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Winner “Autumn Equinox” Competition.
Orange Moon

Orange Moon

Two married couples become very close friends.

A mottled carpet of leaves flew off the blacktop in the rear view mirror and then fluttered back to earth like butterflies descending on a field of sage. Just another hour, he thought. Brady turned his baseball cap around and depressed his right foot, the force of acceleration driving him deeper into his seat. With a push of a button, fresh air rushed into the cabin to the hum of a sliding glass panel. Brady didn’t know that the corners of his mouth had curled upward. He was hundreds of miles away, watching her scurry around the bedroom, late as always.

Just another hour. He recalled the way she flopped backward onto the bed, kicking her legs, yanking tight yoga pants past her ankles. She lifted her bottom to let them hug her hips. So cute, he thought, just like a little girl. She shrieked and tried to escape when he reached for her but his hands pinned her between them, that just-showered smell driving him crazy. Damp, wavy hair fell away to bare that special place below her ear. He lowered his head for a nibble but she held tight to an immovable forearm rising from the mattress and turned her naked back to him. We’re late already, baby. I promise I’ll make it up to you. She looked over her shoulder and winked. You know how I get. It’ll be worth the wait.

The satellite radio cut out beneath overhanging branches and suddenly he was back again. Fragments of light flashed through the canopy of deep greens, crimson, and gold, his eyes struggling to adjust to the strobe-like effect.

“These sunglasses,” he said, yanking down the visor. “Useless. Polarized lenses, my ass.”

“They’re Oakleys. I gave them to you for your birthday?” The admonishment came from directly behind his head. “Remember?”

Aaannnd I love them.” Brady sat up ramrod straight in the driver’s seat, his eyeballs growing big as melons. “Uh… I guess it’s just the angle of the sun this time of year, babe.”

Tiya cackled. She was riding shotgun, half facing Brady with her shoulders straddling the space between the upholstered door and the leather seat back. Her bare feet were perched together on the polished wood console.

Brady glanced sideways at burnt orange nails and the athletic turn of her calves. She wiggled one big toe at him and continued to laugh.

“Nice recovery, Mr. Smooth.” She turned to her friend. “Jane, are you gonna let your husband slide with a weak-ass response like that?”

Brady peered over his shades at the darkly radiant face. “You know, I can unlock your door from here, Tiya. Do me a favor… lean back a little harder and pull that handle, ‘kay? NO! DON’T!” He snatched her elbow. “Hand me your wallet first.”

“Patriiiick!” She looked at her husband in the back seat, or rather his tight, thick rings of black hair. His head was bent toward the glowing display in his hands. “Are you gonna let him talk to your wife like that?”

They were winding their way north through rural New England, having left the interstate highway many miles back. The couples were taking a long weekend to do some hiking and to see the brilliant fall foliage. Jane and Tiya had cooked up plans for the excursion a month earlier. It was another one of those deals that sounded harmless enough to Brady in the abstract, especially when the reality of it wouldn’t be staring him in the face for weeks. He loved hiking but now, embarked on what was really a glorified leaf viewing expedition, he was kicking himself. He hated the thought of missing his baseball league playoff game, not to mention the Sunday lineup of football on television.

A one horse town in northern Maine was their destination. Jane had a distant cousin, someone Brady hadn’t heard mentioned in six years of marriage, who owned a bed and breakfast in that remote, green corner of America. Having left home at dawn, they had already been on the road for hours. Brady pondered the perfectly useful and viewable trees back home.

There was one redeeming element to the trip that Brady couldn’t overlook. For as long as he had known her, Jane became surpassingly amorous whenever the couple spent the night in an unfamiliar bed. The farther from home, it seemed, the greater her passion. Now even a dreary business layover at a faceless franchise hotel would produce a Pavlov-like response in him. He pictured the impish grin that greeted him whenever Jane bounded onto a strange mattress and bounced on her knees. Wanna fuck, big boy? He tucked his hips and squirmed deeper into his seat, attempting a hands-free adjustment of the dick that had begun to stir.

“Hey guys, this is pretty cool. Check this out.” Patrick was in the back seat next to Jane, scrolling feverishly on his tablet. “Shit, where did it go? Oh… yeah. Okay, here it is.”

He leaned forward and read from the device, his head looming between his wife and Brady.

“Listen to this . The occurrence of the Autumnal Equinox, for many Pagan and Wiccan traditions, is a time of giving thanks for a successful harvest and other blessings. Festivals and ceremonies traced to ancient times often feature offerings to the forces of nature. The Equinox falls on the first day of autumn and is a time of balance of between dark and light. It marks the passing of summer and portends the coming winter, a time of darkness and death.”


“Oh-kaaay, hon, good to know.” Tiya measured him with a sideways look.

“No… listen. This shit goes all the way back to the time of the Druids.”

“Who are the Druids?” Jane threw her arm over Patrick’s shoulder and stuck her head in the huddle.

“I think it’s an Australian football team.” Brady steered the Rover around a sweeping river bank.

“Funny. Ignore him, Jane. They were a Celtic priestly class dating all the way back to about 200 BC, maybe earlier. Very mysterious.” Patrick was scrolling again. “The goddamn Romans outlawed their asses at one point. Dudes were into some hea-vy shit… human sacrifices, crazy sex ceremonies, you name it.”

“You’re absolutely certain we’re not talking about Aussie football players. Because that sounds…”

“Ooooh, I wanna hear about the sex ceremonies,” Jane crooned.

“Honey, this is fascinating, really.” Tiya ran a hand over Patrick’s closely cropped beard. “But why are you telling us this?”

“Because today is September twenty-second!”

His three companions looked at him blankly.

“The Autumnal Equinox? Jesus, how thick can you be? We should do something special… a big feast or something.”

“As long as there’s wine, I’m in.” Jane slumped back in her seat.

“Exciting stuff, Pat. Really.” Brady reached for the volume control, shaking his head at his friend’s reflection. “Balance… dark, light… got it.”

“Okay, screw it.” Patrick balled up his sweatshirt and stuffed it like a pillow between his head and the glass. “I’m gonna get some sleep.”

A stand of paperbark birch flew by looking like pickets on a whitewashed fence. Beyond the skeletal trunks, Brady watched a regiment of deer pick through broken stalks in a brown corn field. He thought about the bed that was waiting for him somewhere up ahead and contemplated the ways Jane might make good on her promise. He just needed to find a way to make the next hour bearable.

Jane and Tiya weren’t helping. Since relieving Patrick behind the wheel he was treated to non-stop adolescent banter peppered with double entendres and fits of laughter. The ex-roommates typically got this way after killing a bottle of Pinot Grigio together but something strange had been in the air all day.

