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His First Time

Employee of husband has great sex with boss' wife
This was something “new” for her. It was actually radically new for her to be honest. See Trisha, a very quiet and a very mild mannered woman did something out of nowhere one day. In fact, she felt she had to do it. In truth, out of nowhere, she’d started having daydreams, and realized she had to at least tell her sisters about them.

Trisha and her sisters were very close. They got together all the time in fact. They talked about everything although Trisha wasn’t the chattiest person around. She had her moments but this wasn’t necessarily one of those moments but it was bothering her nonetheless. However, once she sat and listened to them and once she heard their stories, and seeing as she sat there throughout it all she began thinking about that guy who again produced that same burning rage all of a sudden that she liked feeling inside her body. So she knew she had to do something about it her feelings and that possessed her to at least tell her two sisters. She knew she had to do at least that she told herself.

“I got something to tell you two” she began as she and her two sisters sat and ate.

They looked up and looked at her with “great” curiosity. She has news they thought. Now that’s new. They nodded their heads and smiled too. Wow, each thought simultaneously, their sister has some news. “Is it” and her one sister paused a moment before going on to ask “like exciting?” the one sister asked, sounding facetious. “Is it Trisha?”

“Yeah, I think so” Trisha said which sparked greater curiosity in their blood. They asked what it was. “Well” Trisha went on to say “it’s uhhh like this.”

She stopped and looked down at her food. They waited. Slowly she raised her head and looked at them both. They waited some more. For them, usually what the somewhat younger sister had to say was usually boring as hell but seeing as she was their sister and of course they all loved one another a lot, they listened and supported each other. So seeing as she hadn’t said much so far they decided to put up with her story.

“Lately I’ve been having something odd happen to me” she started to say to them. How she said it was strange as well. It was like she was reading something she hated looking over. It was as if whatever she was telling them was boring and unusual by how she was saying it. However, they still looked at her. They still paid attention too. “Well uhhh you see” and she paused again for a moment as if leading them on sort of. “I’ve uhhh been having these uhhh” and her eyes looked around before saying “I’ve had these fantasies.”

”Fantasies” one of the sisters barked out. “You’ve had real live uhhh fantasies, really?” Her voice was relatively quiet but you could still hear the surprise in her tone as she went on to ask “About what?”

It made Trisha feel a little timid seeing as she was the youngest of the three. Still she pushed on. “About a guy” she said. They asked who of course. “Well he’s a nice guy I know, sort of.” They were intent on finding out and asked more questions. She smiled ever so slightly as she went on to explain. “I know him from Daniels office. He’s a nice man, about my age, and he’s tall and fit and sweet and well you name it and he has it” she told the two of them.

She whispered when she said it after a short pause “As in well you know his uhhh manhood?” one of them asked. “He has a good one?” she said sarcastically as she wondered if it might be true.

“I don’t know. It’s only a fantasy but I’ve had several of them about the guy.”

”Who is he? Do we even know the guy? No, I guess we wouldn’t, but” and then the one sister stopped for a moment. She looked into Trisha’s eyes. Then she went on and said “But let me ask you this. In your uhhh fantasies that you’ve have” and she assumed the worst or in this case the best of a fantasy “I mean uhhh would you or did you or will you uhhh you know” and she stopped speaking for a second. She spoke up again, playfully. “Will you or did you go all the way?”

Trisha smiled ever so slightly. It kind of shocked her sisters as she nodded her head. Again she smiled a small smile but it was not one which she expected to have. “Yes, I went all the way umm with him but” and then she closed her eyes as she shook her head. “But of course they aren’t real.”

“No, of course not” said her oldest sister. “Fantasies usually aren’t.”

“Tell us more” said the other sister wearing a more mischievous grin. “Like how big is it? You know as in his size?”

She didn’t tell them but did say “I uhhh did buy uhhh one of those, you know, one of those uhhh toys” she went on to say almost as if ashamed of herself. “I uhhh bought, you know, a big umm dildo, and I also uhhh bought myself a vibrator too. And get this” she added as her smile loosened while saying “I’ve been using them off and on and I like them a lot.”

“You?” the one sister said as she followed with “You of all people do that? Really, you bought a couple of them uhhh finally?” she asked in a surprised tone of voice. Happy her sister broke down and did it she added “How do you like using them?”

“Well” as if responding as if it were an every day thing “their nice” Trisha replied.

She wanted to know more. “Does this guy uhhh you know, does he kiss you in your fantasies?” They waited and smiled and looked at their younger sister.

