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Seduced by the Milkman

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Way back in time when I was young and naïve

This story is in two parts concluding with Virgins no More. All characters are seventeen or over.

Way back in time when I was young and naïve I would hitchhike from just north of Watford to Llanberis in North Wales.  I had done this several times usually without incident however this time it was a bitter cold rainy afternoon and nobody was stopping; by 4pm I was totally pissed off as I waited by the roundabout leading up to the M1.  I was about to give up when a tanker pulled up, I opened the nearside door and asked the driver where he was going.

“Wrexham…any good?” came his reply.

Well it was a start and it was on my way so in all innocents I jumped in; my driver introduced himself as Brian and welcomed me as we drove off, soon we were exchanging pleasantries; Brian was perhaps 5 – 6 years older than me and had just completed his National Service, we continued to chat about where we lived which came as a surprise to me for he was transferring milk from a depot quiet close to where I lived.  Seeing the steam rising from my jeans he asked me to move up closer to the engine cover, for this was an old Albion which according to him was a bitch to drive but warm never the less.  Soon the conversation got around to girlfriends, I said I didn't have one at the time and he replied that he was in the same boat so after a few grunts we just sat there in silence, eventually the silence got to Brian so he turned on the radio then began singing, I began singing along too and when the song finished we both looked at each other and laughed; it was then and with some difficulty he put his hand on my thigh, now I had been in both the scouts and cadets so wandering hands held no surprises for me so I just sat there as he squeezed and worked his way up to my cock

“Look, I don’t mind you touching but I’m no queer,” I stammered.

“Ok, let’s have a wank, just a wank ok,” I nodded in agreement.  “Ok…it’ll be easier if you took off your jeans and pants,” I slowly undid my jeans then gripping the two waistbands together pulled them down.  In one sense I was glad to be shot of them for my jeans had became as stiff as a board and were very uncomfortable to sit about in.

“Move a bit closer then,” thankfully we were on the motorway so Brian didn’t have to fuck about with gear changes as he stroked my cock, his hand felt rough and warm as he played with my genitals.  I was determined I wasn’t going to get turned on too early for I had fallen into this trap before, for once I had come it was usually a case of ‘give me your arse’ or get out.  In the past I had always chosen the latter but for some reason things seemed different and perhaps just perhaps this time I was prepared to cross that line.

“Christ, you’re a bastard to get hard,” Brian uttered as wanked me.  “Reach under the dash there should be some porn there.'

I reached under, yes sure enough there were several magazines ranging from soft porn to some ready hard core stuff (These days what we now call hard core would have been banned then).  I opened one, it was full of lesbian pictures, now to me any naked girl would get my hormones raging and to see two that was ‘system overload.’

“Like that do you,” muttered Brian as he felt my cock respond.

I could feel my hormones rising as he wanked me, soon I was rock hard and his hand had tightened round my cock pulling back my foreskin as far as it would go.

“You have a lovely cock Steve…come on feel mine,” he uttered as I hesitated.  “Come on.” He repeated.

I could see the bulge in his pants as I reached across and after some difficulty eased his erection out; it was longer and although thinner than mine had a bulging head amidst a thick bush of curly black hair.  Letting go of the wheel he grabbed my hand and put it on his cock, I wrapped my fingers round his throbbing shaft.

“Come on then …give us a wank,” he groaned, I moved my hand up and down easing his foreskin over its bulging head.  As I wanked I became fascinated by its big shiny purple head, “Keep going…that’s nice,” Brian uttered as a bead of pre-cum oozed out on the up stroke only to quickly disappear.

The 1 mile sign appeared for Rugby, “Time to turn off, get some grub and rest up a bit,” mumbled Brian as he prepared to turn off.

We parked up at a well known truck stop then made our way to the café, “This one’s on me,” Brian uttered before pointing to an empty table; Brian came back with two ‘Full English’ and a couple of mugs of tea, we sat in silence as we ate our meal; a couple of guys came over and talked totally ignoring me then Brian saw someone he knew got up to talk to him then came back.  “Come on then,” Brian muttered heading towards the door.  It was still raining as we walked towards his truck then in total surprise he veered off towards some chalets.

