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Doing More then the Job Description

How would you react when your darkest and naughtiest fantasies come true?
I worked for a graphic designer in the Upper West side of Manhattan. I was working on going to school to become one myself. I was in my second year, and had gone to a Vocational High School, and majored in Graphic Communications.

I made sixteen dollars an hour, and did little designs here and there for small companies around the city. I had gained a spot on the team, not officially a graphic designer, but doing what they do. I’d been working for this company for eight months and was doing my best not to be swallowed up.

My goal was to be designing logos and doing things for huge corporations. I had to work my way up; I had to prove that I was worthy of it all.

My coworkers were usually assholes. They were snobby and often thought they were better than everyone else. I had a few good acquaintances, but there wasn’t anyone I was overly close with.

My boss, his name was Andre. He was my chocolate bar. I could lick him all up. He was very attractive. He was 6’3 or so, and had such an amazing body. Now, I mean he had an awesome personality; was definitely a great boss, but who gives a fuck about that when all you want to do, is swallow his cock.

God I’d love to see that cock.

I started work at half past eight, and was there until six or seven depending on how busy we were. Often I was the last to leave, finishing up extra things around the office. All to prove I was worthy of working here, and getting some extra projects.

Tonight was a much later night. It was a quarter past eight, and I was still designing the dress of a cartoon princess in Adobe Illustrator. I was tired and had been going all day. Mostly everyone in our floor had left, taking the beautiful night as an opportunity to bail on the work that needed to be done.

It was Andre, myself, and the custodial staff.

Andre had been figuring out a client’s request. The client had changed what he wanted four times, and we were all waiting for the fifth. He had the patience of a saint which is slightly ironic, because I’m sure saints wouldn’t do half of what I wanted to do with him. He stayed calm and collected, very seldom getting angry. He did his job exceptionally well.

I was removing points from my Illustrator design when my phone buzzed. I looked down at it and saw my fiancés name followed by his text message.

“Everything all right? You’re usually home by now.”

I wasn’t supposed to text in the office, but I knew I wouldn’t get in trouble. I quickly replied: “Yeah, everything’s good. Finishing up a project. Taking longer than expected. Love you Xx.”

My phone buzzed a moment later, reading ‘Okie dokes, I love you too’, followed by a makeshift heart, you know the one with the three and the silly math sign. I smiled at my phone, and looked back at my Mac OS computer. I saved my work, before continuing once more.

As I was adding the stroke color to the dress, Andre walked over to my desk. He sat on the edge of it, and looked over my design.

“Good job,” he said with a smile that made me blush.

“Thank you, sir.”

“Of course. You’ve done an excellent job here. I think, actually I know, you’ll do very well in this industry.”

“Thank you. Are you heading home?”

“Not yet, I actually wanted to speak to you about something.”

“Oh?” I gave him a puzzled look. “About what, may I ask?”

“Well I was curious, if you’d like to go somewhere a bit more comfortable.”

“Sure,” I replied. “Let me save my files,” I said to him, as I did just that. I logged off the computer and grabbed my phone and keys. I followed him into the break room and we sat together on the couch.

“So first of all, you look beautiful tonight.”

“Thanks,” I said. I shuffled in my seat a bit, thrown by the compliment. My hair was quite messy, frizzy from the day. I was frazzled much of the day, and my hair takes the damage. My makeup was quickly thrown onto my peach freckle covered face this morning. I looked as professional as the job required. Nothing special by far.

I’ll give you a more accurate description of me. I’m five feet, four and half inches. That half inch means a lot to me. I have big brown eyes with short eye lashes, and just about a million and one freckles. I am a brunette, with curly hair that is majority of the time straightened.

I am definitely not a tiny girl. Normally I am a size thirteen, but somehow bought size ten shorts the other day. Don’t ask me how…

I have large breasts. I normally wear a 40 DD, but occasionally am forced to go to a triple D. I have a round ass, I’ve had it called a “bubble butt” since I was young.

