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Mile High Sluts - Part 1 of 2

When Crystal is unable to afford a plane ticket, her best friend has a depraved solution.
I had thirty days left to find a way to make it to the Maldives, where I had promised to meet up with John, chat partner, cyber lover and, from the pictures he had sent me and which had me spend hours upon hours with my fingers between my thighs, stud extraordinaire. But how do you get halfway across the world when all you have left on your bank account are one-hundred and twenty-three dollars and eighteen cent? That was the question that I had been wracking my brain about for the last four weeks, and my initial optimism had given way to a mounting desperation that rose with each new day.

Two strawberry margaritas on a hot summer day and in the company of my best friend and neighbor Candice had done me in enough to loosen my tongue, though she would have nagged the information from me at some point, anyway. There was something about my dark skinned, twenty-five-years-old friend that made me blab about things to her which tended to set my cheeks aflame. This was one of those things, but her reply had been quite different from what I had expected.


“What do you mean, you never pay for a flight?” I looked at Candice with narrowed eyes, sure that she was trying to pull my leg once again, which was a rather regular occurrence.

My neighbor leaned back on the sofa, eyeing me over the rim of the cocktail glass with a smirk on her face, one hand lazily adjusting the neckline of the creamy-white tube dress that showed off her impressive bust. “Just like I said. I never pay. I’ve got this card that gets me on whichever flight with Trans Global I choose.

“I don’t believe you,” I stated matter-of-factly, picking up my own margarita and taking a sip. “If you and Bill were millionaires and flying all over the world, I might be inclined to take your word for it. But Bill’s a carpenter and you’re a stay-at-home mom. You fly perhaps twice a year. No way! Try pulling the other one.” I took another sip through the straw and it went directly to my head. Still, there was a tiny flicker of hope that refused to be quenched.

“I’ll be happy to prove it to you,” she replied, leaning forward, tilting her head and looking me up and down with a thoughtful expression. “Yes.” She nodded to herself. “I’m quite sure I could get you a status card too.”

“Oh, c’mon, quit it!” This was slowly going over the top, and I really hated to see my futile little hopes encouraged. The touchdown onto reality would be all the harder.

“No, really, they are always looking for sluts like you.”

The sip of margarita went down the wrong tube and came back out through my nose in a stinging spray of red foam. My eyes immediately watered and I sneezed and coughed, my yellow summer dress a stained mess and my mind reeling with disbelief and indignation.

“Candice!” I finally managed to choke out. “What’s going on with you? Take that back!”

She leaned back again, grinning widely. “Then how do you call a woman who lets their neighbor fuck her up the back chute while his wife is away for a week? How do you call a woman who spreads her legs for three of her friends’ husbands in one day?”

“I didn’t…” I started to stammer, but the self-assured smile and raised eyebrow made me trail off. “You know. But… how?”

She chuckled. “Bill told me the moment I came home. In fact, he always tells me what he gets up to.”

I wanted to vanish on the spot. My cheeks started to burn with shame and I looked down at the worn-down carpet.

It had been… convenient, I guess that is the word. Bill, Adam, Tony, Garrett and Jim, they all had taken me into their bedroom when their wives had been away. It had all started at one of these typical neighborhood barbecues at Jennifer’s place when she had been called away to work due to an emergency and I’d stayed behind to help Tony clean up after the others had left. We had both been a bit tipsy, and an accidental touch here, a caught stare there and some not-so-accidental further touches down the road had led to a wild romp in the back garden that left my bum with scratches and my pussy wonderfully sticky and satisfied.

A few days later, Candice had gone to visit her mother for a week, and Bill had shown up on my doorstep. He only needed to drop some hints about Tony bragging what a lovely, helpful person I was and follow it with some not-so-concealed compliments about my chest to get into my panties - and to get his impressive cock into my thirty-years-old, attention-lacking snatch. From there on, things had taken on a life of their own, and hardly a day went by when I wasn’t getting my jollies tickled by one of them, happily substituting for whatever wife who currently was away. I was an unspoken, mutually beneficial agreement.

But now, aware that Candice knew about it, the sexual thrill I had been living in seemed much less appealing. Images of me being shunned by all my girlfriends jumped my mind and my eyes grew misty. “Sorry!” I choked out. “I don’t know what… It just happened…”

She laughed again, unsettling me, and slowly got up from the couch, set her margarita down on the table and stepped closer. Putting a finger to her lips, she shushed me, and before I had a chance to grasp her intentions, she knelt down on the plush chair I was sitting in, her knees left and right of my thighs.

I had to look up at her face, and I couldn’t put my finger on the expression I found there. My heart hammered in my chest and I had no idea what to do.

“Slut.” The word dripped over her full lips.

Her hand brushed over the back of my head and down my long, sleek blonde hair, and I had no idea how to react to that. I felt goosebumps race up my spine without knowing why. Suddenly, her fist grabbed my hair and tilted my head even further back. Dark-brown, almost black eyes fixed mine. I could feel the warmth radiate from her body and turn the air around me into an oven.

“Yes, slut. That’s what you are. A horny white cunt on legs who fucks everyone she get her hands on.” She only giggled at the slow shaking of my head. “And what’s more, I’m pretty sure I saw you staring at my tits a number of times. Are you into skirts too?”

I shook my head faster, a choked whimper all the answer my lips could form while a mix of emotions raged through me.


My breath hitched when she pulled the neckline of her dress to the side and her right breast spilled out, chocolate colored, firm and huge. Her hand lifted it up and brought the wide, rosy nipple closer and closer to my face. All those moments rushed to the forefront of my mind, moments when I had watched her in her bikini or tight tops and wondered about those wonders of female anatomy which were at least three time as big as my own boobs. And I realized that she was right, that those moments had triggered questions what it would feel like to touch them, how the perfect, dark skin would taste on my tongue, how her big nipples would feel on my lips. Questions which I had quickly pushed away into hidden recesses of my mind, but now they were back in force.

