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Second Place “Pure Filth” Competition.

Second Saturday

Once a month, Kitty plays hard.

Kitty's phone pinged with an incoming kik message. It was a change from the hundreds of notifications she'd been getting all day from her Insta feed. Second Saturday always brought more hits. She eyed the screen as she leaned over her makeup table, applying her signature red to plum ombré lips. The sender's name was all she caught before the screen blacked out again; it made her plump, freshly painted lips curve in a slightly lascivious smile. Picking up her phone, she pulled up the new message.

Niteman: Can't wait to see you. Gonna make sure you're treated just as you deserve.

Her body tingled and hummed with anticipation. She was practically salivating at the night to come, needing the release that came with it. She giggled a quiet, throaty sound and imagined what would happen, then wrote a message in response.

KittyGrace: I'm almost ready. Hope you like.

She got a quick reply.

Niteman: 5 min.

Kitty finished up the last bits of her makeup then gave herself a once over at the full length mirror next to the table. She watched the iridescent sequins of her halter mini dress catch and reflect the lamp light, making it seem as if her body rippled with invitation. It was all she wore, aside from the rhinestone crusted platform stilettos that lengthened her already long legs. Striking a hip shot pose and flicking her hair over her shoulder, Kitty smiled at the vision of raw sexual appeal in the silvered surface, then picked up her go bag and strutted out to meet Niteman, a.k.a. Brian.


It always felt both grand and sleazy, pulling up to Tokyo Valentino in a luxury stretch limo. Brian insisted on it, saying it helped to set the stage for the night. He wasn't wrong. Kitty practically buzzed with excitement; her body had been aching for action all day. On the ride over, she'd given herself over to Brian, who'd always been very good at warming her up.

She loved the shivery sensation of his lips trailing over her shoulders and neck, his teeth lightly nipping at that sensitive spot on her collar. Moaning, she arched into his teasing touches, as his fingers trailed over the exposed skin of her arms. He caressed and squeezed her bare thighs, making her core tremble with need when he skated so close to her soaked nether lips. She squealed and panted when he pinched and tugged at her tight, budded nipples.

When they stopped in front of Tokyo, Kitty was mewling and writhing, begging Brian to let her fuck him before going in. He never gave in, though. His job was to get her needy and achy for cock, and he did his job so very well.

Kitty pouted and whined, “I'm so horny, Brian! Please, just let me.” Her hands had wandered to his lap, where they caressed and squeezed his prominent and lengthy hard on. Brian let her do it for a few moments, before groaning a sigh and shackling her wrists in his large hands. Kitty mewled and looked at him pleadingly.

Brian leaned in for a light, slow kiss on her perfect lips and whispered, “I know you're horny, Kitty. I'm going to make sure you get exactly what you need, princess.” He kissed her again, lingeringly, and continued, “You know I'll get my turn. Later.”

Kitty's pussy squeezed around the hollowness there, and she closed her eyes tightly before nodding and smiling. Brian nuzzled his nose to hers and grinned, then pulled a small plastic pill box from inside his jacket. With deft fingers, he removed a single, small, white square emblazoned with a bright pink bunny on one side. He tucked the box away then held the pill up to Kitty's lips.

“Time for some candy, baby girl,” he said, and she giggled before opening her mouth wide and sticking out her tongue obediently. Brian leaned in and licked her tongue with the tip of his; it was a slow, languid stroke that made Kitty moan. Then, he placed the square on her tongue and she washed it down with a sip of water from a fresh bottle.

Stepping out of the limo always drew attention. Anyone milling around the entrance to Tokyo would gape at the ridiculous amount of leg on display. Her dress was nearly indecent, tucked as close to her rounded ass as was legally allowable. The halter top carved a path along the sides of her full, pert breasts, allowing them to swing freely as she walked and coming dangerously close to nipple slips with every sway of her voluptuous hips. She felt glorious as everyone gawked. She felt desired. Slutty. In heat.

Brian opened the door to the sexual paradise and the neon blasted Kitty's newly bared senses. The X was starting to work its magic, or maybe it was the arousal mixed with the anticipation and excitement of this one night a month. Again, she felt on display, and she hummed softly as Brian laced his fingers with hers and pulled her along aisles full of every single sex toy imaginable.