She answered a few more questions and then decided to leave. Lunch was basically over so she decided to stop in at her husband’s business to “visit” her husband that afternoon. Having asked for him she was told had gone to a meeting.

“Ohhhhhh he is?” she said and asked when he’d return. However, she was happy he wasn’t around that afternoon anyway. “Do you know when he’ll return?” They didn’t know the answer and she went on to say “Well okay, I’m just going to wander around and see how everything is going today.” She said goodbye to those in the office.

“Hiiiii Lucas” she said to the tall maintenance manager. She was glimmering once she saw his tall and broad shouldered physique standing several feet away from her. “How are you today?”

He turned and looked around, smiling once he saw her again. The owner’s wife looked nice. As usual, she was “sparkling.” He loved her soft and thin but short looking hair. He loved how her face seemed to shimmer as well. He loved her personality. He loved her narrow hips and everything else about her. Her breasts, her slim and curvy figure, and exceptional looking legs, which he only saw once in a while, but not today; it seemed everything about her could make his day. Today was one of those days.

“Ohhh hi Mrs. Baker” he said. “I’m good. How are you?” His eyes then looked her over. Nice outfit, brilliant looking eyes, and that figure of hers only made his mind wander a little as if they’d been wanting to date or something close to that. “What brings you this way?” She answered him.

“Ohhh, you know” she began as she lied right through her teeth. “I came to visit my husband but he isn’t around. “How’s life treating you?”

“It’s been good” he told her.

From there, everything seemed to stop. She stared at him and he stared back. He wasn’t one for much conversation but with Trisha he would talk and he could talk up a storm if necessary. Finally, once the silence ended, and seeing as the tall and big shouldered and well toned man was her favorite person of them all in life she started asking questions. All the while that raging desire to be with him, intimately, grew and grew. She knew, somehow, she had to ask him that question. How she’d do it was another question all together. But here she was. Face to face with one of the most handsome men she ever knew and to ask a man, a black man for that matter, out on a “date” and asking him to have sex and great intimate sex at that was another problem she was going to have to face as well.

“Me too” she said as she tried holding her end of the conversation up.

At that moment, if alone, she would easily find a sweet little corner of the world, and quiet and almost too shy for anyone else in life Trisha Baker would allow this good looking Lucas of all people to undress her and kiss her and finally after exploring her body all over, she’d let him put his big black cock inside her vagina. That’s what she told herself that day.

“You know something Lucas” she went on to say as she started rethinking her intentions and he stopped what he was doing to pay more attention to his visitor “You of all people should have a girlfriend, shouldn’t you?”

He said he did. He said it didn’t work out. He said she wanted things he couldn’t offer. The conversation was short but she pressed on seeing as she really truly liked the guy.

“You know it can be quite easy to find yourself another” and she smiled quietly before saying “girlfriend?”

“Yeah, I guess” he replied.

“I mean, well, if I wasn’t married, I’d ask you out. I’d easily go out with you. We could go dancing. We could go and have dinner together. You know” and she said with great hope filling more then her heart “develop a deep-seated relationship of sorts. However, I suppose I’ve gone a little too far saying all that haven’t I?”

The two looked at each other. He would. He knew he would. He smiled and then said as he nodded his head “Yeah that is a nice idea. Too bad you are married, mam.”

Then as they stood in the maintenance garage, they simply stared into the other’s eyes. He loved her eyes. Bluish, they seemed to highlight her face. She wondered. She wished. She wanted. She wanted him badly. The burning and toiling hormonal rage built up inside her legs. She felt she had to ask out her regular daydream of her life at some point.

“May I ask” and she slowed down as she began to ask it “you a question, Lucas?” He said yes. “If a woman, any woman too, asked you out would you say yes?”

“Huh, pardon me?” he said.

She repeated herself and he hesitantly nodded and said yes, maybe. She smiled with a little more confidence in her demeanor. “Uhhh like me for instance” which immediately shocked him. “If I asked you out would you say yes? Would you go out with me Lucas?”

Still stunned by her question he stared at his visitor. Yes, he always liked her, but she was the boss’ wife. He always enjoyed her company but she was married. They were about the same age but to both of them that didn’t matter. To him she was pretty. To her on the other hand he was one of those she’d always open up to and be comfortable with so it did not matter what she said because both liked one another a lot.

“Uhhh, I don’t know Mrs. Baker” he said.

“Please Lucas, call me Trisha. Will you please?”

He agreed and stared calling her by her first name. They talked for another 25 minutes. By this point and seeing as she was so taken by his demeanor and his good manly looks she asked the question she’d been dreaming about for a long, long while.

