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He, She and Him

He, She and Him

Now that they have found her, what in the hell are they going to do about it?

“For a homosexual to even have the gall to say that they experience the same type of discrimination as a black person is ridiculous! You can even walk in a room and no one can fucking know you are gay. But let my black ass walk into a room and what do you think someone sees. They see a black girl and all the misconceptions they have start whirling around in their head. And, they make judgments. They do it whether I want them to or not. I can’t take black off Adam, not even if I tried!”

“Not even,” Adam announced, rolling his eyes. He let out a deep sigh.

Not this shit again.

Kanisha was on her soap box once more. Every thing with her was about race or sexual preference. Normally he did not mind, but tonight had been set aside for a little celebration, supposedly in his honor. Kanisha could at least pretend and kiss up to him a little, maybe buy him a drink. Adam had to laugh at that thought because it was so far fetched. Kanisha did not do things like that. Tonight he wanted to laugh and dance. He wanted Gabriel and he wanted Cara. Neither of whom were there yet. The rest of the world and all its complications could just drift away, namely Kanisha.

Adam was not normally an impatient person, but damn them for leaving him alone for so long with Kanisha. She was not ‘his’ friend. Kanisha was something he suffered through just to be with his friend…‘his’ Cara. Lately, besides Gabriel, she was the only other person he thought about. Tonight, with a whole lot of luck, Cara would play a more important role in his life. His mind was made up.

Kanisha continued harping.

He turned around and faced the room, leaning against the bar. Where is she, he thought. He was eager to see her smiling, cherubic face.

“Maybe we can find a booth in the back?” He attempted to change the subject.

“My God,” Kanisha growled, “even you should be able to see that!?!”

“Even,” he laughed, lifting his bottle up in the air in a mock salute before tacking a much needed gulp. He had almost forgotten what the hell she was talking about.

“Fuck you Adam,” she growled, slamming her glass down on the counter. “I’m out.”

Adam barely looked in her direction when she turned to leave. But, then she turned back around and faced him. He braced himself. For the life of him, he could not figure out why she was so angry--not just now but all the time. Kanisha was beautiful in a Naomi Campbell kind of way. She was tall with dark, even chocolaty smooth skin, large bright eyes and full heart shaped lips. Except, as always, her face was twisted into a deadly dark scowl right now. Fury rolled off her in waves. In the dim light of the bar, her bared white teeth made her look almost animalistic.

“You are an elitist piece of shit. They like you because you are just like them.”

Adam considered Kanisha for a moment. Cara had Kanisha’s smooth silky skin, but just a little creamier. Where Kanisha kept her hair in a short pixie cut, Cara had long thick jet black hair. Now that he thought about it, Kanisha and Cara could not be more different. Kanisha was as tall as he was and Cara rather short. Not midget like, but shorter than the girls he use to date when he dated girls. Kanisha growled and debated everything. Cara was always playfully laughing everything off. It was her weakness. Kanisha was pinched and narrow. Cara was by no means fat, but well-formed. Her ass was round and full, her waist small and her breast perfectly evened her out.

Adam snapped back into the moment when Kanisha dramatically smacked her lips.

She was waiting for a response, ready to pounce on Adam.

Adam calmly prepared to do what ever needed to be done to neutralize this situation and salvage the evening. He had been planning tonight in his head for quite sometime and was not about to let Kanisha ruin it. Besides, she was not even invited to begin with.

He was about to speak when over Kanisha’s shoulder he caught site of Cara. She had taken her hair down from the single braid she usually wore down the back of her neck. And, she had on make up--which made him smile. Her make up was lightly applied, just the way he liked it. Her lips were a delicious soft berry color. So, she had changed clothes. That’s why she was late assumed. He hadn’t expected that. Beautiful, he thought to himself, looking over her lush curves--which were now more apparent to him then ever. His face lit up like a Christmas tree.

That was it. Kanisha turned around with her hands on her hips, glaring at Cara as she approached.

“I’m out.”

Cara raised one eyebrow and watched her best friend march past her. She knew that it was no use in trying to stop Kay when she was in one of her moods. So, she just let her go.

“Have fun with your fag,” Kanisha threw over her shoulder.

Cara’s beautiful dark brown eyes spread in mock horror and she tried to suppress a laugh as she looked at Adam. “What did you do this time?”

“Not a damn thing,” Adam declared, turning back to the bar and motioning for the bartender. “I asked you not to invite her.”

“I didn’t want to be third wheel to you and Mr. Too Fine, watching you two paw each other.”

“Hey, we don’t paw. We’re like an old married couple. There is absolutely no PDA.”

“I find that hard to believe,” Cara smiled, moving into his extended arm and placing a light kiss on his cheek. “How could he possibly keep his hands off of you?”

Adam returned the kiss, and then moved his lips across her cheek, closer to her ear. “Please don’t make a mistake and call him Mr. Too Fine. He’ll know it came from me and assume that we have been talking about him.”

“But, we have,” Cara teased, pulling back just a little to look into Adam’s pleading eyes.