The dildos all looked so appealing to Kitty. Her pussy clenched and ached. There were pussy pumps, vibrators, dongs, plugs, nipple clamps, crops, whips, flogs, rope, wax kits, blindfolds, feathers, wands, latex masks, gags, skin tight suits, sensation creams, oils, lubricants. It was nearly overwhelming. As they browsed, Brian caressed her exposed skin, her arms, her neck, the tops of her thighs, and every touch created a cascade of sensation that seemed to crash into the last and the next.

Kitty fairly vibrated with need. She gripped Brian's hand after about an hour of browsing and leaned in to whisper, “Daddy, I need to be fucked. Please.”

He turned to look at her, and Kitty was sure that he could see her pupils blown wide open by the X she'd taken. She was needy, achy, hungry for any cock that she could get. There were men everywhere in the store, and they all stared her down with a mixture of awe and lust. The straight ones held heavy bulges in their pants, and Kitty salivated at the idea of stroking them, sucking them. Brian smiled slowly and nodded, then pulled her to the large video section of the store.

This was one of the most well appointed pornography libraries in the region. There were popular titles along with more obscure films, the newest, raunchiest scenes next to classic Victorian erotica. Kitty looked around as the neon began to bleed into its surroundings, the colors reaching in to caress her naked nerves with licks of fiery sensation. Brian led her through the racks and racks of sex made to order, eventually reaching the back of the room, where a roped off hallway led to the private viewing rooms.

There was a well dressed man standing at the head of the hall, and Brian had a whispered conversation during which some cash was exchanged. The man nodded, sparing Kitty a thorough, hungry once over before drawing the velvet rope aside and letting them through. They walked toward the last cube on the right side of the hall, passing several other doors. Muffled moans, grunting, passionate cries and the sound of slapping flesh all emanated from the various portals.

A half open door offered a more intimate vignette. Kitty caught a flash of bouncing tits as a girl rode the man she was with while they watched a lusty threesome on screen. Their eyes caught for a moment and Kitty fell into the pleasure filled stare of the girl. In that half a second, Kitty felt all of the girl's arousal, desire and release slam into her cortex, and she gasped loudly enough for Brian to hear. She was caught in a web of pure animal heat, stopped in the hall and holding on to the girl's stare until she rolled her eyes up, closed them and came loudly all over the man beneath her.

Kitty turned and arched against Brian, her hands reaching for him, tugging at his clothes, ready to drag him into the closest cube and have her way. Her lips found his and she kissed him deeply, feeling his instant response in the way he held her to him, how his hands cupped and molded her to him, the way his cock throbbed through his slacks against her hot, dripping, needy, naked pussy. She was ready to fuck, good God, was she ready.

Brian pulled himself out of her hands, then turned her around and wrapped her up in an iron grip. His arm pinned hers down and held her back to his chest, while his other hand cupped her chin firmly and tugged her head to the side.

He whispered harshly, “Get in the fucking room, filthy little slut.”

Then he walked her to the door of their viewing cube, Kitty struggling to release her arms so she could have her way again. Brian thrust her inside and she turned unsteadily, panting and moaning, ready to jump on him. He stilled her with a steely look.

“Don't even think about it, Kitty. Be a good slut and sit in that chair. You remember why you're here, don't you?”

His words brought to mind a million different scenarios, each more hedonistic than the last, and it made Kitty giggle almost drunkenly. She smiled wickedly at Brian, her hands snaking up her thighs and over her dress. She cupped her plump breasts and squeezed, moaning when her fingers pinched her hardened nipples. Licking her lips, she swayed and said, “Get me some cock, Daddy. Please?”

Brian returned her wicked smile, running a thumb over his lower lip and giving his bulging dick a slow, hard rub. Kitty mewled, her mouth watering at the sight of his arousal, and she nearly dropped to her knees to beg him to fuck her. But she knew he wouldn't. Not until much later.

