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Craving You in the Night II

Tags: gay, male, anal
Getting it good from my lover-man.
Sobbing softly, I bury my face into my pillow, unable to bear
The breathless wonder, excruciating ecstasy
Of having a man such as you, not just fucking me, but with
Each breath and beat of his heart, oh! dear God, fucking me!

What makes another man feast his feverish eyes upon my body,
As though I were a wanton woman just for the taking,
Coming for me, know how willing I am to have and feel him drive
His feelings for me deep into the ravenous craving they're awakening!

How I live and breathe and long for those electrifying moments
That so quickly arouse my smoldering inner woman-fire
When I discover by the way his knowing eyes hold mine
That I've become the object of another man's sexual desire!

The confidence in his stride, the tempest in his eyes,
Send hot shivers racing up and down my spine,
Sending a warm weakness spreading from my throat down to my knees,
And sweet surrender to him flowing across my tongue like vintage wine!

And oh, how I love the men who make it happen --
Who keep calling, and coming back for more;
To hear the ringing of my phone, whisper "Yes, I'm here alone --"
And wait, without breathing, for his knock upon my door!

Oh, to open it and first see his almost frightening feelings
For me, and mine for him, reflected in his eyes;
We've had each other so many times, yet each time is new and different,
Like the bursting, splashing splendor of sweet, intoxicating wine.

A married man slipping away to touch and taste and explore
Forbidden pleasures in bed with another man;
I give myself to him completely, as many times as he wants it,
Lost in the amorous adoration of his warm,adoring hands!

I meet him at the door, and press myself close against him
As he lowers his hungry lips to mine
And moan into his mouth as his fingers slip beneath
My panties to take possession of whatever they may find!

What a glorious night to come, saturated with sizzling sex --
With lips and tongues kissing and licking and sucking,
And the head of his big dick, driven by his rising lust,
Cumming at me throughout the night's endless fondling and feeling and fucking!

Oh, my darling, your big dick feels so sinfully delicious,
Like silk and satin, gliding smoothly in and out;
The weight and warmth of your body, slowly undulating above me,
Pushing the mewling sounds of pleasure up and out my gurgling mouth!

What a heavenly sensation is that gentle outward tugging
Of your big glans from just inside my Circle of Love --
A breathless pause, and then a slow, voluptuous plunge of your fully
Extended hardness back into my shimmering, clinging anal glove!

How it thrills me that you simply cannot keep your hands off me
Or get enough of my naked body in bed,
Even as my nakedness aches in wild, wanton abandon
For your touch where my body and my longing for you are wed!

You're the first man I've known (and I've eagerly given myself
To an ever-expanding number of top-men in my time!)
Whose glorious hunger, like sweet wine, lying soft between my buttocks,
For the endless pleasures lurking there is as insatiable as mine!

We made sweet, seductive love early this morning upon awakening,
Just as you and your love are 'doing it' to me now --
Reaching in, long and deep, so kind and gentle and caring,
With no discomfort, even though you're so deliciously well-endowed!

Next morning, I left you sleeping, but then I saw you in the mirror,
Watching me shave, all hard and horny for me again;
I smiled, put down my razor, and spread my feet apart
As you came up close behind, lubed us both and slipped it in.

Hanging upon my hips, you leaned back, intoxicated
By the sight of your dick gliding in and out my ass;
The angle of penetration and the supple swinging of your hips
Soon had me crying out, begging for you to 'do it' hard and fast!

With my dick and testicles swinging and slapping against the counter,
My head thrown back, my gurgling mouth open wide,
I clung to the polished marble without breathing, trying to deal
With the tempest splitting me asunder, stabbing me oh, so deep inside!

This time your fucking was all for me, and I was taking it really 'hard' --
My darling's big, lubricious dick, and your deliberate determination
To use it and it alone to give me the ultimate pleasure
Of a totally spontaneous, hands-free ejaculation!

The inward rushing became a blur as my helpless wailing grew louder,
My lover giving me all the energy he could bequeath me --
The spasms came rushing upon me, my trembling knees started to buckle
As my cum boiled up and poured out onto the cool tile beneath me!

My whole body was jerking and shaking, and I was sobbing like a baby,
And you pulled it out, and slipped your arm around my waist --
I could hardly move my legs, and you helped me back to bed,
Gently stroking my drooling cock, and kissing the tears from my face.

You laid me back upon your pillow, looking down into my eyes,
Still hard as steel, jutting stiffly up and out --
In a daze, I reached up and took your arm with the words,
"Come and finish up inside me .." flowing softly from my mouth.

"Are you sure?" you whispered softly, "Yes, I'm sure --" I whispered back,
And spread my legs as you positioned yourself above me --
I moaned softly as you kissed me, then murmured against your cheek
As you searched and quickly found me, "Oh, how I love how you love me!"

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