How anyone could resist such a beautiful man, she thought. Without thinking she ran her hand over his clean shaven head. She had no idea why he had suddenly decided to shave all his blond hair off. It had been gorgeous. But, she had to admit that the bald head gave him a sexy edge and made his blue eyes seem brighter. The women were definitely checking him out. And, why not? At 6’2, he had the athletic build of a swimmer. Something Cara knew he did faithfully everyday. In the vintage tee-shirt he wore and the stylish jeans that sat low on his waist, Adam looked like he had just stepped off an advertisement for both items. Who would not buy them if they thought they could look as good as he did in them.

If only he wasn’t gay, Cara thought.

She had such a crush on him. Adam was the perfect guy in every way. Not only was he fine as hell with that dimpled chin, but he was actually a nice guy. He was the last of his kind, as far as Cara was concerned.

She pulled her hand back, embarrassed. Once again Cara had forgotten herself. She had held her self in his arm too long and felt the curve of his scalp just a little too long for it to be considered just friendly.

Adam smiled and smoothly handed her a drink. “Cherry vodka sour, extra sweet and four cherries.” He liked the feel of her hand on his body. Anywhere she chose to put it. “Let’s get a booth before it really starts getting crowded in here.”

Cara always felt so feminine next to Adam. The top of her head barely made it pass his broad shoulders. Adam placed his strong hand at the small of her back and half shielded her with his long body, so that they made their way through the crowd without anyone touching her. Cara liked that about him. He was such a gentleman--a man. She wondered what would happen if his hand slid down further and rested on her behind. She’d die she thought.

Once he found a booth, toward the back and not so near all the traffic, he let her slide in and slid in beside her. Cara was surprised but not much. She had grown use to Adam invading her personal space. She liked the fact that even though they were expecting his man, Adam didn’t change the way he treated her. At work and the few times they went out, Adam was always attentive and affectionate. Sometimes, they would tease and hold hands. Kanisha told her that she better be careful. Adam never stepped out of line though. There were moments when she thought about stepping out of line herself, but why ruin a good friendship. It was obvious to Cara that Adam was committed to his man. After all, the 30 something year old lawyer had pretty much swept Adam off his feet. Cara liked to call him Adam’s sugar daddy. After only dating for a couple of weeks they had moved in together. They’d spent almost a year planning and building their new dream house, together. Now they were living in it, the perfect couple.

The music was starting to pump up a bit more and soon the dance floor would full. Cara was happy that they would have a perfect, uninterrupted view of the floor.

“Are you going to dance with me tonight?”

Adam laughed. “Why did you think I invited you? Mr. Too Fine won’t come near the floor.”

“Oh,” she drew out dramatically, “that’s why I’m here.”

“That and you know how much I adore you.”

Cara hit him playfully in the shoulder.

“You think I should call Kanisha?”

“Naw,” he told her, lifting up his shoulders nonchalantly and taking a swig of a fresh beer. He had barely sat the old empty one down before the waitress replaced it, with her boobs all in Adam’s face. Cara had pretended like she had not noticed. Adam certainly did not. He just thanked her and ordered another drink for Cara with a smile.

Of course, the waitress took his smile to mean more than what it actually was--Adam’s natural state.

“You know why she’s upset don‘t you?”

“Who, Kanisha?”

“Yeah,” Cara answered. “Kanisha feels like they chose you over her because she’s black and you’re white.”

Adam shook his head. “That’s crazy. I’ve been waiting for that promotion forever. I should have gotten it a long time ago. That asshole Monty was such a phobe. I knew once he left and someone new had a look at me, I’d get what I deserved. I was there long before she was. I have more under my belt. I won’t feel guilty either because I deserve it.”

“You don’t have to convince me Adam.” Cara placed her hand on his. She knew that deep inside he was sympathizing with Kanisha. That was why he tolerated her. “She’s never getting off the phones. It’s all about customer service and she hates people. I’m surprised she doesn’t get fired for the way she talks to the customers sometimes. Call centers really aren’t for everyone.”

“I think she was hoping that this would be her ticket off the floor though. She’s not going to survive much longer on the floor if she keeps going like she’s going,” he added.

“I know,” Cara trailed off.

And, Cara did know it. Kanisha hated their job. Listening to people complain all day long was not an easy thing to do. Cara did not know what she was going to do now that Adam would be on another floor, teaching people how to do his old job. He would be traveling to different offices, training people all over the region. They were not going to get to tease each other and laugh over customers anymore. She wondered if she would survive.

Adam flipped his hand playfully and Cara let her hand slip into his. She liked the way he rubbed his thumb against the back of her hand. For a moment they looked at each other and smiled.

“Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to get you out alone?”

That surprised her.

“What do you mean? We go out every Friday after work.”

“Yeah, we go out with the crowd from work. I mean just you and me. I like spending time alone with you Cara.”

Cara blushed. Suddenly, this felt like more of a date than a last minute thing. She was not opposed to that idea at all. But, in the back of her mind, she knew that Adam was just being Adam. What he meant and how he was sounding was obviously two different things.

“We are good friends,” she assured him. “I’m going to miss being with you everyday.”

She finished off her drink.

Adam immediately threw his other hand up and caught the attention of the scantily clad waitress, who never really took her eyes off of him. He held up Cara’s glass and gave the blond girl one of his infamous smiles. The girl shook her head eagerly.

“Just because I’m not going to be up in your face everyday at work, doesn’t mean that we have to limit our time together.”