So that’s me in a nutshell, I mean obviously there’s more to me, but do you really need to know that for this to continue? I don’t really think so.

Any who; back to the story at hand.

“I talked to your fiancé the other day,” he started.

“You did?” I replied slightly surprised. Cameron never mentioned anything to me about him.

“Yes, I ran into him at Dunkin Donuts.”

“Oh? What did you guys talk about?”

“You, my dear.”

“Oh.” By now, I was completely confused. Where in the hell was this conversation going.

“Would you like to know, what about you, was discussed?”

“Very much so, yes.”

“Well, I am going to be blunt about it. Elizabeth, I want to fuck you.” I felt my eyes go wide, and my cheeks become beat red. I didn’t know what to say, so I just sat there quietly. “We discussed a few things, actually had a forty minute conversation. I now know, that he wants to share you.”

“With you?”

“Obviously it’s up to, but we both very much like the idea.”


“Now of course, talk it over with him. I don’t want you to do anything that you’d feel uncomfortable with.”

I nodded, unsure of anything else to say.

“Now I will let you know, that if you do choose this, then this will not affect our work relationship in any way. You will not gain or lose anything by participating or not.” This didn’t help me come up with a response. I mean this was almost a dream come true.

“I know this is unexpected. Hell, you may not have any sexual attraction towards me, but I have over heard your lunch conversations with the girls. I kind of doubt that.” He continued, “So go home, talk it over, and then just let me know.” He smiled at me, that smile that made my insides quiver, and then reached over and kissed my cheek.

He got up and left the room, leaving me in the small break room, with the only noise being the hum of the soda machine. I sat on the couch, my legs crossed in my loose knee length dress. I looked at my phone, it was almost eight o’clock. I sighed and went to my phone contacts. Clicked on most recent, and dialed the first number.

“Hey love,” he answered.

“Cameron… you’re kidding me.”

“What?” He was playing innocent. He was going to get a smack…

“You know what. I just talked to Andre.”

“How’d that go?”

“Well, I found out some interesting news. I’m leaving work now, I will be home in a few, and depends on how much traffic there is, decides whether or not I behave tonight.”

“Really? You’d be a bad girl tonight?”

“With how confused and slightly frustrated, and terribly horny I am, yes I just might.”

“Liz, don’t be a bad whore. You’re daddy’s good girl; you know you want to experience this.”

“You went behind my back about it…”

“Not really. I was getting coffee, as was he. It was sort of a coincidence.”

“And you just so happened to start talking about me; getting fucked.”

“Yeah, basically… Baby, you know me. Most conversations end up going sexual…”

“You fucking horn dog,” I said, holding back a giggle.

“Your horn dog…” he said. “Drive safe, we’ll talk more. I love you baby girl.”

“Mhmm,” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Elizabeth… I know you just rolled your eyes. Do you need a spanking?”


“No what?”

“No daddy.”

“Don’t be a bad girl, just because you’re a little surprised. You’re my whore, you do what daddy wants.”

“Yes daddy, I love you.” And with that I hung up. I didn’t know what to do. We’ve discussed things like this, but never in a million years did I think we’d actually do it. No part of me thought it would happen.

Maybe I should tell you about my fiancé. He’s forty, from Georgia. He’s my southern sweetheart. We met a few years back, and he came up here when I got accepted to Columbia University. We were engaged within a few months, and I was his.

I mean you got the gist of our sexual relationship, you know the conversation that just took place. But that was only one side of us. On the other hand we were a normal couple. The lovey dovey shit, mixed with a few arguments and a burnt meal here or there.

He was my prince charming, my Edward Cullen, my Romeo, and my Jay Gatsby. I could keep throwing in the literary references, but to be honest, I’m sure you’re all set. Well, I’ll throw one more in there for you. He was my Christian Grey… God he was my own personal Mr. Grey.