Tiya grinned wickedly as the conversation became more openly sexual and the women shared opinions on everything from vibrators to porn genres. The girls’ suggestive talk held Brady in a sort of suspended pre-arousal state.

“Hmmm… I think I like interracial scenes best, Janie.” Tiya playfully nudged his ribs with a big toe. She was clearly enjoying his discomfort. “Black girls with really hung white guys.”

“You guys know I’m here, right?” Brady asked. He looked down and patted his chest and arms. “I am, aren’t I?”

They ignored him.

Listening to Jane’s critique of personal lubricants, Tiya yawned and stretched one long leg, her toes brushing Brady’s semi-erect penis. Without thinking, he closed a hand around the warm foot and pressed his thumb into her arch. They both froze. This was an accident, right?


“Hmmm? Oh. No, um… ” She looked at Brady, who quickly returned his eyes to the road ahead. “We, uh… I never tried that stuff.”

Brady slowly released his breath, thanking God his wife was seated directly behind him. That would not have been easy to explain, he thought.

Then it happened. Tiya pushed a little harder, no doubt about intent this time, and Brady felt a warm release in the pit of his stomach. He need only move her foot a few inches away from his groin to preserve propriety and to maintain the all important pretense of innocence. He couldn’t. He held her sole against the growing flesh in his faded jeans.

A discreet turn of his head allowed him to take in her lightly muscled, caramel colored thighs. White panties inside the leg opening of her khaki shorts greeted him when she dropped open her knee. The surge between his legs, he knew, she couldn’t miss.

What am I doing? He asked himself. What is she doing? Tiya was practically family. Family with a husband in the back seat, that is. He checked Patrick’s dozing reflection.

Brady knew he wasn’t the most perceptive guy around but he had picked up a peculiar vibe from the girls from the moment they all climbed into Patrick’s new Land Rover. It was an atmosphere he couldn’t quite define. And now this.

Tiya gamely recovered and continued her conversation with Jane while her toes stroked the granite that now extended down his thigh beneath a threadbare layer of denim. Brady’s heart pounded and his skin flushed with heat. Tiya, a close friend for as long as he’d known his wife, was actually feeling his cock. Check that. His hard cock. She curled her big toe and firmly probed the puffy outline of his mushroom shaped head.


“Honey, you okay?’

“Uh, yeah babe… I,” Brady shifted in his seat and toggled his head back and forth. “I guess my neck’s a little stiff from driving.”

“A little stiff, Brady?” Tiya lowered her head and raised her eyebrows. She slid her heel back, nudging his balls. “You want me to massage it, baby?”

The speedometer needle rose steadily past vertical.

“No.” Brady found the fleshy part of her little toe and rolled it between his fingers. “I’ll be fine once we get there.”


The tip of Jane’s tongue poked from the corner of her mouth as she dipped a shoulder and drew back her arm. With a flick of her wrist, a flat projectile skipped across the shimmering surface before disappearing with a plop.

“Six, bitch!” She tucked her fists close to her chest and moved her arms in a circular motion to the timing of her slowly gyrating hips. “Oh-yeah… I-beat-you… You-know-it…”

Tiya stood with one hand on her hip and batted her eyes.

“Baby, you are way too white to be doing that.”

Jane blew a lock of red hair off the bridge of her freckled nose and brushed her dusty hands together. The golden light of the afternoon sun warmed her face and clung like batter to the ferns at the edge of the forest.

“Sore loser.” She threw a jab at Tiya’s shoulder as they resumed their stroll along the river trail.

“Hey! That actually hurt.”

“Serves you right for playing footsie with my husband today.”

Tiya froze in her tracks.

“Oh my God, you noticed? Jane, I am SO sorry. It… it just… happened. I’ve been so worked up from, you know… what we‘ve talked about? I…I…” She dropped her head resignedly and blew out a long sigh. “Do you hate me?”

Jane regarded her friend appraisingly. A snug, black singlet and tan cargo shorts accentuated her coppery brown skin and her flowing, sable hair. Do I hate her? She asked. Nearly six feet tall and as graceful as a gazelle, Tiya would be easy to hate. Jane had heard all the adjectives: beautiful, striking, sexy… she couldn’t take issue with any of them.

They had started together at an advertising firm right out of grad school. Within weeks they were inseparable. They worked ridiculous hours, partied even harder, and soon moved in together. They went through boyfriends like sixpacks of beer. And when Jane’s thoughts turned to the future, the Maid of Honor question was answered before she’d even met Brady.

When Tiya accepted an offer to be head of marketing for a small technology firm, her career took off. Jane continued to do well, steadily moving up the ranks in her company but Tiya flew from one high level position to the next, her face regularly appearing in industry journals. There had been a long period of tension, Jane hating the jealousy she felt. But when Tiya tearfully confided one day that she and Patrick were going through a difficult stretch, something changed. It was like a heavy weight was lifted and the women resumed their sister-like relationship.

“Relax. I should be thanking you.” Jane hooked her arm inside Tiya’s and began walking. “He practically tore my clothes off in front of the girl who helped us with our bags. He fucked me right up against the door. I’m sure she heard us.”

“Grr… r-r-rough sex,” Tiya growled. “Where is he now?”

“Sleeping like a baby, when I left him.” Jane looked at the treetops and shook her head.

“So… you’re really not mad? I don’t know what got into me.”

Jane wasn’t sure what she felt. Mad? In truth, the desire she saw on Tiya’s face while touching her man turned Jane on in a way that surprised her. No, not mad. Like Tiya, she had been in a low grade state of arousal since they had begun talking about what might happen that weekend. And no one understood the power of Brady’s magnetism better than she did. His powerful, lean muscles, the playful gleam in his eyes, and his smooth Alabama drawl regularly attracted the attention of females. She had come to enjoy the looks of envy they tried to hide from her. As for Tiya’s behavior, she decided to take the high road and consider it an early start on their plans.

Unsettled would be a better word to describe what she felt. She had an uneasy sense that the events they were about to set in motion might be beyond her ability to control. Brady had never given her any reason to doubt his faithfulness. Still, he hadn’t mentioned the encounter in the car, had he?

“Nnnn-no, I’m not mad exactly. I’ve been horny as hell all week myself.” She stopped and looked into the brandy colored eyes that flittered back and forth between hers. “Just remember to ask me next time you want to cop a feel off my husband.”

With two bounding steps, Jane sprung onto a boulder that rose out of the river near the path. Water spilled loudly over smaller rocks below her feet.

“So… you still want to go through with this?” Tiya took the hand extended to her and clambered onto the rock. “Are you sure Brady will go along with it?”