The waitress bought Cara’s drink and a fresh beer for Adam.

Adam faltered a little, as if trying to remember what he was saying.

“You know,” he began, “the last time I invited you out to the house, you accepted but then you didn’t show up.”

Cara was embarrassed. She knew that had hurt his feelings, even though he had said it was alright.

“Every time I try to arrange something, you blow me off. I just want you to get to know Gabriel a little better and get used to being at the house.”

“I,” she paused, trying to figure out how to put this, “just didn’t think I’d feel comfortable with his friends. I mean, you didn’t invite anyone else from work.”

“Because I wanted you,” he said, lifting her chin with curve of his forefinger. “I wanted you to come to my home.”

Cara sucked in a deep breath. This was really starting to feel like a date.

They hadn’t even noticed the tall dark figure standing over them until he cleared his throat.

“Gabriel,” Adam said, surprised. He slid out of the booth and rubbed the man on the back.

Gabriel stared coldly at Cara for a second. Then, he glanced at Adam and smiled weakly before directing his attention back to Cara. There was no kindness in his dark eyes. Cara had noticed him first. She had also noticed that the man had been staring at their hands before Adam had looked up and realized that he was there. Cara had seen him before, at the Christmas party last year and at office events. He had barely spoken to her then and it looked like he would barely speak to her tonight. Gabriel was the reason she did not come when invited over.

“Gabriel,” Adam began, excitedly looking between the two of them, “you remember Cara, right?”

“Of course I do,” Gabriel said curtly and slid in to the booth facing his boyfriend and his boyfriend’s ‘friend’. He looked a little out of place in his dark suit and tie. This was hardly that type of club. The theme at this club was obviously skin.

Cara could see what Adam saw in Gabriel. Like Adam he was tall, if not slightly taller. Gabriel was handsome in a finely tuned, polished kind of way. Where Adam was a fun, beautiful California beach boy type. Gabriel was a calculating, Italian business man cool. His black wavy hair was combed back from his face. He sported a light beard, just past the point of being considered a five o’clock shadow--perfectly tapered, edged and groomed. His skin had a natural deep tan to it. His lips were full, sultry. However, his jaw line was harsh and set.

Gabriel was stubborn.

Adam looked apologetically at Cara and slid back in beside her. He placed his arm across the back of the seat, encouraging her to stay close. It was an action that Gabriel did not miss.

“So,” Cara asked, leaning into the table and smiling (having decided that she would make the best of things for Adam’s sake), “do people call you Gabe sometimes?”

Adam started to cough, as if his beer had gone down the wrong pipe.

Gabriel gave his lover a half smile. Then he leaned in. His eyes became so focused that Cara was suddenly pinned and her smile slipped away. Those dark eyes looked right through her and Cara felt suddenly ill-equipped for any exchange with this man. He took in every aspect of her features, slowly scrutinizing her face. His countenance surrendered nothing--no interest or satisfaction. His eyes moved over her full, shoulder length curls, slid to the inviting cleavage of her little black dress and up the column of her neck to her parted lips.

Suddenly Cara felt stripped. Her chest tightened just a little when an invisible screen was suddenly removed and those dark pools of light and raw, unapologetic lust accosted her like a physical threat.

“No Cara,” he finally said over the rising music, “they don’t if they expect me to answer them.” The volume of his voice did not lose its deliberate silky caress.

Cara’s cheeks flushed with heat. When his eyes finally released her, she slowly sat back in the booth, back into Adam’s open arm. What the fuck was that about, she thought. Adam’s gentle fingers played through the hair, at the back of her neck, and she reminded herself that she was there for Adam.

Adam threw up his free hand again and the blond headed girl was immediately at the table. This time, she must have assumed that Adam and Cara were a couple. She fully focused her breasts on Gabriel and he considered her with the same coldness he extended to Cara. For Cara there was a slight sense of satisfaction in that. Some gay guys just really did not care for women, especially when they threw themselves at them. It was possible that Cara was not the cause of Gabriel‘s irritation. Not all of them were every girl’s best friend.

Remembering, Cara winced. That thought did not explain the last look he gave her.

When his drink came Gabriel raised up his glass to present a toast. “Congratulations baby,” he said to Adam and smiled, taking Cara completely by surprise. When Gabriel smiled, he was more stunning. His even white teeth shone and laugh lines around his eyes and mouth gentled him.

“I love you.”

Cara watched a look exchange between the two of them that pulled at her heart. She had never seen the two of them actually do anything that could be construed in the slightest way as sexual. Both men exuded pure maleness; so much so that it made it hard to envision the two of them in the acts of lovers. In that moment, however, there was such an explicit exchange of pure unadulterated emotion and sexual tension that Cara felt like a perverted voyeur. Their connection rolled off of their strong bodies and charged the air.

It caused a shift in Gabriel too because he hung on to his smile, as he removed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt.

“Take off the jacket too,” Adam commanded, laughing.

Gabriel smirked and did as he was told.

The two men exchanged some events of the day. Adam had both Gabriel and Cara laughing at some of the antics of management at the call center. Cara had always suspected that a few of them were retarded; now, she was certain. The entire time, Adam gently stroked her back. He tried the best he could to include her in on the conversation. Cara did not mind that Gabriel purposefully excluded her. She enjoyed watching them speak to one another. This was a unique side of Adam. Endearments dropped from his lips with ease. Something hummed between them and she liked being witness to that closeness.