I walked out of the break room and into the office area, back to my desk. I made sure my drawers were locked, and everything looked all tidy, I was honestly just procrastinating going home.

Andre had already left, his office lights were off, and the door was shut.

I sighed and went out to the parking lot, and got in my car. I started the familiar drive home, trying to stay calm, completely unsure about how I felt right about now.

Of course there was a shit ton of traffic. There always was; it was New York. I put on my iPod, choosing Big’n Rich, I was on a country kick. I tried to relax, and just enjoy the ride home. As I attempted to belt out Save A Horse, I was able to relax; I was able to process everything.

I had wanted this. I never thought it would happen, but I did want this to happen. I wanted to suck his cock, feel his cock in me. They were dirty thoughts that I had only shared with Cameron. What was discussed at lunch, stayed relatively clean, for what I really wanted to do.

Maybe I should have just shut my mouth; I wouldn’t be in this predicament at all. But didn’t I want to be in this predicament?

After a, what was supposed to be fifteen minute drive, that often turned into thirty five minutes, I pulled into our driveway. We had a nice two bedroom home in a small neighborhood. It was perfect for us.

I turned off the car, and grabbed my purse and phone. Climbing out of the car, I began to walk to the front door. When I opened it, I smelt the aroma of chicken parmesan, my favorite. I even smelled fresh bread sticks. He was being a kiss ass. And if the night stayed this way, he would most definitely get everything he wanted.

I walked down the short hallway past a bathroom and bedroom into the living area. I threw my things onto a table, and walked over the stove where he was mixing the spaghetti noodles.

I leaned up a bit, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He turned to me slightly surprised. “I get one of those tonight?”

“Of course. You always get kisses,” I said to him sweetly. Just looking at him made my body tingle, my heart race. When he spoke, everything in my world fell into place. Yes, after three years, he still had that effect on me.

“May I have another?”

“Sure.” I said, reaching up to his lips, and gently kissing them.

“Thank you. Good to know, you’re not totally mad at me.”

“Not really mad. Shocked and surprised, sure. But no, not mad.”

“Good. Dinner will be done in a few. Go get in comfortable clothes.”

“How about none at all?” I asked, with a flirtatious expression running across my face.

“Oh God, baby. Do that and I’ll fuck you on the table.” He replied back at me.

“Though that sounds lovely, I like tonight’s dinner.”

“I know you do, that’s why I made it.”

“Trying to get on my good side?”

“I don’t need to be on your good side. You belong to me, baby. I own your sexuality. It’s all mine, Elizabeth. I more or less decide who you fuck and don’t. I was just trying to make you less likely to pull a temper tantrum with me.”

“Oh really?” I replied. As if I had an argument to go back at him with. He was completely right. I had the final say, technically, but he was daddy. Every part of me was his.

“Yes. Don’t argue with that. You’ll get a spanking.”

“Yes daddy.” Though a spanking didn’t sound too bad right now.

I ran to our room and through on a pair a sweatpants and a tank top. But before doing that, I stripped of everything except my thong. I adored the feeling of stripping of my bra. Feeling my breasts fall against my chest.

I left our room after throwing on the air conditioner. I went back into the living area and over to the kitchen, and stood behind Cameron. I put my arm around him and stood on my toes, so that I could kiss his cheek.

“You’re back, and are looking sexy as ever,” he said to me with a giggle. I smiled at him, and rolled my eyes. “Sit, it’s dinner.”

“Yes sir,” I said, fooling around with him.

“Don’t get me hard. I’ll fuck you right now.”

“Hmm? Okay. Fine,” I said, releasing a bit of a sigh, completely fake though.

He ignored it, and grabbed the plates from the cabinet. After serving us, we sat down and began to eat quietly. I didn’t want to start the conversation, but at the same time, I wanted to hear what he thought, and how much he really wanted me to do this.

Luckily, he started the conversation about half way through the meal. “So, how do you feel about it?”

