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Love Don’t Run

Tags: bw, wh, collage, kissing
Two find love

Authors note: This is my first posting here.This story was co written by Ropetease.
Hope you all enjoy.

By: Hisangelbeauty and Ropetease

Joe was walking across the quad towards his next class when he saw her standing, talking to someone. Joe felt his heart skip a beat he couldn’t believe he might have found her after all theses months of searching . Just as he was walking up behind her, Joy suddenly turned bumping into him and her books went flying. When her hand touched his forearm to steady herself he felt warmth spread up his arm.

"Oh, I am so sorry. I did not see you," she tried to apologize as her chocolate brown eyes looked up to meet his.

Joe did not hear a word she said as he looked down at her. His six-foot-two body towered over her five-three body. In that brief second of her touching his arm he felt his heartbeat quicken as a feeling of pleasure washed over him. He felt as if she had cast a spell on him. He couldn’t help but notice the glint in her eyes as she knelt down to pick up her books.

"Let me help you," he stammered as he knelt beside her.

Joy needed the time it took to pick up her textbooks, never in her life had she dreamed that someone would look at her the way this unknown man had. Yes, she had seen him around campus a few times, mostly with some of the jocks and a different girl every time. While she picked up her books she took time to collect her thoughts and glanced towards him out of the corner of her eye.

Joy took note of how his dark brown hair was cut in a deep fade and the way the back tapered off at the nape of his neck. He had a well trimmed beard, mustache, goatee and sideburns that was set off by his lightly sun kissed skin. It was all Joy could do not to run her fingers along his face. She inhaled the scent of him, wanting to commit it to memory. Just the scent of him made her heart beat a little faster, he smelled that good. When she looked up, his eyes were fixed on hers and there was a slight smile on his lips. For what seemed like minutes they stared into each others eyes.

Joy was in a trance like state as his scent tickled her nose and her mind was swimming with images of his lips on hers. Her body froze and her trance broke when his hand touched hers. Her heart pounded in her chest as his fingers wrapped around her hand. She found herself gasping for breath as her eyes glazed over becoming a darker shade of brown.

"Hi, my name is Joe," he said with a slight smile.

"Sorry about that, Joe, my name is Joy," she said just above a whisper trying to keep from blushing, even though she knew it was a losing battle; she could already feel the heat flooding her cheeks.

Joe held out his hand and helped her to her feet again.

"Thank you," she said mourning the loss of his hand on hers when h e released it.
. "Again, I’m sorry about bumping into you," Joy stammered out.

"I’m not sorry at all to have bumped into something as soft as you," Joe whispered to her.

He could not believe the effect this girl was having on him just by touching his arm.
Joe was something of a heart breaker, there weren't many girls that would say no to him if he looked their way. He could see that Joy was on a different level, she wasn't the normal type of girl he went for. From her butter toffee hued skin, her thick shoulder length brown hair, to the luscious curves of her body, she had an ass you could bounce a quarter off of. Porcelain skinned pretty little blonde's or redheaded stick figures were more his speed or so he thought until Joy bumped into him.

"See you around sometime," Joe said to her, trying to get a handle on himself.

"Yeah, see you around," Joy whispered to herself.

For Joe, sometime would be six hours later at the party his fraternity was having at the frat house.

Joy’s roommates had talked her into attending the frat party with them telling her she would grow roots if she didn’t get out some. What they hadn’t told her was that Joe was a member of the fraternity . They knew she was seriously crushing on him and after watching the two of them bump into each other that afternoon. They made it their mission to find out everything they could about him. When they found out later he belonged to the same fraternity that was having an open to all frat party, they agreed not to tell Joy that Joe would be there.

He couldn't believe his eyes when two of his frat brothers started commenting about wanting to sample a little bit of that brown sugar on the dance floor with her friends. Joe turned to see who they were talking about and was instantly hard when he saw it was Joy they were talking about.

On the dance floor gyrating with a group of girls wearing a one shoulder crop top and modified wrap skirt that hung low on her hips was Joy. Barely listening to his friends, he heard a couple of them saying they had plans for her later. Joe stood near the bar nursing his beer watching her dance, watching her like a hawk. He hadn't caught all of what his frat brothers had been saying, but just the thought of them even looking sideways at Joy made him want to snatch Joy off the dance floor and stamp his name on her ass. Joe could see she was not really paying attention to her surroundings and at some point, her friends had all scattered leaving her alone.

Joy was so lost in her own world on the dance floor that she didn’t notice a couple guys had boxed her into a corner. They had invaded her space and had started to tag team her as she fought to keep their hands off of her body.