“I want to ask you something. Something special in fact” she said a little more seriously but filled with great conviction in her soul. He asked what it was. “I’ve been thinking about this for a very long while now.”

”What’s that uhhh Trisha?”

Then suddenly, out of nowhere, she reversed course. “Maybe not now” she told him. “Tell you what. Can I come back and speak briefly right after work?”

He said sure. They said goodbye. And Lucas thought about her and the question, what on earth it could be, all afternoon long. He couldn’t work hardly seeing as she wanted to talk with him again. As much as he liked her, she was a “taken” woman. As much as he wanted to talk with her more he knew it was probably wrong seeing as she was a married woman, and especially as he considered himself a god-fearing man as well. Still, he did like her and he did have, like many men, impure thoughts about her sometimes, but for something like this, simply the potential to simply sit around and “talk” with her seemed simple and easy enough. However, knowing she was coming back to see him built up in his self-conscious thoughts. He began to feel a little excited and also a little aroused too.

“Oh hi” he said as she caught him by surprise while he was heading out to his truck. “I didn’t actually expect you. What did you want to talk about?”

“Well umm, it’s like this” she began and then she decided to tell him.

“What pardon me” he said I a surprised tone of voice. “Mam, Trisha, uhhh I’m a well I am a god fearing man, mam. I, we uh we can’t do that! We both know that would be wrong! I mean as much as I like you and as much as you may like me, we just can not do something like that” he told her. “Going out on a date or you and I getting uhhh together uhhh would be wrong! Just all wrong! I mean what if” and then he said “no, we can’t” but he stopped speaking as he shook his head. “I can’t. We can’t. Nooooo Trish, ohhhhhh god I wish we could.”

“I know. I know what you’re saying Lucas. I do. I really honestly do but” and she slowed before going on to say you have no idea at all what I’ve experienced, what I feel, and how much I’ve thought about this. Can we at least do this? Have lunch on a Saturday? We could simply sit around and talk?” and she stopped and stared at her potential lover. “Could we at least do that, Lucas?”

At least, he thought. What is she trying to say? What else am I going to do to or with my boss’ wife? Like have ohhhhhh god, and then he thought about the possibility, have sex with this woman? Oh god no! Not me. I mean, I wouldn’t do that. I can’t and don’t do that either but I do like her and I can see that she likes me too.

“What do you think Lucas? Tell you what. I’ll make plans. I’ll meet you somewhere and I can let you know where. Just lunch and nothing else, okay?” and then she added “Please Lucas” as if sounding desperate.

He decided seeing as it was only lunch he agreed “Only lunch and nothing else alright?”

She smiled gloriously. It was the first step. Somehow she got him give Trisha his cell phone number and once she got home she thought hard about where she wanted to have lunch. She knew the right place. There was a dance in her step because Saturday at the hotel these two, she hoped and prayed, would be having lunch together, but afterward would “retire” to the comforts of a hotel room and more to the point the bedroom in it. She called him and left a message. She told him exactly when and where. She didn’t leave her cell phone number. She only hoped and prayed and felt her heart beat rise madly as the day came closer and closer.

Then she went shopping for something she didn’t have. Hot looking, sexy lingerie, and she felt and knew she needed a little of that. For a date with this wunderkind of sorts, she was flying high in the sky.

She did it. She accomplished something she never thought she could accomplish. She was about to have a date, and possibly great sex, with one of her husband’s employees, and add to that most importantly her fantasy she’d had for months and months. Her eyes shined and a newly formed smile of a different magnitude filled her lips. Life was about to change finally.

Here she was. In a hotel and she happily waited for him to arrive. She saw him. She smiled even more as she began feeling those sensations she had never felt in her life. Inside, she exploded with yearnings she had wanted to feel for a long time. She’d wanted to have that emotional stronghold for quite some time now.

Then Lucas finally saw her. He smiled, quietly and waved, as he headed her way. As he did, her heartbeat rose rampantly. More then that, her loins grew untamed as she saw what he had on. He wore a nice tighter looking pair of jeans but also a pressed and well fitted button down shirt. She felt hot all over as well as she saw a nicely dressed man who was coming to see her.

Ohhhhhh, she thought. God, all I want is to take him up there, up to the room. All I want is to take off those clothes. Lord, all I want is to feel this man’s body. I want that chest. I want his lips. I want to kiss him. Ohhhhhh my lord, all I want is that body. Then she stopped thinking. She couldn’t believe she was thinking all this and suddenly he was at the table, smiling.

“Hi, how are you?” he said rather timidly.