“Where are we going,” I asked.

“Nothings free,” he uttered grabbing my shoulder then pushing me through a doorway.

Somehow I stumbled and twisted as I fell into to his arms; we both looked at each other for a brief second then began kissing.  “My hunch about you was right,” he uttered as he pulled off my clothes before undressing himself.  Under the dim light of the parking lot I could see that Brian was both muscular and hairy; reaching forward he lightly stroked my body then docked my cock with his.  He then pushed me against a wall then began kissing my chest, next he bit my nipples making me cry out then slowly licked down my body, soon his hot lips were kissing my cock a drooling cock I might add, opening his mouth he pulled me in then began to lick and suck  me.  Soon his hand were stroking my balls and anus, I just moaned with pleasure as I felt my cum rising; in no time I orgasmed and came spurting into his mouth.  He sucked till I was flaccid “You liked that didn’t you?” I nodded for I felt weak in the knees and totally drained as he knelt between my legs wanking himself slowly.

“Do you trust me Steve?”  “Yes I think so…why?”  I replied.

“Well I’ll be honest I want to fuck you and deep down I think you want the same.  I won’t hurt you I promise but I need to know.”

“You said just a wank in the lorry,” I murmured.

“I know I did but things have changed, for I really believe that you want this to go further”.

I felt a hot flush ran down my body for it was true, in Brian’s arms things felt different.  “OK but you’re have to tell me what to do and if I say stop you’ll stop.”

Brian reached over to his bag and got out a pot of Vaseline, “OK, make you way over to the bed and lie down…now draw your knees, as I did this Brian reached for then shoved a pillow under my arse.  “Ok I’m going to take it slow and easy,” Brian muttered as I felt him smear my anus with a glob of Vaseline then ease a finger into my rectum, now I was no stranger to this for I had done this to myself many a time but still it tighten round his finger as he finger fucked me; leaving the first in he then slid in a second then opened and closed them, “Your so fucking tight,” he said as he slowly twisted his fingers back and forth.  A couple of times I winched then having felt my rectum open up he slipped in a third.  “This will be the last one,” he uttered.  Looking down he then asked me to scoop out some Vaseline and rub it all over his cock, reaching forward something in my rectum seem to give for I was no longer in pain; with his cock covered in lube Brian extracted his fingers and covered me with his body, I felt the tip of his cock nudge my rectum, “Look at me don’t look away.”

I stared at him as I felt my anus first give then open as he eased slowly in;  I went to cried out in pain but Brian had leant forward and was kissing me, his tongue first pushed against my lips then on mine as I felt his passion and desire, as he kissed me he thrust right in filling me, he held it there letting me get used to his length then he placed my legs onto his shoulders, once comfortable he began gently rocking, easing in and out as we kept eye contact; soon the rocking became fucking for these were now faster and firmer strokes.  As we fucked a totally new sensation began to arouse me, it was coming from deep within my bowels and was causing my cock to become hard then to my astonishment it began to leak pre-cum.  I moaned and writhed wanting Brian to go deeper and harder.

As if by magic Brian increased his stroke and depth for this felt like nothing on earth, for not only was my arse getting a good pounding but something was happening with my cock for by now it was a hard as iron and for the want of a better word being masturbated by Brian’s body, how long this lasted I don’t know for next Brian slowed then leaned forward so his teeth could bite my neck then with a slow but hard pumping action shouted “Yes…yes…yes,” then as he bit hard into my neck two things happened almost spontaneously, first I felt warm jolts of cum pump deep into my bowels and my cock erupted spewing cum all over our chests and stomachs.

