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Kissing Stories


Thanksgiving And Christmas

Silvia and Megan Celebrate the Holidays

Silvia After Halloween, Michelle and I were getting together regularly. We were discovering more about each other with each date or sleepover. Michelle enjoyed taking more of the lead role in our relationship. I didn't mind because I was new at this, and...

Socializing Part 1

Silvia and Megan attend a Halloween Party

Silvia Sunday morning, I lay in bed thinking of Michelle. I knew I'd see her Monday at the gym but I was smitten and couldn't wait to talk to her. I hadn't dated in eons and didn't want to seem too anxious, but I wanted to let her know I shared the same f...

First Date

Silvia and Megan go on a double date

Silvia After our weekend with Carli and Susan, I realized I was ready for a lover and a break. I seemed to be horny all the time after being with Susan. I think Megan's tryst with Carli left her in the same condition. After they left, we talked about our...

Kiss Of Life

Kisses between a couple have a silent language

Approaching the heavenly vision, He gazes into her enticing eyes. Her eyes of grey have mastered The ways to lead him astray. Her lips touch his so softly, An electric charge washes over him. A soft, ever-so-gentle caress, Her lips take away his breath. T...

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The Seduction Of The Vampire

The way his hand trailed down my arm made my pulsating cunt wet & made me moan pleasurably as he dug his vampire fangs into my neck

My name is Charlotte Bennett, and it was the year 1912, London England when I met him. The demon from hell named Daniel Somerhalder. I had been working as a bartender at the local pub serving customers, who were loud, cheerful, and merry after a few drink...

Comic-Con Part 2

Susan and Megan welcome thier house guests

Silvia Susan and Carli arrived on Friday afternoon before the convention. The weather was warmer than usual in the low eighties. Megan and I had been cleaning the house and ensuring we had plenty of things to drink, eat, and snack on. We were both in shor...

Trick or Treat

Scott wonders if he should Get Arrested with Carmen or Go to Hell with Athena

The party was in full swing when I arrived at about 9:45 p.m. Music was playing in the backyard and I wandered through the 1920s Spanish-style house looking for the hosts, Chuck and Kitty. I knew the host couple because Chuck is a cousin of my friend Sere...

He gathers me against him, Searching my eyes for passion, Nudging our noses, Caressing my cheek. I feel the surging tide of desire between us. Does he think me afraid? Or feel the fire in my trembling. I smell him; Coconut in his shampoo, Sandlewood in hi...

K-I-S-S-I-N-G Part 7

Angelica has fun with her big brother at school

May(2) Days passed and everything went beautifully. Angelica and Roman would still sneak around and kiss at school, and at home, they could display a bit of their deep affection openly. Angelica would flash Roman behind their parents' back for fun. And so...