Seeing as he felt he was a “god fearing” man, sort of, and seeing as she was a married woman, he knew this probably wasn’t the right thing to do, but nevertheless he liked her too. It was evident or he wouldn’t have come.

She said she was fine and asked him to sit. Once they did, they talked. Conversation wasn’t the big item of the day as all she thought about was getting that shirt off his chest. All she thought about was him taking off her clothes and making love to her body, making love to her more to the point.

They ate and she grew more and more restless. He could tell and wanted her to relax. That was most important regardless of what either one’s intention was that day. She tried smiling but was quickly failing and he decided to push it along.

“Well uhhh ready?” he said having only eaten half of his lunch. She’d only had a salad and barely ate that and she said yes, nervously. “Great! Want to go upstairs?” He still couldn’t believe he was doing what he was about to do seeing as he was a church going man. However, he knew he liked her, and he knew she really and truly like him back.

Upstairs, she opened the door and he graciously let her enter and followed. However inside the room, all havoc played the role that was intended that day. She turned and let out all the passion which had been building up within her.

“Ohhhhhh Lucas oh Lucas” she said as if desperate as ever “I need you. I need this. Kiss me and kiss me mightily” she went on to say.

With that and without warning she reached up around him and kissed him on his lips. She kissed him hard and she kissed him passionately as ever. He didn’t even know what had hit him. He felt her hot lips swarm his unsuspecting lips and although she was kissing madly he kissed her nicely but let her lead. Yes, it felt great and yes her body swarmed his as they kissed, but it was her tongue which jumped into his mouth and it was her arms and body which were all over him at that point. Still she persisted and he couldn’t help but love how it felt nonetheless.

They stopped. She swallowed. She looked at him. She could see it. “You uh didn’t like kissing me?” she said. She turned a little disappointed. He smiled and said he enjoyed it and then told her he’d do it again and with that she said “Okay” and her arms wrapped around his body and kissed him wildly again. He let loose on her.

He pulled her in. He pulled her tight. His tongue followed and went into her mouth as if it was an untamed animal. She loved it. She tried to pull him even closer but couldn’t as the two already were kissing and pulling at the other as best they could. Regardless, she knew she needed this and she knew she needed to do this with Lucas of all men.

“Ohhhhhh my lord Lucas I soooo need you” she said once the two stopped kissing. “I want to take off your shirt. I want to see your beautiful chest. I want to” and she looked at it before going on to tell him “feel it and kiss it and I want your body too!”

He slowly undid his shirt for her. He smiled as he accommodated her too. As he removed it, he then took off the t-shirt beneath it. There it was. In all its glory his beautiful defined chest and upper body. Her hands slowly reached up. They touched it and caressed its powerfully packed and stunning gorgeous definitions. She caressed and ran her hands all over as she began focusing on his chest and then more expressly his little nipples.

Trisha leaned in as he watched. She kissed one side and then the other as he let her. He did like it and he liked it a lot too. Her soft almost fragile lips felt great on his upper body and as she kissed his chest her hands rubbed his slender stomach.

“Ohhhhhhh mmmmmm” he uttered as she was doing it. “Ahhhhh, I do like how that feels.”

She stopped and looked up. Trisha smiled as her hands lay on his chest. He was so tall and also so “brute” looking to her thin and curvy figure. She loved what was going on too and wished more was already happening.

“Care to go into the bedroom?” she said.

He said okay and she led him to it. Inside she kissed him some more and as she did he thought about what was happening. Shit, this is soooo darn cool, but I can’t believe what I’m doing. I’ve never done this before, he thought. This is my first time, my first ever experience with a married woman. But lord, she is pretty. She so wants me too. And I guess, oh wow he thought as she kissed him all over his upper body. Wow, god this all feels great.

“Lucas, do you like being here with me?” she asked.

“Oh uh yeah” he said. “I love it. I love being here with you.”

She liked hearing what he told her and brought herself into his body. Again she kissed him hard on the lips. He was slowly beginning to love what was happening to him as the two kissed hard. It was as if they were two young kids out on a date and suddenly discovering how much they enjoyed kissing madly for the very first time.

Now on the bed, he was half dressed as he lay on her body while the two kissed. Before he knew it she was trying to do something. Her hand was trying to undo her own clothes for him. Once he realized it he helped out. That discovery jolted him as his hormones rose rapidly and he found himself wanting her and her body and everything about it, immediately. He could not believe how badly he actually wanted “this” to happen all of a sudden. He worked on those buttons of hers, assisting her in removing her top. Once undone, he saw her breasts, and looked at her and smiled.