She turned away from Brian and obediently sat in the straight back wooden chair by the wall. It was the one with the glory hole. Her dilated pupils were trained on the gaping void of the hole. It was roughly cut in the wall, definitely not something placed there intentionally by the store owners. It didn't matter, though. In fact, the illicit nature of the hole made Kitty even wetter.

Her fingers trailed up her thighs, causing ripples of sensation to skate over her skin. Spreading her legs, she exposed her naked, hairless folds to the harsh fluorescent lights in the room, and with a single finger, she stroked her aching little nub. It made her bite her lip and moan, the depth and density of the feeling. Her pussy pulsed and ached, needing the endless pounding of tireless cock. She trembled and panted as she twirled that single finger around her clit, so very close to her first orgasm of the night that she was truly tempted to take it.

The screen on the wall flickered to life just then and she caught sight of a girl kneeling before a very well endowed man, right before he tipped her face up, gripped her neck and rammed himself into her pouting mouth. The scene was beyond erotic. It was a rough, dirty face fuck, with all the gurgling, choking and gagging expected. The girl's eyes were streaming tears in minutes from the effort of taking such a large, insistent cock into her mouth and throat over and over.

Kitty writhed as she watched, closing her eyes and focusing on the sounds of cock in mouth, the slurping, gurgling, gasping and coughing of the girl being used so ruthlessly on the screen. It wouldn't take long for her to come. Seconds, at most, if she kept it up, but a different noise to her right brought her out of her frenzy.

It was the unmistakable sound of a belt being undone, a zipper being drawn down. The cube walls were very thin. Kitty watched the glory hole hungrily. Sure enough, a few seconds later found her staring at her first cock of the night. She purred, leaned in with hooded eyes and rubbed her cheek on the offering. It was smooth on her skin, and kicked at her contact. There was a short gasp from the other side of the wall, then a groan as she rubbed her lips along its length.

Kitty dropped to her knees in front of the hole, braced herself on the wall and took that cock right into her mouth with a grateful, eager moan of her own. Her pussy was dripping down her thighs; the act of giving head was one of the most erotic for her. She tasted the salty precum on the tip, then took the whole thing deeply, to her throat, where she squeezed the head and swallowed convulsively. God, she loved sucking cock.

The man on the other side wasn't being quiet. He sounded entirely enthralled, groaning and making muffled suggestions through the wall. His cock throbbed in Kitty's mouth, and she held her lips at the hole so the man could fuck her through it. He was moving fast and panting hard. Kitty could feel his cock expanding in her mouth with every thrust, and she opened wide. A few thrusts later, he groaned loudly and Kitty got her first load of cum. She lapped it up, making the man jump and moan as she licked and sucked on his very sensitive member. Eventually, he pulled his cock back through the hole.

Kitty sat back and wiped her lip, feeling every inch the filthy little slut she was and loving it. Her thumb cleaned up a stray drip of cum on her chin and she lapped it up, savoring the salty, anonymous fluid and already jonesing for more. Fortunately, she didn't have long to wait.

The sound of footsteps made her head turn and she caught sight of two strapping young men walking in the cube. She hummed and grinned, wiggling her ass like a happy little bitch. Her pussy throbbed in acute anticipation. The men looked down at her, then at each other, smirking. Kitty didn't miss a beat. She crawled to the center of the cube, then beckoned to them with both hands.

Eagerly, the two guys came close, and Kitty rubbed her cheek up first one then the other, her hands reaching for their well formed hard ons. She stroked each firmly and with enthusiasm, then looked up, smiling at each in turn and said, “Show me what'cha got, boys.”
Hands flew to belts and buttons, and soon Kitty was faced with two gorgeous, long, thick cocks. She took one in each hand and stroked them, cooing in appreciation and excitement. Her cunt dripped and clenched as she imagined taking each inside. Leaning in, she stroked them on her cheeks and rubbed her lips over the lightly weeping heads. Her tongue flicked at frenulums as she stroked and savored, her eyes constantly on their faces, soaking in their apparent enjoyment.

She took the one on the right in her mouth first, leaving her hands to stroke and grope the other's cock and sack. Both men groaned and gasped at her attention, their hips getting into the thrusting action as well. Kitty was high as a kite on the sex and the X. Her body felt like it was covered in liquid bliss that crackled with fiery sparks. When the one in her mouth gripped her hair and chin and began fucking her mouth in earnest, she gave into it, opening her mouth wide and letting him go as deep as he could.

