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Free Use for Poker Night

Amanda and her husband Josh have something special planned for his weekly poker night with friends.

“Okay, Rob deals first since he won last week,” Justin said, checking the notebook where he kept a running record of their weekly poker nights. It had been a tradition since they’d taken a trip to Vegas to celebrate their 21st birthdays nearly ten years e...

My King

A dominant stranger enters a hotel room to find an eighteen-year-old virgin girl naked and waiting...

I stood bare to the world in my hotel room. My perky nipples pointed toward the pristine bed, and the wall of windows that overlooked Nashville, TN. It was late, so the skyscrapers were checkered with various apartments and offices with their lights on. T...

Cock Of An Angel part 4

The mystery deepens and the danger increases as Mena sees Azrael with new eyes

As we paused at a stop sign, I caught my reflection in a nearby shop window. The dark circles under my eyes and the sullen set of my mouth betrayed my lack of sleep, a stark contrast to Azrael’s upbeat mood. His seemingly boundless energy only served to h...

Joan Takes A Slow Walk Past Construction Site.

Joan Teases Construction Workers On Site, Daring Them To Take Her.

Joan woke up from a very erotic dream, her hand caressing her horny cunt. Her husband had already left for work. As she sat in the kitchen naked, looking out the window, drinking her coffee, her mind was full of naughty thoughts. She could hear the sounds...

Sitting naked in the outdoor hot tub underneath the Treehouse Dungeon, I felt the hot water reminding me of all the places where leather implements had made contact with my body. My ass had borne the brunt of the impact, but my tits, pussy, legs, and back...

The Tailor

"A dangerous enforcer, a desperate tailor, and a debt that sparks a fiery encounter."

The door chime echoed through the opulent tailor shop, its soft ring a stark contrast to the heavy footsteps that followed. Luca stepped inside, his imposing frame filling the entrance. He scanned the room with piercing blue eyes, taking in the dark wood...

Randy Nurse Ch. 02

Cassandra continues through her goodbyes with a stop to see her favorite married doctor

“You didn’t hear? I put in my two weeks today…” Cassandra cocked her head to the side with a playful smile on her face. “Well, technically, I told them my two weeks’ notice was two weeks ago when Sabrina forgot to cover her own damn shift, and I had to un...

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Boardrooms & Boudoirs - Part 2 -Chapters 5-8

Grace finds balancing life a bit challenging when she goes back to work. Fortunately, a lunchtime rendezvous with Mac hits the spot!

Chapter Five Grace Remy Stewart was back in the saddle, and it felt really fucking good! Her return to work had improved her mood immensely. Though she was busier than ever trying to balance raising two kids under the age of two with being the COO of Stew...

Line Steppers - Episode 3 - The Truth Shall Set You Free

The contest is over and the players take part in a heated face off.

Tyrone scrambled for his pants, nearly falling head over heels. “Don’t bother!” Maya yelled, shoving him as he struggled to stand – her large tee rising and falling with her every action. His softening cock bobbed about between them as she repeatedly slam...

Meeting James Chapter 8 Part 2

James and Melanie spend an intense evening at the Bellagio.

I watched as James used the keycard to open the door to our suite. I had slept in so late I still felt wide awake. Dancing with Gianna all night had gotten me very worked up and I couldn't wait to be with James so I could get some sexual release from all...

Meeting James Chapter 8 Part 1

James and Melanie spend an intense evening at the Bellagio.

I felt as if my heart was going to beat out of my chest as James and I drove west on Route 95 towards Summerlin. Had I been alone in the SUV, I would have texted Gianna to let her know that James and I would be dining at the restaurant this evening. Howev...

The Price is Always Right Part 03.2

Sophie deals with advances from multiple suitors.

“I’m so glad your back is feeling better Mrs. Wilson. Just keep doing those home exercises like we talked about and it’ll keep feeling better. I’ll see you next week. Have a great afternoon!” Sophie said to the elderly patient she had just finished a sess...

Welcome Home - Part 17

Lira and I look for what was lost, and discover something left behind.

Plans were hard to come by. Kitana went home with me, and we stayed up late debating what to do next. I couldn’t help but feel a sense of urgency. I had already most of a year messing about Bening and building a house. If my survival was dependent on disc...