The idea had come to Jane in bed one night. She and Brady were naked and she was on her back, stretched on top of his long body. She always loved that. They talked quietly in the darkness while his hands moved over her sensitive skin, leaving goose bumps in their wake. There were times she had come in gentle waves from his tender explorations. He teased her standing nipples while a slippery finger lazily circled and touched her clit. She somehow felt closest to him when they were like this. She wriggled her bottom and felt his erection separate her cheeks. It never failed to give her a thrill and even a guilty sense of pride when he became hard for her.

They liked to turn each other on by imagining themselves with other partners; alone or together, with people they knew or attractive strangers they just happened to see. It might be another girl for him or another guy for her. Jane might be tied down with silk scarves and fucked by the sixteen year old pizza delivery kid and his cute friend. A blindfolded Brady might be asked to guess whether it was Jane’s pussy or her sister’s he was tasting. You’d better get it right. It was sexy game and one that always ended with desperate, intense fucking.

Brady’s fingers separated her lips as his other hand traveled slowly over her fuzzy mound toward her sex. His husky voice breathed in her ear. But honestly, I don’t want to share you. What if he didn’t have to, she wondered. What if they brought another couple into their bedroom and let them watch? Maybe they would get to watch as well. The idea thrilled her. No violation of the marriage compact. No opening of a forbidden door. She could think of little else. Within a week she had approached her closest friend.

“Brady? He’ll lose his mind. We’ve fantasized about this kind of thing for ages.” She watched two dragonflies duel inches above a tiny eddy that danced among the rocks. “Besides… he’s crazy about you. With you there…”

“WHAT? No.”

“C’mon, he’s had a crush on you forever. Don’t act like you don’t know it.” Jane picked up a broken stone and studied it. She shrugged her shoulders. “It’s okay, he’s a healthy male. Hey, I think Patrick is pretty hot… that sexy beard over his dark skin, those enormous shoulders, his …”

“Okay, okay… so we all have the hots for each other." She took the stone from Jane’s hand and sent it arcing toward the slowly shifting waters. "By the way, you never mentioned how easy it is to get Brady... motivated."

“If things go well you’ll see just how motivated he can be.” Jane bobbed her eyebrows.

They stood together watching the great, rolling course change shape and color as it rippled over rocks and caught the breeze on its face.

“How do you think we should approach them?” Tiya asked. “Patrick doesn’t like things sprung on him suddenly. He might need some time to warm up to something like this.”

“They’re guys. It’s pretty simple.” Jane studied the lone cloud moving lazily overhead, its grey core surrounded by blinding white. She turned to her friend. “We dress like sluts and get them drunk, what else? That’s how we got them to begin with, right?”

Tiya snorted. “So… tonight, right? No excuses, no procrastination. We do this.”

“We do this.”


“I still can’t believe you woke me up to go grocery shopping.” Brady shook his head. “I can’t believe I said yes.”

Patrick eased the Rover over the washboard dirt of the driveway and parked in front of Crane’s Guest House.

“Do you ever stop bitching? C’mon, this’ll be great.” Patrick hit a button on the dash and the rear hatch lifted open. “We have everything we need for an authentic Mabon feast. I talked to Jane’s cousin. Sarah, right? And she said we could have the back yard to ourselves tonight. She has a beautiful grill back there and a state of the art kitchen I would kill for.”

Brady knitted his eyebrows as his companion shoved a fourth brown paper bag into his arms. He tilted his head and looked at Patrick with an expression of fascination.

“My God. I’m looking at the only black nerd in America.”

“Very funny, white boy.”

Brady was still trying to sort out the day’s events. What happened with Tiya still hadhim rattled. He had spent the entire day lusting over his own wife, a wife he loved, he reminded himself. And then, out of nowhere, another woman was rubbing his cock and he loved it. He had to admit he more than loved it; he encouraged it. The question that had haunted Brady was what might have happened if the two of them had been alone somewhere.

The question wasn't academic. Tiya was a fixture in their lives. He thought about the way she hooked his arm when they walked together and the frequent accidental touches. He knew full well his hand lingered a little too long and low over the small of her back when he pecked her cheek and that his eyes moved a little too freely over her when she talked. Yet he had convinced himself that these and other small intimacies were just innocent manifestations of familiarity and affection.

“Hey, let me ask you something, Pat.” He carried the packages into the white shingled Victorian house. “Have you noticed something, I don’t know… weird… going on with the girls today?”

“You mean they’re fighting again?”

“No, nothing like that. I can't explain it.” He stuck his hands in his back pocket and considered the floor. "So... nothing?"

Patrick lowered a heavy cardboard box onto the kitchen table to the sound of clinking glass. “No… but I’ll tell you one thing that is weird. There is definitely something strange about the people in this town. Have you noticed the place is like a ghost town?"

“Jane’s cousin told her there’s some huge event tonight that only the locals attend. Apparently, they’re all pumped up for it.” Brady pulled a brown, longneck bottle from the box and twisted open the cap. “It’s one of those equinox celebrations you were babbling about in the car.”

Here was something else that needed sorting out. Patrick. They weren’t close friends by any means but Brady genuinely liked him. As spouses of best friends, their job was merely to get along. He thought Tiya and Patrick made an odd pair. She was athletic, outgoing, and vibrant. He was cerebral, reserved, and unassuming. Brady had come to appreciate his quiet manner and subtle humor even if they didn't have the same interests. 

Tiya once bragged that her husband had set shot put records college. He downplayed the attention in typical fashion. Yet Brady could easily see his thickly muscled build even now, more than a decade after Patrick’s last competition. They sometimes worked out together and Brady enjoyed watching people’s eyes pop out as Patrick added plate after plate to the barbell.

“Yeah, but a whole town attending a pagan festival? Is that not creepy to you?”

“What? Pagan...? Oh, now don’t get carried away, for Christ’s sake. It’s just a harmless local tradition.” He took a long draw on his beer. “Anyway, whatever, right? As long as we have our own drinks and eats, I’m cool with it.”


Two empty green bottles shifted to the muted rattle of settling cubes, their long, graceful necks submerged in a watery mixture of melting ice and wasted Chardonnay. A plastic cup bumped along the pleated linen tablecloth on the breeze, nudging half eaten platters of grilled poultry, corn, and dressed tomatoes.

Jane stood on the table, illuminated by tiny market lights, a fiery-white constellation suspended beneath the outstretched limbs of an ancient black ash. The sun had long since slipped behind the hills to the west and the sky’s transformation from brilliant sapphire to solemn indigo was nearly complete. Her bare feet pushed aside abandoned bottles of beer and sidestepped a bowl of berries as she bent and struggled to pull Patrick out of his chair with two hands.

“C’mon, you have to dance with me” she pleaded, her loose silk camisole falling away from her braless bumps. “Look, your wife is over there dancing with a gigolo. Don’t you want to make her jealous?”

