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Sarah - Part Twenty

Sarah and I come to the end of our sexual adventure
I woke Saturday morning to an empty bed.

Sarah walked into the bedroom wearing her pink bathrobe, all bright, bubbly and smiling.

“Good morning. It’s about time you woke up.”

This was a significant change from the night before when she had cum four times, was sore in several places, and, for the most part was in a daze. She was so exhausted that she had fallen to sleep in bed as we were talking about the evening.

Now, she was in good spirits as she sat on the bed beside me.

“How come you’re so chipper this morning?"

Her legs arms, stomach muscles, nipples, pussy and ass were all sore.

But she had slept well, got up early, had her coffee, and had already gone for a short walk.

I was still groggy from the night before.

My arms and legs were sore, and I could feel the head of my manhood aching from all of Sarah’s wonderful teasing.

“What did we do last night?” I said. “I’m sore all over.”

“We pushed the envelope a little,” was Sarah’s response. “We might have gone a little too far.”

“Ya think?” I said with more than a little sarcasm, looking at the marks on my wrist left by the restraints.

“I do remember having two incredible orgasms and cuming all over you both times.” I told her. “That was nice.”

“I’m glad you had a good time. I do love to tease you and make you cum.”

Sarah was less clear about her own experience.

She recalled a couple of wonderful, very intense orgasms, but was surprised when I told her that she had cum at least four times.

She had experienced the most wonderful feelings of pleasure, which she described as being in one continuous orgasm, and that she did not want her pleasure or the night to end.

On the other hand, she did not remember any of the anal sex, crying, swearing, pleading, the double dildo penetration, or begging me for more after she had cum for the third time.

“I did that?” she asked, almost not believing me.

This teasing and denial experience did not seem to scare her, as was the case when we had done the same thing back in December. At least it did not frighten her as much.

She did acknowledge that while it was an extremely pleasurable experience, it was intense, and something that should only be attempted once or twice a year. It was that tough on the body and mind.

The thing that actually scared her was the addictive nature of the experience. Sarah could see herself wanting, needing those intense, pleasurable feelings again and again, every day and night, until her body could not take anymore. And then wanting more.

All the while, as we talked, Sarah had her hand under the bed covers and was running it up and down my thigh.

It wasn’t a sexual thing. It was more a reassuring gesture letting me know that she was okay and that she knew that I was okay as well.

She also knew that I was already hard. She could see my erection bulging under the covers.

Sarah peeled the covers back, exposing my erection, and commented on how nice my cock looked.

It was very evident, however, that her having played with the head of my cock so much the night before had left the head of my cock all red, sore and sensitive to touch.

She stroked my shaft lightly with one hand as we talked. Pre-cum spread out over the head as it oozed out of the little opening. Soon, my cock was well lubricated.

Sarah teased that she liked to play with my cock, and that it was too bad that the head hurt so much, or she might be willing to give me a slow hand job.

“I could make you feel really good.”

I tried to assure her that it didn’t hurt that much. I told her that she should try stroking it for a while and I would see how it felt.

After maybe a minute of stroking and running her fingers over the head, I suggested that it might not hurt as much if she just licked the head and put it in her mouth.

“Oh. Of course. I understand.” Sarah said, playing along. “Let me suck your cock, and if it hurts too much, stop me.”

She repositioned herself on the bed, and took my entire shaft into her mouth, and alternated licking and sucking on the head and stroking the shaft with both hands.

I just closed my eyes, let her do her thing, and enjoyed the spasms of pleasure spread through my body.

Her touch was so light, it tickled. She licked in just the right places, sending jolts of electricity down my shaft to my balls.

When I told her that I was getting close, she stopped sucking and just stroked my shaft with both hands. It was a slow, steady stroking which provided me with maximum pleasure.

My back arched and I came with a loud groan emanating from deep within me.

Three or four spurts of gooey cum shot a foot or more into the air, landing mostly on my cock and her hands. What remained oozed out with each of her strokes and ran down the shaft and over her fingers.

The lady does know what she’s doing.

“Thank you for last night,” she said as she kissed the head of my cock. “It was the best. I would only do that with you.”

