slapped his meat against it, before taking him as far down her throat as she could. She coiled her tongue, like an expert, around his cock and sucked harder, milking him into her hot mouth. His dick strained, feeling her gagging around his length. He raised his hips up to meet the demands of her slurps. The trail of honey-blonde hair bobbed as she greedily sucked him.

“A-Alice, I... I think the mushroom is gonna burst!” he stuttered. Grabbing handfuls of her soft hair in his hands, he thrust harder, fucking her face.

“Oh God! Oh fuck, Alice, you’re making me... I’m gonna... Fuck!” he groaned, raising his arse off the chair and shooting his hot jizz into her mouth.

Alice awoke to the sound of the twittering birds while the tranquilmid-day sun beamed down on her face. Glancing at her basket of mushrooms, she smacked her lips together. The last mushroom she had tasted, before falling asleep, had left a very salty taste in her mouth.
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