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Taking Charge

The wrestling coach becomes my bitch…

My mother’s first husband passed away two years before I was born. One year later, she married my father. Mom had a son from her former marriage, my half-brother Gary, whom I always adored and looked up to. Gary was always my hero and protector when we were kids, and could not have loved him more even if he had been my full sibling.

My dad’s name was Harold Dickenson and he was referred to as HD. The acronym was an apt one because he had a very large cock and those in the know, knew that it also stood for ‘horse-dick.’ My name was Peter, and early on I became known as PD. This again was an appropriate abbreviation, because taking after my dad I was known as ‘pony-dick.’ Apparently, after I was born and handed to my mother, she took one look at my knob and said, “This is definitely my husband’s boy.”

Even as a junior at high school my knob was larger than all of the senior boys. It was not that they were underprivileged in the dick department, but compared to my monstrosity, most guys fell short. The worst difficulty for me, however, was not only the size of my cock but the way it always misbehaved. My pecker had a mind of its own and always arose to any occasion when I became excited in a competitive manner. I played baseball and was a very good swimmer at school. Thankfully, baseball did not offer too much of a problem, but speedos presented me with an unbelievable challenge.

The fiercer I performed in the pool, the harder my knob would get. People who tell you that guys with huge dicks cannot get solid erections are talking nonsense. My cock got as stiff as an iron rod.

Although I was proficient in all four swimming disciplines, backstroke was my least favourite. I was always very self-conscious as my overstuffed speedo bobbed above the water, displaying my competitive excitement to the world. Truthfully, with all the splashing I doubt if anyone noticed, but it nevertheless made me feel very self-conscious. I always made sure I had a towel next to the starting blocks so that I could hide my boner as I got out of the pool.

The one thing I had never tried at school was wrestling. I was in my penultimate year at high school having recently turned sixteen and had always been fascinated by wrestling. Gary had wrestled when he was at school, and as we were growing up he naturally showed me the various techniques attributed to the sport.

One day, as I was passing the hall where the wrestling practice always took place, I stopped to have a look at the activity. Apart from being a wrestling fan, I also have to admit that I found the guys a real turn-on. I had known for a few years that I was attracted to men, and had recently even had my first ‘real’ sexual encounter with Jeffery, our neighbour’s son. Jeffery was a year older than me and a real pussy boy. He always made eyes at me. One afternoon, he invited me over to his place and I ended up fucking him. It wasn’t a memorable experience because Jeffery was too ‘girly’ for my taste. Much as he tried to entice me thereafter, I was just not interested.

The wrestling coach was a man named Arnie, and I knew that he and my dad had been at school together. Arnie was a big man and your classic heavyweight wrestler. If one Googled the term ‘bearish,’ I am sure you would find a picture of him. Sadly, due to my baseball and swimming regimen, I would never be able to try out for the wrestling squad. Observing me, Arnie called me over.

“You’re Harold’s boy?” he asked, rhetorically.

“Sure am, coach,” I replied.

“How’s your brother Gary doing?” he then inquired.

“Fine, thank you, coach,” I replied.

“So, do you also want to wrestle?” he questioned, with a good-humoured grin.

I went on to explain that as much as I would like to, my schedule simply wouldn’t allow for it.

“What a pity,” he answered. Then after a brief pause, he walked over to a shelf and retrieved a singlet. As he returned he flung it at me and said, “Put this on and get into the spirit of things. You can be my assistant during this practice,” he concluded, with a playful smile.

After changing I returned and stood beside him. As usual, my dick began misbehaving with the spectacle of the virile guys before me. Coupled with that, the sexy wrestling gear I was wearing was also not helping me to conceal my semi erect-knob. Sensing my discomfort, coach Arnie gave me a pat on the backside and then winking at me, told me to relax.

“You’re a guy, so that’s perfectly normal,” he assured me.

I followed him about for the next half-hour before practice came to an end. As all the guys were getting ready to depart he told me to stay put. Then, when the last boy had left, coach Arnie walked over and locked the door. Next, he invited me to join him in his office at the back of the hall.

When we entered his den the coach began to bristle with sexual excitement. There was a tangible horny tension that oozed from him, and it felt like he was transforming into a bitch in heat. Placing his huge hand on my crotch he jokingly stated that my cock could now totally misbehave itself. Naturally, my dick instantly responded and became totally unruly, to Arnie’s total delight. His sustained fondling was also accompanied by heavy breathing.

“I was at school with your dad,” he hornily hissed.

“Yes I know, coach,” I answered.

“Your old man… had the biggest and most beautiful cock… I have ever seen,” he haltingly informed me, battling to generate spit in his dry mouth.

After licking his lips he continued, “I’ve never stopped dreaming about your dad’s knob.”

Still fondling my knob, he continued, “Jesus, boy, I always wanted to touch you father’s dick. You have no idea how many fantasies I have had about his knob.”