Brady winked back at her and executed a perfect dip while Lenny Kravitz thumped from tree-mounted speakers. He suspended Tiya dramatically above the grass before lifting her with an effortless flourish.

“Take a look at those two.” He lifted his chin toward the banquet table.

Patrick had mounted the makeshift dance floor and uncomfortably held Jane by the waist while sluggishly moving his feet. She let her head and arms fall back and swayed her shoulders and hips to the music, her short, black pencil skirt riding up her thighs. She turned to her audience and raised one eyebrow before grabbing her partner two-handed by the ass and thrusting her pelvis into his groin. Taken by surprise, Patrick looked like he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

“OH!” she exclaimed in feigned shock. “Why, sir! I’m a married woman!”

“Watch where you put those hands, Patrick,” Tiya warned. “I’m watching you.”

“Hypocrite,” Brady said to her quietly. He held her closely as they moved to the haunting melody, his hands cruising over her painted-on dress as if compelled by some outside force.

“Mmmm… have I ever told you I adore tall, strong men?” A piquant essence of wine cut her sweet breath.

“So we’re not gonna talk about this?”

“About what?” She smiled at him dreamily.

“Jesus, Tee, about what. About what happened.” He lowered his voice to something approximating a whisper. “Today? The car?”

“Ohhhhhh... ” She pulled her long arms tightly around his neck and tilted her head. “Did you like that?”

“Did I…” He fixed his gaze on Jane. She and Patrick were slow dancing now, her head resting on his chest. “Of course I did. That’s beside the point.”

“What’s the point?”

He looked at her again and saw a string of lights in her dark amber eyes. She wriggled closer, as if that were even possible, and he felt the crush of her breasts against his chest. Brady realized they were barely moving now. He felt a familiar, insistent pulse between his legs and pressed a hand into the small of her back. She warmed him with a long release of breath. Here we go again, he told himself.

“The point?”

Her body felt vital and light in his arms. He enjoyed her height, impressive even after she’d kicked off her wedges; her eyes just a few inches below his. Her mouth, her dark rose lips… it would be so easy. His hand caressed the satin skin of her shoulder and slid beneath her hair to collar her neck. Her body relaxed and lips separated. The glint of amusement had left her eyes, replaced by something that sent a rush of adrenaline through his veins.

Brady knew the truth about that afternoon. He’d spun Jane around the instant they entered their room. She had barely time enough to raise her hands and brace herself before she slammed into the closing door. He dropped his jeans and, with a violent yank, her tights and panties were bunched below her knees. He grabbed her wrists and planted her palms high above her head. Keep your hands on that fucking door. He spread his legs wide and jerked up her hips. She twisted her Reeboks groaned when he sank into her. He raked his wife over and over as her skinny arms trembled and strained; her loud grunts and gasps barely registering until he emptied himself inside her. He knew the truth. It was Tiya he was fucking.

“You said something about…”

He lifted his gaze to observe his wife and found her eyes waiting for him. She pursed her lips, turning them up at the corners. Trouble, he thought. Her hands ran up Patrick’s back to hook his mountainous shoulders as they danced and she whispered something that made him laugh. His meaty hands traced the contour of her small, round buns and she seemed to sink into his massive chest.


Jane and Patrick were so different, she with her lissome form and he with his prodigious breadth, they seemed oddly in balance. His black, silk shirt hanging loosely over pressed white chinos, Patrick was dark wherever Jane was light. A silver spaghetti strap slipped off her creamy shoulder, the skimpy garment exposing the pale side of her breast. Brady saw her shiver visibly when Patrick’s hand slid up her arm and replaced it, keeping one finger tucked beneath the coiled thread.

“You’re hard again,” Tiya whispered, her pubic bone moving side to side against the outline of Brady’s rigid cock. “I like that.”


Jane watched her husband closely while she mirrored the movement of Patrick’s hips. They made a striking pair, she thought, Tiya with her long, elegant lines and Brady with his sleek, athletic build. They had danced through Patrick’s playlist with easy grace but now prowled around each other slowly, locked in a predatory embrace. Tiya had said something to him, something that made him stop and lower his hands to her hips. Jane smiled. Her friend was doing her job well.

Patrick’s groan vibrated in her chest. He was watching, too, she realized, his fingers moving tenderly over her back. The bulge that pressed against her abdomen signaled her own success. She had the sensation of being swallowed up by the sheer mass of him, the span of his shoulders, the thickness of his arms and legs. Jane slithered against him to the sensual throb of the music, the textured silk of her top teasing her little nubs until they glowed with electric heat.

His body was so different from her husband’s. Jane had always been attracted to lean, cut body types. She had drawn a bead on Brady the first time she saw him pull himself out of the pool at her club. She could almost smell the chlorine, thinking about the sheet of water that slid off his taut muscles and the long, skin-tight Speedo that left little to the imagination. She had waited outside the men’s locker room nearly thirty minutes before she was able to accidently bump into him and spill the contents of her briefcase all over the floor.

Patrick was about average height and stocky, not at all the type that would normally catch her eye. The relaxed fit clothes he favored and his soft spoken manner belied the coiled power of his extraordinary muscles. Every part of him was thick and solid, her hand looking hopelessly tiny when she tried to squeeze his trunk-like bicep. She felt like a captive in his unassailable hold. Something deep seated and primal was at work, heating her skin and making her pussy tingle.

“They look good together,” Jane said, feeling the brush of his rugged, low cut beard against her cheek.

“She likes your husband.” His hand surprised her, slipping beneath her camisole. ”You know that, right?”

She watched a single leaf float from darkened heights to join a pastiche of reds and golds across the white cloth beneath her feet.

“Do you think…?”

“No.” His fingers traveled downward, kneading the flesh along her spine. “I would know.”

First alarm, then excitement filled her chest and her heart began to race.

“Patrick… Tiya is going to talk to you …” She realized this wouldn’t make any sense to him. “Just say yes.”

She closed her eyes and tried to relax, moving to the slow, relentless beat of the bass. The rhythmic rubbing of his cock and the determined action of his fingers were affecting her now, flipping unseen switches that caused a flutter in the pit of her stomach and made her nipples swell. She hadn’t expected this.

Her pulse leaped when she saw her husband drop his hand and grip the hem of Tiya’s tiny dress. He slowly raised it, just reaching the swell of her cheek. The impulse to stop him was immediate but a part of her, some crazy part she never knew existed, wanted him to pull the slinky thing right over her best friend’s head. They were silent, mouths just inches apart, eyes locked. Jane was frozen, not knowing what to expect or even knowing what she wanted, when he brought his mouth to Tiya’s ear and moved his lips. A broad smile broke slowly over her face and he kissed her cheek, allowing the black fabric to slip back in place.