“Come on, slut,” Candice whispered throatily, “now’s the chance to kiss your neighbor’s pretty boobs like you’ve wanted to all the time.”

I hesitated and tried to come with a way out. This was going to fast, far faster than my emotions could keep up with. But the greedy, self-assured look in her made something in me shift, and I felt like watching a movie when my head strained against Candice’s strong grip and my lips finally latched on to her nipple, felt the bumpy, incredibly soft surface of her areola and encountered the stiff center.

“Good slut,” she whispered with a sigh, her eyelids drooping.

My lips and tongue appeared to know exactly what to do. I had never before been intimate with another woman, but it seemed so natural to nibble softly on the crown of her breast, to run my tongue in circles and flicks over the silken skin and to suckle lovingly.

My body froze for a moment. A smooth movement had her fingers between my thighs, and they unerringly slipped into my panties. It felt wrong and incredibly right when they covered my crotch, stroked up and down over my shaved snatch and one of them finally wiggled into the slick cleft between my pussy lips.

Getting me off has never been difficult, and I usually came from a good fucking alone. When her fingers picked up a quick rhythm, encouraged by my harder sucks on her nipple, my arousal went through the roof. Then her thumb found my clit and pressed down on it while rubbing up and down, and within seconds, I exploded.

Candice’s nipple slipped from my mouth and I moaned with lust, my thighs clenching around her hand and my head thrown back in ecstasy. My juices ran down into the crack of my ass and my pussy felt like it was on fire. I shook and trembled, and my gasps and moans filled the air around us.

While I struggled to get back my breath, eyes glassy, feeling like my world had been put on its head, Candice stood back up. She held out her hand, the rosy insides of her fingers sticky and glistening with my juices. My last resolve broke and I wrapped my lips around them to lick and suckle my own moisture from her hand.

“Good slut,” she cooed. “See, that wasn’t that hard. Come over tomorrow at eight, dress your sluttiest, and we’ll get you your flight.”

My heart thumped against my chest. Her fingers withdrew with a plop and she turned around. A few seconds later, I was alone, the front of my dress bunched around the hips and my panties pulled down, cool air touching my wet and swollen pubes. I slumped bonelessly into the plush chair.


“I said your sluttiest!” Candice’s harsh words hit me like a slap, and I fearfully turned around to see if anybody was on the sidewalk and listening in. To my relief, the area around her front porch was deserted. Behind her, though, stood Bill, and even though I had felt his cock inside my pussy quite the number of times, the way Candice addressed me in front of him made me blush madly.

“But this is slutty!” I complained a little petulantly.

“Come in,” was her only reply, and then I was pulled through the house, up the stairs and into the bathroom.

The ultra-short leather mini with the black suspender strips peeking out and the semi see-through black blouse were apparently not slutty enough for her taste. She stood me in front of the mirror and guided my arms to my sides.

“Don’t move,” she ordered a little softer than before.

“What are you going to do,” I asked. “This is slutty, really!”

“Just wait and see,” she told me absentmindedly and rummaged through a compartment in the mirror cabinet. “There. That’s perfect. Close your eyes.”

I did as ordered. What other option did I have, especially when she had offered me a chance to avoid looking like a fool to my online lover and to spend two weeks in a luxury resort in the Indian Ocean courtesy of him?

Something soft brushed over my eyelids and the surrounding skin. A moist, slightly plucking feeling told be that she generously applied mascara. Gentle brushes of a blusher pad caressed my cheekbones and lipstick and lip liner left their wet trails over my lips.

When I felt the top button of my blouse being undone, my eyes fluttered open, but Bill stood in front of me with a devious grin and blocked my view at the mirror. My heart started to beat faster when I saw the hungry expression in his eyes. Another button was opened, then a third, and then Candice pulled the blouse down my shoulders and exposed most of upper body.

“What…” I started to ask, but the feeling of the bra straps relaxing told me all I needed to know.

“This needs to go,” my best friend declared, unhooking the top straps and pulling the garment away. “Good sluts don’t need to wear bras.”

“But the blouse isn’t opaque,” I protested. “Everybody’s going to see my nipples!”

“Ah,” Candice purred mockingly. “Now you get the point.”

“I don’t even know where we’re going!” I felt like I needed to protest a little at least, even though my body was clearly excited by the idea. Bill’s increasingly horny looks didn’t help either.

My outburst was ignored. Instead, my blouse was pulled back up and the third button closed again.

“Your turn,” Candice told her husband, and before I knew what was happening, he had scissors in hand and two quick snaps liberated the topmost buttons.

“God,” I complained. “Candice! Almost all of my boobs is going to show! I can’t go out into public like this!”

But then Bill stepped to the side and my mirror images stared at me. True, the top half of my small handfuls was plainly visible to the onlooker, but even more importantly, the rosy red of my nipples shone through the sheer blouse and their pointed tips were clearly outlined. My eyelids were generously coated with a sparkling, dark red color, and my lashes appeared thick and long. My lips glistened the same sparkling red, and a dark rim around them made them appear a lot fuller than they really were. My cheeks were aflame with a painted-on blush - not that it made much difference at this point - and everything about me screamed slut.

“Shit,” I whispered, at a loss for words.

“If you’re a good slut,” Candice whispered into my ear from behind that tickled more pleasurably than I was ready to admit, “I’ll let Bill fuck your snatch while I watch. How does that sound?”

My no doubt nonsensical answer was swallowed up by the moan that escaped my throat when her strong hands wrapped around my boobs through the blouse and softly kneaded them.

“Let’s get you a proper pair of shoes and go,” she whispered, “or we’ll be late!”


The proper pair of shoes had turned out to be open-toed sandals adorned with black leather strips around the ankle and five inch heels with metal caps. Every step I took on the plaster in the airport sounded like a gunshot and drew the eyes of all those around us to me - to me and to my bum, which wiggled involuntarily on the precariously high heels and tried to peek out from under my tiny skirt. Lustful leers and derisive sneers accompanied our walk through the huge entrance hall and down the long corridor to wherever Candice was guiding me. That her hand was resting on my bum and squeezing it every so often had me in a dizzy state between embarrassment and arousal. I was incredibly aware of my thighs rubbing against each other, my bum wiggling with each step and my nipples brushing against the thin fabric that didn’t really cover them.

