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It’s a different kind of moment...

It is a record-breaking 37ºC. The windows are open and the shades are shut. All we can do is sit and bear it till the heat breaks. 

I lay on the floor taking in the small fan that’s working overtime. The spinning blades of the other fans catch the sun as it sneaks through the cracks of the blinds. Lifting my hand to the haze, I feel its heat as my fingers walk through the swirling dust, breaking their patterns.

“These fans aren't working!” 

“They seem like they’re workin’.” 

“I think you should turn it down.”  

Raising my eyebrow, I turn my head to look at her from under the coffee table. “I’m not turning the fans down.” I can only see the bottom of the couch and the outline of her body before the table top cuts off my view. 

“Not the fans, the sun.”

My sigh at the sight of the table turns to a laugh at her request. “I’ll get right on that one. Just a couple degrees?”

”Better make it a few more clicks.” Her leg slides off the couch until only her toes touch the floor. I watch as she points them, stretching, then following the curve of her calf as it tightens and up past the slight bend of her knee. “Oh, and while you’re at it...”

“This should be good.”
“I need something cold.” 

“Something cold?”

“That’s what I said.”

“Sorry, can’t hear you over the heat.” I put my hands up to block the incoming pillow that follows Abby’s muffled giggle. “What do you want?”

“Something cold.”

“We’ve established that, babe.” 

“Something sweet.”

“Ice cream?” 

“Too heavy.”


“Too watery.”

Propping myself on my elbows I look in her direction with my eyebrow still raised, “Really?” But the same brow slowly falls as my eyes wander over her body. 

Her cami is pasted to her skin, outlining the curves of her small yet full breasts. The fabric is raised slightly around her nipples and there’s a light sheen of sweat coating the exposed skin of her stomach. My eyes wander lower to the waist of her boy shorts that are higher than normal from riding up, the bottom of her cheeks poking out. 

Even with the heat sticking to my body I feel a familiar warmth starting to rise elsewhere. I’m unsure how my mind, no my body, is starting to ache for something when I can barely get off the floor to take a sip of water, but then again, my thirst for her is greater.

“Mmhmm.” Her eyes shot open after taking a deep breath. “I know!” A wicked smile washes over her face. “Strawberries.” 

A smile creeps up as the memory of the other morning sneaks in.  

When I walked into the kitchen half asleep I found her sitting on the table, naked. One leg hanging off as the other was propped up, a full bowl of strawberries covered her mound. How the chair sat in front of her, placed there on purpose. The look in her eyes when I sat and the way she said  ‘You really need to learn to start eating breakfast.’ 

Those strawberries, so ripe, perfectly paired with her glistening smooth lips. The sound of the chair as it hit the ground, the table squeaking as it slid forward. Watching her body contort and nails scrape across the wood as the waves hit their peak.

 How easy that last strawberry slid through her puffy lips. Offering a taste and her response was to turn around, hanging her head off the table, her nails dug in my ass cheeks pulling me closer. How I came so hard my knees gave out and finally, that kiss. 

The kind of kiss that’s branded in your memory for a lifetime to come.

“There has to be some left, right?” Her words bringing me back to the now.

“We’re out of strawberries.” 

“Not even one?”



“Do you not remem-?”

“Remember the other morning?” she finishes my sentence then sighs. “Why do you think I want some. Go look.” 

“I’ve melted to the floor, there's no hope for me now, you’re on your own.”

“But look, you’re already halfway up and I’m over here,” she dramatically brings her hand up to her forehead. “Famished…”

“Famished eh?”

“Yes… I need something cold before I... I...”

“Before you what?”

“Too hot… Can’t think…” She manages to tilt her head in my direction, wiping the strands of hair stuck to her forehead and pushes out her bottom lip, “Gooo.” 

“And what do I get from this fruitless task?” Smirking at my own pun. 

“You get to sit on the couch with me.”

“With you?” I sit up fully, “Now how could I pass that up?” 

”You really can’t.”  

She’s right, I can’t. 

So, I peel myself off the hardwood floor and step in front of the fan pointing directly at Abby. It doesn’t take but a few seconds before other pillow hits the back of my knees. 

“Hey now!” 

“You’re blocki- Why don’t we have air conditioning?” 

“Because we live in Canada and this heat doesn't last.”

“We wouldn’t be melting right now.” 

“But then we wouldn’t have something to whine about.” 