“This is dangerous,” Patrick said under his breath, stepping away from Jane.

Tiya approached with Brady in tow. Jane didn’t miss the lump beneath the tight, black denim.

“Your husband thinks this is a good time to change partners.” She rolled her eyes and fanned her face with her hand. “He might be right about that.”

“That was an interesting dance, guys.” Jane took a step off the table and landed in her husband’s arms, her heart still pounding. “You’ll need to teach me that one, stud.”

Brady sat his bride on the table and retrieved two frost crusted bottles from the cooler. He spun a folding chair around and sat in front of her. Scooting to the table’s edge, she planted her feet on his knees and took a beer from his hand.

“Are you having a good time, honey?” She watched their friends move into the shadows hand in hand.

“Baby, it’s been an interesting day.” He took a long pull from the bottle and placed it on the ground.

The giant, rising curve of the harvest moon silhouetted a distant line of trees behind him, its orange light casting a soft glow over his shoulders and hair. She shuddered as his hands traced a slow path over her smooth calves and caressed the skin of her thighs. Tiny lights sparkled in his eyes when he looked up and gave her a knowing smile. Her stomach tightened and pussy clenched when he pulled her onto his lap.

“Let me take you to bed, Janie.”

She held his face in her hands and move her eyes inches from his.

“There’s something I want to ask you first.”


Brady clasped his hands behind his head and studied the interlocking flowering vines that covered the walls around him. He wondered absently if they were actual representations of native flora or just some wallpaper designer’s impressions in rose, green, and mauve. From beyond a narrow doorway came the sound of splattering water and the squeak of a tap. Something metal clinked on the floor and he heard his wife swear.

He could easily have missed it. If fact, he probably had at first. But there it was; a modest, respectful knock and a murmur from the hallway. He bolted upright on the bed, silently cursing the sudden tightness in his chest.


She poked her head from the bathroom, working a toothbrush in her foamy mouth.

“Well?” She raised her eyebrows and nodded toward the door. “Let them in, dummy.”

Tiya and Patrick entered with subdued greetings and uneasy glances around the room. Brady felt the need to give Tiya an awkward peck on the cheek, wondering if that was the accepted etiquette after one gropes and nearly undresses a woman in front of her husband. His answer came with a smirk from Patrick and a six-pack of water bottles shoved into his chest.

Tiya had changed from her sizzling club attire to a soft, summery dress that revealed the subtle movements of her breasts. Brady followed her eyes to the two full size beds that sat side by side, separated only by the width of an early American nightstand. He just then realized Jane hadn’t reserved a room with an oversized four-poster as she normally did in this kind of place. No, two beds would be needed on this trip.

“Hey guys. Make yourselves at home.” Jane motioned toward the roomy, overstuffed loveseats facing the foot of each bed. She had forsaken her tight skirt for a pair of tap shorts that matched the provocative cami she had worn all evening. “Honey, why don’t you pour a glass of wine for everyone?”

“Don’t you look comfortable, Jane?” Tiya’s eyes crinkled as she sat down and draped a leg over her husband’s substantial thigh.

Brady said a silent prayer of thanks as he handed the ladies their champagne. Jane’s slinky lingerie was having its intended effect. He had been too proud to confess his sudden bout of performance anxiety to his wife. He’d never had a problem rising to the moment before but the unexpected prospect of erection on demand in front of an audience, friends no less, had his heart racing for the last thirty minutes. He was relieved that his wife’s girlish curves and precocious tail produced a glow of heat in his penis and a familiar pressure deep in his abdomen.

Patrick’s eyes moved over Jane when she sat on the bed and crossed her lightly muscled legs, his fingers absently caressing the skin above his wife’s knee. Handing him a glass, Brady understood exactly what Patrick wanted. He wanted to see Jane staked out naked on the sheets, to see the excited pink tips of her little white breasts, and to see her sweet, wet cunt spread wide. Brady’s eyes met Tiya’s as he sat next to Jane. Yes, he understood perfectly well.

“To good friends,” said Jane, raising her glass. “… and an unforgettable evening.”

They each took a sip of champagne and glanced tight lipped at one another. As if on cue, they all exhaled with nervous laughter.

“Okay, girls, this is your party,” Brady said, leaning forward to place his glass on the desk next to Patrick. “How does this work?”

Tiya quickly jumped in. “Well, since this was originally Janie’s idea… why don’t you guys start?” She pinched her lower lip between her teeth and looked at Patrick before continuing shakily. “We talked it over and… and we would just like to watch for a while.”

“Oh. I thought…” Jane turned her eyes to her husband with an unspoken, desperate plea for his help. “I guess that’s… um… okay?”

Brady melted. After all her naughty little plans and secret connivances, it was his strength that she needed now. He knew she had planned this as a special treat for them to share and he loved her for it, even if he wasn’t convinced it was a good idea. He pulled her close and kissed the top of her head before tilting her chin upward.

“Is this what you want, baby?”

He felt her tremble as she nodded her head. “Mmm-hmm.”


Tiya watched Brady take Jane’s lower lip gently into his mouth and lift her hands. She slowly unbuttoned his cotton shirt while her eyelids fluttered in his confident embrace. Flattening her palms on the taut skin of his chest, she drew them apart and pushed the shirt off his shoulders. He stretched his arms behind him and she helped him wriggle out of the sleeves without breaking the current of their long, tender kiss. They looked like they had done this a thousand times.

Tiya felt both thrilled and embarrassed as her friends allowed her to witness their intimate movements. She’d had her doubts when Jane approached her with the idea. She couldn’t help feeling they were playing with fire but, as the weekend approached, she became more and more excited. At night she imagined Brady watching her with his warm, brown eyes as her husband stripped her naked before him. She strummed her clit while lying awake, thinking about his cock and what it would look like coated in the slippery gloss of Jane’s cunt.

That she was attracted to Brady, she could not deny. Not to herself. And she knew with every fiber in her body that the attraction was mutual. She loved her husband and she loved Jane. Even so, she worried about her ability to resist him should he take her by the hand one dark night. She felt like a moon unable to escape the essential gravity of a beautiful, shining planet.

Jane moved to his jeans, unsnapping the metal rivets one by one. Brady leaned back on his hands and she pressed forward against his chest, fingers busily at work. Tiya felt her heart surge with each metallic click.

When their lips finally parted Brady was naked from the waist up. He was all lean muscle and bone, his shoulders and biceps carved in da Vinci-like detail. Jane was taking long breaths and her face was flushed, her eyes searching his for direction. Brady flashed that rakish smile of his and silently urged her to her feet. She was close enough for Tiya to see the faint tremble of her shoulders and mouth. Jane attempted a smile but her friend was too mesmerized to respond.