My knees were shaking by the time we arrived at a counter and my best friend leaned over it, speaking in a hushed whisper to the cute Asian girl in the dark blue uniform manning it. At first, the girl appeared a bit reserved, but then Candice held up a pink plastic card and her demeanour changed instantly. Seconds later, we were ushered into a windowless room off to the side that contained nothing but a few white tables and chairs, all with chrome legs and quite clean.

“Please wait here, I’ll be back in just a moment,” the Asian girl, whose nameplate read ‘Lisa’, told us and went through a door in the back.

“What’s going to happen,” I asked Candice, my voice shaking.

She grinned at me, gave my bum a hard squeeze and giggled at the soft gasp that escaped me. “What do you think happens to sluts? You’ve got three guesses, but the first two don’t count.”

“Fuck,” I whispered, drawing another giggle.

“That too.” Candice lifted her free hand and started to tease my nipples through the blouse. “Are you wet?”

I bit my lip and sighed. “Dripping. I’ve no idea what’s happening with me…”

“But I do.” She pinched my nipple, and the shockwave travelled all the way to my pussy and made me tremble. “You’re a slut. Only takes one to know one.”


The door in the back opened again and Lisa returned, followed by a tall, attractive man in his late forties in a business suit and with a stack of papers under his arm.

“Joffrey Miller,” he introduced himself, “I’m head of the Mile High Bonus Program. You’re here to join the club?”

“Uhm, yes, uhm, I’m Crystal Wilcox,” I answered somewhat awkwardly while I shook his hand, glad that my makeup hid the deep blush that I felt on my cheeks.

“Nice to see you again, Candy,” he addressed my best friend. “How much have you told her?”

“Not much,” she replied. “Come to think of it, hardly anything.”

He appeared to be thinking for a moment, but then his face it up. “Good. Wouldn’t do for this to become public knowledge. And I just love to do this part.”

He put the papers down on one of the tables and slowly walked around me, looking my up and down with obvious enjoyment. I felt like an exhibit, but it made my skin prickle and fresh moisture coat my pussy.

He halted his steps right behind me. “It’s actually quite simple.” His breath tickled my neck. “On one hand, we have women - sexually open women like you - who’d like to travel but don’t have the necessary money.”

The tickling of his breath almost drove me crazy. His low voice felt like satin being dragged over my skin, soft and prickling. It almost hypnotized me, and his question out of the blue left me breathless. “You don’t mind if I touch your tits, do you?”

A few seconds went by and my thoughts raced. This was absolutely crazy. But there was a burning need between my legs from all the sexual thoughts, and my answer came without conscious effort. “Fuck, touch them!”

And even while he wrapped his hands around them from behind and pulled me against his body, he continued his explanation. His hands started to knead my tits and pinch my nipples softly between his fingers. “On the other hand, we have staff and first class customers with certain needs who travel a lot and don’t have a fixed partner available.”

He rubbed his crotch against the top of my bum and I could feel the steely hardness of his cock press against me.

“We’ve decided that we could bring both together and get a win-win situation.”

Suddenly, Lisa’s fingers were nestling with the buttons of my blouse. I tried to form a protest, but Joffrey’s fingers pinched my tits a little harder and his mouth planted a kiss right on that sweet spot at the side of my neck, so all I could do was let out a soft, long moan. The blouse slid down my arms and fluttered to the floor.

“She’s got pretty tits,” Lisa commented.

“Want a taste?” Joffrey asked over my shoulder.

My breath hitched and my eyes widened when she leaned forward without hesitation and wrapped her lips around my nipple, and when she gave it some artful flicks with her tongue, my head lolled back and I moaned, the pulling, sucking, pinching sensation shooting straight to my lust center and making me light-headed.

“The rules are easy,” Joffrey continued his explanation with a husky voice. “From the moment you enter the airport before the flight, to the time you leave at your destination, you’ll fulfil every sexual wish our staff or first class passengers have.”

Was his hand doing something to the zipper of my skirt? Yes, definitely, I felt it slide down my legs and leave me standing almost naked, just the girdle, panties and stockings left. Then his hand slid inside my panties and I started to tremble.

“Eager, are you?” he whispered and I moaned in response. “Then the program will be perfect for you. In exchange, you can book any flight for yourself that you want for free.”

He crooked his middle finger and slipped it into my dripping wet channel. I moaned again, barely noticing that Lisa was undoing the straps and removing my girdle. My panties slid down and my feet were lifted one by one to allow her slide them off.

I noticed Candice off to the side, watching us intently, her dress pulled up and exposing that she wasn’t wearing panties and one hand busy toying with her pussy. Shit, that looked sexy!

Joffrey softly pushed me forward, and I let him guide me towards the short side of one of the free table. He pushed my upper body down and I let him, catching my weight on my arms and lowering myself to the table top until my breasts touched the cool surface and sticking my bum into the air. A zipper sounded behind me, fabric rustled, and then I felt something hot, round and silken press against my pussy.

A needy groan escaped me, but then the bulbous head of his cock pushed inside me, meeting hardly any resistance from my dripping snatch, and my pussy walls stretched deliciously around it. “Shit, yes!”

He sunk deeper and deeper, until his hips hit my bum, and I expected him, wanted him to start fucking me for real. Instead, Lisa pulled up a chair and took a seat a little in front of my head. “We need to do a short interview with you, Miss Wilcox. Please answer all my questions truthfully. Are you ready?”

Joffrey pulled out and pushed back in, and whatever reservations or doubts that I might have had, evaporated. “Fuck, yes!”