“Good point…” 

I lift my shirt to catch the breeze from the fan, “Didn't you live in Hawaii for a year?” looking back I catch Abby staring hungrily.

The last pillow hits me right in the face. “Air Conditioning!”  

I take my sweet time heading to the kitchen, boxers sagging off my hips, the heat pulling at them. 

The hardwood floor was just as hot as the rest of the house making my bare feet stick to the varnish. As I fan myself with my old sleeveless shirt, my overheated brain begins to wonder if it’s the floor sticking to me or me to the floor. 

I swing the fridge door open and a blast of cool air hits my exposed skin sending a wave of goosebumps across my body. Inhaling deep, I lay my head back lifting the front of my shirt, wanting to feel it everywhere as I let out an over exaggerated sigh of relief. 

“Was it as good for the fridge as it was for you?” 

“You know it, baby,” I look over and see her head peeking over the back of the couch with a mischievous look in her eyes. “This could have been you ya know.” 

“And deny you that pleasure? I would never.”

“You’re so sweet.”

She raises her eyebrow and bites the corner of her lip. “I know.” 

I bite the corner of my bottom lip, mimicking her actions unconsciously, knowing just how sweet she is. 

“You know what would feel better?”


“If you lost that holey shirt.” 

“Now why would I do that? It’s air-conditioned.” I open the freezer door and take a step inwards, cutting off her view of everything but my bare feet. “How dare you talk bad about it.”  

Wrapping my fingers around the hem, I pull it over my head and let out a sigh. A shiver runs through my body, momentarily breaking the heat that coats my skin. I then ball up the fabric and lob it over the freezer door, only to hear her best wolf-whistle in return.

I lean forward looking through the fridge, feeling the last rush of cold on my back as the freezer door swings shut. “Sooo…” I say with my head buried in the fridge, then whisper to myself “Buttons.”

“Buttons!” I hear Abby call from the couch and a smile touches the corners of my mouth.

“What’s left? Are you sure we don’t have any?” A soft moan follows and I raise my head, looking over the door and catch her eyes opening, she parts her lips to take her finger between them. “They were...“ she pauses and I swear I  see the memory that passes through her eyes as she stares into mine, “Juicy.”  

The word pours from between her lips in a way that makes it just as juicy as the word itself. 

Heat rises in my core despite standing in front of the fridge. I shift my stance as the warmth stirs between my legs, knowing it is no longer from the temperature outside. 

Taking a deep breath I can smell my own arousal. I turn back to the fridge trying to focus.  “We have… Grapes?”






“Its a fruit,” I smirk to myself and next thing I know Abby’s shirt is hanging off the door.  

The rush of cool air drags a subtle hint of her into my lungs. Her scent alone is intoxicating, enough that I pull her shirt off the door, bring it to my nose and close my eyes taking her in. 

“Well well, look what we have here.” I spot the perfect treat as I open my eyes. 

“What?“ her tone hopeful. 


“Not as good as strawberries.” Disappointment lingers in her voice.

“They’re not just any peaches.” Grabbing a couple I turn, kick the door shut and then head to the sink to wash them off.

“Oh, you might have to do a little more convincing.”    

“I’m sure I can do that.” Grinning, I make my way back with the peaches in hand. 

Walking back around the couch I place a peach on the table and nudge her leg while clearing my throat. “I’d like my prize now.” 

“I guess…” She lifts her legs up slowly with a smug little smile on her face, allowing me to sit. 

I claim my spot and she drapes one leg over my lap and leaves the other resting on the back of the couch. Then I watch as she runs her fingers down the glossy sheen between her breasts, slightly arching her back.

“Well?” Her index finger traces around her belly button before sliding the tip just under the waist of her shorts. “What’s so good about these peaches?”

“Umm…” My eyes following her fingers, I notice the fabric pulled taut against her lips with a growing wet spot. “This peach…” Dragging my eyes back to the fruit I start rolling it around lost for words, my mind was still focused on her. 

I can feel her eyes on me and I know she’s wearing that grin. 

“This… umm is the good old BC peach, Redhaven peach… I think.” 

“Is that so? And?” 

“Well first, look at it.” I place the fruit on her knee and roll it up her thigh. “You see the perfect shape of this and how you can tell it’s not overly firm,” picking the fruit back up rolling it between my fingers.

“You keep squeezing it like that you’re going to make a mess.” 

“Maybe that’s my intention.” I turn my head looking back at her and without a word, she puts her legs together and slowly starts working off her boyshorts.

