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She shares a moment with her former Dom, to train his new submissive.
My dark, naked body slinks down the pale surface of yours, as I fall to my knees before you. The contrast of my skin against yours is our private aphrodisiac. I lick my berry colored lips in anticipation. I work your pants down, shoving them to your ankles. Grabbing the cuffs, in a swoop I pull them off. You didn't confine yourself today, as you often do. I laugh lightly. You make every thing so simple for me, removing your shirt in advance and wearing no underwear.

You are as eager for me as I am for you. My mouth waters for you, My Dom.

My attention is fully on your throbbing appendage, curved upward and almost resting against your taught, muscled abdomen. The slit leaks a tear; I truly feel it crying out for me. So, I lower my head, loving the feel of your hands cradling my skull through my thick mane of black curls. My tongue encircles your head, enjoying the distinct feel of the firm flesh. Moaning, I realize that this is only one of my favorite parts. Collecting my reward with my tongue’s tip, the sweet drops of pre-cum waiting for me at your slit, is my favorite part as well. My lips slowly suck in your entire head and I coax out every drop.

I love the taste of you. Mmmm...salt and sugar and cream and sunlight. You laughed the first time I told you that.

I am on a mission, pumping just the head with my lips, circling my tongue across it as I do. I take my time to enjoy you.

Pulling back, I look at you. Your eyes are closed, forehead drawn and lips forming a perfect “Oh“. Yes, that is the reaction I yearn for. That guttural sound you make when you are swaying over the edge, makes me wet. Who would of thought that just a sound was capable of that? At this moment your pleasure is the most important thing to me ever. I control that exquisite balance. And, the pleasure on your face drives me on.

I run the flat of my tongue along the thick corded muscle on the underside of your cock. I raise myself up some more. Mishandling you at this point could be very painful, you are so hard. As I take you deep within the warm, sucking cavern of my mouth, you moan and place your hands behind your head.

This is my show.

The clipped hairs at the base of your cock tickle my lips and I giggle, the feel of which you react to.

I love pleasing you.

Down I go and pull on your cock with my mouth as I come back up; my tongue always swirls around your head. I press the palms of my hands against your groin. With the flesh of my fingertips I find your spot and strum it lightly. I feel the muscle beneath my hands quiver and your cock jerk. I can’t help but gag a little and hope you don‘t notice and take it as some sign of my inexperience. You are so long and I have to take you so deep down my throat. When your head passes the back of my mouth and slides down that passage, I work the muscles of my second tunnel. My other hand reaches down for my first.

You love it, your body tells me so.

I work faster and your hips pump you in and out of my mouth.

When you clutch my hair, I moan then giggle. The vibration hits a hidden nerve, adding to the stimulation to your delicious cock. I feel it jerk in my mouth.

I can also feel you expanding. You make that sound again, but this time more desperate.

I pull back, steadying you so that you can no longer push with your hips. I tease only your head again. You hate it when I tease. You grip my hair tightly and pull it back so you can see.

I slip my full lips back down your cock. With just the right pressure, I suck you in. There is the slight feel of my teeth, which causes you to buck and moan. You are not really sure what that is, feeling not pain but more like a rush as new nerve endings send signals throughout your body.

I stroke you faster and faster. You groan out my name before releasing a few very loud explicative’s. You erupt in my mouth and I drink down your cum--a creamed salty-sweet elixir. Thick and plenty.

My reward.

You place both your hands in my hair to still me. Your cock is much too sensitive right now for what my tongue wants to offer it.

I do note, you are still firm. I like that you can take a licking and ....keep on ticking. Mmmm...this is why I save myself for only you.

I'm smiling...I'm such a brat. Hungry for you deep inside of me now.

"Tell her to come closer and watch," I whisper devilishly.

I'm not finished.

You command your submissive to move closer. The silver loop on her collar catches the light of the candle as she crawls across the floor.

I turn to look at your submissive for the first time.

“This is how your master likes it. This is what pleases him,” I tell her. “Do you think you are worthy?”

You shake your head, allowing her to answer.

“I am eager to prove my worthiness,” she responds.

“Good girl,” I respond.

Your submissive and I exchange knowing looks.

Mmmm...she looks mouthwatering as well. I don't take my eyes off of her as I stand and turn my back to you. Slowly I back up and slightly bend at the waist. Your body and mine, My Dom, fit perfectly as I settle my thick ass in your lap. Your cock is raging in my hand, still wet and hot from my ministrations, as I guide you to the part that is wet and waiting for you.

"Awe," I throw my head back as your bulbous head slips in, purposefully moving slowly. You are hard like steel for me and I am impaling myself.

I smile at your submissive, not with malice but knowledge..

"Do you love your Master?"

"Yes." Her voice is thick and breathy.

"You must always aim to please him. He is much more than worthy."

I begin to move my hips. My hands bracing your side, where the muscle of your ass curves into your thigh--for stability.

I begin my dance.

And you, My Dom, make my body hum...there is music. This, she will learn. I shall teach her for you. Truly this is an act born of love--a painful one, but none-the-less.

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