When Cara excused herself to go to the lady’s room, Gabriel lifted his glass to Adam once more.

“I do love you,” he repeated, “but are you sure you want to do this.”

“I do Gabriel,” Adam returned with a boyish grin. “I want this for us.”

“It just seems complicated.”

“Why? This is better than picking up someone at random. You just hate having to surrender some control. Look at her,” Adam gushed, “she is absolutely perfect.”

“Perfect?” Gabriel raised one dark eyebrow. “For whom?”

“For us.”

“Are you sure that it isn’t just for you?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Adam’s brow creased in irritation.

“You talk about her all the time Adam. You speak to each other on the phone--fucking texting all the time. I’d step back and watch you fuck her just to make sure you get her out of your system.”

“You can’t tell me that you don’t feel attracted to her Gabriel!”

“She’s cute, nice tits and ass. That can be said about half the women in this club. Fucking them would mean less drama.”

“There is no drama. And, you probably already have fucked half the women in this room.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean,” Gabriel demanded angrily.

“You know what it means. You owe me this.”

“I owe you this? You more than just like her Adam. That much is obvious. That, my love, is the definition of complicated. Don’t play me for a fucking fool. You have been trying to make this happen for months. As soon as she was free, you pounced.”

Adam shook his head. Sometime Gabriel pissed him off. Everything always had to be about him. If he spotted someone across the room and wanted to bring them home, then they did. It did not make Adam bitter or jealous. It did not make him bitter or even jealous of Gabriel because Adam knew him like no other possibly could. Adam understood his needs and his limits. He loved him completely, strengths and weaknesses. The one rule was that they did it together and their relationship was top priority--not diminished by their little excursions, but strengthened.

“We talked about this, man. I’m not like you. I have to feel something,” Adam explained, exasperated with Gabriel’s sudden desire for abstinence.

“There is a possibility that she may want nothing to do with either of us. You obviously haven’t asked her. Or, maybe she may just want you. Then there is the most obvious outcome, regardless of what she decides.”

“You’re loving this aren’t you?”

“No. I don’t want to see you hurt. She’s your friend. But you need to face the fact that she may not ever speak to you again.”

“I know her. I know what she needs.”

Talk like that concerned Gabriel. This was supposed to just be a fuck. “You know what you and your dick want,” he blurted out coldly.

“I know what you need too. Trust me,” Adam told him, lifting his head and smiling at the approaching topic of discussion.

“Are you guys arguing,” Cara teased, punching Adam as he slid out of the booth for her.

Adam stood at full height and took both of Cara’s shoulders in his hands. “Dance with me,” he sighed.

Cara laughed. His request seemed a little awkward and she could not understand why. She looked between the two of them.

“Come and join us,” she extended to Gabriel. “We can have a threesome.”

The look he gave her sent a chill through her body. She quickly refocused on Adam.

“Let’s see if my favorite white boy can still do it on the dance floor.”

Cara was moving her hips before they hit the edge of the dancing crowd. Adam did his rendition of the Dougie swag as they made their way through the dancers. Cara laughed at him, but damn--the man looked good. Adam was an excellent dancer, none of that flailing “I’m trying to do what I saw on BET” stuff. He was a natural. He could really move and he was sexy with it. Oftentimes, other girls would dance up on him. Sometimes he would bite and let them booty grind him. Cara hoped he would ignore them tonight. She wanted his undivided attention. She felt charged. The dress, hair and make-up had all been done with Adam’s preferences in mind. He was definitely opinionated when it came to critiquing fashion. She had gone straight from work and spent way too much money on the short black number. In spite of that, she was uncertain of how well she looked. That is until, she saw Adam standing at the bar. He had checked her out, from head to toe, with satisfaction in his bright blue eyes.

Now, dancing with Adam, Cara felt beautiful. She let go of all her usual insecurities. The steady flow of alcohol had her nicely lit, but she was far from drunk. With Adam dancing so close, the music being just right too, Cara felt good.

In the back of her mind she was aware that Gabriel was watching, but she dismissed it with a “fuck him“.

As she spun around in a slow circle, gyrating her hips while easing down to the floor and back up, Cara put on her “sexy face“. This had Adam dying from laughter. He knew she was teasing and he loved it. They had coined that look, the sexy face, when she had her eye on a particular guy at work. It was right after her last major break-up. Adam had advised Cara to throw the poor loser a sexy look next time she caught him looking at her. Cara had done it and obviously scared the guy to death. After that, he treated her like she had a sexually transmitted disease. The look and the title became an inside joke. This was yet another example of Cara’s ineptness at finding a man. Every time she did it, Adam could not suppress a laugh.

But, Adam had to be honest with himself.

When she made that face, all he could think about was how she would look with him buried deep inside her and her coming all over his cock. Laughing was just a cover, something to change his line of thought. When she raised her hands in the air and moved her head to the side, feeling the music, Cara revealed the deliciously chocolate column of her neck. Adam followed it down to her lovely breasts. He wanted to feel the weight of them in the palms of his hands. He knew they would fill his large palms well. It took everything he had not to reach out for her.