“Do you mind?” I break from my daze as she raises an eyebrow and wiggles her hips wanting me to finish the job. Holding the peach in my left hand I use my right to twirl my fingers in the fabric and slide them over her knees and down her calves, dropping them to the floor. 

She places her legs back where they were, exposing herself to me, vulnerable, with that look in her eyes.  

Her brown eyes seemed to lighten into a honey colour, just like the night she read me her favorite poems and gave her reasons why. The passion behind them made my chest clench, as it does again now.

The fan rotates our way and I break eye contact to watch as her hips raise to catch the breeze. 

A delicate moan escapes her lips causing me to squeeze the peach a little too hard. My index slips through the stem right down to the pit, spraying all over. My breath catches as I feel the cold juice from the fruit land on my stomach. 

“It’s okay baby, I hear it happens sometimes, don’t be embarrassed.” 

“I couldn’t help it…“ I lean towards her on my elbow, my hair brushing against her. “I’ll make up for it.” I flick the tip of my tongue over a small drop on her inner thigh. 



Lifting the peach and holding it between her legs, I let her watch as my finger lingers deep inside the fruit and the nectar start to run down. “See, you can tell just how…” Trailing off, my eyes wander from between her legs and up her body till I catch her staring longingly at the peach.

“Juicy.” I watch as she forms the word slowly, almost kissing it as it slips from her lips, setting it free to dance across the heat that sits between us. 

The fans seem to roar louder, deafening the room around us as they work harder, drawing in the muggy air that sits heavy in the room. 

A drop of juice from the fruit or sweat, I can’t tell by this point, rolls down my stomach as I lean further into her, getting closer to the heat that’s now radiating from her. “I don’t think that’s the only thing…”  


“It looks like this peach and you have a few things in common.” 

“Tell me…” 

“Well first of all,” My free hand comes up and I let my index slide down her inner thigh “You both have a little… Peach fuzz. “ looking up at her with a smirk on my face. 

“Don’t tease, it’s too hot to shave.”   

I trace my finger lightly along her puffy lips, feeling her fuzz as my thumb does a circle on the peach, comparing the two with a smile on my face. “You know I don’t have a problem with a little fuzz.“ Turning my head towards the leg I’m leaning on I lightly kiss her inner thigh, tasting a blend of sweet and savory. 

“There is something else.” 

“This one better be good.” I notice her breathing starting to become more rapid.

“Nothing wrong with the last one.”  I take my hand away and a soft sigh escapes her lips. I hold the peach up and over her glistening cunt and with the free hand I dig another finger in deeper, ripping the peach in two perfect pieces. Juices spray in every direction but most find Abby's mound, dripping over her lips. 

Setting one flesh down just above her slit letting her feel the coolness of the fruit. I watch the fuzz rise, holding tiny droplets as goosebumps line her skin.

I pop the pit from the other side, tossing it on the table and then bring the half to Abby’s lips. She parts them, awaiting the refreshing treat. I slide the corner into her mouth along with the fingertip that was just teasing her. 

Slowly pulling my finger from her lips as she seductively bites into her half, allowing its juices to roll down her chin. I trace through its nectar, leaving a trail along her neck before dragging it across the rise of her collarbone.

Adding my middle one, I move lower over her breast, squeezing her nipple between my knuckles as they slowly pass. Her back arches into my firm lingering touch. 

Sliding my hand over, I place my palm flat on her stomach. “What..“ Leaving it there I feel it rise and fall with her breathy words. “What’s the... Other…” 

“I’m glad you asked.” I grin as my eyes wander from her to the half of peach still laying on her mound. I turn my head and scoot down a little more putting slight pressure just below her belly button. “Wait, are you sure you’re not too… Hot for this?“

“Just...“ She arches her back again but this time she rolls her body, lifting her hips enough that the peach begins to inch forward and a sigh parts her lips. I quickly move to pin the fruit in its place then slide the flesh of the fruit down her puffy hot lips and back up again. 

Her moans grow needy when I flip it over to expose the insides to me. “You should see the blush of the red and the hint of yellow, I’d say, perfectly sun-kissed.” With my other hand, I slide my fingers over her lips and part them. 

