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and the juices shall flow

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hot lesbian sex
Knock, knock…

I open the front door, and you’re standing there, looking as beautiful as ever in a white tank top and a long flowing cotton skirt. I invite you in and close the door. I turn around, pull you into my arms and grab you gently at the back of your neck. I place my mouth onto yours, kissing you passionately, exploring every part of your mouth with my tongue. I can feel my clit start to throb.

I move my hand lower to cup your arse, pulling you closer to me, kissing you harder with a hungry desire, wanting you, horny for you. I know you are feeling it too. I press you up against the hallway wall and nuzzle my head into your neck, biting gently and sucking it. I move my leg up in between your thighs, pressing it against your throbbing pussy. You start to move rhythmically, grinding and rubbing your clit against my leg. We are both getting hot.

I feel myself getting wet, my clit aching with desire. I want you so much. I move my hand to your left breast, feeling its fullness. I take your nipple between my thumb and forefinger and squeeze it gently, feeling its hardness. I want to feel it in my mouth. I push your tank top up so your breasts are exposed, I lower my mouth onto your breast. My tongue licks your nipple. I suck it into my mouth, you moan with pleasure.

I slowly start to pull your skirt up with my hand, and rub up your inner thigh towards your throbbing pussy. You’re not wearing underwear, which makes me even more horny. My fingers touch your clit; I move them around, rubbing, sliding over your clit, feeling your dripping wetness. You press your pussy down hard onto my hand, with a needing desire.

I bring my head back up from your breast, and start playing with your ear with my tongue as I plunge my finger into your pussy and move it in and out slowly to the rhythm of your body. You are so wet and hot, I cannot stand it anymore; I have to have you now. I grab you by the waist and move you backwards towards the stairs. I sit you down on the third step, and kiss you gently. I can feel the electricity in the air, I can’t wait any longer.

I push your skirt up towards your waist, I spread your thighs with my hands and lower my head. I kiss and lick around the edge of your inner thigh and pussy, teasing you, then I plunge into your wetness, moving my tongue up and down the length of your pussy, tasting you. Making rotations with my tongue to the top of your clit and then put my lips on it and suck, drawing it in, letting it go, in and out. Your clit is hard and swollen and I can feel your orgasm building. 

I stop, I stand you up, and lead you up the stairs by the hand. I can feel your frustration, I know how horny you are, how much you want to cum. I lead you into the bedroom, and stop you at the edge of the bed and slowly undress you. I kiss you very softly on the corner of your mouth, and then move my lips to the center of yours, where I press firmly but gently against your lips. I take your bottom lip between my teeth lightly. Your lips open and my tongue slides into your mouth. It touches your tongue lightly, then withdraws again, playing across your lips in a leisurely caress.

I push you gently down onto the bed, and press my body against yours and this time we kiss fully, deeply, until we are both breathless. Our hands reach out to explore each other’s body. I run my tongue lightly down the side of your neck, around your ear. I slide down and kiss your nipples, I suck the nipple harder, and you moan. I take it gently between my teeth and pull, lightly at first, then a little harder. I flick and circle your nipple with my tongue, as my other hands slips down between your thighs. You respond immediately to my touch. You bathe my fingers with your milky wetness, so that they slide across you and into you with ease.

I work two fingers inside you. I feel you expand around them, grasp them, pull them in, thrust them out, and pull them in again in a slow measured rhythm. My hands play across the lips of your pussy, my fingers tease your clit, they slide back inside, then out again. You press against me, wanting me, I know you want to cum. I move up to your neck, sucking, licking, biting, I slide my tongue down across your breasts and nipples, over your belly and into your soft, spongy pussy, groaning as I feel and taste how hot and wet you are. I start to lick gently, touching your clit softly at first; I circle your clit with my tongue, the take in my mouth and suck on it as my tongue flicks the tip of it. Your moaning gets louder, so I lick harder and faster, you grab my head and press it hard and deep into your pussy, this really turns me on, so I suck your clit deeper into my mouth. I love the feeling of your clit in my mouth.

You scream with ecstasy as you cum. You let go of my head and I give your clit a gentle kiss. You pull me up to you. You hold me in your arms; I can feel your heart beating wildly against mine. I give you a long, sweet tender kiss, and then give you small soft kisses on the neck and ear and whisper, ”I love you.”

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