Cara fully enjoyed the look in Adam’s eyes. His eyes glistened and danced all over her body. The feelings that welled up inside her, knowing that he obviously was enjoying watching her, made Cara’s movements more elicit. She turned her back to him and moved in close. Her ass had a mind of its own. She felt that she may lack the social graces that drew men in, but put on some music, let her body move, and no one was immune to her magnetic pull. She raised her hands up once more and found the curve at the back of his bald head.

“You like that don’t you,” he drawled seductively.

“I love bald heads,” she said, grinding her ass against him. “You know that.”

Then she purred seductively. “Every time I see one, I think of how it would look between my legs.”

The minute those words left her mouth, Cara missed the beat. The realization of what she had just revealed to him and the way she said it scared her. She quickly turned back around and searched Adam’s face. Her heart was thumping in her chest.

Adam laughed, catching her hands and swirling her back around. He wrapped Cara’s arms across her midriff and curved his body into hers. In spite of herself, she laid against his chest. Their bodies moved perfectly together.

“Work that ass girl,” he teased.

And, she did.

What the hell was she doing? Why the hell couldn’t she stop? The questions were there, but she ignored them.

After a while, Cara could feel him--enormous and hard against her lower back.

“You know,” he began, positioning his lips at the top of her ear, “I knew that you liked a bald head. One time you told me that you thought it was sexy.”

Cara snuggled her face into the curve of his neck like a stretching kitten. Her body felt long and feline like. She slipped her hands from beneath his and stretched her hands above her head. Cupping the sides of his scalp, she let her hands smooth down to the base of his neck.

Adam was suddenly everywhere. When his strong hands moved up her body, pausing at the under swell of her breast and then making there way back down again, Cara’s body moaned.

“Why do you think I cut it all off?” He nibbled on the curve of her ear.

Adam’s hands slid down over her firm abdomen, stopping just above her now weeping v. Her ass was still moving against him. Their joint movements gave his dick excellent friction. They danced like that for a while, just feeling one another. Adam’s hands traveled the same path over and over. It was causing Cara’s nipples to ache, longing for his touch. She let her hands continue to play with his head.

“Adam,” she questioned him, passion in her voice.

He kissed her temple.

“Remember,” she pleaded. “You’re gay.”

“Not all the time.”

“What? You pick it up and put it down at will. You’ve been gay for quite some time.”

“Does it feel like I’ll have trouble remembering how to satisfy you Cara?”

He was still playing with her ear and laying gentle kiss against her hairline and temple. Cara had her head cocked so that access was easy. This was not making any sense to her. She was certain about what she was feeling, but uncertain about what Adam was saying. He was her crush, not the other way around.

“Do you want to fuck me, Adam?”

There, the words were out there.

His cock jumped.

“I want to make love to you Cara.” He kissed the curve of her jaw, beneath her ear. The tip of his tongue tasted her. “I want to run my hands down your thighs.”

His hands moved down the curve of her hips and forward to the front of her upper thighs. He gave a little squeeze, loving the meaty feel of them. If his hands had continued to slide over, he would have been cupping her mound. If he moved any further down, he would be touching flesh and not the satiny cloth of her dress.

Spreading her legs just a little more, Cara swung her hips and took a slight dip. Her thighs flexed beneath his hands.

Adam did not miss a beat; he dipped right along with her.

They had danced together before, but never like this--never so close.

“What if I slipped my hands under the skirt of your dress,” he continued. “I want to press my hand between your thighs.”

“Adam.” She moaned a warning.

“Would you get wet for me Cara?”

The music was loud, but nothing compared to the sound of Cara’s heart pounding as they moved together.

“If I drive my finger into you right now, slick your wetness across your clit, would you cum for me Cara?”

Cara placed her hands on top of his. For a moment she was not sure whether she wanted his hands to slide over or down. Or maybe, back up and cup her aching breasts. She was undeniably dripping in contemplation.

“This is crazy Adam.” It was a more of a reminder to her then for the benefit of Adam. “You have him. You are his.”

“I’m yours too. I’ve been yours for so long. Tonight, I want to make you mine. I want to take you home.”

“Adam, what about him?”

“Him,” Adam repeated. “Say his name Cara.”


“He’ll like the way you say his name. He wants you too.”

Adam slid one of his hands over her firm breast and then back down again.

“Adam,” she pleaded. Her voice was half shocked and half filled with need. “Don’t.”

They were surrounded by other bodies groping and moving to the pulsating beat now much faster than the two of them. But still, Cara was not a slut. She was not wanton. She was not going to get finger fucked on the dance floor.

She opened her eyes looking up and off to the side, her forehead buried in the crook of his neck and the side of her face on his chest. No one was paying any attention to them. What was happening to her seemed to be her whole world; and yet, no one was looking. Her body was separating into pieces. Each piece was a cluster of nerves. Adam’s strong body was against her back, leading her in movement as she melted against him. The feel of Adam’s engorged organ, hot at her lower back made her very aware that he was a man. He would dip and rub it down the crack of her round ass as she gyrated. Adam expertly maneuvered his hands so that it all seemed part of the dance. When his hands cupped the side of her breasts, his thumbs briefly tweaked her hard nipples. Then once more they were gone.