His friend said something and they switched, and Kitty's mouth got fucked from another angle. She gasped and moaned, tears beginning to leak out of her sooty, smokey eyes, tracking makeup down her cheeks. Her hands were still busy stroking, until that guy pulled out of her grip and disappeared behind her. When she heard the chairs in the room being dragged around, her entire body pulsed with the ache in her cunt.

They ended up placing her face up across two chairs. The one at her legs tugged and shoved at her skirt, and when he spread her legs he whistled.

“Goddamn, Les. This horny little bitch is soaking wet.” His fingers stroked along her folds, then smacked it hard, and Kitty arched and gurgled around the cock that had been reinserted into her mouth.

Les moaned and panted, “Well go on and fuck her, Gus! I want my turn, too. Fuck, she's got a whore's mouth. Take it, baby. Yeah, that's right.” He was gripping her throat and the back of her head as he pistoned himself into her wide open throat, and Kitty felt glorious, half starved for air, vibrating from the drugs, spread out like sex on a plate. She was teetering on the edge of orgasm, and Gus was stroking her slick pussy with the tip of his cock. Her hips angled up, almost begging him to fuck her deeply, and Gus grunted as he pressed in.

Kitty felt him stretch her, filling her so fucking well that she clenched and came around him from that first thrust. Her hands gripped Les's thighs and her throat swallowed his cock with every spasm of her hungry cunt. Gus didn't stop, either. He cursed at her tightness and fucked her hard and fast, holding her legs up at his shoulders. Kitty jiggled and arched, writhed in an almost perfect rhythm between pussy fuck and throat fuck. She came and came and came, gasping for air between pounding thrusts.

A few more thrusts had Gus grunting and stiffening against her, and Kitty felt his cock kick inside her with each spurt of his cum. She felt gloriously, filthily dirty, used like a proper cum slut should be. Gus gripped her round ass cheeks, then spanked her before pulling out, leaving a void inside her that she needed filled. Fortunately, Les was on it.

Together, they levered her up and to her feet for a moment, while Les took a seat. Then Kitty found herself spread over him, his stiff, slick cock sliding into her even slicker pussy. It felt amazing. She held on to the chair back and worked herself onto Les's slightly longer cock, feeling him press deeply into her hungry cunt. Hands came in from behind her and tugged her halter off, exposing her bouncing tits. She moaned and fucked Les harder when the disembodied fingers pinched and pulled on her stiff, sensitive nipples.

Looking down, she noticed coffee colored skin. There was another man in the room, and that made Kitty even wilder. She grinned like a maniac and bounced on Les's cock, then held on as he lifted her and pumped himself roughly in. He was close to coming, and so was she. When she felt a finger probe her tight little asshole, she cried out and came all over Les. Her voice was ragged from the throat fuck, but it didn't stop her from cursing and urging Les to give her his cum. A few more strokes had him doing just that, filling and overflowing her milking cunt.

Kitty cried, “Yes! Yes! Fucking hell, yes! Make me your dirty cum whore!”

The finger at her anus pressed in and her pussy squeezed Les's cock so hard that he whimpered and lifted her off him. Kitty dripped cum down her thighs and all over the floor as she stood on wobbly legs, but only for a moment.

The man who had been torturing her nipples turned her around and pushed her down to her knees. Then she was faced with a huge, stiff, black piece of cock meat. Kitty's eyes went wide and she looked up at the man. He was decent looking, which was nice, but it was the look of absolute lust mixed with a bit of aggression that got Kitty revving up again. Obediently, she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, without even being told.

Her newest cock grinned a blindingly white smile, then gripped his shaft and slapped its head to her exposed tongue. He rubbed his saliva coated dick all over her face before bringing it back to her mouth, then pressed that monstrous head past her lips. She couldn't take him deeply, but Kitty tried, opening up as wide as she could. His hand came to the back of her head and held her as he slowly thrust deeper and deeper. Kitty choked when he held the tip of his monster cock to the top of her throat, but still he held it. Her eyes streamed and she looked up at him pleadingly. He chuckled and relented, pulling out and letting her have a few deep, gurgling breaths.

