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Hitchhiker Stories


Offering A Ride To A Stranger - Chapter Two

Katie and I get to know each other better

I'd met Katie while she was hitchhiking close to my home. I'd offered her a lift and taken her back to my place, where she'd told me very little about herself, other than she was on the road and had a daughter someplace. She'd decided she needed to clean...

Offering A Ride To A Stranger - Chapter One

I offer a ride to a hitchhiker I meet on my journey home

It started as a pretty normal late summer day. I'd dropped a visitor off at the bus station and I was driving home, wondering what to do with the remainder of my weekend. It was then that I saw her, up in the distance walking slowly along the side of this...

The Hitchhiker And My Bucket List

Being stuck with a total stranger in the midst of a storm has its advantages.

I've been horny and hungry driving around this desolate town in the midst of a storm. There's no available room to sleep in. Even the pump's twenty-four-hour convenience store and the diner across the street are closed. My sense of adventure is thinning o...

The Hitchhiker

An eccentric, young woman draws the attention of a long-haul truck driver

John had been rolling down I-10 for over an hour. He was a long-haul truck driver and was executing a return trip from Oxnard, California to Jacksonville, Florida. The first leg of the trip was not a good one. John got caught up in two separate accidents...

The Hitchhiker

Angry with herself for ruining a relationship, she decides to take a risk. It looks like less than she bargained for... at first.

A maroon Buick pulled to the side of the road next to me. Looking across to the driver, I saw a woman alone in the car. That is not your normal hitchhiker picker-upper, at least in my experience. She seemed agitated somehow, but I gave her my opening line...

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Jared Hitches a Ride - Part 1

Meet the baddest coolest fucker on the goddamn planet. You're gonna LOVE Jared.

“You really think we should be doing this?” Mallory wrung her hands visibly as she spoke the words. “Trust me, this guy’s okay,” Vanessa said to the younger girl. “And if he does try anything, I’ll mace out his eyeballs.” Vanessa wouldn’t have granted a r...

The Hitchhiker -- 1

You can pay with your ass, pussy, or mouth

My name is Erin and I know it is dangerous to hitchhike. But, when you are a vagabond with little money and need to get somewhere, it is the only way. I have no problem paying for a ride with my pussy – but only with men. Age doesn't matter, provided they...

The Hitchhiker

Jamie takes a ride into eternity.

I was out driving the two-lane country roads with no particular destination in mind. After an hour of driving, I spotted a young girl perched on two suitcases along the side of the road not far ahead. As I got closer, I could see that she was wearing boot...

The Stranger On Sugar Puss Road

Man picks up hitch hiker and makes a bargain

Life in the newspaper business has many twists and turns. Even more so now with so many papers going out of business. Employment can be hard to come by so just finding work of any kind is always appreciated. Recently, I was hired by The Thornhill Daily, a...