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Hiking Stories


Jamie Finally Gets It - Chloe (YNAS) Pt. 6

Jamie figures it out and gives Chloe another form of pleasure she wants so badly

Jamie didn’t sleep well but thought he had his thoughts sorted out and had even decided how he would present them to Chloe, but it meant holding back for a while longer, which might be difficult. He got up before Chloe, pretty much at first light, and res...

Opening the Marriage: The Hike, Chapter 4

Luke goes on a hike that ends in a threesome

Luke was enjoying his morning hike on Mount Baldy with the sunshine warming his skin and his panting breath coming in deep, regular intervals. Sweat was glistening on his forehead, arms, and legs as he steadily climbed higher on the beautiful mountain in...


Jenna is virgin and saving herself for marriage but will a weekend away and a strange man change that?

Jenna was twenty-one years old and dating her high school sweetheart Justin. They had been dating since middle school and lived in a small town out in the countryside. Jenna was raised with traditional values and was still a virgin. She hadn't even laid a...

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Pitching A Tent 2: The Fallout

Ryan tries to figure out the reason behind Skye's sudden attitude change

"Now Entering Pisgah National Park" The sign signaled the end of our seven-hour road trip, and I was excited to stretch my legs. The back seat of George's car was not meant for people as tall as me, and my legs were getting numb. Under normal circumstance...

A Wicked Weekend At Hazel Point

Charlie is going to Olympic trials in 2 weeks, he takes Beth to work off tension.

My name is Charlie; I’m sixteen years old, a little over six feet tall, with bottle-blond hair that’s got a greenish tint from the chlorine in the pool. I have the broad shoulders, muscular torso and powerful legs of a swimmer. In two weeks I’m off to the...

My Fantasies No. 3 Bed And Breakfast Part 3

The third in my series detailing some of my sexual fantasies

“Well, are you going to get naked then?” she asked, her startlingly blue eyes gazing at me, as she stood, statuesque like, in the warm sunshine. As I looked at her, she reached down between her legs with her right hand and slipped a finger between the puf...

My Fantasies No. 3 Bed And Breakfast Part 2

The third in my series detailing some of my sexual fantasies.

I awoke on the Friday morning, feeling the effects of my previous day's hiking. My legs were stiff and needed some encouragement to get moving. I stumbled my way into the bathroom, had a pee and turned the shower on. Then, remembering the events of the pr...

My Fantasies No. 3 Bed and Breakfast Part 1

My Fantasies - the third instalment in the series

I’m Steve, thirty-four, an IT Trainer from Gloucester. I am engaged to my girlfriend Kerry, who is thirty, and we are planning to get married next summer. We were supposed to get married in May, but that all had to be postponed due to COVID-19. It has bee...

Something To Remember

It's just a hike right? Not like it's a date...or anything?

The Invitation   You “Do any of you hike?” you ask. The question is addressed to the table but you were looking at her when you spoke. The immediate flurry of responses from everyone making it clear that not one of them has realised who your question is r...