Cara turned her head and Gabriel’s broad chest was in front of her. Panic started to take over as she raised her eyes to meet his.

“Shhh,” Adam soothed. “Feel the music baby. Dance with me.” He threw a stern look a Gabriel.

She wanted to close her eyes and just let Adam take over. Her body felt so good in his hands. She had fantasized about this a thousand times. Who would blame her? No one would. Adam was every woman’s fantasy. Cara knew she wanted him and now she knew he wanted her too.

Gabriel’s strong hands slid around her hips, grabbed her ass and jerked her body into his.

Cara thought to protest. Who in the hell did he think he was! The only thing that fell from her parted lips was a sudden gasp for air as she felt Gabriel’s hardness against her. He slid into the dance as if he were always a part of what they had been doing all along.

Sandwiched in between the two of them so tightly that they could fuck her and no one would be able to make out the details of what was happening, their bump and grind dance simulated the act just as well as the surrounding dancers.

Cara craned her neck to look up at Gabriel, refusing to close her eyes and let go. His black eyes shimmered as if they were laced with silver. Everything was both happening fast and slow all at once. The music, two virile men so close and her own burning need intoxicated her more than any form of alcohol ever could. When Gabriel’s fleshy lips pressed against hers, soft and demanding, Cara’s eyes rolled back into her head. Gabriel withdrew all the air from her body as his tongue discovered the cavern of her mouth. Cara went limp between them. They danced no more.

She knew what this meant, without a shadow of a doubt.

On the drive to the house, Cara road in the back seat of Gabriel’s car wrapped in the warmth of Adam’s strong arms. As soon as they were out of the car, Adam picked her up and Cara wrapped her legs around his waist. He carried Cara through the beautiful home that he and his lover shared, and Gabriel seemed to just fade away.

In the half lit bedroom, Adam sat on the bed with her straddling his lap. He placed his hands on the side of her face and simply looked at her. He did not know how many times he had looked at this lovely face and memorized every expression. From the plane of her forehead to the rounded high cheek bones and that button nose, he had considered her somewhat from afar. But, tonight he was close. Adam could feel the warmth of her breath on his face. He fixated on her full lips, perfect to him--neither too large nor too thin. Once again he could think of no other word to describe her. To him she was just right. He pressed his lips against hers and moaned from relief. It was happening--finally.

His hands slipped slowly down her body, careful not to miss a thing as he deepened his kiss. He drew her out with practiced precision as their tongues intertwined. The kiss started with sweetness but quickly moved to need. Now, they kissed in desperation. All the while, his hands pressed against her body. They moved down the smoothness of her neck to cup her breast. Adam enjoyed the weight of them in his hands just like he had imagined. Her breasts were full and lush, a key part of her incredibly curvy body. From the sides of her breasts, he followed the inward curve of her waist to the rounded curve of her hips. When he slid his hands across her voluptuous ass, he spread out his hands and gripped it firmly.

Adam was hard as stone. His cock expanded to the point of pain as it pressed against the confinement of his pants. He jerked her into him so that she could feel his desire, and whispered in her lips. “I want you Cara.”

Cara pulled away from him and withdrew her legs to stand up.

Adam immediately searched her eyes in fear. “What?” he asked humbly.

Cara smiled, her dark eyes dancing. She looked like a teasing nymph, ready for devilish play.

Adam was game. He removed his shirt and sat back with both of his arms behind him. His elbows locked. His hands firmly placed behind him on the mattress. His blue eyes were gleaming. A half smile played across his face. He used each foot to slip off the shoe of the other. It was the same with his socks.

He was ready.

First, she let the straps of the black dress that sheathed her body fall down her smooth chocolate shoulders. With some effort she slid the dress down slowly. Cara had chosen not to wear a bra. So when the dress no longer supported her full breasts, they seemed to angrily spring forth. It was as if the dress had forced them into submission. The nubs of her nipples were so hard and erect, considerable in size. Adam had to force himself not to move forward and cover her entire areoles with his open mouth. He distracted himself by focusing on how the dress smoothed down her hips and the way the piece of jewelry at her navel caught the light.

When the dress passed her thick shapely thighs, Adam sucked in a swoosh of air which filled his chest. Cara reminded him of those fantastically well endowed black queens of the porn his roommate in college would ogle. At that time Adam had already shared experiences with men. Although feeling forced to watch in order to not draw any attention to what he described as his weakness, Adam still admired the rises and falls of a lush body. And, Cara’s body was sinful, made to be fucked and fucked well.

He slid off his pants and his thick cock sprung upward. Then he resumed his position, admiring the woman that stood before him in the black strappy high heels.

Cara moved to remove her shoes.

“No,” Adam instructed. “Keep them on.”

Cara move forward and Adam closed his legs. She spread her legs and eased herself closer. Placing her hands on his broad shoulders for support, she lifted one knee onto the bed. Her soft thigh glided across the top of his. While spread so wide, Adam looked down and slipped one hand between those thighs.

Cara moaned when his fingers ran across her slit, touching the slight tip of her clit (now firm and peeking out). With his middle finger he slipped between her folds following the path that led to her opening.

“You are so wet for me,” he whispered in amazement.

Cara laughed softly. She was nervous, excited and hungry for him all at the same time.