As my erection faded and listed to one side, I watched as Sarah stood, removed her robe, and put on some jeans and a shirt. No bra. No panties. That was her style.

“I’m going shopping,” she said, as she walked into the kitchen.

Not much happened over next two months.

As Sarah and I had feared, our housemates were around more often, wrapping up their own degree programs and organizing their things for a move to their new apartment.

Each weekend, it seemed, one or both were at the house and in the way.

There was less time for Sarah and I to have time alone, let alone “fool around”.

We continued to have dinners at restaurants we liked and wanted to re-visit before she left.

And we had some time alone here and there when the others were out.

For the most part, however, Sarah worked to finish her art and photography portfolios, moved many of her things to her mother’s house, and generally got ready to graduate and move to New York.

As for sex, we did what we could with the time we had.

The easiest place for us to meet was in a room in the college library.

As a graduate student, I got to use a private room in the library in which to “study”. It wasn’t much, just a small carpeted room, maybe eight feet by ten feet, with a small desk, chair, overhead light and desk lamp.

I would sign in at the library, get the room key, and tell Sarah the room number. Sarah would wait five minutes and then go up to the room.

If we planned ahead, Sarah would put a blanket in her back pack so we could spread it on the floor.

More often than not, however, we would run into each other on campus, and it would be more of a spur of the moment thing.

With or without the blanket, we both got rug burns on our knees and elbows.

The other problem was noise. The study rooms were in groups of four, so two sides of our room abutted a similar study room next door.

Whether we met for a blow job and some pussy licking, or fucking on the desk, chair or floor, keeping Sarah from making loud moans and groans, or occasionally screaming, was difficult.

I’m not suggesting that I am that good that I can make women scream. Sarah just liked to be vocal about what she was feeling. Even with a small towel stuffed in her mouth, Sarah could fill the room with sounds of passion.

No one ever complained. No one ever reported us.

At one of our dinners, Sarah told me that she had always liked having outdoor sex. When it was warmer out, would I have any interest in sex on the beach some night?

Have I mentioned before that Sarah was not shy when it came to talking about sex?

For the rest of March, and even most of April that year, the temperature remained in the low fifties. Each time we’d set a tentative date and time to go down to the beach, it would be just too cold.

Our house sat an intersection where two main roads split. The “front” yard, therefore, was shaped like a triangle.

The owners had installed a tall wooden fence around the yard for their own privacy and to keep the noise level from passing cars to a minimum.

The first warm night in May, Sarah suggested that we go out into the yard, spread out a blanket and enjoy each other.

The problem was that our housemates were out at a birthday party for a friend and we didn’t know when they would return.

Fucking Sarah outside in the yard would be wonderful; something new and different. But if our friends unexpectedly returned while we were enjoying ourselves, we could be caught outside, naked and with no escape.

Sarah’s solution was to put our clothes on a small deck near the living room entrance to the yard, along with an open bottle of wine with two glasses half full of wine.

Should our housemates surprise us we could quickly throw on some clothes and be sitting on the deck having some wine on a warm spring evening.

Picking the right area in the yard was our next task.

At the “tip” of the yard, where the road forked, was a street light. We wanted to stay away from that light and area of the yard it illuminated.

We chose to stay closer to the house and the fence.

We shut off the lights in the living room so no light from the house was illuminating the yard.

If someone wanted to see us, they had to be more than eight feet tall or on the second floor of one of the summer houses across the street.

On the other hand, if someone walked by unnoticed, or was sitting on a porch across the street, and Sarah was making her usual sounds of pleasure, that person would certainly hear us.

We walked out onto the little deck, shed our pants and shirts, and proceeded to an area near the fence where we spread out a blanket.

Sex outside is a very different animal.

It is new and exciting.

There is the fear of being caught.

The cool air on my body made for a different sensation and mood.

There was a sense of freedom, both mentally and physically.

And, there was always the possibility that someone could be watching.

Maybe it was because this was my first time having sex outdoors. Or maybe it was the thought of being caught or watched. Whatever the reason, my erection was not as hard as I wanted it to be.