“Relax, baby.” He stood behind her and put his mouth to her ear. “It’s just me. Let yourself go.”

Brady ran his hands down the length of her bare arms, tiny blonde hairs standing at attention as they passed. Jane’s tremble became a shiver when his fingers found the outline of hard nipples poking through the delicate fabric. She inhaled with a sharp hiss and arched her back when he slowly scraped his fingernails over the bristling points. Brady looked directly into Tiya’s eyes while he continued Jane’s sweet torture, her head thrown back against his chest.

His open jeans hung low, miraculously clinging to his narrow hips. Every movement brought them lower revealing the grey fabric of his boxer briefs. Tiya stared intently, as if willing them to fall. When finally they pooled around his bare feet, she felt a sudden warm release and knew her panties would soon be soaked.

Patrick took Tiya’s glass from her hand and placed it on the desk next to his. He reached around her shoulder to pull her close and cup her breast. She unconsciously stroked his thigh, feeling his heat radiate through his clothes.

Brady’s hands moved over Jane’s body freely now, fondling her breasts and rubbing his fingers between her legs. Their bodies slithered and writhed together. She ground her ass into her husband’s groin and dropped her head to the side while he licked and sucked the side her neck. Grabbing a handful of silk, he pulled her shorts upward. She groaned as the satiny material separated her swollen folds and his hand closed around her throat. They were both drunk on the dizzying ether of arousal, seemingly unaware of anyone or anything around them.

Tiya realized that her mouth was parched and that the room had suddenly become warm. She could tell her husband was affected, too. His eyes bored in on Jane’s coltish, tight body, a few ounces of silk offering the only hint of modesty. He sank lower in the deep seat, pulling Tiya with him and pushing his pelvis outward.

A formidable bulge stood straight up in from his thighs, a wet spot spreading at its blunt end. Tiya looked at his erection, surprised and thrilled that he was aroused. She knew he had serious reservations about what they were doing. Despite her begging, he had only committed to staying for one drink. Feeling the urgency of her own desire, she circled the wide bulge with her fingertips and began to knead the spongy knob. Patrick groaned and lifted his hips.

They were practically horizontal now, Patrick’s buttocks just barely on the cushion. Tiya quickly unbuckled his belt and opened the flaps of his trousers. A wide, wedge-shaped head sheathed in dark folds of skin came into view. His erection rose through the fly of his boxers, just the tip of his leaking glans visible through the opening of his gathered foreskin. Her slender fingers slid the delicate membrane over his shaft, exposing Patrick’s shining, deep red globe.

“Ohhhhh, yeahhhh,” he sighed. “C’mere, now.”

Patrick slipped the strap off her left shoulder and pushed the top of her dress down to expose her breast. He worked her fat nipple with his thick fingers while his free hand tried to shimmy his trousers over his butt. Part of her was dying to crouch between his legs and take his hot, salty cream but she couldn’t bear to miss a second of the action in front of her.


Jane lifted her arms and Brady quickly tossed aside her top. The little breasts that jiggled on her bony chest looked so white to Tiya. She studied her friend’s puffy areolas, the color of cotton candy, and the cherry nips that pointed upward, rigid and raw. Seconds later, she was completely naked.

“I want to watch you suck him, Janie.” The voice was familiar but Tiya found it hard to believe the words had come from her own mouth. “I want to see you make him come.”

Jane’s eyes shot to Tiya’s and her mouth dropped open. She seemed surprised to hear another voice. A sly smile gradually crossed her lips and she turned to face Brady.

“Oh, I’ll suck him for you.” She ran her hands over his chest and pinched his nipples as he struggled to step out of the jeans surrounding his feet. “But he’s gonna have to earn it if he wants to come.”

Tyia firmly gripped her husband’s cock, not nearly able to wrap her fingers around the turgid meat. She pumped up and down the shaft, his delicate skin covering and uncovering the glowing, sensitive head. He thrust his pelvis to her movements and twisted her aching nipple. Her breath grew short as she watched her best friend sink to her knees and assume the classic submissive position.

“That’s fine with me,” Tiya replied, doing her best to sound glib. “Get to work now. Let me see your style.”

Jane playfully traced and nibbled the outline of the prominent ridge that angled upward beneath Brady’s snug underwear. Her hand gripped the nylon covered bulge and moved it back and forth until a wide, purple bulb appeared above the wide elastic band at his waist. Brady steadied himself with a hand on her shoulder as she slowly rolled the stretchy material to the floor. His cock sprang free and swayed lewdly in front of her face.

Tiya was no prude. She enjoyed watching porn with Patrick to enhance the mood and was no stranger to the bedroom in any event. But watching this play out in front of her was almost more than she could take. Her heart nearly stopped when Jane turned and curled her index finger inward and patted the bed beside her. She looked at Patrick who moved his mouth, unable to produce more than a croak. He eagerly nodded his assent.

“Wait.” Patrick had found his voice and Tiya froze before she could take a step. “Get this off.”

He leaned forward and peeled her dress to the floor. Tellingly, she looked at Brady. He openly scanned her body, from her heaving, round breasts to the diaphanous triangle of fabric that revealed her dark pubic hair and the deep cleft of her pussy. She shuddered at the wave of goose bumps that swept her body and the instant pucker of her nipples.

Her head was swimming, not knowing what to do. She sat on the bed, as the lovers positioned themselves in front of her. She was close enough to inhale Brady’s warm male scent. And his cock. It was right in front of her, erect and dripping with pre-cum, sticking in the air. Something inside her head screamed at her to shove Jane aside and impale herself on his impressive shaft.

“How’s my girl?” Brady looked down at her with those bedroom eyes. He cupped her breast and gently stroked her nipple with his thumb. She could feel the juices leaking from her pussy and smell the essence of her own sex. This is a dream, she thought. This can’t be happening.

“I need you to help me with this, Tiya.”

She snapped out of her reverie. Jane held the heavily veined cock in her hand and was looking at her expectantly. “Keep this thing out of my way.”

What?!!! The bottom dropped out of her stomach. Tiya’s pulse throbbed in her head and her face smoldered as she carefully wrapped her brown fingers around the near-translucent skin of Brady’s rippled column. This was a moment she’d never thought possible and now she was literally handed Brady’s erection by his wife. It felt soft and moist and impossibly hard all at the same time. She licked her lips and swallowed, fighting the impulse to lap it with her desperate tongue.

She glanced across at her husband. He had torn off his pants and shoes and his shirt lay open on his chest. His breathing seemed to labor as he slowly stroked his erect penis, his huge testicles pulled tightly in a dark lump.

“Ohhhh… girls,” Brady croaked, beginning to tremble.

