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Best Friends: Part One

In need of comfort, but unsure of what is too cum...
Joe sighed as he put down the phone. His dream girl had just cancelled on him. Joe fell on to the sofa, wanting nothing more but to cry or smash a wall with his fist. This was the fifth time she had cancelled a date on him, no matter how many times he told himself to not crawl back to her, he always did.

He switched on the television hoping to drown out his deplorable swarming mind and pained chest. Surprise, nothing was one that was even a tad tantalizing. Joe had just had about enough; ready to pull his curly blonde hair out, when his pocket vibrated.

He pulled out his phone to see one new message from Ben. Ben and Joe had been close lately; Ben and Joe had met at concert of The Damage’s. The message read...

Iya Joe! You doin’ anything? X


Joe smiled lightly, knowing he had someone who cared about him at the moment. He began to type his message, checked it over, and pressed send.

Hey Ben, nah I’m free come over x J


Joe heaved himself off of the sofa and made his way to his bathroom. He brushed his fingers through his dishevelled hair, trying to make a bit of effort to not look like a complete wreck. He hopped down the stairs in to the kitchen, flipping on the kettle knowing full well that Ben would want a cup of tea. As he began to pour in the now boiled water, the door bell rang through the air.

Joe opened the door to the sight of Ben, his hair and clothes dampened from the rain. His face glistened from the water droplets, his lips turned up in to an incandescent grin. Joe stared at him for a while longer before ushering him in and out of the rain.

“Jesus Christ. It’s wetter out there than Elise after seeing Lucy”. Ben chuckled, peeling off his soaked jacket. Joe tittered half heartedly, Ben instantly sensing that something was wrong.

“What’s up”? Ben asked, his smile faltering a fraction as Joe’s eyes were filled with sadness. Joe shook his head and repeated over and over how nothing was wrong. Ben placed a benign hand on to his shoulder, before making him take a seat on the sofa.

“It’s her again isn’t it...she cancelled again didn’t she”? Ben’s voice was hushed and calming, hiding the irritation knowing how Joe had been hurt by that stupid girl again.

“Yeah...I don’t know what I-I do wrong”. Joe’s eyes began to sting, the flustered tears breaking past his water line and rolling down his frown plastered face. Ben wrapped an arm around his shoulder and pulled him closer to him.

Joe sniffed, letting a few soft sobs leave his mouth as he rested his head on to Ben’s shoulder. He felt like such a girl for crying over something as stupid as this, but he had let it build up inside of him for quite a while.

Ben rested his head on top of Joe’s head, taking in the cherry scent in his curly mess of hair. Joe let the last tear slide from his eyes, wiping his eyes and deciding to man up. He’d only just realized that he was cuddling with another man, he instantly jumped up feeling awkward and unnatural, although, it felt nice having that human contact. Joe felt how his shirt had became saturated from the rain that Ben was covered in.

Ben reached for his cup of tea as Joe passed it him, Ben contained his girl like giggles as it was a Harry Potter mug. Joe slumped down on to the sofa again with a cup of tea in his hands, he relaxed instantly knowing he had a cup of tea, Family Guy and his best friend to soften the blow from his failure of a girlfriend.

“Do you want to talk about it”? Ben inquired, crossing his legs up on to the couch. Joe shook his head before taking a long gulp from his mug. Ben nodded solemnly, putting his empty mug down on to the glass table in front of them.

“Sorry to be a pain in the ass, but do you have any spare clothes; these are sinking in to my skin”. Ben huffed, running a hand through his wet hair.

“Sure, I’m going to get changed too, you’ve wet me”. Joe tutted sarcastically, placing down his unfinished cup of tea. Ben chuckled at his remark, watching as he left the sofa and running up the stairs.

Ben was alone now. He had time to ponder over his thoughts again. He had feelings for Joe. These feelings were rather peculiar, not so much love, but more along the lines of lust.

Every time he’d look in to Joe’s big blue eyes, he’d melt, just wanting to rip his clothes off there and then. You couldn’t blame him for getting angry whenever Joe’s heart was tore and trampled on.

Joe returned wearing some knee length khaki coloured shorts and a blue loose shirt. He held a few items of clothing in his hand for Ben; Ben took them and stood up as Joe sat down.

Ben began to unzip his jean zipper and button, not feeling any shame changing in front of Joe. He slipped off his jeans, letting them fall to the floor. Joe looked for a brief second, having to do a double take as Ben stepped out of his jeans.

Joe could feel a light blush dispersing across his cheeks, Ben’s legs were golden and long, not as hairy as an ape, but a suitable amount of hair covered his legs. Joe could not take his eyes away as Ben began to yank the bottom of his shirt over his head.

Joe wanted to slap himself on the wrists for liking what he saw, the rose blush growing deeper on his cheeks as he stared at Ben’s toned torso. Joe’s eyes were like dinner plates, questioning himself of his own sexuality as he watched Ben dry his hair with a towel.

“Do you like what you see”? Ben giggled nervously, his cheeks beginning to burn as Joe involuntary licked his lips. Joe coughed and snapped his gaze away, feeling his stomach twist thinking about his chest again.

“Joe...” Ben murmured, grabbing the shirt he was given.

“Uh huh” Joe replied sheepishly, praying that his cheeks would stop burning soon.

“Are you going to try again with her”? Ben asked uneasily, not just yet pulling the shirt over his head. Joe turned to face him.

“No, I n-need to find someone n-new” Joe stammered, taking in the sight of his half naked body again.

“Got your eyes set on anyone”? Ben giggled quietly, expecting him to come out with a slut girl who was easy to get in to bed.

Joe gulped, rising from the sofa. He took a few baby steps towards Ben, Ben’s smile instantly disappeared. Joe nodded, becoming a few inches away from Ben’s face.

