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A sailor boys adventure

My first gay experience
This is not a fictional story, but is what happened to me when I was 17 and just joined the navy. After six weeks basic training we were allowed to leave the base and go as far as the local village down by a river in Devon. There were a few bars and a tiny nightclub. Most of the locals (especially the girls) are suspicious of matelots (navy boys) for obvious and correct reasons. So at the end of an unsuccessful night trying to get laid I left the club around 2am drunk and sexually frustrated.

Staggering along a country lane back to the base a car pulled up and offered me a lift. The cropped hair and navy uniform we had to wear on our first "off base" visit made it obvious I was heading back to the base. Despite having never been with a guy before this night, as soon as I sat in the car, my gaydar went into overdrive and I just knew, even though I was drunk, that this guy wanted me. It was only going to take twenty minutes to get back to the base in his car, but within the first five he had his hand on my thigh and my cock was so hard it was obvious.

He reached over and squeezed it. I didnt know what to do so went with my instincts and leaned over to get his cock out and suck him. He stopped me and told me to go slow. He pulled the car off the road and took his pants down. His cock wasnt very big (about 5 inches) but in a second he was on his hands and knees with his top half on the back seat and telling me to get behind him. In my drunken state I managed to position myself and in a minute I found myself amazingly deep inside his ass. It felt sooo good and tight that in just a couple of minutes I flooded his ass. Just as quickly he got onto the back seat pulled up his pants and said " You need to get that washed..." I had no idea what he was talking about until I looked down and saw cum and shit over my still hard cock.

I mumbled something like "It's not a problem I'll wash later..." feeling rather uncomfortable because I was with a stranger, a man at that, and because I had performed (I guessed from his perspective) so badly by cumming in two minutes.

He started the car and continued to drive. I must have fallen asleep for the next thing I know he was shaking me telling me to wake up. This wasnt the base. Where were we?

"This is my place. You need to shower before you get that nice little ass back on base." Half asleep and still drunk I did as I was told, got out of the car and headed towards his house.

Once inside he pointed to the bathroom and handed me a large white towel. In the shower the hot water felt good as it poured over my tight tanned 17 year old body. I began to sober up a little and was giving my 8 inch semi hard cock some extra attention with the shower gel, when I heard "Mmmmm delicious..." Through the steam I saw a guy watching me soap my body and the shower door was opened, by a second man. "Let me do that for you..." He reached out and began stroking my now fat hard meat. He pushe d me against the wall as he stepped into the shower wearing only his pants. He dropped to his knees and I felt his hot wet mouth slide over the head of my swollen cock. "Just as delicious as David said it would be ..." His hands slipped under my heavy cum filled balls as he looked up into my eyes. "Feed me baby...Give me some sweet boy cum."

My hands slipped around the back of his head as he pushed his mouth down the length of my thick cock. He gagged a little as his pace became faster. He swithed from deep throating me to sucking the head slow and strong. I was in heaven!! Face fucking him I opened my eyes and saw the guy from the car (David) watching and stroking himself as his partner Chris slipped my meat to the back of his throat. I was going dizzy with the heat and the booze and felt my balls tighten. Chris moaned deeply as I felt the first wad of my hot cum hit the back of his throat...I couldnt stop cumming and flooded his mouth so much that he couldnt swallow it all letting it escape his mouth and drop all over his chest. David just smiled as he watched and said "Suck him dry baby..."

Chris stood and turned off the shower. David gave him the towel and he proceeded to dry me paying lots of attention to my now semi hard and leaking cock. I thought I was going to pass out. Chris pulled me from the shower and Dave took my other hand. "Come with us little sailor boy. We are going to fuck and use you all night long...." They led me to their bedroom and over the next few hours they both took turns fucking my tight virgin ass. I cant say it didnt hurt at first but the earlier drinks and my desperate slutty desire to be fucked and used soon got me begging for more.

If you want more details of that night....just ask!!
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