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Samuel, Pt. 3

Romance is in the air
Note: This won't make much sense without having read the first two chapters.

Sleeping with Sam curled around me was... well, if I use words like “dreamy” I'll have to make fun of myself. Let's just say I enjoyed it. Didn't do much actual sleeping, of course. Tough to drift off with a new lover's bare skin all over yours. And it was the same for Sam, he spent a lot more time nuzzling my neck than he did snoring.

Which meant we went to class horny the next day. First bell was a signal to Sam to start kissing my neck and shoulders. By the time I escaped both our cocks were pointing the way forward.

“Come on, man,” he said, grinning at me from the bed. “Breakfast of champions, right here.”

“We got fifteen minutes to muster, dummy,” I said, returning his grin. “And we're in whites today.”

“Plenty of time,” he said.

“For you? Probably.”

“Oh, that's cold,” he said with a laugh. “That is some cold-ass shit, right there.”

All at once he surged off the bed and trapped me against the wall, his arms on either side of my head.

“You know,” he said, “when I fucked my high school girlfriend I went all damn night. It's your own fuckin' fault I can't hold out with you.”

“Sure,” I said. “Blame the victim.”

He moved to kiss me, but I ducked out of his arms and fled to the head to shave. There was still an obvious bulge in the front of his pants when he came in a few minutes later.

It was Saturday that undid my self control. When your turn came up for weekend duty at our school it meant two or three watches spread over Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday, precluding any pass into town and pretty much keeping you around the barracks all weekend. Mostly people got caught up on studying and tending uniforms and cleaning quarters and all the rest of the routine maintenance, which I'm sure was the point. We weren't just learning our jobs, after all, we were also learning how to be in the military.

What it meant for Sam and I was that of the sixty hours between the end of work Friday and reveille on Monday we spent twelve on watch, maybe eight studying and doing chores, and forty with nothing to do but each other. And we binged.

He'd figured out by then that I wasn't keeping score, that it didn't have to be a one-for-one exchange of orgasms every time we got physical. And while he was a generous lover, he was also happy to take advantage of my generosity. I ended up with his cock in my mouth before duty Friday night, after duty, in the middle of the night when he woke up hard, first thing in the morning Saturday, after breakfast, after lunch, and again literally the instant he walked in the room after his afternoon watch.

The last go-round had him so wiped out that he almost fell asleep sitting up in the couch afterward, with me still hard as a rock. Which resulted in me standing on the couch and fucking the hell out of his face, far the roughest sex we'd had.

“Damn, Kenny,” he said when I'd finished. “Thought you were going to pound that thing right through my skull.”

“Don't pretend you didn't like it,” I said with a quick tug of his cock, which was busily defying the laws of probability by being hard again.

“Yeah,” he laughed. “Not gonna lie. That was fun. Be fun when I do it back to you, too.”

“Any time, loverboy,” I said. “You're good when you're rough.”

“Yeah?” he said. He slid an arm behind me and I let him pull me up astride his lap. “And how am I when I'm gentle?”

I kissed him by way of answer. It went on a while, slow and languid and relaxed.

“You know,” I said, smiling at him from six inches away. “All I was looking for was some dick from my hot exhibitionist roommate. I didn't expect all this tenderness.”

“How you think I feel?” he said. “I never even touched another guy. Now here I am making love to one every fucking day. And thinking about it every second I'm not doing it.”

It was the “making love” that did it. We kissed for another long while, my arms around his neck and his hands roaming over my back, and I couldn't get that turn of phrase out of my head. A few minutes before, when I was skull-fucking him rudely, it probably would have washed on by. High with endorphins and with my lust dialed down to a more emotional level, it worked on me. Especially when I started to kiss my way down his body, intending another round of oral cock love, and he stopped me for more kissing and embracing.

“Oh, fuck it,” I said, leaning back far enough to grin at him. “Let me up a minute. C'mon, I'll be right back, let me up.”

I kept lube and condoms in the back of my locker. Didn't actually need to hide the condoms, but I was always paranoid that someone would know what unlubricated condoms and a bottle of quality lube meant, so I tucked them away. It was only the lube I was after, though.

“Okay, lover mine,” I said as I dropped back down onto his lap. “Normally I'm all about latex, but a used condom is like a murder weapon around here. If one backs up a toilet in an all-male barracks, doom.”

“Yeah,” he said. “And anybody sees one in any trashcan and it'll be the fucking Spanish Inquisition. They'll turn out every locker on NTC.”