“How many men have you had sex with?” Lisa didn’t even try hide the smirk on her face while she waited for me to do a headcount. “Do you enjoy anal sex?” It was becoming a striptease of my soul, but every time I answered a question, Joffrey would push his wonderful rod inside me and make me moan in response. I was burning up by now, small beads of sweat forming on my forehead and my makeup starting to run. The questions weren’t over though, and by the time I was asked perverted questions like if I had tasted my own pee, and if I minded being watched while I peed, if I’d kiss another woman’s bumhole and if I’d enjoy having my tits spanked, my inhibitions had crumbled away and all those forbidden dreams I had kept locked away for little night-time sessions between me and my fingers, came out into the open.

“Yes, fuck, yes!” was my most frequent response, and when the last question was through, I was hornier than I had ever been before in my life. I was teetering at the edge, only seconds away from delicious relief.

“That was it,” Lisa whispered, her own flush quite prominent on her pretty cheeks, “now all I need is your signature and we’ll have your card ready in a jiffy.” She pushed two sheets in front of me and handed me a pen.

I started to put it down on the paper, but Joffrey’s cock suddenly slipped from my pussy and I groaned in frustration. A moment later, it pressed against me a little higher, and my eyes widened and breath started to fly when he shoved it through my pucker and I felt it slide up my bum.

“Shit, shit, shit,” I moaned, the small twinges of pain until my pucker had adjusted to his massive girth like electric jolts that made my pussy gush.

I squiggled my signature at the bottom of the sheets, jerky and unfocused, while Joffrey’s well-lubricated cock fucked my bottom in steady strokes.

Lisa pulled the sheets to her, telling me she’d be back right away, but I hardly noticed because I was finally toppling over the edge, my body shaking with pleasure and my drool dripping down at the table while I writhed and moaned. It was as if wave after wave of lust crashed down over me, and my pucker clenched hard around Joffrey’s cock. He grunted loudly, once, twice, and then he pushed in with all his force, his thighs slapping hard against my bum, and I felt his cock pulse and spurt his seed inside me.

I literally saw stars dance before my eyes, and it took me a minute or two before I became aware of my surroundings again.

Both Joffrey and Candice were dressed as if nothing had happened, and Lisa was back with a thick envelope and a pink card that resembled my best friend’s.

She put both down next to me. “Here you are, Crystal! Welcome among the Mile High Sluts!”


The next few weeks were crazy. Until the day before, I had never allowed myself to think about sex with a woman, but once we were back at Candice’s place, I learned to pleasure every little patch of skin on her body while her husband fucked us senseless all day long and half of the night. It continued every other day, and I was glad to be between jobs now and to have the time to learn things about sex I wouldn’t have dreamed of.

Then it was time for my first flight with TGA - Newark to Dubai with a six hours stop-over and from there directly to Male airport - which I had booked the day after I had joined. I had already checked in my luggage and was now waiting at the security check, tickets, jacket, purse and high heels rolling through the x-ray scanner in plastic baskets. The pink plastic card was on a synthetic string around my neck and I thought that the gray-haired, uniformed woman in her early fifties with the metal scanner in her hand kept sending me glances. I was fidgeting a bit, my mind torn between the anticipation of finally meeting John and the arousing trepidation of my first flight as a Mile High Slut. No matter which of those two my mind decided to focus on, it made my pussy cream, and I thought the whole world had to smell my musky scent.

Then it was my turn, and I went through the big scanner without a beep. The gray-haired lady ran the hand scanner all over my body, and the stern look on her face reminded me of one of my college teachers whom I had had right before graduation. I had attributed these funny feelings I had experienced when she had been nearby to respect and a bit of fear, but now, the image changed completely. So, in the middle of the airport security check and being felt up by an older woman in uniform, I had a major epiphany. I’d had a crush.

But I had no time to linger on that thought, because feel up was in fact what the woman did. She had hooked the scanner to her belt and was now running her hands up my thighs, higher and higher, until the tips of her fingers vanished under my short skirt and brushed over the front of my panties. I almost couldn’t believe that she was doing this right here in the open, but the heat spreading between my legs told me it was true. Then she did my other leg, strong fingers deftly finding their way under my skirt and between my legs, and my face heated up and I had to hold in a moan.

I took a look around. There were only adults around us, and most were too focused on making it through the check and keeping track of their belongings to spare me any thought, but a few pairs of eyes watched me with obvious interest. I quickly looked away.

“Please take your belongings and follow me,” the lady suddenly said and drew me back into reality.

“I’m sorry,” I stammered, scrambling to pick up my things from their baskets and slipping on my heels, “is there something wrong?”

“We’ll see.” I thought I saw a flicker of something rather unprofessional in her eyes, but then, I couldn’t be sure.

When she guided me into a tiny, windowless room and locked the door behind us, I grew certain. She stepped closer to me until our chests touched, but she kept walking and pushed me against the back wall. “So you’re the new slut,” she growled rather than spoke, taking my things from my hand and laying them to the side. “Let’s see if we can’t have some fun together.”

I had to give it to her, she was skilled. It took her only seconds to undress me until the only things I was wearing were stockings and heels. Her professional demeanor and no-nonsense attitude intimidated me, but they also evoked a warmth between my legs. She abruptly turned around and approached a small commode on the side wall, opened a drawer and took out a few items. When she came back, she put down a small, opened glass jar with some creamy white substance and pulled a white rubber glove over her right hand.

“Ever had a body cavity search?” Her voice was almost a purr.

I shook my head, staring wide-eyed at the glove. This felt so surreal, and knowing that a stranger was about to stick her fingers inside me made feel more naked than ever before in my life.

“Let’s start with the front,” she whispered, unnecessarily sticking her fingers into the jar and pulling them back out covered in glistening moisture. “Spread your legs.”

My breath hitched, but I did as ordered, my back against the wall and my legs wide apart. She didn’t hesitate a second and stuck two fingers up my pussy, making me moan involuntarily.

She grinned and repeated the gesture. “Feels good?” she asked, and I nodded in return.

Another finger joined the two, and my pussy was spread forcefully. I gasped.

“Still good?”

At first I wasn’t sure, but then she twisted her hand and her fingers stroked my pussy walls in a way I had never felt before. “Fuck,” I groaned. “Yes! Don’t stop!”