“Yeah I guess...I don’t know if he likes me back though” Joe bit down on his lip, his nervous chuckle kept back in his throat.

“He? What do you mean he? I thought...I thought you were straight”? Ben spluttered, suddenly feeling hot as Joe curled his arms around Ben’s back.

Joe took a few unsteady breaths before pressing his lips to Ben’s. Ben was startled; his eyes still open as Joe’s lips opened his. Once the initial shock had settled, Ben let his lips connect with Joe’s. Joe opened his mouth, deepening the kiss. Ben tasted Joe’s sweet and cool breath pour in to his mouth, filling his senses causing him to tingle all over. Joe was not used to this feeling, but nonetheless, he loved the sensation of his lips clashing with Ben’s.

Joe pulled back, his arms still wrapped around Ben’s back. Ben tried to speak, but the taste of Joe lingered on his lips, causing him to choke on his words. Joe smirked before pulling Ben towards the sofa, pushing him lightly backwards so that he was lay down.

Joe straddled Ben; Ben felt the blood rush to his shaft, as it instantly hardened underneath Joe. Joe giggled feeling Ben’s semi-erect penis beneath him, Joe stuck his tongue inside Ben’s mouth.

Ben moaned softly in to Joe’s mouth, trembling madly as Joe ran his hands up and down his chest. Joe ripped off his shirt eagerly, biting down on Ben’s neck gently, as his own cock started to harden. Ben groaned loudly, as Joe pulled of his shorts and boxers, revealing his erect eight inch penis.

Ben gasped at the thickness and size of it, knowing his own was just a little smaller than his, but still just as thick. Joe planted one sloppy kiss to Ben’s lips before beginning to rub Ben’s cock.

Ben moaned as Joe wrapped his entire hand around his swelled up dick, Joe smirked, while rubbing his own too.

“No sex tonight, this is too new for me just yet” Joe panted, before spitting on to his hands. Ben nodded hastily before reaching up to sweetly kiss his lips. Joe began jerking Ben off again, quickening his speed.

Ben arched his back and moaned loudly, Joe tasted the pre-cum on his tongue. Ben decided not to be selfish, and decided on giving Joe his orgasm first seeing as Ben he’d had more experience.

Ben stopped Joe, Joe confused as to why, but it soon made sense when Joe was on his back and Ben had wrapped his lips around the head of his rod.

He began moving his head up and down Joe’s throbbing penis, almost gagging as he took in his huge member. Joe placed his fingers in to Ben’s hair, tugging at it as Ben licked the top of his penis, sending quivers of pleasure all through Joe’s body.

Ben was jacking himself off with one hand, the other hand playing with Joe’s balls delicately, the way he did it was just enough pleasure with a hint of pain, causing Joe to grunt and gasp loudly as Ben began sucking on his cock again. As Joe’s pre-cum trickled down Ben’s throat, Joe yanked hard on Ben’s hair, pushing Ben’s head further down on to his cock. Ben didn’t mind giving him deep throat, seeing as Joe was moaning loudly and squirming beneath him.

Ben moved a hand underneath Joe’s thighs, then sticking one finger in Joe’s butt hole. Joe shuddered and shook as the pleasure was taking control of his body. A bead of sweat forming on his head as he had reached the point of no return.

“I’m close. Oh fuck! I’m gonna’ cum”! Joe gasped.

His balls squeezed as his whole body began to shake uncontrollably, he began to moan as the cum was shooting up through his throbbing dick, filling the back of Ben’s throat with his hot spunk.

After a few spurts of sperm, the incredible orgasm powering his body causing him to arch his back and fuck Ben’s mouth hard, Ben’s chin smacking against Joe’s tingling balls.

Joe came down from his explosive orgasm, gasping for air. Ben drew back, swallowing most of the cum that had not dripped down his chin. Joe wiped it away and kissed him roughly, knowing he had to return the favour.

Joe didn’t feel comfortable enough to give Ben a blowjob, knowing he wouldn’t know what the fuck he was doing. Joe began tossing Ben off, spitting on to Ben’s dick to add extra lube for a smoother tug.

Ben normally would find ways of savouring the moment and lasting out, but instead wanted to cum quick and all over that beautiful boys face. Ben locked eyes with Joe as he felt himself coming close.

“Yeah like that, oh God! I wanna’ cum all over your face baby”. Ben grunted, gasping as he started to finger his own ass hole with three fingers.

His butt hole began to clench around his fingers as his balls tightened, he could feel the cum about to throttle through his cock. He pushed Joe hard back and straddled him, taking his own cock in to his own hands, Joe opened his mouth, deciding to try cum.

Ben pumped his dick away fast, drool escaping his mouth as he moaned ferociously, the tip of his penis just above Joe’s open mouth. He connected eyes with Joe, and with one last look, he exploded. Hot white spurts of cum came shooting out, plastering Joe’s face. Ben lost all control as a few more shots of cum came out, he rammed his cock in to Joe’s mouth without warning. Joe accepted it in to his mouth as the last load of sperm filled his mouth. Ben lay beside Joe as his orgasm reached the end.

Joe turned over and spat out the cum on to the carpet, turning and pulling Ben in to his arms. Ben shuddered again as the last little bit of cum trickled out the tip of his penis. Joe kissed his forehead and held him tighter.

After a few minutes of silence and calming down, Ben whispered in to Joe’s ear.

“What happens now”?

Joe bit down on his lip, still tasting the after taste of Ben’s sweet and slightly bitter sperm.

“It can be our secret” Joe whispered back, kissing Ben’s cheek a few times.

“I like the sound of that” Ben simpered, before swiftly kissing Ben’s lips and snuggling in his arms.

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