With the number of people dancing, it looked like she was enjoying the attention at first. When Joe noticed the way one of the guys was trying to pull her closer to him, while the other used his arms to keep her from pushing his friend away. Joe walked into her line of sight and saw the sheer terror in her eyes. He knew what the guys had planned for her now. Joe felt anger well up inside him over the treatment his frat brothers were giving her.

Walking up behind and pushing his way past them he told them, "Sorry guys, but this one is mine!”

His frat brothers looked like they wanted to protest but they knew Joe well enough to know doing so would get them their asses handed to them on a platter.

"Baby girl," Joe asked adding, "You ready to give me that dance you promised me earlier?" trying to tell her with his eyes that he was trying to get her out of this and to play along.

Allowing a tense smile to play across her lips, Joy responded, "Yes I am, Joe."

Reaching her hand out to take Joe’s out stretched hand, she allowed the tears she’d been holding back to fall from her eyes.

“Thank you,” she mouthed to Joe.

“You’re welcome,” he replied as he eased her into his arms and felt her body shaking.

“It’s okay, baby girl. I got you, you’re safe now,” he said to her as he began to rock slowly with her wrapped in his arms.

In his mind he made a vow to her, “I promise as long as I am around, I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

Joy felt his hands on her lower back as he pulled her closer. She felt her nipples start to harden when he pulled her close. Joy felt a slight surge of electricity run through her body straight to her pussy as he held her in his grasp. As he danced with her, Joe pulled her even closer to him, his chest rubbing against her made her nipples ache, she desperately wanted him to touch them.

When the music changed to an upbeat song, Joe tilted her head up so that he could see her eyes, whispering, “Let’s make it look good.”

Joe turned her around clutching her hips and started to grind against her lush ass, Joy understood what he meant. She rocked her hips and ass against Joe. Turning her body back around facing him, she gripped her hands on his tight ass. Joy did a squat move and when she lowered her self down she could see the slight bulge of his cock in his pants inches from her face.

Joy knew she would be anything and do anything this man asked of her the moment she came up out of that squat. Looking up into his light brown eyes, she saw pure fire in them. Joy didn’t have much experience when it came to guys, but the look in those eyes made her pussy drench her thong. Before she could be sure of what she had seen, Joe spun her around and bent her forward with one hand. He slapped both sides of her ass in time to the music as they danced.

“Mine!!” Joy thought she heard Joe say over and over again. “You are mine baby. Nobody is going to take you away from me. I own you now and forever,” he whispered.

Joy felt a sudden warmth flow through her body. Her ass was still tingling from his slaps. Instead of being mad, she felt something different. Her body felt like it was on fire and she felt the urge to beg him for more. It was not like her, if anyone else had done that she would have slapped their face and ran away. But when he did it a fire started to burn deep inside her. Her pussy spasmed, her nipples ached, her body wanted more. She was determined that this man, the guy she bumped into accidentally earlier, was going to be hers.

Joe stepped back from her to watch her, telling her to show him what she was working with. Looking into his eyes she knew she was safe and she began to make her body shimmy from her fingertips to her ass. Ending her dance with a slow spin and tummy roll. Joe didn't know what he wanted to watch more of, her chest rolling back and forward, or her ass working the hell out of the pleats on her skirt.

When she did a move that had her back arched and her eyes on him, all Joe could think of was her contorted body over his spanking bench with her ankles and wrists tied to the legs of the bench.

Yes, she was going to be his and he was going to make sure of it from this moment on. Allowing a slow smile to spread across his face, Joe took a step towards Joy and used his finger to beckon her to him. Never taking his eyes off of her, daring her to break eye contact with him.

Unable to stand the feeling of him seeing into her soul, Joy lowered her eyes as she got closer to Joe. Joe reached out his hand and pulled her closer to him then used his hand to lift her chin so that she was looking into his light brown eyes.

When she tried to lower them again Joe whispered to her, “You’re such a natural baby girl, never hide your eyes from me. I want to see what you are feeling. Let’s get out of here and I will take you home. Okay?”

Needing desperately to get herself under control she agreed as he took hold of her hand. In her mind she wondered what he meant by her being a natural. A natural what? She was too shy to ask him at the moment. As they left the frat house, Joy told him where she lived. He was overjoyed to learn that she did not live on campus, but shared an apartment with a couple of girls not too far from the frat house.