“Honestly, no clue. Part of me wants it… The other half, isn’t sure.”

“Okay, understandable. I would like for you to do it. I want you to experience it, baby.”

“Would you be there?”

“If you wanted me too. I want you as comfortable as possible. I mean he is your boss, you already feel comfortable with him, but I want what you’re most comfortable with.”

“If I decide to do it, I want you there.”

“You want me to watch you get your ass fucked with black cock?”

“Yes daddy.”

“Would you let him touch your pussy?”

“Not with his cock. The only one who is ever getting their cock in my pussy is you. That’s it.”

“Okay. So you seem like you really want this,” he said, and to be honest I did.

I answered with a slight nod. He gave me a look, and I changed my response. “Yes daddy, I do.”

“Sleep on it baby, and talk to your boss tomorrow.”

“Could I invite him over this weekend?”

“You’re jumping into this, sweets.”

“You know how impatient I am,” I said, going back to my food. We finished making light conversation, and I threw the dishes into the dishwasher before heading to our room. He climbed into bed next to me, and kissed me hard.

His hands ran down my body, and he touched what was his. And only his. Soon though, my ass was going to be shared. Likely to be fucked by another man.

We made slow passionate love that night. It wasn’t rough, it was perfect. It allowed me to feel every inch of him, to feel each and every kiss. It distracted me from the discussion I was going to be having with my boss tomorrow.


The next morning, I was slow to get moving. Cameron was up and excited to start his Friday, trying to get me to move, but I was being lazy, and was all set with going to work.

I wished I could use telepathy or something to tell Andre, and he would magically show up at my door or something.

After drinking three cups of coffee (I don’t even like coffee, I just needed energy) I was ready to start my day. After forty minutes of traffic, a few cusses from me, and a gas fill up, I was pulling into my parking spot at work. I went in and immediately threw myself into my work. I worked on the dress design a bit, and threw myself into some paperwork.

Fifteen minutes before my first break, Andre sent me an IM, calling me into his office. I breathed a large sigh, and began to get a bit shaky. My palms moistened, and a slight burning sensation ran through my body. There had been few times, in which I had been this nervous.

Before going into his office, I quickly reached for my phone, and saw that Cameron had text me about thirty minutes before. “Baby girl, breathe for me. Whenever you talk to him, stay calm and relaxed. I love you, princess.”

I shot him a quick text back and replied with, “talking to him now, here we go… I’m sort of breathing. Love you daddy.”

I got up and flattened my skirt before walking over to his office and knocking on the closed door.

“Hello Elizabeth,” He said with a terribly handsome smile, before moving a bit to let me in.

“Hello, sir.”

“Andre. Do call me Andre.”

“Yes sir.”

“So have you spoken to your fiancé?”

“I have,” I replied, unsure of whether or not I should jump straight into the details.

“May I ask how that went?

“I am the one still unsure of it. You know that he is perfectly okay with it; encouraging it, but I am the one, not entirely on board.”

“What’s holding you back?” he inquired. I wonder if his thought, was that the attraction was not there. Which was by no means the reason why.

“I’m not sure. Part of me is excited by the thought, while the other part of me is confused and worried.”

“The sexual whore in you, is excited?”

A tingle ran through my body, straight down to my dampening pussy. “Yes.”

“It is entirely up to you, with what happens. I’m okay with either. Let me know what you decide, alright?”

“Yes Andre.” I got up and began to walk towards the door, but before I left, I turned back to him. I don’t know what came over me. Maybe it was his tenderness towards the situation and myself. Or the fact that physically, every part of my body, desired him. “Andre?”

“Yes dear.”

“I’ll do it. I want to fuck you, be fucked by you.”

“Really? You’re sure”

“Yes, I am.”

“Sit then, let us discuss further.”

“Okay.” And so I took my place once more.

“So you really want this to happen?”

“Yes. I do.”