“And if we bag 'em up until we can take 'em far away, all it takes is an inspection.”

“Yeah,” he said. He was grinning like an idiot and trying to pull me in for a kiss.

“I'm not a virgin,” I said. “But I can count my lovers on one hand. And I didn't bareback with any of them. And I get tested.”

“Yeah,” he said, still grinning. Since I wouldn't let him at my lips, he started kissing whatever he could reach. Chest, arms, shoulders, he didn't care.

“And you'd fuck me,” I said, “if I told you there was an angry scorpion up my ass.”

“Yeah,” he said. He slipped a hand behind my neck and this time I let him pull me down to meet his lips. He laughed a few minutes later when I reached for his cock.

“Senior year,” he said, “I started wondering if maybe I liked guys. Didn't have the guts to do anything about it. So what's the universe do? Drops you in my lap. Literally. Prob'ly figured if I don't like you, I don't like men and that's that.”

“Remind me to send the universe a thank you card,” I said.

“No worries. I'm sure it's queer for you, too.”

He moaned and started to push up when I positioned his cock.

“Let me do it,” I said. “You're big, let me get used to you.”

Usually it takes a while for me to warm up to being fucked. Not this time. There was little pain, even with his size, and the intimacy of going bareback was just incredible. Within minutes I had that intense, all-over fire that only comes from the receiving end. Like a full body ASMR experience with the addition of heat. Our lips were locked together, partly just to suppress Sam's moans.

“Oh my God, Kenny,” he whispered. “It's so good. I'm not going to last.”

“Yeah you are,” I said with a grin. “I'm not falling for a damn minuteman.”

“Man,” he said, “if you say things like falling for I'll be done in thirty seconds.”

“You're the one that said we make love. I'd have been all right with getting fucked.”

“Damn it,” he said, returning my grin. “You want this to last, you best shut up.”

“Yeah?” I said. “So I shouldn't call you my lover and tell you this is already the most intimate, emotional sex of my life?”

“No,” he laughed. “No, you shouldn't do that.”

“Then I'll just talk about how your kisses are like fire. And how good your big, hard cock feels in my tight little ass.”

“Shut up, shut up,” he said. He grabbed my hips and pulled me all the way down, holding me still forcibly. Not actually wanting him to cum too soon, I shut up. We sat like that a long time, arms tightly wound around each other, kissing from way down in our souls. My hips moved in little circles, not really stroking him, just keeping the feeling there.

Well, just keeping the feeling and inviting my prostate to the party. The steady stroking started to feel really good after a few minutes, and it was my turn to moan. He broke our kiss and looked at me from a couple inches away.

“Your balls are moving,” he said.

“Yeah,” I said. “You're all over my prostate right now. Starting to feel really good.”

“Will it wreck it if we start moving?”

“No, once it starts it's there. And you've got me so full we don't need to worry about angles.”

He eased the pressure on my hips and I started up and down, slowly. We both moaned and immediately locked lips to keep each other quiet. I kept the pace slow for a few minutes, which was actually more than fine with me. The feeling of his big cock filling me and his bare skin sliding in and out had me somewhere near rapture.

“Go faster,” he whispered.

“No,” I said with a grin.

“No, really,” he said. “I'm past it. Ever been really close and then pulled way back? It's gonna take me a while to get there now. Come on, bring it.”

He was as good as his word. I picked up the pace and the length of the strokes, and it was definitely me that was making more noise now. He kept trying to get me to go faster until the couch started bumping on the floor and I instantly hit the brakes.

“Kenny...” he said.

“Sam,” I said, “furniture bumping around because people are fucking on it sounds like furniture bumping around because people are fucking on it.”

“Floors don't bump,” he said, and proceeded to roll us forward onto the floor without even taking his cock out of me. I was just along for the ride.

“I love it when you do that,” I said with a laugh. There were about three seconds of shifting around, then he pushed forward and we both groaned.

“Oh, fuck,” he said. “That's it. Oh my God, Kenny. You okay?”

“Do it,” I said, a little breathless just from his first stroke. “Come on, fuck me.”

He did. I give him a hard time for being inexperienced and especially for being quick, but right there on that floor Samuel absolutely fucked me out of my mind. Whatever he'd figured out about pulling back from his orgasm worked at least three times that I counted. There may have been more, but by that time I was long gone.

It started off relatively calm. He was on top, he was in charge, but he was maybe afraid of hurting me or of getting off too quick or maybe both. He leaned down to kiss me and we went for quite a while with our lips together and my arms around his back, having a great time. At one point I moaned in the middle of a thrust and it came out kind of a yelp.