But she did. She withdrew her fingers and left my pussy gape slightly, taking a few seconds to accept that the welcome intruders had left it and yearning for more of that intense touch. Instead, I was told to turn to the side and bend over. More lube went onto the rubber glove while I bent forward, then her finger pressed against my sphincter.

“Relax,” she said softly, standing to my side and softly stroking my breast with her ungloved hand.

My breath trembled and I did my best to follow her advice. A second later, her finger entered me, but there was nothing soft about it. A mighty shove pushed it in all the way and her knuckles touched my bum. I let out a short yelp, more from surprise than of pain, and she giggled.

“Did it hurt?”

“Only a bit,” I groaned, but then she wiggled her finger inside me and I felt its brush against the walls of my bowels, a feeling I had never encountered before. Soft, cooing sounds drew from my throat every time she change her finger’s movement, and I wiggled my bum and closed my eyes. At that moment, naked and bent over, her hand on my tit and her finger up my backside, I was in seventh heaven. There was no doubt left about the appropriateness of the term ‘slut’ in my frequent flyer club.

All too soon, the finger left me. But she told me to keep in position and rummaged in one of the drawers again. She shielded whatever she was carrying back, but I felt something smooth, hard and cool press against my pucker.

“What are you doing?” I asked, still out of breath.

“Something for the journey. You’ll find out.” She pressed harder and I tried my best to relax. My pucker stretched around the tip of whatever it was, wider and wider.

I whimpered, the stretching of my muscle suddenly painful, but after short stab the object slid inside and my back opening closed behind it with a little delay.

“Shit,” I complained, “that hurt!”

She ignored me. Instead, the same kind of object was pushed at my pussy. There, it slid inside with much less problems and filled me pleasantly.

“We’ve got no time,” my strip-searcher told me, caressing my cheek and giving me goosebumps where she touched, “but I’d love to play with you some more. You’re beautiful.” She gave my bum cheek a sharp swat. “You need to get dressed and board your flight!”

Walking was funny with the two objects buried inside me. I could feel them brush against each other through the thin walls of skin separating them, and every step rewarded me with a pleasurable, teasing sensation. The woman, Elaine - I finally read her name tag after I had calmed down from my sexual high - refused to tell me what she had put inside, only that I’d have a lot of fun with it.

I had no time to waste anyway, boarding would start in a few minutes and I still had to make my way to the gate through the throngs of people. I kept my eyes on the floor in front of me, aware of my flushed appearance and holding onto the childish notion that they wouldn’t see me if I didn’t see them.


I arrived just when one of the flight attendants, a white-blond, buxom, Scandinavian looking girl, removed the rope that blocked the gangway. I hurried not to be last in the queue. When it was my turn and I handed her the ticket, she looked up at me with a smile. “Good afternoon, Miss Wilcox. We’ve already been expecting you. Tamara here will take you to your seat.”

At her words, a tall, lean, dark-skinned beauty stepped out from behind the small counter and took my hand. She led me through a side door and into a different gangway. The skin of her hand was warm and her grip strong. Her fast pace made the objects inside me bump each other, and my knees trembled.

Finally, we reached the plane and entered. About twenty wide and plush leather seats were interspersed over the available space, and the spacious and comfortable look was far from what I had encountered on my few trips in economy class.

“Seat 1-C, that’s yours, Crystal.” She spoke with a cute, soft lilt in her voice.

“Thank you, Tamara,” I replied, glad to be seated and not having to struggle to keep my knees from shaking madly anymore.

She still hadn’t let go of my hand, though, and her thumb brushed softly over its back. “You are beautiful,” she told me.

“Thank you,” I replied quietly. “You’re very beautiful yourself.” She was, really. Her nose had a slight upturn that gave her narrow face an impish appearance, and the high cheekbones and big eyes made her look exotic and intriguing.

“I’ll have to help get the other passengers settled in,” she whispered, “but I’ll be back soon. Don’t go anywhere!”

She left with a wink. As if I had anywhere to go! I slumped back in the delightfully comfy cushions and stretched my legs, wondering what else would happen. Something would, there was no doubt after what Elaine had done and Tamara’s words.

I was in the first row, so I had to look over my shoulder when I heard some shuffling. Two businessmen entered the first class compartment guided by Tamara. They took seats two rows further back next to each other and were brought fresh orange juice. Then another flight attendant entered with a regal looking woman around fifty in an elegant, light designer dress that no doubt cost more than I earned in a year. I expected more people, but once the woman had taken her seat, Tamara closed the door to the gangway and went behind the wall that separated the crew area.

When she came back, she carried another glass of orange juice for the older lady and what I guessed was a glass of water. Real glass, too, not the cheap plastic cups they gave you in economy.

When she approached me, Tamara had a wide smile on her face. “Would you like something to drink, Crystal?”

“Yes, please,” I told her, “I’m feeling quite parched right now.”

“What are you willing to pay for a glass of water?” she asked, a smirk playing around her mouth.

“Pay?” I squeaked rather inelegantly.

She giggled. “Silly woman. I want to make a deal. I give you a glass of water and you give me your panties.”

“I - uh…” It wasn’t what I had expected. But then, what had I expected? My heart hammered. “Okay,” I whispered, “I’ll just go into the loo and…”

“Oh no,” the pretty flight attendant cut me short, “you’ll take them off right here so I can watch.”

“You’re crazy!” My outburst went up into smoke when she held my gaze and smiled. “You’re really crazy,” I insisted, staring hard at her, then swallowing. I had to pull up my skirt to reach my panties, and with all the nervous wiggling I did to get it up without standing from the seat and drawing the other passengers’ attention to me, it was suddenly bunched around my waist. My cheeks started to burn.

“Nice stockings,” Tamara praised, running a finger over the hem and tickling my thigh. “You’ve got pretty thighs, I bet you’re running a lot.” I could only nod, but then she said something that made a blush explode on my face. “I’d love to bite them.”