“My house. In the presence of my fiancé.”

“Would he join us?”

“I don’t know. Right now, what I do know is that I want to be fucked.” My pussy was soaking wet, my clit had a gentle throb to it, and my nipples were hard as rocks, and sensitive as ever underneath the fabric of my bra.

“Well okay. Figure out the details, give me a time and a place, and baby I’ll be there,” he said, finishing the sentence with a wink.

“Okay, I will. I’ll let you know by Monday the latest.”

“Works for me.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“And I return the thanks, you may go back to work if you’re up for it.”

“May I make a phone call?”

“Yes dear, you may.”

“Thank you.” I said, before scurrying out of his office, and out to the parking lot. I ran, completely gracelessly to my car, tripping over the stupid thing in front of parking spaces. How? I’m not sure, they’re obnoxiously yellow.

I sat in the car, and slowed my breathing. The clock read 10:34, when I turned my car on. Cameron was in the throes of work, but I’m sure he would get back to be rather quickly.

I dialed his number and waited. Expecting to hear his voicemail, I was surprised to hear his gentle hello. A smile immediately ran across my face, and everything was right in the world.

“Hello daddy,” I answered, somewhat confidently.

“How’s my little girl?” I could hear the engine of his car roar to life, and the radio playing in the background.


“For what, tell me.”

“To be fucked.”

“Fucked? By whom?”

“My boss, my boss’ black cock.”

“You are? You’re ready to be whored out?”


“Yes what?” His tone got a bit darker. Which made my pussy, if possible wetter.

“Yes sir.”

“Good whore. Now I can either let you go back to work with a throbbing pussy, or have you cum wherever you are.”

“I’m in my car.”

“Would my whore like to cum?”

“Yes daddy,” I replied excitedly.

“Good girl, stroke that swollen little clit for me.” His words made me moan, as I lifted my dress’ skirt. I slipped my fingers beneath my panties, and did as I was told.

A moan immediately escaped from my throat as I touched myself. Almost instantaneously, I was ready to cum, and I begged to.

“Not yet.”

“Yes sir.”

“Keep stroking, my whore.”

And that I did. After fifteen or so seconds, he told me to cum. My body exploded as I did. I kept the noises from my throat to a minimum. After my orgasm had faded away, I sat in the driver’s seat panting.

“Feel better?”


“Ready to go back to work?”


“Well that sucks, because we both have to.”

“I know, thank you daddy.”

“Of course baby. Have a great rest of your day, I’ll see you later tonight. Hamburgers for dinner.”

“Okay. I love you Cameron.”

“Lizzy, I love you too.” He hung up, and I sat in my car for a few more moments before getting out and going back inside the building.

I sat at my desk, feeling better. The nerves were still there, but less prominent than before. I was able to finish the design I had been working on the night before, getting the colors in the dress exact, and finishing the type around it. I was proud of it, one of my best designs yet.

I started the next project, after lunch. I had a forty minute lunch, which I spent with a few coworkers. Normally they chatted about random things, from guys to the lack of income they had. (Maybe if they didn’t have new Gucci shoes every day they would have some money) Today wasn’t one of the days; I wasn’t very inclined to join in.

I kept to myself, eating a chicken Caesar salad, looking through my phone. I was waiting for the day to be over so that I could go home to my fiancé. I needed to be with him, prepare for what was soon to happen.

Around three thirty I heard my phone buzz in my desk drawer. I opened it and saw Cameron’s name. “How’s my little whore?”

I wasn’t sure what to reply with, because though the nerves had faded earlier, they had crawled back by lunch. It’d gotten worse throughout the day. The anxiety of it, anticipation, everything.

I simply replied with “I’m okay, ready to be home. X” I closed my drawer and got back to work. I day dreamed majority of the afternoon, getting less than the minimum amount of work done, that was expected of me. Pathetic actually.

Finally six crawled around and most people had left. I took my phone back out and checked it.

