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Surprised by Doctor

Great surprise when visiting doctor to have a freckle checked.
I am 37 years old and have been married to the same woman for 17 years.  Our sex life is what you would expect after 17 years of marriage, no anal and very little oral.  I find myself looking at almost every woman with a half decent face or body that passes me.  I like watching porn and masturbating.  A couple of moths ago I notice what looks like a freckle on my cock, I thought nothing of it.  Over the next few months it started to get a little bigger.  I though to myself I should go to my doctor and have him check it out. 

I went to see the doctor and he calls me into his office.  I sit down and he asks me what brings you here today.  I tell him I am a bit embarrassed but I think I have a freckle growing on my penis.  He tells me don't be embarrassed, I need you to take off your pants and lay on the examination table face up so I can have a look.  I removed my pants but left my boxers on and got onto the table.  The doctor put on some gloves and pulled the front of my shorts down to reveal my penis.  I point out to him the freckle I am talking about, he picks up my penis to have a look at the freckle.  I notice while he is looking at my cock there is a bulge in his pants getting bigger by the second.  When I see his bulge my cock starts to grow harden in his gloved hand, this makes his bulge even bigger.  He grabs my cock with his other hand and stretches the skin around the freckle, He moves in closer for what I think is to take a closer look, but when his face was close enough his lips parted and took my rock hard cock into his mouth and licked the underside of the head.  An involuntary moan escaped my lips.  He took the moan from me as permission for him to go further.  He slowly took all of my cock into his mouth until it hit the back of his throat, it was the most amazing thing I have ever felt.  He was working up and down my shaft slowly at first then the pace started to quicken.  I was enjoying the experience so much I started to fumble with his belt and pants to open them to get at his bulge, I was have trouble reaching with both hands because he would not take my cock out of his mouth.  He undid his belt and pants himself and allowed his pants to fall to the floor, he was not wearing any underwear.  His cock was one of the most beautiful things I had seen and I grabbed a hold of it with my hand closest to him and started to work my hand up and down his beautiful piece of meat.  After a couple of minutes I had to ask him to stop because I could not hold my load much longer.  I wanted to take him into my mouth just as he had done for me.  We swapped over he lay down on the exam table and I grabbed hold of him with both hands and masturbated him for a while whilst I work up the courage to take him into my mouth.  When I finally did put this beautiful piece of meat in my mouth it was even better than I had though it would be, he tasted wonderful, the soft but firm texture was great and the feeling of the fullness in my mouth was something else.  I was so excited I thought I was going to explode without even being touched again.  I took him as deep into my mouth as I possibly could, I even once felt the tip of his cock hit the back of my throat.  After a couple of minutes he suggested we try a 69.  I eagerly agreed and he moved closer to the wall and rolled onto his side to face me and I lay on the table facing him cock to mouth.  He took all of me into his mouth at once, but I had a saw jaw from the work I was doing for the past few minutes so I used my hands and alternated with my mouth.  This went on for a couple of minutes, then someone knocked on the door. 

It was the doctors receptionist, the doctor took me out of his mouth and told the receptionist to come in.  He walked in and saw us in the position we were in both completely naked.  He said to the doctor I thought I told you the next time this happens to call me in so I can have some fun as well.  The doctor apologized and asked me if the receptionist could take my place for a while.  I agreed because I need to rest my mouth and I was trying to hold on to my load and it was getting harder and harder.  The receptionist stripped off and took my place.  These two had obviously done this before because they were deep throating each other over and over, this went on for about 5  minutes.  It was great to watch and I did not go soft at any stage.  The receptionist ask if I could take the doctors place, I was so excited by this stage I would have agreed to suck them both at the same time.  the doctor got up off the table and the receptionist moved back to the wall and I climbed onto the table.  At once we were sucking liking mad men.  The doctor was standing directly behind me with a tube of lube in his hand.  He squeezed some onto his still gloved hands and started to lube his cock and then reached down to my ass and smeared some lube around and just inside.  I immediately new what was about to happen, I was so horny and excited I wanted him to stick his piece of meat into me.  He stepped up to me and place the head of his cock on my sphincter and push slightly waiting for my anal sphincter to relax.  When it relaxed he pushed a little harder and I felt the head pop into me.  It was absolutely amazing, I beg him to go deeper, in one big thrust he was all the way inside me.  I let out the loudest primal moan I had ever heard and I could not hold on any longer and let go of my juice down the throat of the receptionist.  He loved it and continued to suck me dry.  by now the doctor was pumping in and out of my ass with his amazing tool and I was in ecstasy, he was pumping faster and deeper and I could feel him starting to spasm and then the most amazing thing of the day happened he shot his load deep inside me, his pumping then started to slow and he stayed inside me until he was soft again.  I asked the receptionist if I could finish him off, he told me he would love that, so I stood up from the table and lent over his crutch and proceeded to masturbate and suck his cock until he let go of his massive load into my mouth.  I figured after everything that had just happed I may as well swallow his juice and it was great.   

The doctor told me I can fuck him next time.

I now have a weekly appointment with the doctor to check the freckle has not grown too much.
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