As they walked, they talked about the classes they are taking and what they were majoring in. Joe told her that he was business major and Joy told him that she was an education major. When they got outside the door of her apartment, Joy finally got up the nerve to ask Joe what he meant when he told her she was a natural.

“What did you mean when you said I was a natural?” she asked in a questioning tone.

Chuckling softy, he whispered close to her ear, “I was wondering how long it would take for you to ask that. It’s simple, baby.” He pushed her back gently against her door, “You’re a natural submissive or slave.”

When Joy started to deny what he said to her, Joe looked down into her eyes saying, “Yes you are and don’t try to deny that. We both knew that the moment I said those words. Your insides clinched with a longing that you never felt before. Not only are you a natural born submissive or slave, you’re only that way with one person and that person is me! Your mine now, you know that right? You felt it when we bumped into each other on the quad.”

Unable to deny feeling something happen on the quad, Joy just stood there unable to speak and letting his words roll over in her head.

“Hand me your cell phone,” Joe said to her.

Looking up at him wondering why he would need her phone, Joy unclasped the cell phone from her waist and handed it to him. Smiling down at her, Joe whispered, “Good girl,” as he programmed his number into her speed dial and pressed the send button causing his phone to ring.

“There, all done,” he said. “Now I have your number in my phone and you have mine.”

Joy began to panic . Yes she wanted him, but things were moving too fast for her to process them. She hardly knew him and here he was telling her she was a slave or submissive and only to him. What the hell did all this mean really? Her experience with the opposite sex was sadly lacking.

Joe saw the panic on her face, telling her, easy girl “No worries, babe. I promise you I will never hurt you or allow anyone else to hurt you. Now get that sweet sexy ass inside, I will call you tomorrow.”

As if on autopilot Joy unlocked her door, slipping in quickly trying to put some distance between herself and Joe. Locking the door after she entered her apartment, Joy leaned against the door clutching her phone in her hand.

Replaying his words through her head of the things Joe had just said to her. Thinking to herself he has to be crazy and promised herself that she will just avoid him if he came around. When she thought she had it all worked out in her head, her phone rang causing her to jump. Just thinking it was one of her roommates Joy answered her phone without reading the caller I D.

“Hello,” she answered laughingly.

“Hi, baby girl,” Joe said to her as he heard her laugh in his ear. Hearing Joe’s voice made Joy gasp and she had to catch her breath, “l just wanted to say don’t even think of avoiding me. Just get to know me and I will get to know you. We can go as slow as you need us to go. Good night my baby girl. Bye.” Joe closed the connection before Joy could say anything back to him.

Staring at her phone she could not believe he knew what she was thinking of doing. Running to her room she fired up her computer and started looking for anything she could find on submission/slave.

Joy typed in submissive/slave in her search engine. The search took seconds and startled her at the number of pages she came across. She found a few forums and read what they had to say. She was stunned when she realized that some of what they talked about sounded like her. She even got some advice from a few of the girls on the forum when she posted a few questions. Joy was given a list of different books and online forums that might be of use to her. She was overwhelmed and shocked at the same time. Joy laid on her bed and before she fell asleep thought maybe, just maybe Joe was right.

Joy had a restless night sleeping, his words kept playing in mind and some of the images she found during her search flooded her mind. She woke up tired and was still a little shocked at what she found when her cell phone rang. Picking it up from the night stand, she looked to see who was calling her so early. It was Joe! Joy debated with herself on whether to answer or let it go to her voice mail. On the forth ring she answered, “Hello.”

“Good morning baby girl. Did you sleep well?” he asked in a cheerful sounding voice.

“No, I didn’t sleep well at all,” Joy replied back hesitantly, adding, “I had some researching to do last night.”

“Oh, sorry to wake you. I was hoping we could have some breakfast before classes start and we can talk some more.”

Her mind said, “No!” but what came out was, “Yes, I would like that a lot. I could use some food right now.”

“Great! How about you meet me at the frat house and we can go to the cafeteria for breakfast then?” Joe asked her.

“Okay, just give me a bit to shower and dress. I will be over soon,” she answered.

“See you soon baby girl. Do not keep me waiting,” he said ending the call.

When the line went dead she looked at her cell phone in her hand wondering if he just really gave her an order to hurry. Just thinking about him giving her orders made her stomach tighten and a warm feeling spread over her. She felt her thighs involuntarily clench and her clit throbbed ever so slightly. She shuddered at the feelings that just hearing his voice did to her.