Breathe baby. You need to calm down a bit. Ask him to come by tomorrow evening. Maybe 7.”

I sighed and replied with a “kay X” before getting up and walking to his office. I knocked on the half open door.


“Hello, may I come in?”

“It’s silly that you even ask. Of course.”

“Thank you.”

“What’s on your mind?”

“Would you be up for coming by my house tomorrow evening?”

“Sure!” He replied enthusiastically. “What time?”


“Okay, sounds great. Why don’t you clock out, go home and relax. You seem a bit stressed.”

“Okay, I will. And I’m alright. A bit nervous to say the least, though.”

“Sweetheart, it’s alright. Relax.” He came and sat on the side of me. He put his hand on my thigh a few inches above my knee, and looked at me. He leaned in and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips. He pulled away; I think to make sure I was okay with what was happening.

I nodded and he kissed me again, this time harder and deeper, his tongue entering my mouth, and I could also feel his hand crawling higher up my thigh. Before long, I felt his fingers in my panties, rubbing into my pussy gently, leaving me moaning through the kisses.

His fingers built an orgasm in me, quickly. I could feel the warmth running through my body, and my thighs quivering. I wanted to cum.

I realized that I needed to stop, though. I was disobeying daddy, I would have to wait to cum, I had no permission. I broke the kiss and his fingers stopped all at the same time.

“Are you okay?”

“I need to wait for daddy- I mean my fiancé, I need permission.”

“Of course, I apologize. Have a lovely evening Liz.” He said getting up, smiling a sly sexy smile, which made me even wetter.

“Thank you sir. The same to you, I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.”

“As do I,” he replied, as I walked out of his office. I quickly ran to my desk, grabbed everything I needed, and left. I needed to go home and be fucked. Daddy needed to make me cum, and soon.

I got in my car and clicked on his name.


“Hey, when I get home, I am going to fuck you. I need to cum, and soon at that.”

“Why are you so horny baby?”

“Andre and I were in his office, and we started to kiss, and he stroked my clit through my panties. I apologize.”

“For what? You are just getting ready for what’s to happen. Did he make your pretty pussy cum nice and hard?”

“No, I stopped him. I didn’t have permission from you to cum.”

“Good girl, but I wouldn’t have been mad if he had made you.”

“Well it’s a little too late, to know that. All I do know, is that you had better be prepared for a fuck. I really hope you haven’t started dinner.”

“Nope, just walked in a bit ago.”

“Perfect. I’ll be home as soon as I can.”

“Drive safely, don’t let your pussy distract you.”

“Yes sir,” I said with a light giggle. I hung up and focused on the road, dealing with the traffic wasn’t fun, but I did my best to stay calm. My clit was still throbbing, from what had happened, and what I was getting to do when I got home. Right now all I needed was a thick cock in me.

After twenty minutes of traffic, I pulled into my driveway. As quickly as I could ran out of the car and up to the front door.

My libido was ready to explode. Once daddy entered me, I was sure to cum around him hard.

I walked in to daddy’s cock in full view. He was standing completely naked in the hallway. Waiting for me. He was hard as a rock, and he looked amazing. Cameron’s cock was perfect in every way. Nine inches long, and two and a half inches thick. Literally the most amazing cock, I’d ever seen. The best part about it, was the fact that it was my cock… I was his whore, but that cock was all mine.

“Daddy,” I said a bit surprised.

“Yes, my whore?”

“May I taste you?”

“I’d be offended if you didn’t. Come whore, taste your cock.”

I walked over and dropped to my knees. My fingers slid over the length of him, precum soaking the head of his cock. My mouth covered the head, my tongue gathering all of wondrous liquid from him. Precum was one of my favorite tastes, I liked it better then cum itself.

I moved my mouth and looked up at him. “Mmm, thank you daddy! It’s delicious.”

“Good, I’m glad my whore enjoys her cock. So would you like to be fucked?”

