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A sensual massage
I grab you in my arms. I give you a hug, lifting you to the massage table, and pull the thin silk robe off of you and tell you to lay on your belly. I reach for the warm massage oils. The smell of the oils fills the air. The candles flicker around the room. A light flute music off in the background.

I pour the warm oil all over your shoulders and back, ever so slowly, lower and lower before setting the oil aside. My fingertips start making circular motions across your shoulders and slowly down your back, down along your ribs. Down the small of your back my fingers gently pressing down on your soft skin, the oil letting them glide smoothly all over. Across, down, back up your back and sides, I lean a bit more. The tips of my long hair just gently run across your skin, causing you to tremble. Soft little licks and kisses travel down the middle of your back. My long hair trails along behind, tickling your bare skin, slowly down to the tops of your ass cheeks. I playfully shake my head over your back, my hair whisking all over it.

I grin as I see the goose bumps rise and run my tongue slowly down further, my hands reach your hips. I grasp them tightly, and push myself up and away from from your body, shaking my long hair back over my broad shoulders.

I reach for another vial of heated oil. I slowly pour some across the small of your back, a small pool of the warm tingling oil forming. I pour more across your cheeks, it flowing down slowly all curves of your butt and upper thighs. Then the trail of warm oil, goes down the back of your legs, I set the vial aside. I rub my hands together briskly to get them warm and my energy flowing. My fingertips first touch the small of your back, soaking up some of the oil to ease their journey down the rest of your body. A bit firmer, my hands massage your lower back. Then down across your firm cheeks, down across the back of your upper thighs. And down the outsides of them, down across your calves, down and around your heels. Across the tops of your feet your toes, then slowly back up inside the insides of your long legs up to your knees. Your body trembles. I slow my touch. Making little circles on the back of your upper thighs then back up, cupping your butt cheeks in my large hands.

Then I slowly runs my hands back down your legs to your knees, sliding them down between your legs. The warm oils let my fingers slide gently upward. I see the little goose bumps rise on your skin. Your body trembles, ever so slowly. My hands part your legs a bit more. I lean and let my long hair tickle your lower back and curvy butt cheeks. The feel of your soft skin under my fingers is having a big effect on me also. The want, the need to do more than just touch drives me wild. I kiss up your body. My hands still slowly running between your legs, feeling you tremble a bit. Feeling the heat and wetness between your legs spurs me on toward my desire.

Then I am rudely awakened by the loud buzzing of the alarm clock... once again leaving me feeling empty and frustrated.

Some day I just hope to get further with this dream.

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