Tiya held the warm erection against his belly and caressed the curve of his back and buttocks with her free hand. Jane closed her eyes and balanced his dangling, egg shaped testicles on her tongue. Brady groaned and widened his stance. With a wink to her friend, she luxuriously sucked the fat ovals that dangled in his delicate, hairless sac. She appeared to savor them like plump, fresh caught oysters sliding sensuously off their half shells into her waiting, watering mouth.

Tiya couldn’t help it. She hadn’t even realized she was doing it. Her thumb slathered clear, slimy liquid over Brady’s darkening head. She couldn’t take her eyes off it. Brady rocked his hips, pushing his cock through her fingers. She wondered how far she could make him shoot.

“Tiya.” The voice sounded far away. “Tiya…”

She blinked at Jane.


Jane clasped her hands behind her back and opened her mouth wide. Holding Tiya’s gaze, she slowly extended her tongue over her lower lips. Tiya felt like she was going to pee. She placed Brady’s penis in his wife’s mouth.


Patrick was surprised how physically Brady handled his pretty little wife. It wasn’t that she didn’t like it. She appeared to love it. She moaned each time his cock thrust into the back of her throat, water welling in her eyes and saliva running off her chin. She held his hips and her head rocked with each long slide over her lips and tongue. Whenever Brady gripped her head and withdrew his cock, Jane quickly caught her breath and opened her mouth for more.

Patrick was lying sideways across the bed now, his naked wife kneeling between his legs. She had removed her hair tie, freeing the long, springy coils to dance over her shoulders. He loved the rapt expression on Tiya’s beautiful face as her talented tongue teased the sensitive underside of his erection. He knew his own girth prevented her from taking him fully in her mouth but she happily compensated with energy and imagination.

His reservations about taking part in the festivities had flown out the window after watching his wife’s wholesome looking friend suck her husband like a common whore. He couldn’t stop himself from crawling onto the bed behind Tiya and wrapping her in his arms. They rolled over each other; mouths crushed desperately together, hands tearing at the remaining fragments of clothes.

He had always been attracted to Jane. Her fluid runner’s build, crystal blue eyes, and girl next door features had fueled his fantasies for years. Attracted as he was to his wife, Jane represented something exotic and untouchable. This sort of thing was just a fact of married life as far as he was concerned. Who wouldn’t want to fuck her? He asked himself. And what guy doesn’t check out his wife’s friends? Yet he never thought he would face a test like this.

Jane and Brady had collapsed next to them. The nimble redhead’s back bent in a deep bow with her shoulders on the mattress and her painted toes pushing and curling against her husband’s thighs. Brady knelt next to Patrick with his hands cradling her ass and his mouth sealed to her cunt. Her body rose and fell extravagantly as he snaked his way along her dripping crevice and dipped inside her opening. Her knees flew outward and she thrust her pelvis high when two fingers spread her folds and his tongue patiently teased the hard, pearly nub from its fleshy hood. Jane became louder and more profane as her pleasure mounted.

Patrick watched this while Tiya worked her fist over his saliva soaked glans and rolled his balls in her fingers. The movements of Brady’s head allowed glimpses of Jane’s glistening, pink flesh and the dark, open wings of her lips. Pressure began to build somewhere deep beneath his pubic bone as he imagined squeezing his cock through her tiny hole and stretching it to her limit.

“God. Baby… puh-please,” Jane’s was short of breath. “I wanna fuck now… please. I need to.”

She dropped her feet to the sheets and squirmed onto her elbows, red-faced and panting.

“Did he earn it, Janie?” Tiya snickered. She sat back on her feet and batted her eyes at Brady’s juice covered face before lowering her gaze to the rigid penis pointing in her direction. “Does he get to come tonight?”

“Mmmm… well he did work hard.” Jane tilted her head and looked at her husband appraisingly, her chest still heaving.

“Looked kinda sloppy, though, from what I saw.”

“Easy, Tee,” Brady warned, not bothering to disguise his interest in the dark region between her legs. “Unless you plan to take over for her, that is.”

Brady caught his faux pas immediately and turned to Patrick.

“Pat, I… you know, I was just…”

“Is that an option?”

Patrick’s head snapped up in shock. It was Tiya.


No one spoke for what seemed like an eternity. It was possible that no one breathed. Four sets of eyes were locked in place, not one of them engaging any other. It was Jane who finally spoke.

“Do you want to fuck my husband?” Tiya felt her heart race at the sound of Jane’s words. “It’s okay to be honest, Tee. My God, the four of us are naked in the same bed. The guys are hard as nails and I know I’m leaking all over the place. Someone has to say what they want.”

Tiya folded her hands in her lap and looked at her husband.


He was leaning on his side, his deep set eyes giving nothing away. He slowly slid his hand across the sheet and wrapped it around Jane’s ankle.

Brady looked from Tiya, to Patrick, and then to Jane.

“Wait… are we?”

“We’re still gonna get to watch, baby,” Jane rubbed his thigh with her free foot. “It’s just that, now, we’ll be watching each other.”

Jane stood and walked to the double window. The moon was fully risen, its pale hue had become a pumpkin orange. She couldn’t remember a harvest moon like this, so large and bright. She turned and clicked off the lamps on her way back to bed. The glowing planet filled the room with its cool light.

Patrick pushed himself onto his knees and reached for his wife. She wrapped her arms around her husband’s neck and kissed him on the lips. The kiss was soft and tender and his cock felt warm and familiar against her belly. After a moment, he mumbled something in her ear, something urgent sounding that she didn’t catch. She looked in his eyes and opened her mouth to speak when she felt two hands on her shoulders. They moved liquidly down her arms to her elbows. The hands gently pinned her elbows back and her fingers slipped free.


When she turned around and saw him, her heart skipped a beat. Brady smiled down at her with a look that seemed to say, “At last”. He took her to the other bed and laid her down on the cool sheets. His beautiful cock swayed above her belly and suddenly she was short of breath, unable to distinguish nervousness from anticipation. She felt a powerful release between her legs that soaked her lips and thighs. Soon he would fuck her, she thought. He would hold her down and spread her legs and fuck her with his long penis while their spouses watched.

He moved in beside her and put his mouth to hers, their long legs intertwined, unable to keep from moving. The distinctive taste of pussy on his lips excited her. She’d never tasted another woman before and it felt right somehow that Jane would be the one. She knew that before this night was over her husband would do the same. He would swirl his long, wide tongue deep inside Jane’s quivering cunt and drench his lips with her liquid sex.

Her hands coursed over Brady’s hard body, wanting all of him at once. They rode the grooves of his sectioned core and the long, sleek muscles of his back. Pressed so close together she felt him tremble, driving her own desire even higher. She closed her eyes when his fingers sunk into her tangle of hair and pulled back her head, lifting her chin and exposing her throat to his hungry mouth.

