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Codeword Red

Gemma didn't mind the spying neighbours, while she trained her boyfriend to fuck her properly...
Gemma didn’t mind the fact that her small suburban garden was heavily overlooked by the apartment blocks surrounding her. In fact, as she lay sunbathing in her lounger on the decking in her tiny string bikini, she loved the fact she was being overlooked.

She looked from window to window, behind her dark shades, to see which curtains were twitching. There were many, where men young and old looked out over her. They wanked furiously, each one creating their own fantasy about what they would do if they had her in their grasp. In fact most of them would fail to satisfy her, and shoot their load pathetically craving her, climaxing at her slightest touch.

Gemma didn’t mind the fact she was overlooked. And she loved teasing the men.

What she did mind was the fact that she was not getting what, in her words, she described as “a damn good seeing to”. Her new boyfriend was wonderful in almost every way, but he had not as yet picked up on the fact that Gemma did not want him to be a gentleman all the time.

Gemma was horny. Gemma liked it urgent, hard and rough. She needed a “damn good seeing to”.

So Gemma had devised a way of getting two things she deeply desired sorted at the same time: one, being watched by strangers, whilst, two, getting it urgent, hard and rough.

When George had come home the night before, Gemma had sat him down, before he had had time to change out of his suit, and she had perched herself on his knees, looking at him through deep blue eyes. “Baby,” she cooed, as she thrust her heavy breasts forward to him, hardly covered in her tiny crop top. Her nipples were erect and poking against the thin material. He smiled at her.

“Baby, I know it’s early days. But I must tell you this. Otherwise it will fester inside me.”

She reached up and brushed the fingers of one hand through his long wavy locks of blonde hair.

“When you fuck me baby...”

He looked at her through wide blue eyes.

“I don’t want you to fuck me like I’m made of china. You’re so respectful and sweet, and that’s lovely. But it doesn’t get me off. I want to be fucked like a nasty dirty whore. I like to be dominated.”

“I already know you’re a nice boy, and you won’t hurt me, so we can play a bit kinky now. I think you’ll find it liberating too. It gets tiresome being lovely and sweet all the time. Sometimes you have to step out on the stage, and play the villain; the bad boy who all the girls desire. You may have noticed, girls marry nice boys, but they fuck bad boys.”

“Tomorrow night, when you get back from work, you come straight out to the back garden. Understand?”

He nodded.

“I’ll be sunbathing, and I’ll be ready for you. You must fuck me like you’re mad at me; like you want to punish me for being bad. You must be rough and manly. That will make me dripping wet for you honey.” She kissed his lips.

“And don’t worry. Just so you know it’s alright, we have a code word. You keep doing whatever you’re doing, unless I say ‘red.’ If I say ‘red’ it all stops.”


And to make him mad, Gemma texted George just before he left work the next day.


“You remember Steve, our builder, the one with all the muscle, and the strong hands. He’s been fucking me.

“If you do this properly, that may stop.

“But if you can’t do this properly, then I will have him visit, and he’ll fuck me in front of you. You will kneel on the floor right up close and watch his big thick cock stretch my cunt wide. You will listen to me groan with pleasure as he fills me with cum. He seems to produce so much cum, it’s often still leaking into my panties when you get home and we sit having tea together. If you can’t do this properly, he’ll have to show you how I like to be fucked, won’t he?

“Be good.”


Gemma stretched out on her sun lounger as she heard the front door slam loudly. She arched her back and thrust her heavy perky breasts upward. She splayed her long legs and closed her eyes as if she were sleeping or dozing in the late afternoon sunshine. She heard his footsteps pacing through the house briskly. Her pussy tingled and moistened, and her nipples stiffened. Her little plan appeared to be working, and, no doubt, her little army of pervy neighbours would be watching and masturbating furiously.

She opened her eyes a little as the patio door slid open. George stepped out and paced towards her. She gulped; he looked furious.

Gemma had piled her long dark hair in a knot at the top of her head. Now it fell loose around her shoulders as George thrust his thick fingers into her curls, grasping a handful of hair and pulling her to a sitting position before him. With his right hand, he grasped the front of her bikini top, and snapped it from her body in one swift movement. Her heavy tits bounced free.

Gemma gasped. “Oh fuck baby!”

George pulled her head back so that her breasts were thrust towards him.

“What are you going to do?” Gemma questioned.

George grunted in reply and he slapped Gemma’s breasts with an open palm. He slapped them both with one swipe so they jiggled. Immediately they glowed with crimson finger marks.

Gemma could hardly contain her lust. Her pussy was swollen and gushed its nectar into her bikini briefs. Her nipples stiffened. She was open mouthed and wide eyed.

George released her from his grip as he pulled his tie open, and he unfastened his belt. He unzipped his suit trousers and reached into the tented front of his tight black boxers beneath. His erect cock looked huge as he sprung it from its confinement. He pushed the shaft forward towards his girlfriend and he snarled menacingly. He caught her by the hair again and guided her to him.

“You fucking dirty bitch,” George hissed as he pushed his thickly veined shaft into Gemma’s willing, hot mouth. He put both hands behind her head, and shoved his cock deep into her throat.

When Gemma gagged, George pulled his cock from her. Thick wads of saliva dripped from her mouth, and he held her face over his cock.

“Spit on it,” he ordered. “All over it, now.” He held her as she spat on him.

Pre-cum was dripping from the eye of his cock and he reached down and smeared this into Gemma’s thick spittle. He greased his thick hard shaft, up and down, until it was shining all over with the mixture of juices. Then he held Gemma by the hair, turning her face to his and looked her in the eyes.

“You’re a filthy bitch, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” she nodded, biting her lip, her blue eyes wide and full of lust. “Fuck yes. I’m a filthy bitch.”

He spun her over on the sun lounger. She spread her legs to steady herself, and thrust her arse up in the air towards him. He pushed her face down against the lounger as he ripped her bikini bottoms from her and threw the sodden shreds of material beside her face.

“Well, this is how a filthy bitch gets fucked,” George roared as he thrust forward, and he pushed his huge dripping cock between her splayed arse cheeks.

The bulbous head of his cock found the rubbery pucker of muscle that was Gemma’s tight anus and he held his cock in his hand and shoved it against the resistance. He pushed harder and harder, and all at once the resistance was gone, and his wet shaft slid into the slippery tight darkness of her anal tract.

He put both hands in her hair, and pulled her onto his cock, spearing her. He began to thrust, and he roughly buggered her. She groaned each time he ploughed her tightness with his throbbing shaft.

He reached around to her face and he pressed three fingers into her open mouth. She sucked hungrily, slobbering over the invading digits. He pulled his fingers from her mouth and pressed them over her face, smearing her with saliva and smudging her makeup.

“Oh Christ,” Gemma screamed, bucking back so hard that she shoved George from her. She raised her pussy high and squirted. She squirted pussy juice all over his thick thighs, his pulsing cock, and over his shirt tails. Her freshly fucked arse gaped. “Fuck!” she gasped.

George grasped his dripping wet cock in his fist and pumped frantically.

“Fuck,” he echoed as he ejaculated all over the glowing wet cheeks of Gemma’s ripe arse. He threw his head back. “You sweet bitch!”


I let the curtain fall back in front of me, the late summer sunshine filling my room with a golden glow through the thin material.

I slid my chair back, suddenly aware of the time, aware my wife would be home any minute. I had to fetch some tissues and clean up the strings of white cum across the wooden floorboards at my feet. She was dirty that girl. I couldn’t help but watch her. She knew it; knew of all the cum being spilt over her in silent rooms. You could see it in her smile.


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