Kitty wanted him in her pussy, stretching her beyond her limits there. She gave him her most eager smile and said, “Fuck my pussy, please, sir?”

She hoped she'd gotten the vibe right, and wasn't disappointed when he said, “Get on your hands and knees, subby little slut.” So she did, and he knelt behind her, slapped her ass and thrust himself into her roughly. She screamed at the fullness. He was huge. Almost immediately, she felt herself rise to that near peak of orgasm as he pounded her stretched out hole. His big hands gripped her hips firmly, occasionally giving her rounded ass a stinging slap that only increased her excitement.

Thumbs stroked her little rear star and Kitty shuddered. She relaxed and they slid easily in, aided by the copious fluids that had dripped earlier. First one, then the other thumb, and she groaned loudly as they stretched her tight hole. She heard then felt the man spit in the gaping hole he'd created, and knew she was about to get fucked as deeply as she had ever been fucked in her ass.

The man pounded her pussy a while longer, then withdrew and pressed his bulbous head to her readied sphincter. He said, “Alright, little whore. Let's see how you take this big black dick in that ass.” Kitty felt him pull her ass cheeks apart, then push. She relaxed and hummed her pleasure, feeling her tight hole begin to give way to his insistent thrust. When he popped in, she cried out, then keened loudly as he pressed deeper. Kitty was spread as far as her knees would go, pushing herself back against the monster cock that was currently owning her ass.

He went deeper and deeper with slow, sure thrusts, until Kitty felt his balls slap against her swollen, dripping pussy. The man groaned, slapped her cheeks and said, “Fuck, that is one fine ass, slut! I'm gonna fuck you so hard you won't be able to stand for days.”

Kitty braced as he pulled out and her orgasm slammed into her when he pushed himself back in. She went momentarily blind as the waves of sharp, biting pleasure crashed over her. She hung on to the scarred concrete floor as the big, black cock shunted in and out of her slick, willing asshole, crying out her pleasure. Time became irrelevant as the man continued to fuck her convulsing pink star. Kitty moaned and mewled, feeling every ounce of carnal pleasure in the universe converge on her in waves that ebbed and flowed endlessly. After a time, she felt the shaft inside her stiffen, and the man gripped her hips as his dick kicked and spilled his cum into her well used asshole.

Coffee skin pulled out of her and gave her bottom a slap, then there were hands everywhere. Kitty was rolled onto her back and she opened her eyes, grinning madly. She saw Brian's face, felt his hand on her cheek, and heard him say, “You okay, baby girl? You had enough yet?”

Kitty took a deep breath and said, “I want more. Three. All at once.”

Brian smirked and patted her cheek. “Knew you'd say that.” Then he looked up and motioned for someone to come in.

Kitty looked over and in her upside down view, saw three muscled guys strut in. Licking her lip, Kitty sat up, her tits bouncing, nipples puckered. They were all handsome, with eager smiles and big hands.

Brian whispered in her ear, “They're Marines. Let's treat them with gratitude, okay princess?”

Kitty giggled, then knelt and crawled over to the men. They descended on her like hungry vultures, hands stroking and tugging at every part of her body. She found herself straddling one, his mouth fused to hers in a deep, owning kiss, while the others poked and prodded her with hands and cocks. Her own hands stroked and tugged in return, urging them to fuck her as they wanted. Kitty's well used cunt rubbed along her seated man's stiff, throbbing dick, right before she took him in.

He was well endowed, not as big as the black man, but definitely packing. It felt glorious, dizzying. He held her by the neck and hair, whispering filthy suggestions in her ear as he guided her pussy to slowly ride him. Kitty mewled with need, feeling yet another orgasm stirring. The X was still going strong and her senses were on overdrive, sending her pulse galloping and her brain into frenzied oblivion.

The hands holding her throat and hair guided her to take in another's cock, and suddenly there was the third pushing into her already loosened ass. Three cocks, filling all her holes. Kitty reeled from it, and she gave herself entirely to these three bucks, letting them do whatever they wanted to her willing body. The guys switched positions multiple times, and even though Kitty knew they'd all been in her ass at some point, it didn't even matter. She was nothing but sexual sensation and hedonistic delight.