She began to float away, the sighs and moans from the next bed becoming faint. Something wet and wonderful swirled around her nipple. She thought she could feel it grow as it was pulled into Brady’s delicious heat. A hand slid between her thighs, urging them apart. She lifted a knee and rolled her hips when his demanding, unfamiliar fingers began to work her clit.

Ummhh… yyyehhhss… Brady listened to the quiet noises that he knew so well. Another man had his wife at the edge of orgasm. At that very moment he was using her body as he pleased. He was touching and squeezing and licking all her special, private places. Moving his penis in and out of her wet vagina. In the spectral light, Brady watched the wavelike action of Patrick’s hulking form press her again and again into the mattress. Her long, pale arm rose in the air and draped across his thick, dark neck.

Tiya’s hands had found his cock. She pressed tightly against him and he felt the scrape of her nipples against his chest. With a quick roll of his hips, he flipped her on top of him. His fingers raked the long curve of her back and dove into the deep, moist space between her cheeks. He squeezed her globes and pulled her hard against his shaft, thrusting his pelvis and lifting her high.

She spread her knees and straddled his narrow hips, her hands set firmly on his ribs. Her beauty nearly took his breath away. The moonlight cast her skin as creamy mocha and her large nipples a rich, chocolate brown. Her breasts, so full and round, felt firm and heavy in his hands.

He needed to be inside her; to find the deepest, warmest parts of her and feel her muscles close around him. She ground her pussy along Brady’s rigid column, the squishy sounds of rubbing genitals joining her rising moans.

“I want you so bad, Tee.”

Tiya raised her ass in a jockey’s pose, her loose curls draped below her face. His cock sprang upward, straining toward her seeping cunt. She took it by its solid root and rubbed the swollen head against the tender surface of her vulva. He lifted his hips as she centered him, pushing through her flowered wings. Tiya slowly impaled herself, feeling every ridge, loving the long glide.

“Let me fuck you, Brady.”

Sweat rolled off their bodies as she rode him. Her arms now stretched behind her, anchored astride his legs. She rolled her hips and pulled her tingling pussy up and down his column, changing angles, feeling the blunt head rake her g-spot and bump her cervix. Heat and tension spread from her vibrating pussy to her entire body and she felt her arms and legs begin to tingle.

“God, I’m gonna come. Uhhhh… you feel so good.”

Brady raised his chest and leaned forward, taking her hips in his hands. Tiya knew what he wanted. She wrapped her legs around him as he knelt and squeezed her tight. They kissed in a deep embrace, her pussy a confusion of spasms. Brady drove into her again and again, feeling her tremors turn to quakes.


Jane knew her pussy was leaking like a faucet. Her thighs were covered with clear, sticky liquid nearly to her knees. Patrick had fucked her already. Twice. He had taken her down immediately, gripping her in his massive hands, bending her at will. His strength was overpowering. He’d poked and prodded every fold and hole. He wasn’t finished with her. Not nearly. Every nerve ending in her body was vibrating with anticipation.

His aggression took her by surprise. Patrick was always the quiet one; reserved and polite. Not today. When she came to him he put her on her back and straddled her. The intoxicating, musky smell of his heavy cock filled her nostrils as it loomed inches above her face. She’d never even seen an uncircumcised man before but she retracted his foreskin as he quietly instructed, and lathered the shining glans with spit. It will help, he told her.

Patrick moved down her body and roughly pushed her knees apart, examining the strawberry fuzz that covered her cunt. He watched her slippery juices run down her crevice and pool at her anus before soaking the sheet. Her soft cries went unnoticed as the broad pad of his thumb slid over her clit, moving it in all directions. He pushed a finger into her, twisting it around and pushing at her walls until she was dripping all over his hand. Jane’s ass flew off the bed when he placed his tongue on her erect little bud and covered it with his lips. The power of her orgasm surprised him, her pussy clenching and pulsing over his thick finger.

Panic had set in when he pinned her legs apart with his knees and began to rub his turgid monster over her cunt, pushing aside her lips and pressing at her opening. He had one hand on the base of his shaft and the other pressed on her chest. She couldn’t take her eyes off the wide column of flesh, not believing it would fit. How does Tiya do this? She wondered.

Jane’s vagina was still ringing with sensation but there was no letup in Patrick’s advance. He squeezed a nipple as he slowly pushed into her, thankfully taking his time but showing no sign of mercy. The white flash of pain was followed almost immediately by another orgasm and the unmistakable pulse of Patrick’s powerful ejaculation.

Tiya was coming loudly next to them, Jane noting that she hadn’t failed to scream the right name. It felt strange knowing that Brady was driving another woman to that level of pleasure. His cock, she guessed, had hit the mark. As Patrick turned her over and lifted her hips, she thought about those things she did to drive her husband wild. Would Tiya find some new way to tap even deeper pools of lust? She wondered if things would ever be the same.

Now she was folded in two with her ass in the air. Her neck and shoulders were on the mattress and her knees draped beside her ears. Patrick held her back against his chest with her cheeks spread wide. His head was bent, slowly, thoroughly lapping her asshole and lightly teasing her pussy with his fingers. She was nearly insane with desire, completely in this man’s control, completely opened up for his pleasure.

Patrick lifted his eyes to watch his wife. She gripped fistfuls of sheets, her chest on the mattress and her bottom in the air. Brady was kneeling behind her with half of his long dick in her ass. He pulled back slowly and then plunged smoothly into her, a little deeper this time. Patrick nearly came all over Jane’s back. It wasn’t something they had ever done. Anal sex was something they watched on videos together but never talked about doing. Now here she was; skewered by her prize stud. He looked at Jane’s glistening, pink ring and began to work his thumb inside.


A sopping carpet of mottled leaves was pasted to the blacktop, thick gloom hanging in the dripping canopy. Tiya stared out the window through dark sunglasses, contemplating the motionless red combine left unattended in a misty field. Her husband sat silent and expressionless behind the wheel.

Jane sat behind him, colorless and glassy eyed. She stared intently at the floor between her feet. Her face was a study in anguish. Brady had been watching her closely. Finally, he reached over and placed his hand over hers. She coldly jerked it away.

“Sorry, Janie, time’s up. The answer is Phnom Penh.”

“God, I SUCK at geography!” Jane whined. “Can’t we play something else?”

“Jane’s only good and games where you have to drink a shot between rounds,” said Tiya.

“Ughhh… please don’t mention alcohol. I am sooo hung over.”

“Yo, Pat. What do you think? The equinox, a huge feast, wine, an orgy…” He winked at Jane. “Are we Druids now?”

Patrick looked in the mirror and smiled.

“Three of us are Druids. You’re still an asshole.”

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