“You all right?” Sam asked, stopping his hips.

“Yeah, come on,” I said. Or maybe moaned. “Fuck me. Come on, harder.”

“I'll give you harder,” he said with a grin and a big thrust of his hips. I let the thrust force another moan out of me, and it was on. At first I think he was trying to get me to cry uncle, but that was never going to happen. And when it didn't his energy just kept climbing. Pretty soon he was up on his arms, fucking me as fast as his hips would move and so hard I slid across the floor with every thrust.

I came first. I'd only ever cum purely from being fucked, nothing touching my cock, a couple times before. It's intense as hell, but tough to achieve. My body flushed, my balls tightened, and I floated for what seemed like forever while the tide built, not sure at first that it was going to release all on its own. When it did it was absolutely overwhelming, one of those orgasms that makes others unworthy of the name. I must have cried out, because Sam leaned down to cover me with a kiss just as my cock fired off one of the biggest loads of my life. It soaked both our bodies, shooting up far enough to hit our faces as we kissed.

“Wait,” Sam said, grinning against my mouth. “You came? I didn't even know men could do that from getting fucked.”

“Not often,” I whispered. Whispering was all I could do at the moment. He kissed me until I came down, not moving his cock inside me.

“Fuck, Sam,” I said when I was coherent again. “That was incredible.”

“It looked it,” he said.

“It's rare for me. I'll try to get you there when I fuck you. There's no high that high.”

“I don't know, Kenny,” he said. He was positively beaming. “My boyfriend came just from my fucking. I'm pretty fucking high myself.”

I grinned at boyfriend, but I was pretty sure he didn't even realize he'd said it. After a minute his hips started to move again, slowly.

“Is it all right?” he said. “Do you need to stop?”

“Get it on, thunder cock. Not gonna do anything but make me feel good now.”

It didn't take him long to be back in full freight-train mode. I wasn't going to cum again, but it still felt incredible. His strong mass above me, his scorching hot kisses, both the physical sensation and the sheer intimacy of his bare cock in my body, it was all fantastic. Easily the best sexual experience of my life to that point. My cock stayed half erect and drooling the entire time, and I couldn't stop my hips from thrusting up to meet him.

He stopped to cool down repeatedly, but never took his cock out. By the time he finally finished I was too fuck-drunk to even be aware of it. He was fucking me hard and then some unknowable amount of time later he was laying on top of me, kissing my face, his cock slowly deflating inside me. We were both covered with sweat and I was breathing as hard as he was. I could feel his heart pounding against my chest, and I'm sure he could feel mine.

“Hey,” Sam said after a long while, a big smile on his face, “just so you know, if you get pregnant I'll do the right thing.”

“Good man,” I said. “And just so you know, if I get pregnant the right thing is to kill me before it bursts out of my chest and tries to eat Ripley.”

There was another long pause for kissing, languid and content.

“Kenny,” he said. “That was beyond anything, man. Everything we do is better than I knew sex could be, but I didn't want that to ever stop.”

“You did some righteous fucking, Sam. You can do that to me every single night from now until graduation, if we don't break your dick off.”

“Man, I feel ten feet tall,” he said. “When you came on my cock... But that ain't even what I mean.”

“Yeah, baby,” I said, gently touching is face. “Me, too.”

“All that stuff it's way too soon to say?” he said. “I almost said it there in the middle.”

“I believe you,” I said. “You did, after all, call me your boyfriend.”

“Did I?” He was embarrassed. “Well, you just called me baby.”

“Your penis is still in my body. I can call you any silly pet name I want. Sweetcheeks. Sugarpop.”

“Thunder cock?” he said, the grin returning.

“Thunder cock, yes,” I said with a laugh. “In my defense, I was high.”

“Boyfriend?” he said, trying for casual and missing.

“Boyfriend,” I said. “Lover. Significant other. Pick it.”

There was more kissing. It got downright sappy for a while.

We were both a little wobbly when we got up off the cold tile floor. It wasn't so accommodating without waves of lust to dull the senses.

“Ow,” Sam said. “My knees.”

“Hell with your knees,” I said helpfully. “Ow my back.”

“Hey,” he said, “just how stupid are we?”

With a wry look he casually tugged the mattress off his bed, leaving it right where we'd just had our amorous encounter.

Two showers later, we were back on the couch. And this is what it is to be eighteen: We were already getting horny again.

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