“Yes please.”

“Good. Bed. Now.”

With those words, my body reacted even more. Every part of me became more sensitive.

I did just as I was told. I was soon lying on my back, bare ass naked, on our bed. Cameron came in and unbuttoned his shirt. “Flip onto your belly.”

“Yes sir,” I replied as I did what I told. When I was resting on my front I couldn’t see him, or what he was doing. I heard him walking around the room, and opening and closing a few of our toy drawers. My excitement grew with each second.

“Spread your legs.” I felt his fingers slip between the folds of my pussy. “Soaking baby. My pussy.”

“Yes daddy. Yours,” I breathed out.

“Good whore.” His fingers moved away from my cunt, and they were soon replaced by a average sized glass dildo that he had purchased me a while back before we were living together, while he was still down south. The coolness of the toy, mixed with my hot juices was a wonderful combination.

He slid the toy in me slowly. I gasped as he entered me with it. The feeling, like always, was wondrous.

“Does my whore want this toy, or her daddy’s cock?”

“Cock. Please!” I gasped out, my body completely on edge, in desperate need to cum.

“If you really want…”

“Yes daddy! Please, please fuck me. I am begging you. Please use me.”

“What a good whore.” He said. He flipped me over onto my back, and looked at me. “So beautiful too.” At that, I blushed. Daddy climbed onto me and with little resistance he thrust half of his length, into me.

A moan came from my throat, and a loud one at that. He fucked me hard, with no mercy. I was entirely his to use. Close to screams arose from my throat, and at times, they were.

“Daddy, may I please cum?” I begged.

“No, not yet.” As he said that, he pulled out of me entirely, and told me to get on my knees. I did as I was told and he sank himself into me once more. He didn’t move though, he was doing something else with his hands.

Trying to be a good girl, I waited patiently. I knew whatever he was doing, would be great in the end.

No more than a minute later I felt a lubed up toy against the entrance of my ass. I tightened up due to the surprise.

“Relax baby girl. We have only used this for your pussy, but Andre is thick, and I want to make sure your ass is able to fit him.”

“You know how big he is?”

“Not completely, but he told me he’s above average, and if I may be blunt, he’s more than likely going to be large anyways, and he will fuck your ass like it’s actually his. Need to make sure you’re ready. That’s part of my job.”

“Oh.” That was all I was able to get out, before daddy began sliding the toy in me. Not very slowly, but slow enough so that I could adjust.

“Fuck daddy. Please may I cum? Please!”

“Tell me, what’s going to happen, first”

All at once, I spit it out. “I am going to be fucked by my boss, my boss’ thick black cock, is going to destroy my ass.”

“Good. Cum now.” And that I did. I literally exploded around both his cock and the toy. As I came, daddy fucked me harder with the toy, inserting all nine inches deep in me. He had already been balls deep in me.

“Holy fuck!” I screamed as I came, beads of sweat formed at my forehead. My body was on fire, it felt electric as well. Everything around me was a blur; I could only focus on one of the most intense orgasms my body had experienced in a long time.

Daddy continued to pummel me, and my orgasm slowed, but only to return and overpower me once more.

“Keep on cumming for me baby girl.”

“Yes daddy.” And this continued for a few more minutes.

“Baby, I’m going to cum.”

“Cum for me baby. Cum deep in me please,” I begged, as ropes of his hot cum were released into me. The feeling of his cum in me was amazing. I loved it, each and every time he came in me. He moaned my name as he came, which made me feel even better, I loved hearing him cum.

“Oh fuck, Liz… That was intense.”

“Yeah it was…”

“Feel better?”

“Much. Yes. Thank you daddy.”

“Of course baby. Come, let’s go make those burgers, I’m now starving.”

Part one, of well, I'm not sure how many parts, please vote and comment, it'll help me decide whether or not to do part two. Hope everyone enjoyed, I know I enjoyed writing this one. 

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