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And The Games Begin

I pop in the button from what seems an out-dated shower. God, I've always been into more modern stuff, they could be more useful and a lot less costly in the long run. The warm, delicious rain that was falling on my well toned body now comes to a halt, with the few exceptions of a few cold droplets. I bring back the shower curtains and use the accessorized strings to hold them in place.

I step out and nearly slip and fall on my arse, something that could have been extremely sore, but I catch onto the bath. I guess the old fashioned fucker was good for one thing. Inhaling, and walking calmly over to the door, I take the towel I laid on the heater off, and wrap it around my waist before popping the end bit inside of the wrapped towel, to ensure we don't have one of those incidents where my towel falls and someone sees me naked... again.

My family know I'm gay. Not a lot of people do, but my family. It has this bond, something that's being going on since my mother's generation. She said she made a pact with her sisters and brother that they'd stay close, no matter where they where, all because they never saw their cousins.

That was different for us though, I was one of the oldest from my mother's side of the family. The side that I respected and loved the most. I saw my little cousins regularly enough even though they were in a different town, about 80 miles away from us. Other than my family though, only a select few friends know I'm gay. Ones that are trustworthy, honest and loyal. The best kind.

I unlock the door - something that prevents another incident like the one I mentioned before, and step out lightly into the hallway, and walk right into my room that's just beside it. "Hey, bud"

"What're you doing here?" I reply with a curious tone to my voice.

"Well... your mum let me in, is that okay?" Gary said with a genuinely sincere look on his face.

"Yeah sure, just... I thought you were going to be here at three?" I look at him questioningly

"Dude, it is three!" He looks at me as if I'm an idiot.

"Shit, must'a been in the shower longer than I thought."

"jackin' off in there or somethin'?" he says a little too loud.

I close the door tight shut and then look at him angrily

"What, lighten up would you?"

"You brought your controller? And did Andy say if he was allowed on tonight?"

"Sure did, and he said he could, but his little brother would likely join him, so... no swearing or shit, right?"

"Dunno why you're saying that to me, it's usually you that gets kicked from a game from offending half the fucking lobby!" I say, hushed so my mother can't hear me, because although she knows I swear, and relatively doesn't care seeing as I'm the youngest out of her three children, and she's been through this battle with the other two - temper-mental teenage girls - she doesn't want to go through it with me too.

I sit down on the bed, opposite of Gary, with my back turned to him and open up a drawer with my boxers and socks in them. I take out a pair of socks, lay them next to me and take out a pair of boxers, again, laying them next to me. I start rubbing the thick towel against me to dry myself quicker, when I feel a hand placed on the towel.

Only, it's not mine.

He starts to rub gently, and for some reason, it feels weirdly romantic. And then his hand move further up my thigh, and closing in on what I can only imagine is his desired spot. He lays the towel to the side, and no longer caring if I'm wet or not, puts his hand on my upper thigh, very close to my cock. He lightly start rubbing in an almost horizontal fashion, and with each time he does so, he just brushes my balls. Something I pick up on, and almost in a startled 'what the fuck are you doing?' type of way, jump backwards. But his legs are behind me, and my back ends up lying on them, and the towel's now completely off.

He ignores all sign of resistance, and continues his little stroking fest, only this time it's on my cock. I can't help but let out a quiet moan. I need to admit that he's seduced me, and all because I'm a horny teenager. I allow him to stroke on my now semi-hard cock. He keeps stroking it and within seconds he's got it hard.

All is going well, I've even started rubbing on his tight, tight jeans that reveal all and leave nothing to the imagination. After all, couldn't he just be as horny as me, neglected by accident that he needed a wank? I go along with this, he's doing me a favor, and I'm doing the same for him. That's all. Evidently not when he puts his mouth around the head of my rock hard dick, and starts to suck on it intently. I can't help but let out another, louder moan than the last one, and think that someone could hear me, so I ask him to stop.

The few minutes that we just had, they were out of pure sexual instinct. Nothing else, and maybe he just got a little too into the whole thing. I stand up, and don't bother putting the towel around me, or even try to use it to cover me, after all, the guy just sucked my dick, I can't exactly hide what he's already seen. I cock my leg up to allow myself to put on my boxers, but as I do so, he smacks my ass ever so sexually, and I know it'd be able to be heard from the living-room, exactly across from my room.

One disadvantage about moving to a one story house is that everything is on the one level, an advantage, if I was to have done any of this in my room, the people exactly below me would have heard every movement on my bed.

I look around to find my arse a sweet pink, one I'd never seen before. "What was that?"

"When you bent over, ever so slightly, your arse-hole was just looking at me, teasing me. I think it's thirsty for me."

"Gary, what the fuck?"

"Oh, come on Sam, you just rubbed a guy's cock, and when he makes a gay remark back at you, you cower away from it?"

"I was horny, I thought you were too!" I say in a hushed voice, thinking someone could have heard him.

"I am, I was... but, that doesn't mean I don't want your ass, it doesn't excuse a guy sucking a guy off, or even just fondling another guy's cock. That's not curiosity, that's gay."

"Fuck up Gary!"

"If you insist, take off your boxers again then."

"Seriously, Gary, grow up and stop pissing about."

"Fine Sam, just know if I'm in your team, don't be surprised if I go all suicidal and allow you to do it all on your own."

"Gary, stop being so fucking childish," I say while I pull up my jeans.

"Oh, come on. You've gotta admit, you can't just stroke someone off for a while, and then cock-block them!"

"You weren't going to fuck me, I can tell you that much!"

"No, but I was sure to at least get a blow, I mean, come on, I've heard my mouth's pretty damn good."

"Off of who? Ashley?"

"Nah, her brother," he says too plainly for it not to be sarcastic.

"You blew off your girlfriend's brother? Do you have no boundaries?"

"I did, and so what? And I have boundaries, you don't go near your family!"

I ignore him for a while, set up the game and everything that we'd intended to do. But what he said, what he done. It keeps replaying in my mind, and I've got to admit, he did have a nice fucking mouth. He could definitely suck too, cause he was sure to have me cumming in a couple of minutes after that.

"Okay, I'll give you something, Gary."

"What do you mean?"

"Something of a trial... If I like what happens, we can move up."

"So... Start off with what?"

I hesitate to answer, and the silence kills me. The anticipation kills me. "How about we start off small, and we go with a kiss?"

"Pshht, I'll do you one better." He leans in, putting his hand on my neck. Something I've always imagined being romantic and between lovers, but obviously not. Then, he opens his mouth, and almost teasingly, as I go to kiss him, he pulls back. Just as he goes into kiss me, I lean in to make sure he doesn't get away.

That's when the magic happens, and I don't exaggerate when I say 'magic' as that's what it feels like. Kissing turns to making out, and that's even better. This... this arrangement, I'm glad I made it, as this whole thing feels weirdly romantic and sensual. Not like earlier when he was in it for the kill.

"Do you boys wa..." She was interrupted mid-sentence as she walked into her sons room, and saw him kissing the exact 'polite young man' as she had called him that she allowed into the house.

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