“I like your body so far” he said gently which only excited her a lot more then she already was. “Should we get uhhh totally naked?”

That shot an explosion of arousal throughout her body. Her eyes widened. Her smile changed. She so wanted to kiss his body all over but he felt the same way too. Slowly and surely each removed their clothes as her eyes, and his too, gazed at the others body.

“Do you like my body?” she asked unsure of how it appeared to him.

“Oh yeah, I absolutely love it Trisha. I do. I mean it too” and as he said it his finger traced from her cheek on down around her breasts and slowly passed her belly. Her eyes closed as she felt it running slowly down it. “I wouldn’t have it any other way” and he leaned in and kissed her lips.

Before they did anything else they kissed heavily some more. Passion filled the room. On one another, they kissed and rolled over the mattress. With their clothes off, her hands and arms reached around his body, and pulled and lightly clawed at his back while they kissed. It was great. Her heart filled with joy and inspiration. She wanted and needed this also and seeing as she did her legs soon wrapped around him too.

Feeling them as they kissed, he traced lines all over her flesh. She was “in love” as she kissed this black man’s lips. She couldn’t get enough. She was already ready for him and surprisingly he was already hard and stiff and wanting to go inside her too.

He kissed her smallish boobs. Her eyes closed as he did. It was a triumphant and glorious feeling as his lips and even his teeth rambled around her beautiful breasts. She wanted so much more. “Will you go in me?” she whispered to her new and very first lover.

He climbed on her and took hold of his cock. Running it outside her pussy and over the lips of it, she cried out quietly. It was too enjoyable and too exciting for words as she watched him play with it using that wonderful and long thick black cock of his. In addition to the beauty of that cock she looked at him and asked herself how of all people she could be so darn lucky to get a man to agree to have sex with her of all people. But she did and she was enjoying all of it.

“Ohhhhhhh” she cried out as it pierced the opening layers of her pussy. “Ohhh my lord yes oh god yes Lucas” and then she said it. “Oh fuck yes, go in more. Go in deeper. Oh my fucking god yes. That feels soooo damn good already!”

Inside, he laid over her, and smiled into her eyes. He asked how she liked how he felt in her and she said it was perfect. She said she could do it all day long if he could and he smiled knowing he could too. Her pussy was tight. He loved it. Then out of nowhere, he slowly pulled out, but not all the way. From there he went back in. He continued this as he went in and out repeatedly.

As he did, her hands and even her legs and feet wrapped around him wanting more and wanting it continuously. Trisha was screaming, blissfully, as she told him how perfect he really was. She looked right at her lover and told him honestly how she felt.

Then she said “More Lucas more” as well as “You are soooo perfect for me. This is perfect and you are perfect too. Believe me ohhh trust me, I love this and I love you. Go deeper and keep doing what you’re doing” she screamed as his cock drilled her lovingly.

She was cumming. One orgasm amongst all the screaming she produced and then another and there was so much cum seeping out of her cunt while all the time she felt she could do this time after time after time. She felt as if she could let him fuck her all day long if he could.

He stopped. He realized he was now into this. He kissed her, passionately. He was kissing her with great love in his heart. He didn’t care if he was a god fearing man. He didn’t care about his religious views. She was gorgeous and she so wanted to have sex with her husbands employee. He did too. He loved how she pulled at him. He loved how she wanted him and pulled at his body as the two fucked and that he banged her harder and more thoroughly throughout it all.

She had cum three times already. She had cum profusely too. Once she did, she immediately took hold of his cock and put it in her mouth. She licked it. She swallowed it too. As she sucked on it, she made him cum and he came in her mouth. She knew and she felt she had to do it right away. He came as requested and he willingly had sex with her too so it was the very least she could do for him that day, and yes, he came and he came in her mouth. However, he unexpectedly came a lot harder then she ever expected. Still, she swallowed it all, and smiled throughout it all anyway.

When it was all said and done, they laid softly and lovingly at either’s side. He held her close and cupped her breasts as he did. He pulled at her body while holding her and said “You were terrific Trisha, absolutely terrific. I mean it too.” He wanted to tell her he wished they could do it again but it wasn’t the truth. He knew he did something wrong. He knew he did something bad as well. He knew he had to go somewhere later. And that was what he decided to do.

On his way home, he stopped in. He walked in and waited. Once it was his turn, he stood and went inside. He knelt and did the sign of the cross saying “Bless me Father for I have sinned. My last confession was” and Lucas went on to tell the priest his sins including that days sin as well.

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