Still, in Sarah’s magic hands, I was not concerned about attaining my full length and girth.

She lay on her back and invited me to join her. Her body was warm.

For several minutes we kissed, groped, played and battled with our tongues.

“Fuck me,” she whispered.

My cock was now rock hard and I fucked Sarah while she was on her back, on her side, and doggie.

Her pussy was dripping wet, and my cock made slurping noises each time I thrust my manhood into her.

Despite the coolness, we both were sweating, which made it feel colder than it was.

There was nothing I could do about the noise.

Sarah was in rare form, and maybe even playing with my mind a little, and my concern about being caught, as she moaned and made noises loud enough to be heard across the street.

She rolled me onto my back and sat on my cock.

After several minutes of riding my cock, and just as I thought that I was going to cum, Sarah threw her head back, grabbed her breasts, pulled on each nipple, said that she was going to cum, and had a wonderful, body shaking, moaning and groaning orgasm.

If no one heard her, I would be greatly surprised.

When her orgasm had subsided, Sarah slid off me and onto her hands and knees, and made it clear that she wanted to be fucked doggie and that she wanted it hard and fast.

I positioned myself behind her and gladly did as I was directed.

Doing Sarah doggie always afforded me a wonderful view of her back and ass, my cock sliding into her slit, and her breasts swinging back and forth.

But, on this night, I found myself looking up at a clear, moonlit sky, filled with millions of stars. I looked around at all the summer houses in the area. I listened to a car or two or three zoom by no more than ten feet from us. I felt the cool air on my sweaty skin.

I don’t know how long it was before Sarah’s voice startled me out of this “otherworld” experience.

“Put your finger in my ass,” she half shouted.

I wasn’t sure what she had said.

“What?” I asked her leaning down closer to her face.

“I’m almost there. Put your finger in my ass.”

I wet my thumb and slid it into Sarah’s asshole as far as it could go, and then finger fucked her hole while fucking her doggie.

In a few minutes, Sarah came again, grunting, moaning and letting all of our neighbors know that she was in the full throes of an orgasm.

I flipped Sarah over put my cock in her mouth. She took the entire length without hesitation.

The whole outdoor experience was such a turn on that I came in Sarah’s mouth with several strong bursts of gooey goodness.

Cum ran out of her mouth and down her chin, dripping onto her and the grass.

It was one of those sights that will live in my mind forever.

Sarah sat there, sweating, breathing heavily, and smiling, with gobs of cum dripping in long strands off of her chin onto her breasts.

I will never forget it.

I was still breathing hard and sweating as the two of us embraced and settled back down onto the blanket.

“Do you like outdoor sex?” she asked.

“I like it a lot,” I told her. And that was no lie.

It was naughty, mischievous, exciting, natural, and raw.

I had cum so hard that my balls ached.

After a short while, I was able to develop at least a presentable erection; maybe not one that could handle full penetration, but one with which Sarah could work.

Sarah positioned herself over me on her elbows and knees, with her pussy in my face. She licked and sucked on my cock for several minutes. I buried my tongue in her slit and sucked on her clit.

Having built up a sweat in the cool outdoor air, both of us began to feel a chill.

Despite a pleasurable “69” experience, we decided to go back into the house.

Sarah led the way. I walked behind with a full-fledged erection bobbing back and forth.

On the way in, we picked up our clothes, the bottle of wine, and the wine glasses and deposited all of it in Sarah’s room.

We showered, washed each other, played, kissed and let the warm water wash over us.

We dried off and continued on to her room.

Between the shower and Sarah’s bedroom, the thought came to me to try something I had never done.

Sarah climbed on her bed on all fours, expecting that I would enter her doggie style.

But there was something I had read about; something I had thought about trying. This seemed like a good time to try it.

I had gladly stuck my hard cock into her ass on many occasions. The idea of licking her asshole was something different altogether.

Sarah loved having the feather tickle her hole. And, having just come from the shower, this was about as clean as Sarah’s ass would ever be.

I spread her ass cheeks, licked her pussy up and down a few times, and then began to tickle Sarah’s asshole with my tongue.

