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A neglected wife goes online for big black cock.

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Rhonda had been married for years and her husband simply stopped paying any sort of attention to her, especially sexually. Rhonda had an average body for a woman in her 50s, stout in some areas from working on boats, fleshy from working on computers in others, not entirely unattractive.

She found me through my profile, it's not at all sexual in nature but it enticed her enough to want to set up a meeting with me. We met at a coffee shop where it became apparent to me that she was looking for something she wasn't getting elsewhere. We didn't discuss anything sexual, just roundabout conversation, and made plans to meet later.

Later arrived soon enough and we met one afternoon in the park, when, she disclosed to me that the divorce was never actually finalized because of the business she and her husband had, so she had to be discrete, even being affectionate in the park could lead to discovery. She seemed indecisive, unsure, like she was talking herself out of what she wanted to do. I proposed getting a room nearby.

We went back to her car, where, to dispel any notions insincerity, I took her hand and placed it on the nascent bulge in my pants. I knew that Rhonda wanted, no needed my cock as no one had satisfied her urges in some time. Rhonda was no stranger to black cock, pleasantries aside she knew she had to go elsewhere to sate her lusts.

We arrived and were naked soon enough, although she didn't feel comfortable with exposing her stomach, fine, I agreed to work around it. It was one of those occassions where I didn't use oral as foreplay, Rhonda laid on her back to take my 9.5" cock in her hands, stroke its length and admire it before I sheathed it in a condom to tease her outer pussy lips open.

Once they flopped open and swollen, I slowly pushed the head against her inner lips until they clutched and suckled it.

Now it was time to rub it against the g-spot with a quarter to a half of its length. From the sounds that eminated from Rhonda she was well on her way to her first orgasm. Her pussy became more and more demanding, forming itself in expectation along what was to come, slowly and gradually introduced until it filled her to my hilt. I slowly extracted it from her then infused it, building up in rhythm and strength as Rhonda gratefully accomodated it until her first orgasm. Her pussy elongated and quivered around my cock, cuing me for deeper penetration, I brought her to another climax before raising her legs to place her feet on my shoulders.

Rhonda. now sated deeper, moaned and cried out in disbelief. The cock was filling her, erasing neglect and abandonment filling her as she had never been filled in months. years perhaps. I could tell as she clutched onto the bedsheets she was still in the throes of one orgasm before the next, her voice enunciating the convulsions of her pussy as she came again, and again.

Then, as a respite, I licked her pussy. Rhonda had a look of relief and satisfaction, that her pussy wasn't only going to get attention from my cock but my tongue as well. Her clit was firm under my tongue and fingers, moisture gathered quickly, it was only a matter of time before I felt her pussy convex and concave expectantly under my ministrations.

She wanted to see it and suck it before I began the next sortie. She had a look on her face like she couldn't believe that she had taken it so deep within her and was satisfied with the result. Rhonda did the best she could with it orally, only making herself that much wetter in the process.

I put her on all fours and entered her from behind. With her ass in the air, she became bold, demanding, "Smack my ass!" I obliged. "Smack it again!" Again, I obliged. I impaled and drove her further into another series of orgasms until she told me to cum soon. The afternoon sun had since gone down and the room was filling with the light grays of early evening.

Then I put a few pillows under her and fucked her as hard as I possibly could. Now bent over the pillows, her pussy was throbbing uncontrollably, she moaned constantly as a thin trickle of fluid dripped from her lips, gradually becoming a steady stream. Rhonda was ready to squirt! I encouraged her, slapping her ass, pulling her hair and thrusting deep as possible until she gushed onto me, and continued to cum until she couldn't take it anymore and dislodged herself from it, collapsing onto the bed.

I removed the condom and masturbated until it exploded in my hand, hours worth of build-up led to hot thick white ropes of cum splattering all over the expanse of her back. She twitched under the impact, sighing before she went to wash it off her.

We laid in bed for several minutes later, "Am I dead?" she joked.

"Nope." I said flatly. It was night. She had to return home. We dressed. She left me the room key to turn in. I walked her to her car where she gave me a hug and whispered "Thank you." before she left.  She called me a couple of times after that.  I haven't heard from her since.

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