I froze. My breath came in short gasps. Tamara crouched down in front of me, sensing my momentary inability to follow her request, and told me to lift my bum from the seat. Her fingers caught the waistband of my moss-green panties and slowly pulled them down my legs. My breathing grew even shallower when her fingertips trailed over my skin.

She grinned up at me, holding the panties around my ankles, then she lifted one leg and spoke as if to herself, “What a beautiful, needy slut have we got here?” My right heel slipped through and she lifted the other one. “Her panties are already soggy from all the creaming she did.”

She slowly stood up, my panties dangling from her fingers and the wet stain in the front obvious. She rubbed a finger over the inside and stuck it into her mouth, her sensuous lips closing tightly around it, before pulling it back out with a quiet plop and a soft sigh.

“Delicious,” she whispered, and my breath froze in my chest when she stood up all the way and put the waistband of the panties over a hook below the overhead compartment.

“Tamara,” I whispered, panicked, but she shook her head and grinned.

“You really shouldn’t hide it,” she told me with a seductive smile that made my insides melt. “You taste fabulous. But I’ve got to go now, we’re going to start any minute.” She handed me the water and left, and I wiggled my skirt back down.

Ever since the moment I had admitted my dilemma to Candice, things had spiraled out of control. And I loved it. I fished a hankie from my purse and sneaked it under my skirt and between legs. If my pussy kept dripping like it was, I’d need more than just a glass of water. And it was going to be a very long flight.

Five minutes later I had my belt fastened and we were on our way to takeoff. The usual spiel about life vests played on the small screens in front of us, and for a short time, that little bit of flight anxiety I still felt could draw my thoughts away from anything sexual.

The lights dimmed and the start went off without a glitch. I was pushed back into the comfy seat and swallowed to equalize the pressure in my ears, the soft, monotonous humming of the engines only slightly audible here in the front of the plane and more of a soothing background noise than the annoying, growling sound I was used to.

I must have quickly slipped into sleep, because I found myself riding a bicycle and feeling a delicious buzzing between my legs that gave me the most exquisite feelings. I was racing through a lush, green forest, almost weightless on my bike and needing no effort at all. My pussy was humming and creaming when a loud ‘ding’ pulled me out of the phantasy and startled me awake.

I blinked a few times and recognized my surroundings. The thought that I might have moaned in my heated dream crossed my mind and I flushed crimson red. But then I felt the buzzing feeling again. At first I almost panicked, afraid that something was wrong with the plane, but then my mind became awake enough to tell me that it was only my loins that hummed so exquisitely.

My arousal skyrocketed. I giggled at the thought when I realized that I was far high up the sky myself already. The buzzing increased and I finally caught on to what kind of object Elaine had inserted into my orifices. It felt wonderful, and I couldn’t help myself. My hips started to jerk in a rhythm only known to them. I bit my lip and tried to contain the moan that wanted to well up in my throat.

Black pumps entered my line of vision, and I slowly looked up into Tamara’s smiling face. Her fingers held a remote control with a huge dial, and just as I looked at it, she twisted it a bit. The effect inside my pussy and ass was immediate. The buzzing turned into throbbing shakes that rocked all through my lower body. Her free hand reached out and softly cupped my chin.

“I want to see you come,” she whispered, and the caresses of her fingers were all I needed.

I forgot all about the others that were present. Only that incredible feeling in my pussy and Tamara’s soft fingers existed. My hips shook in high frequency and my breath raced. My whole body grew taut like a bowstring and my back lifted from the seat, my head tilting back and loud moans of pleasure bursting from my throat.

I came hard; again and again, hot spears of pleasure shot through my groin and took away my breath. I writhed and shook like mad, and all the while, Tamara’s eyes sparkled with delight.

I slumped back into the seat and closed my eyes, fighting to get my breathing back under control. Waves of embarrassment crashed down over me when I heard soft clapping behind me.

Tamara turned the buzzing lower until it was back to the soft humming feeling I had encountered when I had woken up. Still, it was enough to keep me dangerously close to the edge. I didn’t think my body could handle another massive climax like that right now, but it apparently had no such qualms and my juices never stopped flowing.

I didn’t protest when I felt hands all over my upper body and pull away my blouse and bra. Someone held me up by my shoulders and my skirt was pulled down my legs, and then I sat there completely naked and horny as hell. My nipples stood proud and erect, the cool air from the overhead outlet turning them into needle-sharp points.

Up to now, my eyes had been fixed on Tamara, as I had been too embarrassed to look anywhere else. But somebody stepped to the side of my seat and I couldn’t help but look up. It was one of the business men, without tie now, his shirt unbuttoned and his fingers just about to open his belt buckle.

“Let me help, honey,” Tamara whispered and deftly opened it. In the blink of an eye, his button was freed and his zipper pulled down, his black trousers pooling around his ankles.

The swollen head of his cock peeked out from the waistband of his briefs and I subconsciously licked my lips. He was huge.

“Kneel on the seat and blow him,” Tamara instructed and pulled down the last piece of fabric that reigned in his erection.

I followed her words without thinking, my eyes riveted to the beautiful, big cock in front of me. Cocks tended to do that to me; there seemed to be a switch in my brain that clicked as soon as I saw one, but this one was exceptionally yummy. A drop of precum glistened invitingly at the tip of its dark-red head. Without even asking for the stranger’s name, I bent forward and licked the salty, shimmering liquid from his manhood. A soft shudder in his breath rewarded me, and I bent further and took him into my mouth, running my tongue around the soft edge and earning a low moan.

When I looked up at the dreamy expression of barely controlled lust in his eyes, an image sprung to the forefront of my mind, one I had dreamed about but, despite all the romps I’d had lately, never had the courage to try out. Today, though, I was so far outside of familiar territory that I didn’t care. I let his cock slide from my lips with a smacking sound and grinned up at him, eyes half lidded and blushing profusely.

“Fuck my face!” I told him huskily. “Push it all the way in my mouth!”