“The peach has a juicy golden flesh.” I bring my fingers up from her lips to inspect the meat of the fruit, lightly pressing my finger into it.  “You...“ My fingers come down sticky, once again spreading her open, inspecting her just like the peach. “...the Perfect Pink and from what I see, a little more…” I pause to look at her as the tip of my finger lined up, “Juicy.”  Then slide the tip inside her. Her body tenses and I know she’s trying her hardest not to move as I start to have my way. 

“And…” I notice her closing her eyes trying to focus on the next word she wants to say. “Wha-… which ones better?” 

“Better?” I circle the tip of my finger along the walls of her entrance, before pulling it out and bringing it to my lips, cleaning it off. “The real question is…” I wait until she opens her eyes and they meet mine. “Is it possible to eat both at the same time?” Noticing a drop of peach on her lip and snake my tongue out cleaning it off.  “And who will finish first?” I accentuate the last letter of the word letting her feel the burst of breath that follows the t.

Her leg twitches against me while a whimper leaves her lips. The couch groans as she pushes her hips down into the leather, brushing her peach fuzz against my skin. 

Tracing my nose along her wetness, smiling as the soft stubble tickles. I slide up, slipping the tip between her slit before looking up, watching as she sinks her teeth into the flesh, releasing a drop upon her lip. 

How I crave that droplet, jealous of where it lays. I fight the urge to crawl up and steal that taste as I steal a kiss. 

Instead, I lift my head and sink my teeth around the piece that lays on her, biting it in half and letting its juices slide down my chin. 

Her eyes close and I can't help but wonder what’s going through that mind of hers. 

I hold the peach between my teeth and press the skin of the fruit against her thigh, gliding it gently down towards her warmth. Reaching the crease where inner thigh and mound connect. I open my mouth wider, then close, biting through the peach and nipping her soft flesh. 

Rolling the flesh of the fruit in my mouth then biting down letting it burst as I latch my lips around her clit. Pausing long enough to inhale deep, pulling in the growing scent of her arousal and mixing it with the sweetness of the peach. 
I start to suckle on her clit as my tongue pushes the broken flesh to my lips so she can feel the difference between the two before I let her clit pop from between. 

Swallowing the rest, I adjust myself leaving a foot on the floor as my other tucks under me. 

My core is on fire and the heat makes me slightly delirious but mixed with the taste of her, it’s euphoric. My clit aches, throbbing to every other beat of my heart. 

Hearing her soft whimpers and watching her hips rock against the muggy air wanting more, it adds to the feeling, a deep-seated feeling of want... need.

A craving so profound it almost scares me. 

I shake myself from the daze and look up to find her staring at me, like she knows what I’m thinking, sensing my true desire. 

A bead of sweat rolls down between my shoulder blades and I slip an arm under her thigh, pressing my fingers into her skin. I bring my other leg off the floor, tucking it under with the other. 

Without breaking eye contact as I snake my tongue out and pull the other half into my mouth. Repeating what I did with the first, I hold it between my teeth and run the flesh down her lips and back up again. 

I push the peach to the side of my mouth and flatten my tongue on her puss. Pushing between her lips and dip into her before gliding it up over her clit. 

The mood quickly changes as that first real taste slides down my throat. I fight to stay in the moment to continue my tease but all my other senses start to blur. A growl rolls deep within as that primal need starts to take over.

I slide my arms around her thighs, slightly lifting her hips off the couch and wrap my lips around hers. I use my tongue to push the peach flesh between her puffy cunt, pressing it against her nub and start to suckle.  

“Oh fuck… Ayla...” Filled the room, followed by a high pitch squeal. Her shoulder blades press into the arm of the couch as my fingers press deeper onto her skin, lifting her higher.

Grazing my teeth along her soft flesh pulling the piece away from her clit. I look at her and see the yearning in her eyes and knowing she sees the hunger in mine.

I lift my head so she can see the piece held between my teeth and let her watch as I slowly bite into it. The juices form around my bottom lip before dripping down my chin. A drop or two slide off, hitting the top of her slit and roll down. 

“Please....” Her voice is soft yet tight. I bite down further into the fruit making more liquid pour onto her. “Don’t … Please.” Her hands gripping her perfect little tits, pinching her nipples hard. 

Everything around us is blurry and faded and her voice sounds close yet far away, her tone drives that essential need to the brink. Her skin heating under my touch and her arousal causing my own to increase. 

“I need y- “  

I devour that sweet peach, along with the fruit, mashing the pieces of flesh against her as my tongue slips in and out. A sharp sting digs at the back of my neck as her nails rake up then pulling at my hair.  

