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Head To St. Louis

  I had to go back to ST.LOUIS to see a close relative that became quite ill. My wife hugged me good-bye and left me feeling horny as always. I don't know if she even knew that. I think she thinks that since I'm a bit over the hill, I do not get aroused anymore. Little does she know that my cock is always hard as a rock. I got on the road quite early since I knew that in order to reach about halfway, I would have to go about 500 miles the first day. after about 2 hrs., I stopped at a truckstop to get a coffee and some gas. As I turned in, I noticed an older man sitting on the grass by the road. He was obviously wanting a ride. He looked at me as I noticed him. After exiting the store, the man started walking towards my car. As I was ready to get in, the man, very politely, asked if he could hitch a ride. At first, I was a bit hesitant, but after he told me about himself returning to his hometown for some business, he seemed quite safe and I could use some company. We started out talking about our lives and hardships and our present situation. He mentioned he had no transportation to get around outside of his present residence. He kept on saying how thankful he was that I gave him a lift. One thing I did notice was that he seemed a bit feminine, not that I minded at all. He asked if he could keep riding with me until I stopped for the night, and if he could share the cost of a room. I said that was just fine but only if I paid for it. After about 6 hours of driving, the man asked out of the blue if there was anything at all he could do to repay me. He must have noticed my pants bulging. He then told me he would love to please me in any way that I liked as he moved closer to me and touched my leg. I was very much horny by this point and could feel my precum oozing out. He slowly unbuckled my pants and unzipped me while slowly pulling out my pleasure rod. He said he would love to suck on my cock and devour all my built-up cum down his throat. He knew by my " Sure " quick answer that he could begin and did he ever. He just continued his quest as I kept moaning and moaning saying to him how good it felt. He enjoyed not to do me in too quickly, just sucking and using his tongue at a steady but not too fast pace. I could not believe this was happening to me, driving down the interstate. Finally, after about 20 minutes of absolute pleasure, he must have known that the time was here for my ultimate explosion. As he sucked a bit faster and faster, I told him I was getting ready to cum, he held his lips even tighter onto my cock. As I shot and shot, probably 5 times, he never quit that tight lip suction all the while bubbing up and down at a fantastic bubbing rate. Even after I exploded all my load, he kept a tight lip on my rod cleaning off all loose cum dripping down the sides. He then pulled up my zipper and fixed my pants and sat back up and then blew my mind and said " I can't wait till later on a soft bed. I swear I started getting hard again. We got to the motel a few hours later and both got into the shower. I was quite surprised by this fifty year old man's cock. It was very thick and must have been all of 8 inches long. It was making me very excited as my cock once again got hard. I started washing his body, slowly working my way down to his cock. He told me to suck on it hard and fast, just the way he liked it. After about a few minutes he said " Let's go to the bed ". We immediately did the 69. This was just great. He stopped occasionally and said how good of a cocksucker I was and this made me even harder than I already was. After about ten minutes or so, I could tell by his moans that his time was getting close for his load to shoot into my mouth. This, in turn, made my explosion closer, also. It was like we planned it perfectly, we both started to shoot our incumming loads at once. It must have been a long time for my new friend. He kept shooting load after load of great tasting cum down my ever wanting throat. He finally collapsed from bucking and we both fell fast asleep until early the next morning. The next day we sucked each other off again then went onto the highway till we reached our destination and said our good-byes. I wish I could meet someone like that again down the road.
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