Quickly grabbing some clothes, she headed to the bathroom to shower. She had to hurry so she would not make him wait for her. While in the shower she thought back to the dance floor when he spanked the side of her ass and the words he said to her before leaving last night. As the water flowed over her body, her hands rubbed over her nipples. She was shocked to find them hard as pebbles and it made her smile.

Joy dried off her body and looked at the clothes she picked. Having second thoughts about them, she went to her closet looking for something different to wear. She grabbed a knee length peasant skirt with a matching silk blouse. Opening her dresser drawer, she pulled out a pair of boy shorts. Reaching for a bra, she hesitated, deciding to just wear the blouse. She loved how the fabric felt on her skin and she was feeling a bit daring. Just as she walked up the steps, the front door opened and one of Joe’s frat brothers walked out.

He saw Joy walking up the steps and yelled back in the house, “Hey Joe, that sweet bit of brown sugar is here to see you!”

“Go on in, shorty. Up the stairs, third door on the left,” he said as he hurriedly walked by her.

Joy stood there wondering if she should just go up when his voice called out to her, “Come on up, baby girl.”

When she heard “baby girl” her pussy spasmed and her panties got moist. Talking a deep breath, she went up the stairs to his room. The door was open and she saw him holding a t-shirt in his hands.

“One second baby girl, almost ready,” he said as he slipped the shirt over his head.

Joy’s eyes focused on his broad shoulders and his muscular chest. She felt her pussy twitch as he smoothed the shirt over his flat stomach.

“Don’t be shy, come on in,” Joe said as he walked over to his desk for his back pack.

Walking in his room she was amazed how neat and tidy it was, not like the other the rooms she saw as she walked down the hall.

“Damn baby, you look hot!” Joe told her as he turned and saw how she was dressed.

Joy’s nipples throbbed hard against the silk of her blouse and she knew they were pushing right out of the fabric. She felt the heat on her cheeks as she blushed hard at his statement. Lowering her head a bit as he walked up to her, she did not want him to see her face at this second.

Joe’s fingers lifted her chin and his light brown eyes stared down into hers. His touch sent a electric jolt through her body and her panties got wetter. She saw him lower his head down and his lips brushed her lips.

”I thought I told you never to hide your eyes from me,“Joe whispered.

Joe lightly kissed her as he ran his hand down her spine to her ass. She could swear he could feel her tremble as his lips pressed harder on hers. As he pulled away from the kiss, she felt weak in the knees and wondered what he had done to her with just a single kiss.

“Come on baby girl, let’s go or we might not make it for breakfast,” he told her as he grasped her tight ass in his hand.

Her eyes clouded over and she swore she saw a gleam in his eyes. Joe swung the back pack over his shoulder taking her hand in his other hand and lead her to the door of his room. As they left Joy saw a book on his desk. It was the same book she was told to read by the people in the forum last night.

Her heart skipped a beat as he squeezed her hand. The simple touch of his lips and the way she felt inside as they left the frat house made her feel special for the first time. They talked about their classes and the professors they had as they walked hand in hand to the cafeteria for breakfast.

While they walked Joy felt her thighs moisten, her panties were soaked. She was listening to him but the words “You’re mine” kept flooding her mind.

Finally she admitted to herself, “Yes , I think I am hi s from now on!”

A huge smile crossed her face as they went inside the cafeteria and people saw them walking hand in hand. They got the their food and found a table to sit. Joe sat his tray down on the table and pulled a chair out for Joy to sit down.

God, twenty four hours ago he did not know I existed, now I am having breakfast with him and he makes me feel like I am the only girl in his life now. She had to tell him he was right about her, her being submissive and not even knowing she was till he told her she was. How did he know?

“Joe, I need to tell you something. Last night when you came and got me away from those guys, I felt safe with you. When we danced together I did not know what I was feeling when you spanked my ass. When you said I was a submissive/slave deep down inside, I was scared at hearing those words. But after you left last night, I did some research about submissive/slaves. It described me almost to a T. How did you know? You just met me for the first time that morning!”

“Babe,” he chuckled, “I knew the instant I spanked that sexy tight round ass of yours. The way you reacted to it. The way you looked last night as we talked outside your door. When I asked for your cell phone, you did not hesitate one second. You just handed it to me. When I called and heard your voice, it told me all I needed to know about you.”

Joy sat there, a look of shock on her face. Her mind racing with what he just said.

“Do you think it was a chance encounter that we bumped into each other yesterday?” Joe asked her.

Joy took a second before answering, “Yes, I do think that. Why?”

“Well, I have something to tell you. It was not a chance encounter we bumped. I purposely walked up as you turned into me. I have been looking for you for some time.” Joe said to her.