The more I lose myself in her, the more I lift her hips, pushing her up the couch. She arches her body across the armrest trying to push herself back into me, grinding herself against my mouth. 

Her heel presses into the middle of my back, holding me to her as I straighten up. I pull my head back slightly and take a breath before latching my mouth back around her dripping cunt. Her juices flow down my chin, sliding down my neck. 

I drive my tongue deep inside her, pushing until my jaw aches, swirling it around her spongy walls as they contract around, squeezing, pulling me in. My nose flicking over her clit as I shake my head back and forth giving a constant thrum at the back of my throat.   

I feed off her as if she is my lifeline. She squirms into me, fully giving herself over, wanting me to feast. 

My knees hit the arm of the couch she is currently leaning against. Her clutch in my hair slips and she pulls hard. That growl finally bubbles to the surface as I turn my head, biting the crease of her inner thigh, rousing a breathtaking whimper filled with want and a subtle hint of pain. 

The sound of nails rippling over leather cause me to glance up as my lips wrap back around her button. Her body is hung over the armrest, visibly trembling and her clit pulsates between my lips.

“I’m... I’m... “

Barely hearing the words between her moans I dig my nails in, knowing there will be a vast of little bruises left behind. Leaning back trying to hold on, knowing she’s on the verge of cumming, my grip starts to slip from her sweat-slicked skin.

Her cries of pleasure fill my ears as I feel her slip from my grasp, followed by a soft thump as she hits the floor. 

With a triumphant smirk on my face, I sit back on my heels catching my breath, I tilt my head to get a better look at Abby, she's laying there arching her back with a leg still resting against the couch. 

I reach over and grab the other peach, watching as what looks to be another wave rolling through, her fingers surely helping her get there. She brings those same fingers up to her lips, tasting as she turns her head and our eyes finally meet. 

Fuck, the way she looks at me. 

It renders me speechless as her eyes pierce through, like she was reaching for parts of me only she knew how to touch.

“Convincing enough?” I finally manage then take a decent size bite of the fruit, letting the fresh juices roll down. The fan rotates our way, taking notice of the droplet hanging from my nipple, sending a wave of goosebumps through me.  

Slowly, she gets on all fours and crawls forward onto the couch as I shuffle back on my knees, never breaking eye contact. That look in her eyes causes heat to burn in my very core. Not paying attention, my foot catches on a cushion and I fall back onto my ass, dropping a foot to the floor. 

She starts to slowly crawl up my body and I inch myself back, feeling my boxers pull down slightly as it sticks to the leather. The cool material presses against my back letting me know I’ve reached the opposite armrest with nowhere else to go.

The look in her eyes held this intensity, telling me right then and there, I am no longer in control. Little does she know that this moment isn't the only thing I’m no longer in control of. Or can she read that in my eyes?

The delirious state the heat has put me in, mixed with her tongue tracing up my stomach, sends a powerful throb to my clit. 

I take another bite of the peach and try to sit up, but as she straddles my waist she lays her hand flat between my breasts, pushing me back down. I don’t fight it but instead, wonder if she can feel my heart pounding.

She leans down and kisses me so hard I let the peach roll out of my hand and onto the floor. Before I can bite into the flesh she forces her tongue between my lips, scooping out the piece, and pulling it back into her mouth. 

Abby sits up and arches her back, pushing her mound just below my belly button, coating my sweat-slick skin with her juices. Her hand still holding me down as she shows me the peach between her teeth.

The seconds stretch like minutes as we stare into each other's eyes, listening to the hum of the fans slowly fade in harmony. A heavy silence fills the room, the power must have cut out. It doesn't matter, nothing outside of this moment matters. 

Lines of light sneak in from the blinds and glide across her skin, making the sheen of sweat that coats her body shimmer. She starts to grind her warmth against my stomach, inching back, closer to my need and extracting a groan from a depth I never knew existed.

I watch the juice coat her bottom lip as she bites into the fruit and lets out a moan that rivals my own. The sound of her piercing the ripe flesh mix’s with the melody of her sweetness sliding against my skin causes a shiver roll through me. The need for release building with each roll of her hips.

Unable to catch a breath as my mind melts and the heat takes over, not only from between my legs but the thump in my chest.

She has me, all of me. I clench my jaw to stop the flow of three words from bubbling up on their own. 

“I recall there being Popsicles in the freezer.” She grins that mischievous grin once again. 

‘She’s the one.’ 


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