She came when the third dick filled her ass, while another pounded her pussy. Screaming profanity, she arched and writhed on them, around them, milking their stiff meat until one by one, each one finished on or in her body. Kitty sucked and licked each one clean after they came, then watched them go with dazed smiles on their faces.

She was a mass of pulsing nerves, laid out on the floor naked and covered in cum and sweat. Her hands caressed her breasts and fingered her puffy, aching pussy, and it was beyond surprising that she could feel herself stir at the touch. But then, Brian was there, and the world went a little fuzzy for a while. The last thing she remembered was being held on his lap, wrapped up in a warm, soft blanket as the limo carried them away from Tokyo Valentino.



Kitty cracked sleep crusted eyes and found herself in a dim hotel room. The air was cool and the sheets were crisp against her skin. She rolled over and stretched, feeling her body complain at the soreness nearly everywhere. Her hand collided with warm, solid skin and she looked over to find Brian propped up in the bed, his laptop open. He looked over at her and smiled lovingly.

“Afternoon, beautiful. How you feeling?” he said. His hand trailed along Kitty's arm.

She hummed and slunk closer, burrowing against his solid warmth. He hugged her close and dropped a kiss on her head.

Kitty smiled up at him and said, “I feel so very used. Last night was so wild, Brian. It was epic. Thank you.”

He smirked at her and cupped her chin, then leaned down to give her a lingering kiss.

“I'm glad, baby girl. You seemed to enjoy it very much.”

Kitty moved onto her knees between his legs, displacing his laptop and pulling at the sheets that covered his lap. “Mhm, I did. I felt like such a filthy little slut. Did you like it, baby?” Her hands stroked up his thighs to the sides of his already stiffening cock.

Brian's smirk turned into a full blown smile as he took in her eagerness. “What, not satisfied yet?”

Kitty made a quiet scoffing sound, then wrapped her hands around Brian's long erection. She stroked him expertly, and he sighed appreciatively, dropping his head back and watching her out of half closed eyes.

“I won't be satisfied until I've had you, my love,” she said, licking her lip. She wiggled her way up his legs, then licked a path from the base of his drawn up balls to the tip of his throbbing dick. Brian groaned, his hands coming to stroke, then grip her hair. He pulled it tight, painfully so, and Kitty mewled. Holding her there, he smiled mischievously.

“I'm not going to go easy on you, Kitty. You were a very bad girl last night,” said Brian. “Bad girls need to be punished.”

Kitty's eyes went wide and unfocused. She looked up at Brian and felt the unimaginable love she had for him well up and overflow, even as he pulled her hair so tightly that it made her whimper.

“Please, Daddy. Punish me,” she begged, quivering with excitement and trepidation.

Brian released her hair, then swiftly closed the laptop and removed it from the bed. “Hands and knees, on the bed,” he said firmly. Kitty obeyed, feeling her pussy begin to get wet.

She watched him leave the bed, then return with several things, nearly choking when she saw the lube and the insanely long, thick plug. Before that, though, he fitted her with a leather collar that was encrusted with glittery rhinestones and had a heart shaped tag that read “Daddy's Kitty”.

“You seemed to really like having your ass fucked last night,” said Brian, as he began to prepare her to take the big glass plug. His fingers probed and stretched her, making Kitty moan and clench around him. He slapped her ass hard.

“Relax, baby. You're going to love this,” he said, and Kitty did her best to obey. Soon, she felt the head of the plug press into her ass and keep going, filling her much like the large black man had the night before. When she was sure she could take no more, the plug popped all the way in and remained securely locked in place. Her juices dripped down her thighs and Brian traced one long track with his finger.

“Always so fucking eager. It's something I adore about you, princess,” he said. Then, he fitted her with a ball gag. Kitty breathed through her nose as the big, rubber ball filled her mouth, pressing against her tongue and palate. Brian said, “You need to be quieter here, Kitty,” as if he intended to put her ability to be silent to the test. Then he slapped her ass, making Kitty grunt in surprise.