I didn’t need to tell him twice. His fingers buried themselves in my hair and pulled me close. He hesitated only a moment, angling his cock perfectly in front of my open mouth, then he pushed in. It slid like silk over my tongue, but then it pushed against the back of my throat and tears shot into my eyes. Fighting down my body’s natural reaction, I swallowed and pressed my head down on his mast, and at the second try, I succeeded.

My nose hit his pubes and a deep moan above me made my insides dance with joy. I had done it! Even though I could only breathe in small amounts of air through my nose, I kept my head in its position and swallowed in a slow rhythm, like Candice had described. His hips jerked every time I did it, and his moans and groans of lust increased in volume.

“Wait,” I heard Tamara behind me, but I couldn’t see what it was about. Fingers slipped slightly inside my pussy and made me moan around the cock in my throat. I felt my pussy’s passenger stop buzzing and get pulled outside of me.

The emptiness lasted only a moment though, then another smooth cock pressed against my entrance and slowly slid inside.

My chest heaved and vision grew blurry. The one in front of me gently guided my head back up until only the tip of his cock was inside my mouth. Strings of drool trickled down its length and over my chin.

Then the cock in my pussy was pulled out almost all the way too. They must have agreed on a signal, because they suddenly pushed forward and speared me from both sides.

I had seen it in porn movies and read it in stories, but no description came close to the feeling of my body being totally owned by two huge cocks. They work in a rhythm, stabbing me with their organs and holding them deep inside me, filling me in every way. My own moans were muffled by the cock in my mouth and came out in foaming bubbles of drool. It was incredibly dirty and the most intense sex I had ever had.

That even increased when they sped up their rhythm. My body shook with every thrust and their moans grew in volume. The one in front of me suddenly stiffened. At the same time, the buzzing thing in my ass started to run berserk inside me and the cock in my pussy began pounding me in earnest.

I felt the one in my mouth throb and then his hot, salty, musky seed shot to the back of my throat and I had to swallow as if my life depended on it. Moments later, the second guy stiffened too and shot his load deep inside my womb. I came too, trembling and gurgling and speared by two poles of flesh.


I woke up one more, this time to find the lights dimmed around me, myself stretched out naked under a blanket and my seat reclined all the way. The intensity of today’s adventures had apparently taken their toll. Rubbing my eyes and yawning, I noticed the soft touch of a hand on my shoulder and blinked upwards to its owner.

The older lady stood next to my seat and smirked down at me. She had changed from the expensive dress into a loose white linen suit, reminding me a bit of the things martial artists wore.

“Slept well?” she asked quietly and caressed my cheek.

I nodded, yawning once again and stretching my body. “Yes, thank you, Ma’am, I did.”

Her smile widened when I addressed her, and I only realized belatedly that I had been more formal than intended. But something about her had prompted my subconscious to do so, and it had obviously been the correct decision.

“I need you to come with me, my pretty slut,” she whispered, and there was a hidden edge in her voice that gave me goosebumps.

When I pushed the blanket aside, the moment of embarrassed nakedness hadn’t lost any of its intensity, and my face heated up again. Nonetheless, I let her grab my hand and pull me after her into the loo. It was clean, and it wasn’t that shabby, cheap kind I had gotten to know, but all white and really squiggly clean.

She pushed the locking bolt closed and pulled up the lid, her eyes staring at me all the while. The cold neon light made me appear paler than I was, and it added to the feeling of nudity.

When she pushed down her trousers, I held my breath. She wasn’t wearing panties, and her pussy was thick and crowned with a small strip of short, graying hair. Her inner lips dangled out from their hiding place more than an inch, bright pink, soft and shiny.

Sitting down on the toilet, she beckoned me closer. My feet were left and right of her knees when she was satisfied.

“I’m going to finger your cunt while I take a piss,” she told me, studying the reactions on my face.

My heart started to beat hard. Her words were vulgar, but they somehow touched something deep inside me that almost made me moan.

Her fingernails trailed up my thigh and made me shiver. A small moan escaped me and caused her eyes to twinkle. She reached the top and cupped my pussy, slowly beginning to rub it. “You’re quite wet, I like that,” she praised. “Soon, when I’m finished, you’re going to clean me up with your tongue.”

My eyes widened. She wanted me to…

“...lick my pee from my pussy, yes, that’s what you’ll do.” She bent her middle finger and pushed it inside my wet channel. I gasped at the delicious intrusion. Then she let out a sigh, and her pee splattered into the toilet bowl.

“This is so dirty,” I whispered in a shaky voice while her finger fucked me and the splattering of her pee filled the air.

“And you’re a dirty girl, aren’t you?” She wiggled her finger.

I gasped, “Yes, Ma’am.” Hell, dirty didn’t even scratch it lately.

Soon, she was done, and only a few isolated trickles dribbled from between her legs. “Kneel,” she instructed and I followed along.

She rose to her feet and her pussy lips, wet and with tiny golden drops clinging to them, approached my mouth. I swallowed hard, once, twice, then I had run out of time and stuck out my tongue.

It wasn’t bad. It was salty and had a sharp scent, but besides that, its taste was rather neutral and easily countered by the musky cream that was coating the insides of her pussy lips. I let my tongue roam through her soft folds and heard her breath shudder with pleasure.

“Yes,” she moaned, “just like that, slut.”

Who was I to deny that? My tongue, no longer a virgin when it came to pleasuring women after going through Candice’s school, licked and tickled all the sweet spots where I loved to be licked myself. Her moans became faster and her hips started to jerk forward, meeting my tongue and lips and spreading her moisture all over my face.

Her fingers gripped my hair and she began to hump my face. I could only stick out my tongue and let her rub her groin over it. She grunted, starting to mumble nonsensical words, and I felt her engorged clit slide over the tip of my nose. Her thighs started to tremble and the pitch of her moans rose. I fought against her painful grip and managed to latch onto the swollen nub, sucking hard. A strangled cry left her throat and her thighs clenched around my head. I gripped her hips to keep us from toppling over, and she moaned and shook above me, covering my face with a musky spray of moisture.