Her pussy gripped his finger as it slid in. He gently moved his finger in and out--two, three times. On the fourth time, he slipped in another finger. She was tight and he felt his excitement growing. Being within her was going to be as marvelous as he had dreamed.

Adam helped her as Cara slid her other knee up on the bed, straddling him again..

Adam spread his legs wide to open her up for him. He liked the way her pussy wept, soaking his fingers. He let the fleshy pad of his finger curl into that spongy spot he thought to be her g-spot. The reaction she had let him know that he was correct. He pumped, driving his fingers as deep as they would go and also dragging them across that spot.

Cara moaned deeply, letting her head fall to his shoulder. She felt weak.

Adam’s eyes held hers as he spread his legs even wider, bringing her closer into him. Reaching between them, he positioned himself. His swollen head approached her opening. Adam’s cock was thick and a nice length. This would stretch her wider than his fingers. He worried that he would hurt her. For all her talk, her experience with men was limited. Still, although he eased his head within her, he did not falter in his progress.

“Oh,” Cara cried, wrapping her arms more around him.

A growl seemed to well up within him and release itself at the feel of his head finally tasting the inside of her. Adam positioned himself so that his length rubbed between her unfurled lips. Each time he entered her, he went just a little deeper--moving against her pulsating clit… He coaxed her contracting pussy to accept him.

The wave that seemed to ease through her body made her pant for breath and cling to him. As he finally impaled her, she let out the loudest cry yet. His lips pressed down on her demandingly, stifling the sound. There was pain and the most exquisite sense of pleasure. Yes, she thought. She liked this. She needed it. She needed Adam.

Breaking their passionate kiss, Adam moved to whisper in her ear. “You feel so good to me Cara.”

The sound of his soothing voice calmed her. So when he repositioned and seemed to go deeper, she was ready.

Adam’s stiff rod twitched within her. He was ready and eager. He watched her face, reading those familiar expressions. When her emotions showed that she too was ready and willing, he shoved himself farther up on the bed. His hands supported her perfectly so that they lost no contact. When her entire legs were solidly on the bed and he could go no further with his feet still on the floor, Adam laid back. And, he pulled her down on top of him. Her legs were still bent at his sides. He grabbed her hips, sliding his hands around her behind. Firmly he secured her to him and began work his hips. He stroked slowly, teaching her body how to equally please each other. It worked.

Cara began to want it more. She wanted him deeper and faster. Moving in unison with him, she began to move her hips. A strangled moan escaped her as she worked herself.

“That’s good,” he whispered. “So, good.”

Adam pulled her hair back and kissed her. Their fucking became more intense. He would pull out, almost dislodging himself, only to slam back into her. Over and over they repeated this. Each time her body swallowed him, muscles within her pussy clamped down on him.

Cara closed her eyes tightly and cried out. “No, no,” she pleaded, trying to lift herself off of Adam. The feeling that was building up throughout her body was frightening. It was so strong that she wanted to fight against it, delay it. But, she never stopped moving to the juicy rhythm Adam and she created. It was like the dance they had done earlier.

Adam heard her pleas and understood. He wanted her to experience the fullness of what was happening to her. So he held her firmly to him, pressing her body into his as they moved together

The feeling Cara was fighting swirled into a ball pulling from everything inside her. It was unbearable. It was so fierce and demanding. As it gathered into a tight sphere at her center, Cara’s body tensed up. Then there was like a shattering crash deep inside. “Oh God,” she yelled out as she exploded above him.

Adam slowed down just enough to lengthen the ride of her climax.

Afterwards, Cara’s entire body was one pulsating force. Her pussy constricted and loosened to its cadence. She tried to control her breathing, but the challenge seemed to be beyond her.

Adam continued to move beneath her until he was certain that her body was sated. He never left her entry way as he sat up with her. He pulled slightly away and reached his hand down to manipulate her clit.

Cara’s body jerked.

He smiled knowingly.

When he pulled her off of him, his cock was still hard and glistening from her juices. His head looked angry between them. Cara whimpered

Adam leaned in and kissed her lips and made a trail to her ears. “I want you to turn around and ride me.”

Cara shook her head yes, like a child eager to please. With her legs spread so wide and weak from what she had just experienced, it took a while before she could actually use them. She turned around for him. Up on her knees, she reached up under herself and found his cock. Her hands seemed small, as she grasped it in her palm and curled her fingers around it. It was hot. Holding him made her so excited. She pumped him before aiming him for her opening. She leaned forward. And when she leaned back, she impaled herself on his pole. Cara could not stop herself from crying out. Her hands were positioned on his thighs for leverage as she began to pump his cock, lifting and grinding herself into him. She rocked too, saying “ah” each time her clit pressed against him.

When she finally raised her head, her hair wild and in her face, Cara noticed Gabriel. He sat naked in a chair in the corner. His hand slid slowly up and down a ridiculously long cock. His eyes were like spears, salacious.

He rose up out of the seat, still stroking his cock. He moved like a jungle cat. His body was broader than Adam’s. His shoulders, chest and abdomen more cut. His manhood was not as thick as Adam’s, but longer--ideally shaped.

Gabriel stopped in front of her.