Brian stroked her ass and said, “Good girl.” A few moments later, Kitty felt the tails of a flogger tickling her back, ass and thighs. She shivered and closed her eyes, waiting for him to start. He said, “Remember, if you need me to stop, lift your right hand. Got it, Kitty?”

She nodded, and almost before she was finished, he began. Lightly at first, his flogger rained electric kisses along her sensitive skin. Kitty hummed softly against the gag when the tails landed on her exposed pussy, and she bucked once when one curled up and landed square on her clit. A pleasurable fire was spreading. Her skin heated and stung as Brian increased the tempo and force.

Eventually, Kitty was grunting and mewling with every stroke of the flogger. She wiggled her ass and pushed it up, now hoping the tails would fall on her needy, aching clit. Arousal skated over her from lash to lash, until she was begging Brian to fuck her through the slobbery gag. That's when he stopped, climbed behind her and thrust his cock into her weeping pussy. Kitty moaned and dropped to her elbows, bracing herself as Brian gripped her hips and fucked her fiercely.

Her orgasm mounted with every thrust, and kitty writhed against Brian, trying to get that last push she needed. Brian slapped her sensitized ass and fucked her harder. His hand sneaked onto her tummy and slid down to tease her throbbing clit; Kitty mewled loudly and clenched his cock.

“Does my filthy little collared whore wanna come?” he asked as he thrust deeply. Kitty nodded wildly and moaned, the orgasm nearly there, so close she could feel her muscles tensing. “Yeah, I can feel it, baby girl. Can you take it, huh?”

Brian continued fucking her, and Kitty felt tears of need slide down her cheeks. She knew she couldn't come unless he said so.

“Fuck, you're such a good little slut! Oh, yeah, milk my cock, baby, take it!” Brian slapped at her clit repeatedly and Kitty screamed through the gag. She was vibrating, pulsing with the impending explosion, and she barely heard it when Brian said, “Come, you gorgeous, filthy little whore! Come on my cock!”

Kitty cried openly as her body convulsed. She gripped the sheets and fucked herself onto Brian's cock, feeling every spasm and pummel in a succession of endless waves. Brian throbbed within her, his own howl of release joining hers as he filled her with his cum. They held together for another few beats of their erratic hearts before collapsing in a sweaty pile on the rumpled sheets.

Brian stirred first, crawling up to remove Kitty's gag. She watched him through glazed, half open eyes, unable to gather the strength to even smile, though she really wanted to. Then, Brian pulled her close and held her, stroking her lightly trembling body with gentle strokes. Kitty sighed in relief and blissful calm. She managed to find one of his hands and lace her fingers with his, giving it a weak squeeze.

“I love you, Brian,” she said quietly, the intimacy of the moment wrapping around them like gossamer strands of spider silk. Kitty felt his kiss on her head and she sighed again, finally feeling at peace.

“Love you, too, baby girl,” said Brian, hugging her tightly for a moment. Then he whispered, “Almost as much as I love Second Saturdays.”

Kitty snorted and slapped his shoulder. “Dork,” she said.

Brian rolled her over and pinned her down, then kissed her slow and lazily before saying, “Mrs. Dork.” His hands stroked her sides as he continued, “I'm hungry. Let's order room service. We'll get you cleaned up and then I have a surprise for you.”

Kitty looked up at him questioningly and he said, “Wanna watch a recap of last night?”

That got Kitty's attention and she could feel certain parts of her body respond with predictable enthusiasm. She purred and wrapped her arms around Brian's neck, then pulled him down for a more thorough melding of lips.

“Hell yeah, I'd love to watch. We have the room all weekend, right?” asked Kitty, her leg beginning to slide up and down Brian's. She could feel him stiffening against her thigh.

Brian said, “Mhm. Kitty, if you keep doing that, we're gonna have to postpone breakfast.” He cupped a breast and pinched her nipple, making Kitty squeal.

“Forget about breakfast,” said Kitty against his lips. “Eat me instead.” She giggled and licked into his mouth.

Brian groaned and gave in, tugging her hair and biting her lip before saying, “Filthy fucking slut.”




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