I ran my tongue around her hole several times, touching her lightly with the tip.

Based on the loud moans I was hearing, Sarah more than liked it.

“That feels so fucking good.”

I worked my way toward the center and pushed my tongue into her puckered hole.

There were more loud moans.

I settled into a comfortable position and tickled Sarah’s hole with my tongue until it seemed that she could not take it anymore. Tears from the extreme pleasure she had been experiencing had run down her cheeks.

“Fuck me in the ass,” she yelled. “Fuck my ass.”

As I moved to get behind her, Sarah turned and pushed me down on my back, wiped her hand over her pussy and rubbed her juices all over my cock. She did the same with her asshole.

Sarah had taken over.

Sarah climbed on top of me facing my legs and feet, maneuvered my shaft under her ass, and in a slow, but steady movement, slid her ass down on my cock.

Sarah controlled the movement, fucking me with slow, deliberate movements. After several minutes, however, she was riding my cock up and down taking my entire length and girth into her ass.

I watched as my cock disappeared into her hole.

When Sarah got close to another orgasm, she lay back so I could reach her pussy with my hand, supporting her upper body with her arms spread back.

I rammed my cock into Sarah’s ass, pinched her nipple hard and rolled her swollen pearl between my fingers.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck,” she screamed over and over, as her body heaved and shook for what seemed like minutes.

Sarah may have cum once or twice outside, but this orgasm was her loudest, longest and most violent.

I cannot say how an anal orgasm feels; or even how a vaginal or clitoral orgasm feels. All I can state is my observations.

Anal sex, along with clit stimulation, makes for the biggest, most intense, violent and loud orgasms.

I shot whatever cum I had left into her ass, and added my voice to all of the wonderful sounds and noises Sarah was making.

Sarah finally slipped off me and onto her side.

“That’s enough. That’s enough,” she moaned. “I’m done.”

I went to the bathroom to wash my face and cock.

When I returned, Sarah had placed a towel under her ass, so cum seeping out of her ass would not get on the bed sheets.

I shut the bedroom door, turned off the lights, and got into bed.

I know we cuddled for a few minutes, but that was the last thing I remember before waking up the next day.

There were other sexual adventures. Once Sarah woke me in the early morning to help her teach a girl friend of hers how to suck a cock (read, “Beth’s Lesson”, already published on Lush). There were several blow jobs in my car, more picture taking, and some additional “studying” in the College’s library.

But there were some planned adventures that never took place.

We had run out of time.

Graduation time had arrived.

On our last night together we ate dinner at the restaurant on the beach, and then walked the length of the beach as we had done together a little over eight months before.

This time, we walked slowly and held hands.

Rather than a discussion of her experiences and my lack of experience, we remembered our feelings and thoughts as we enjoyed our mutual adventures. We expressed to each other our good fortune in having met as we did. And we acknowledged our feelings for each other. The sex had been incredible. But there was more to our relationship now than just the sex.

We returned to the house and made love. 

Not fucking, hard core, anal, and cum on your face sex. But slow, romantic wonderful, loving sex, stopping only when we were both spent.

Our goodbye was not a tearful one.

We had each other’s address. We planned on keeping in touch. We would talk on the phone. We would write to each other. We would hopefully see each other on long weekends or holidays.

Somehow, we both knew that this was not the end of Sarah and Mike.

The next morning I helped Sarah pack her car with the things she had remaining at the house.

Then she left to join her Mother and sisters at a hotel near the campus, beeping the horn on her car as she drove down the road.

Back in the house, I found a large manila envelope on my bed. In it were copies of many, if not all of the pictures we had taken of each other, the pictures taken by Molly, and the little, lipstick case size vibrator. It was a parting gift from Sarah.

I packed the envelope with my own things and left for my new apartment, a little sad, but excited about school, living on my own and what would come next.

To those who have been following the “Sarah” series, this is not the end. In fact, it is somewhat of a beginning.

Sarah would come back into my life in about six years, and we would continue to see each other and explore our sexual fantasies together, from that time until the present.

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