Cara panicked just a little. She had forgotten he was even there. There was the understanding that she would be with both of them. But, it really had not sunk in completely. Now he stood before her, his cock’s smoothly curved helmet glaring at her. She wondered if he expected her to suck him. No, she thought, they were not familiar enough for her to be comfortable with that. Cara’s eyes widened and her nervousness caused her to fuck Adam harder.

Adam, who had been holding her waist, smoothed his hands up and down her sides. “Relax,” he said soothingly. “Let him pleasure you.”

Gabriel smiled wickedly. Then he dropped leisurely to his knees. He knelt between her legs. His hands ran up her thighs and then moved between her legs.

Cara was so excited that it felt like her whole body flushed. She gyrated above Adam as he grasped her hips and plunged himself into her. Anticipation caused her to well up with that familiar feeling. When Gabriel’s fingers stretched her open to him, Cara inhaled a sharp breath. She threw her head back and her eyes drifted shut. She could not believe this was happening.

When his tongue reached out and licked the slick, revealed pinkness, Cara’s eyes flew open. She could not fight the urge to watch in wonder. Gabriel’s hot mouth kissed her, licking, tonguing and tasting her. Cara ran one hand through his dark hair in acceptance. She did not know what felt better, Adam fucking her so thoroughly or Gabriel sucking her clit into his mouth and flicking the tip. The combination was amazing.

Gabriel hummed in response, like a man truly enjoying a good meal.

Adam fucked her almost to the point of being brutal. This never interrupted Gabriel’s possession off her sweet nest of honey. They were accustomed to the movements and timing of the other. The two men controlled the moment. Cara did not move of her own accord, they moved her.

Cara could not take this feeling nor could she let it go. She had thought that it was too much before, but now it was times two. This combination had her riding a powerful wave of unfathomable pleasure.

Pleasure, she thought and said aloud in a voice that was alien to her. That’s what Adam had said. And, it was pure pleasure. Nothing else could be felt or recognized but the simultaneous movements of the two loving her body. Adam in and out. Gabriel strumming her clit. Next thing she knew spasms were rocking through her. She could not control what was happening to her if she had tried. There were so many seemingly separated throughout her body and independent of each other. Her legs…everything shook. Then the one took hold of her and shook her to her very core. She thought that she would lose consciousness. Her vision blurred as her eyes became teary.

As she came, neither man let up on his ministrations. She came on top of coming. The sounds she made were like no other sounds she had ever made before and they echoed off the walls.

Adam made a guttural sound that emanated from the depth of him. Gabriel’s lips left Cara and he lowered himself to Adam’s ball. Gabriel wanted to feel them tighten as his lover came.

Cara was only slightly conscious of the removal of Gabriel’s mouth. Her sensitive pussy was still feeling the effects of his talented tongue. Then Adam thrust in and jammed his cock as far as it would go. He released a strong stream of hot cum. She felt it flood her body and smooth over her cervix. He thrust again and released once more, holding himself buried deep inside of her. His hands dug into her sides.

Gabriel stood up. He held himself again and worked his length from base to head. He smeared the pre-cum over the crown of his steel like cock with his thumb, watching them recover.

Finally, Adam pulled out of Cara and sat up, holding her close. He rolled to his side, taking her with him. He repositioned her and slid her up further on the huge bed. When he moved away from her, Cara felt a great loss. However, she was too weak to do anything about it. She wanted to cuddle but was exhausted. She felt the bed move as if a great weight was placed behind her. Then she heard the sounds. When she turned her head, with eyes that were mere slits, she saw the two of them.

Gabriel was at Adam’s back. He had hooked Adam’s arms over and around his own so that they were secured behind his back. Adam’s legs were spread open. His shoulders were thrown back from the position and he arched his neck.

Gabriel was kissing and biting the bared flesh.

My God, Cara thought to herself. She mumbled something, but not even she knew what it meant. The too men were oblivious.

They were glorious. Two strong long, exemplary forms of masculinity stood on their knees. One an angel, pale, the other a dark lord, his skin swarthy. Muscles bulged. Their sex was raw and untamed.

Cara had never seen anything like it, but was not repulsed or shocked. If she had the strength she would have had to touch herself. She could not take her eyes away, as heavy hooded as they were. It was almost like a dream. When Gabriel let Adam’s arms fall to his side, Adam immediately bent forward and placed the palm of his hands against the tall dark wood headboard. Gabriel placed one hand on Adam and with the other he guided his cock between the divide of Adam’s rear. From her angle, Gabriel’s shaft seemed even longer.

Gabriel grabbed Adam by the hips and jammed himself inside of him with one smooth movement.

Cara was not sure but she thought she heard Adam cry out. Then Gabriel began to piston in and out of Adam. Skin slapping together created a tempo in the room. She watched Gabriel’s dick pull out and push in. Gabriel angled his head as he watched his lover’s back. He pumped and pumped. Cara was certain that she heard Gabriel bellow as her eyes shut.

She was not sure, but time seemed to lose itself.

Dazed she opened her eyes once more, Adam was leaning his back against the headboard. His legs were pulled up and wide. Gabriel was bent down between them, his head bobbing up and down. Adam’s head was thrown back and he was moaning loudly. It was the sound that woke her up. Once identifying it, she slipped back into a deep sleep--dreaming of the two extraordinary men making love while her pussy wept.


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