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It's Only Just a Fantasy

It's Only Just a Fantasy

Carlita suddenly sees the world in a special way

Carlita lost her virginity to a boyfriend after the junior prom. It wasn't so bad. At least, she was pretty sure she came when Freddy was coming inside of her. And she made sure he used the condom she forced him to buy at the Walgreen's on the way to the dance.

It did kind of feel the same as when she touched herself in her room late at night. Only she could come a lot harder by herself. That didn't seem right. But it was so. Anyway she sort of felt completely grown up now as a sixteen year old girl who had been fucked by a boy. 

After that she only jacked Freddy off sometimes in his car when they went to the drive-in. She really liked the feel of cock in her hand and would fantasize about getting fucked more often. And she didn't mind having the sticky spunk squirt up and onto her hand. But she knew another girl who left school because she got preggers. No way was that going to happen to her. Not with Freddy, for sure.

She still remembered what it felt like. It hadn't been so bad. Maybe if Freddy had been bigger or something. She didn't know. She thought a lot about sex. Like when she was in the shower and letting the water squirt on her pussy and clit. Or when she was shaving all the pubes off. She had fantasies. Lots of them. Carlita had a lively imagination. It must have been from all her reading and looking at stuff online. They had WiFi and she was a good at googling.

Carlita really wished she was more like her mom. Such a pretty lady. And her body was so sexy. Mrs Garcia's butt was the greatest she ever saw. It was big and round and firm. What they called a bubble butt. Carlita saw how men would notice Mom. And the way Daddy would smack it and make Mom giggle like a girl.

Not only was Mom's ass awfully pretty but her tits were great. Mom's breasts were just like Jennifer Lopez' only better. Firmer and more proud looking, Carlita thought. She understood why Daddy would touch Mom with his big, rough hands when he didn't think anyone was looking. Carlita hoped she would get a big butt and tits when she got older.

One of Carlita's fantasies was about catching her mother and father doing nasty things when they were all alone. That almost happened one time. Out in the shop behind the garage Daddy worked on engines and stuff. He liked cars. Anyway, once Carlita went out there looking for Mom. She peeked into the dirty window of the shop and saw her mother and father. Mom was up against the shop bench and Daddy was kissing her and squeezing her butt with his greasy hands. 

He started humping up against Mom's pussy when she slapped his hand and laughed. It was close to supper time and she needed to cook dinner. That was what Carlita supposed. But she went back to her room and imagined what should have happened. How Daddy would have lifted up Mom's skirt, tore the panties down, and then fished his prick out to fuck Mom. While Mom was cooking dinner Carlita was fingering her pussy and fantasizing about watching Daddy fuck Mom. That made her come hard that time.

Daddy was a big man. All the men in the family were big, including Daddy's brothers and his father whom they only saw on Thanksgiving down in Tucson. Carlita had heard something funny one time. Girls were giggling and talking in the shower room after gym. One girl just said right out that boys with big feet and hands would have a big cock. Everyone laughed and Carlita felt herself blushing.

One day she was home early from school because of a teacher's meeting or something. She didn't think anyone was home yet. Mom did her shopping on Fridays like this. She dropped off her stuff in her room and went down the hall to the bathroom. The door was not closed completely and she pushed it open. Daddy was standing on one leg with the other up on the edge of the tub. As he dried the hair on his head his cock was dangling and shaking. It was kind of partly firm. Curving out and down. 

Her mouth was open in surprise. But she was quiet. He didn't look out from the towel. He didn't know she was there. His prick was so big. It was so long and thick as it hung there. Then he began drying it off, standing up on both feet. Finishing up. She backed quickly out hoping he hadn't seen her. That would be so embarrassing. But it was true, she was thinking. Big men really did have big cocks. So much bigger than Freddy's. 

And that certainly made Carlita have some more big fantasies. 

She had heard of girls sucking cocks. She had never done it yet. She thought it would be fun. But how would it fit. She could only guess that Daddy's prick would get even bigger when it was hard. When he got a boner. How would it fit into her mouth. Because that was what she was having a fantasy about now lying in her bedroom with Daddy in the kitchen making a drink before Mom came home. How would it fit.

And how would it taste. When it was fresh from the shower. All clean and ready and hard.  Or dirty and smelly after working in the shop. Her mouth watered as her fantasy shifted to her sitting on the side of the tub while Daddy held the back of her head and fed some cock into her mouth. Her lips stretched and spread wider taking Daddy into her and gagging as it touched the back almost into her throat.

She could imagine the choking and the tears dripping from her eyes, looking up and wanting more from him. More cock thrusting rapidly back and forth into her face. Fucking her face. That's what they called it in gym class. He was forcing her to take his huge dick as he face fucked her while he held her head tight and firm.

Her Daddy fucked her face and her fingers fucked her pussy as she laid there on her bed all alone. She whimpered as her pussy lips started quivering. She came on her delicate fingers and into her cotton panties. She sighed and tasted herself. She knew that was awfully dirty but Carlita wanted it..

She tried and tried to imagine how to make it happen. She was starting to want it so much.

It began to give her recurring fantasies almost everyday. While she was in school or at home it didn't matter. Every time she saw a large man somewhere she would wonder how big his cock was. And think that maybe her father had the biggest cock ever. She wanted to see it again and in her fantasies she saw it a lot. It was thick and veiny. Sometimes it was soft but most of the time it was

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