A second later she was pulling up her pants already and I felt quite out of my league. Winking at me, she unlatched the door and stepped outside while I struggled back onto my feet. I turned around, closed the lid and sat down, not giving a rat’s ass anymore about somebody catching me, naked and covered with strangers’ most intimate body fluids as I was.

The lady’s ministrations had re-kindled the fire in my pussy though, and it needed relief. The dirty act of licking the drops of pee from her pussy had been so intense that I needed something equally forbidden. I thought about diddling myself right here, but it somehow fell short. Then Tamara came to my mind, and I realized that she didn’t just have a lovely, exotic face, but also a perfectly shaped butt. Today was the day to try out new things, and that’s what I set out to do.

Stepping naked outside the toilet felt embarrassing but also exhilarating. Instead of going to the right towards my seat, I turned left and glanced behind the wall to the staff area. Tamara and the blonde, whose name tag read ‘Anita’, were leaning against the narrow metal counter and talking in whispers.

Taking all my courage together, I approached them, softly clearing my throat. When they turned towards me, I started to tremble, but I forced myself through the moment of apprehension and bit my lip in what I hoped was a cute way. I trailed the tip of my finger over my lip and down between my breasts, whispering throatily, “Tamara, I’m so horny! Can I kiss your lovely bum?”

They looked at each other and some silent conversation seemed to happen that ended with devious grins. “You want to lick my ass?” Tamara whispered, sauntering closer until she was right in front of me.

“Yes, Tamara,” I replied with a shaky voice.

“Anita wants to slap your pussy. She’s into that kind of thing, and she says yours look especially spankable. Will you let her if I allow you to lick my bum hole?”

Nobody had ever spanked my pussy. The thought was terrifying, but then, so many things had been until I tried them. I bit my lip again while they watched me through expectant eyes.

“Okay,” I finally answered with a thick voice.

The next minute was a blur. They led me down a tiny spiral staircase and into a room with fold-away cots. Stowing away the upper row, they pushed me onto one and stripped each other with a frenzied urgency.

Tamara’s butt was as tight and beautifully shaped as I had imagined it. Anita had wide hips and big, slightly sagging breasts with huge nipples that swung with each movement and made her look incredibly feminine.

Tamara stepped onto the cot, aided by Anita’s hand, and slowly crouched down over me. A small bout of panic welled up inside me when her pretty bum came closer and she pulled its cheeks apart, exposing the slightly rosy skin and the light brown, wrinkled ring in its center.

It was the most depraved thing I had ever done, but my insides resonated with exhilarated arousal when her skin touched my face and the tip of my outstretched tongue encountered her wrinkled pucker. She was clean, I noticed with relief, and I started to study every little cranny there with my tongue. The small whimpers of delight above me sounded like music.

“Why don’t you pull up your knees and spread them so I can slap that pretty pussy of yours,” Anita’s voice whispered softly next to my ear as if she was asking for a tender kiss. It was hypnotic, though, and I followed her order, feeling the strong, thin fingers of Tamara wrap around my ankles and hold me in place.

“Lovely,” Anita gasped and the first swat hit the underside of my pussy, filling the air with a loud and moist clap. The sting came with a little delay.

I gasped into Tamara’s bum and heard her giggle above me. “She felt hat,” she exclaimed.

Swat. Another sharp sting shot through my pussy and made me jerk and gasp. And another. Blood rushed into my pussy lips and I could feel them swell and start to throb. I might have tried to get away if I hadn’t been this aroused already, but the small bursts of pain mixed with the need between my thighs and even heightened it.

Swat. I shook.

“Stick your tongue inside me, slut!” Tamara ordered. “Yes, push against my pucker. Stick it up my asshole! Wiggle it inside me, slut!”

I couldn’t believe myself when I felt her ring of muscle give way and my tongue slid inside her, encountering a moist softness that wrapped around my tongue like finest folded silk.

“Yes, fuck, yes!” Tamara exclaimed in a cry of triumph and started to gyrate her hips. If I moved my tongue to the right spot, I could feel the outline of her fingers as they delved into her pussy. The speed of Anita’s swats picked up, but they didn’t lose any of their intensity. My breath came in short gasps, and I whimpered into the beautiful black flight attendant’s bum while she rode me like a rodeo horse.

“Fuck!” Tamara suddenly cried out and stiffened, and all her weight came to rest on my face. I was unable to draw in a breath while she shook above me.

That was when Anita’s swats moved to the upper part of my pussy and her index finger made harsh contact with my clit. I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but the moment her hand touched me and left the patch of skin stinging like mad and my precious, swollen nub tingling with painful need, another intense climax started deep in my throbbing pussy.

There was no room for me to move, so my only outward sign was the tightening of my muscles. Still, Anita was apparently aware of what was happening with me and laid ferociously into my poor pussy. A flurry of loud swats filled the air and turned my already hot, swollen sex into a raging inferno.

I felt my juices gush out of me as if there was no tomorrow. The pleasure rolled over me like huge flames. I gasped and moaned, though hardly any sound made it past Tamara’s bum cheeks, and it was only when my vision got filled with tiny, dancing spots that she lifted up her backside enough for me to take a deep breath.

“Shit,” I whimpered, gasping for air, “you’re killing me! God, that was good!”

“When are you going to fly back?” Tamara inquired, climbing down from the cot and grinning at me.

“Saturday,” I told her, having trouble sorting out my jumbled thoughts enough to give a concise answer. “Two weeks from now. The evening flight.”

The pretty flight attendant and her colleague looked at each other with wide grins. “Oh, this is going to be fun,” Anita exclaimed with a giggle. Her eyes softening, she smiled at me. “I guess you’re done for now. Take a nap, we’ll wake you up when we descend.”

“Thanks,” I murmured. Done for, yes, that was how I felt - completely wrung out and deeply satisfied. Somehow, the idea that this was only the first half of the trip and that another nine hours flight from Dubai awaited me after the stop-over seemed incredulous. How much more fucking could I take? But I’d make sure to find out. Not that I had much choice. I giggled.

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