I had never really thought about the coach sexually. He was my dad’s age after all. I had seen photos of him when he was at school and he was definitely very hot, back then. Nowadays, however, he was a little stockier than my taste allowed for. Although we were of the same height, six-foot tall, coach was a lot broader than my lithe swimmers build. There was though, something incredibly alluring about his current horniness.

Does he want to fuck me? I pondered. This question was shortly answered by his next bit of dialogue.

“Would you let me suck your knob, boy?” he asked, as he began to push the shoulder straps of my singlet down my arms.

“Sure… coach,” I replied, anxiously.

As coach Arnie got to his knees before me, he pulled my singlet down to my thighs. Upon doing so my stiff cock exulted in its liberation. The look of total wonder on his face was short lived, however, before his head literally smashed into my crotch. The coach gobbled on my dick like a starving hog. Clamped in his thick hairy arms, in a vicelike grip, I couldn’t believe how much of my cock he was able to swallow as his pounding head and salivating mouth, drummed on my dick. Happily spluttering and virtually choking, the coach went totally berserk.

Getting into the swing of things I grabbed hold of his head and began to skull-fuck him, meaningfully. Between his snorts and grunts, I could clearly discern his sounds of contentment as our frenzied union rapidly soared to its inexorable conclusion. As I shot my load the primal sounds emanating from both of us, was deafening. When our bodies parted and I looked down at his gob smeared face, there was a strange look of submissiveness in his eyes. Emboldened and totally turned-on, I allowed my instinct to take over. I gave coach Arnie a good slap to his face before forcing four fingers into his mouth.

“Strip, bitch,” I barked, “I’m going to fuck your hairy hole.”

After extracting my fingers from his mouth, the coach jumped up in a flash and hurriedly removed his clothing. I was intrigued by how hairy he was and pleasantly surprised by the condition of his large body. For a man my dad’s age, the coach was in great shape. Although nowhere as long as mine, the coach had a thick meaty dick and heavy plump balls. Moving toward him, I gripped hold of his nuts and gave them a good squeeze.

“Keep your hands at your sides,” I ordered, as he tried to embrace me.

Still yanking on his balls, I moved my head forward and gave his left nipple a hard nip. His right nipple followed as he bellowed his approval. After moving my mouth side to side for a short while, I said, “Turn around and bend over bitch, it’s time for your fantasy to become a reality.”

Turning quickly, the coach leaned over his desk. Whipping my arm back and forth, I slapped his hairy arse a few times. “Are you ready to get your hole stuffed by my horse-dick?” I barked.

“Yeah… fuck yeah,” he whimpered. “Fuck me… fuck me hard,” he stammered.

“I can’t hear you,” I bellowed, “Do you want this knob to fuck you?” I roared.

“Yes, yes… Yesss,” he implored, spluttering.

Impatiently, I commenced spearing my huge dick into his portal. The excited sounds from him were breath-taking as I started stabbing at his arsehole.

“Fuck me… fuck me, fuck me hard,” he beseeched me.

“Take this fucking knob you slut,” I boomed, as I frenziedly started to pummel his backside.

When coach’s right hand hastily moved to his cock, I yelled, “Don’t even think of touching your knob. You’re my bitch and I will tell when to relieve yourself. Do you get me, bum-boy?”

“Please… please let me wank myself,” he begged.

“No, put those fucking hands on the table,” I demanded.

I was really hammering into him with force as my hands began to administer hefty slaps to his backside. The coach’s body was shuddering with delight as pummelled away mercilessly.

“Tell me about your fantasy,” I commanded.

“Your daddy’s dick was incredible,” he babbled, “I - couldn’t - take my eyes - off the fucking thing,” he spluttered.

“Does this feel as good as you imagined?” I asked.

“Yes… fuck yes,” he confessed, “Fuck… this is always how I imagined it would be.”

“Tighten your hole and work my cock,” I ordered.

“Okay… okay, sir,” he retorted, as his hole clamped onto my cock.

“Fuck yeah,” I countered, as I continued to pound my huge knob into him.

I was becoming overexcited and knew that I wouldn’t last too much longer. “You may milk your thick cock now,” I announced, as I felt my balls begin to churn.

As I manically thumped his hairy hole, the coach began to cry with excitement as his own release matched my ecstasy. When my balls exploded their discharge into his manhole, the orgasm that I experienced defied all former ejaculations. The cacophony of our combined discharge was unbelievable and we both cried out in jubilation as seed exploded from our dicks. Shaking with rapture, I kept my knob in him as our breathing returned to normal.

Lowering my torso onto him afterward, I ran my hands up and down his hairy arms as we both whimpered our contentment. After I withdrew my cock from him, the coach spun around and embraced me. We kissed excitedly with our mouths tussling voraciously. As our lips panting lips broke apart, the coach finally spoke. “You know I am a councillor at the school?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“Would you like me to ‘counsel’ you once a week, from now on?” he asked.

“Yes,” I answered once more.

“Great,” Arnie answered.

Looking at his watch he said, “Well, it looks like we have still got twenty minutes of this session left.” Then, before turning and once more presenting me his backside he concluded, “Don’t take it so easy on me this time.”


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