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Damien's Soccer Goal

Damien fantasizes over his fellow team players.
Damien had stayed later than the rest of the members of the soccer team, spending some one on one time with the coach. When he came to the locker room, he was surprised to hear the shower running down the hall. As he undressed he began to rub and feel his hands all over his body, and reveled in the sensations it brought.

Damien's mind wandered to more pleasurable pursuits, and he wondered which of his teammates had been showering. Had it been Adam, the muscular but quiet senior? Or better yet, Brody, with his bulging biceps and dimpled grin?

While picturing the lush Brody rinsing off while showering his hand moved down past his happy trail. As Damien began to massage his ball sack, wishing it was Brody's instead, he did not notice the shower nozzle turn off. Within moments, Sam Clark, a junior with muscular thighs and great stamina on the field, walked over to where Damien stood. At first Sam didn't realize what an intimate moment he was interrupting, but all at once he did, and so out of respect coughed.

Damien whirled around, taken off-guard.

“I didn't know anyone was in here, sorry.” Damien excused himself with a hurried lie, but in all actuality his pulsing cock gave him away. It pointed straight at Sam, who smirked.

“I didn't know you were so...” his eyes met Damien's, “big.” He winked at Damien coyly.

Blushing, Damien shifted somewhat uncomfortably. Sam noticed right away, and feeling as though he should rectify the situation, he spoke in a somewhat apologetic tone. “It isn't that I mean, you don't seem like you could be big, it's just Are you like, eight inches?” Sam could feel his own 6 inch cock beginning to swell underneath the thin towel. With little hesitation he stepped forward. He had noticed that Damien's own cock still pulsed, and was still quite erect even at the sight of him. “We shouldn't let that beautiful hard cock go to waste,” he whispered as he strode forward, closer to Damien still.

Damien was stunned speechless.

Then Sam reached out to caress Damien's lower abdomen, his palm traveling lower until, with a fist full of pubic hair, he kneeled down, and took the entire cock in between his great pink lips.

Damien who had never been blown before moaned in pleasure right away, and struggled to hold it in as Sam continued to lick and tug and massage his balls. Sam bobbed his head up and down, up and down and each time he did so a little precum would leak out of Damien and trickle down Sam's throat. Sam pulled his face away only once to lick his lips. “Baby I want you to suck me off just like that.”

Damien, over-thrilled to be bossed around, knelt down, only a bit nervous, and attempted to deepthroat Sam. Although he couldn't quite fit all 6 inches down his throat, he damn well tried and Sam pulled his hair as he did. Pushing his hips out toward Damien's face, he fucked him so hard and so well. But Sam was ready, and held it in.

“Bend over now, baby, bend over, I want to come inside you!”

“But I've never -”

“Do it!” Sam yelled and Damien, although taken aback, knew the agony Sam felt holding it in and so obliged by bending over and pulling apart his butt cheecks.

“Take me, do it.”

Sam laughed at Damien's confidence and spit on both hands, rubbed Damien's hole and then rubbed his dick around the hole, hoping enough of his juices would rub onto Damien.

“I'm doin' it baby,” Sam said, and with that, he stuck his fucking dick right up Damien's fucking hole. Bent over and moaning from the pain, Damien's whines soon turned into shrieks of delight.

“More, fuck me more baby, more, fuck me, Sam Clark you are the fucking best fucker on our whole entire team. I want you to take me everyday.” And with that, Damien squirted into his own hands as he rubbed himself off, still begging for more and moaning all the time. He felt the most glorious kind of splash deep inside his ass and now that the initial pain had subsided he couldn't wait for more. The motion was back and forth, and the two boys bounced. Sam began a gyration and soon fit his entire six inches inside Damien, who clung to his own eight inch cock. Sam became overexcited super early, and just as Damien was going limp, Sam exploded deep inside Damien's asshole. The two boys enjoyed it so much that they kept bouncing, and soon, Sam bent over and licked the mess up.

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