We stayed locked together for sometime then he slid out of me “How was it?” he asked, I waited a few seconds then with absolutely no reason at all replied with “Worth waiting for,” Brian just laugh then offered me some tissues to clean up with, as I wiped my arse it felt open and sore then feeling the need to shit I hurried into the bathroom sat down then following an enormous fart felt Brian’s cum slowly dribble out; as I sat there pondering about what had just happened Brian walked in and began cleaning his cock.  In many ways it was a pity that the washbasin was out of reach, for sat as I was this may have been the ideal time to perform my first oral.

“Come on then, we’ve still got some miles to go,” Brian uttered as a form of protest; I made my way into the bedroom and began to get dressed.  “No…No leave your pants, I’ve got plans for you,” intrigued I continued dressing then followed Brian out to the lorry.

Soon we were on a boring stretch of dual carriage for it was now the middle of night and traffic was very light.  “Got a driving license,” Brian asked.

“Yeah why?”

“Fancy a go at driving this?”

“I thought you needed a HGV license for one of these!”

“Got to learn somehow.”

“OK I’ll give it a go but you’ll have to help me“

“Don’t worry about that I’ll give you all the help you need.”

We pulled over at the next lay-by where Brian asked me to strip off then slip on my shoes before climbing over the engine cover and sit on his already naked lap.  Following a very brief introduction to the controls we set off with me initially steering and Brian working the pedals and gears.  As time went on I got better and once on the straight bits of road Brian’s hands began to wander for he had nothing to do so my cock or nipples became the subject of his undivided attention.  Now I love nipple play and judging by the way Brian’s cock was reacting so did he.

“You want to fuck me again, don’t you” I uttered, having felt his cock throb and jerk against my arse cheeks.

“Yeah…just lift your arse a little…we’ll do it whilst we’re moving.”

As I lifted my arse I felt Brian’s cock follow its groove until it rose no further then with no foreplay or lube Brian first centred then pressed upwards, his cock was so hard I cried out as he entered me again, I felt that sore burning sensation as I lowered myself gently down, once seated Brian reached round and began to wank me then he began to play with my nipples again, in one sense my system was being overloaded for now my rectum was full and being excited by the vibrations of the engine and both my cock and nipples were being manipulated by a man I was beginning to love.  Warm hot pleasure began coursing through me, cum was building and building and soon I was moaning and crying out, begging to be released; my orgasm when it did come was a beautiful release for my cum didn't spurt out it just flowed.  As for Brian’s his release came a lot later, for we were now going through built-up areas and to avoid any trouble I had now donned my t-shirt but still remained naked from the waist down.  Each roundabout and gear change was an experience for his cock was still embedded in my arse and as for my cock well that just continued to dribble for unknown to me at the time I was receiving a constant prostate massage.  Dawn was just rising when we reached the outskirts of Wrexham, seeing a transport lay-by just before the A5 turnoff we pulled over then with one final flourish Brian made love to me, he came in me with hard powerful surges before finally collapsing.

“I think you had better get dressed before one of the other lads see you,” Brian muttered as he pushed my over to the passenger seat.

“Will I see you again?” I asked with almost a tear in my eye.

“Look, here’s my phone number, but I’m on the road a lot.  Sunday evenings usually a good time but its no guarantee.  Now be off with you and just take care.”

I watched as he pulled out of the lay-by then I headed towards the toilets; my jeans were smeared with his cum, my arse throbbed with want but most of all I felt sad and lonely, for in those few hours I had found a love and passion for another man.  Was I queer I don’t know, all I did know was that Brian was the only one for me at this moment in time?

About a week later and completely on the off-chance I called him, he was pleased to hear from me and yes he would give me a lift for this had become his regular run for ‘no other bastard’ as he put it was prepared to do it.  All summer we made that trip sometimes it was just one-way but there were a few occasions we made it both ways, but my long term memory takes me back to that second run up north for it was here Brian gave me what is now known a butt plug, I can still remember his words today, “Shove it up your arse, it holds it all in as you to rush to the loo.”  What he failed to tell me was that it also kept my arse open, ready for the next time.  Talk about being young and naïve.
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