Joy felt a little shaken as she listened to him tell her that the meeting was planned by him.

“Joy, we have met before. It was the first day of school. I was the guy behind you at the book exchange when you and a friend were talking excitedly about being in college and away from home for the first time in ages. You didn’t really notice me then. I was going to say something to you but my friend called me over to the isle he was in. When I returned you had already left the store. When I saw your eyes and heard your laughter that day I felt this pull towards you. I knew I had to make you mine. I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind since that day. Every time I saw a girl that I thought was you, I would get a good look at them and I would realize they weren't you. Yesterday when I saw you talking to your friend I thought, yes I found her! I had been looking for you since that day at the book exchange. So yeah, I had to see if it was really you. I had to know if what I felt that day at the book exchange was real or a fluke. Not only did I get the same feeling again when I touched you, but later at the party I knew I had found my other half. Then it all fell into place and now we are here having breakfast together.”

Not knowing what to make of what Joe just said to her, Joy started to question in her head if she had been set up to be groped by his frat brothers.

Looking straight into her eyes, Joe’s tone changed, his voice grew harsh with anger, “No! I know what you are thinking. It’s written all over your face. I did not have the guys do that to you it was all I could do not to rip their heads off for even daring to dance that close to you. Let alone touch you in ways that I wanted to be touching you. Why do you think the guy leaving the house today called you shorty and ran off as fast as he did? It was because when I got back home I let them all know you were off limits and that I would expose their vital organs to daylight if any one of them dared to touch you the way they had last night again .”

Joy took a few minutes to absorb what he had told her. She thought that yes, she had felt something when his hand touched hers yesterday while he helped pick up her books. Then last night when he came to her rescue when the other guys boxed her in. How he took control of her when they danced.

Joe watched her face as she thought about what he had told her. Joy was picking at her breakfast. “Baby, I know we just met, but will you let me show you who and what you are?” Joe asked.

Joy did not really know what to make of what Joe had told her and she knew she wanted him. Reaching out for his hand to tell him yes, she noticed his face grimace. Seconds later a perky little red head wrapped her arms around his neck and planted a kiss to his lips. Joy sat in her chair stunned at the nerve of this skinny bitch intruding on them. Cursing under her breath for forgetting about his reputation as a player. The nerve of this girl coming up and kissing him in front of her like she did not exist was like a glass of ice water being thrown in her face. Joy could not believe how happy she had allowed herself to be when he walked into the cafeteria holding her hand.

Joy stood up from the table and started to walk away. Trying to hold back the tears that were close to spilling down her cheeks. Quickly walking away from the table, she heard Joe call out her name. Joy ignored him as she kept walking until he grabbed her arm. He spun her around and looked into her eyes.

Trying to control the rage boiling inside her she said, “Your red head bimbo wants you, go and sit with her. I know when I am not wanted.”

Joe, stunned by her out burst, told her angrily, “That red head bimbo as you called her is not mine! If you had stayed long enough you would have heard me tell her to get lost, or I would not be chasing you right now! Look baby girl, I am no saint. You knew that.”

“I can’t deal with this. Yes, I know you are no saint as you put it. And I also know that I am out of my league with you. Your play thing coming up and kissing you made that crystal to me. So why don’t you go back to that,” she said as she looked over at the redhead with contempt, “I will pretend like this between us never happened.”

Joe Instead of getting angry, tilted her head back and kissed her hard wanting to brand her as his. He knew she was just scared.

“I want you! Make no mistake on this, I always get what I want!” Joe told her.

“I need time to make sense of all the things you told me. I’m not sure if I’m ready for what you want, Joe. From the looks of it, you need the time as well!” Joy angrily told him when she could breathe again.

“You’re scared babe,” Joe told her while stroking the side of her face adding, “I understand that. I will give you time, but not much. It took me too damn long to find you to let you get away now. I will take care of the ex. Just remember this, don’t make me come after you again.”

Joe was true to his word and he gave Joy time of sorts. He felt she was worth waiting for, even if it made him the foulest person in the frat house to be around. When one week turned into four, Joe was ready to go claim his woman. Time be damned.

Joy spent the time away from Joe reading and learning more about herself. At the end of the fourth week, she knew she couldn't deny it anymore. She wanted him and she would fight for him if she had to.

Unable to sleep, Joy stared at the programmed number on her cell phone and hit the send button.

“Baby Girl?”

“Joe, I think,” she hesitated, then added barely above a whisper, “I think I’m ready to be yours.” Will you teach me to be your slave?

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