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Because of You

Lust for another woman keeps a wife awake
Because of you, I couldn’t sleep last night.

Cuddling naked in bed with my husband, nestled together like spoons, his hand reached around to grasp my breast. While he started to drift off to sleep, my eyes were open wide, because of you.

You sent me your picture, standing almost naked and vulnerable, and now all I could think of was you! I wanted to stand behind you and kiss your neck while my hands roamed down your arms. I wanted to reach around and touch your breasts. Your nipples were so lovely and firm.

I dreamed that you lifted your arms and put them over your head and around mine, drawing me even closer to you. My hands automatically lowered over your delicious tummy and down to your hips. While I kissed your neck, my nails gently scratched down both of your thighs. There was just one thing in the way of my travels, but not for long.

I hooked my thumbs into the sides of your panties and lowered them from your hips. I didn’t hear them hit the floor, but I knew they had when you lifted your leg to step out of them.

My husband groaned in his early sleep, and his hand moved down and rested on my hip. It wasn’t enough. I needed to be kissed and fondled, because of you.

I imagined you turning around to face me so our breasts could meet together. The look in your eyes told me you wanted more, and our lips met for the first time. Was it your tongue that invaded my mouth first, or was it mine in yours? It didn’t matter, because everything around faded away. I felt like we were standing on a cloud, alone in the world.

The desire in my being was growing rapidly. I wanted more of you. No, I needed more of you! I led you in front of the full length mirror. Turning you to face the mirror, I knelt facing you with my back to the mirror, so you could see what I was about to do.

As my hands stroked up and down your hips and thighs, I could not keep my tongue away. As I tasted you, your gasp was more like a roar of something being unleashed for the first time.

My heart was thumping at a quickening pace while I lay in bed, because of you.

I dreamed that you held my head close and that your hips moved in harmony with the strokes of my tongue. My hands held your ass tightly, and I sensed your building passion. I pulled away.

You looked down in horror and barely managed to say, “Don’t stop!”

I moved around behind you and commanded, “Bend forward against the mirror.”

As you leaned forward, I parted your ass cheeks and ran my tongue down your crack to your asshole. I gently circled your tender hole, moistening it, flicking it and gently pushing inside you. I dreamed you cried out in pleasure, and your hips started shaking.

My hips started moving in bed, because of you.

While my tongue was touching you where you had never been touched before, I raised my hand between your legs to your pussy. Finding your clit, swollen from my tongue’s caresses, I slipped two fingers inside you. Synchronizing my actions, I drove my fingers in and out at the same pace my tongue was moving in and out of your ass.

My husband had rolled over to his other side. He was sleeping. I was stroking, because of you. Faster went my fingers and my tongue in my dream, and faster went my fingers in my bed.

Your moaning increased as you got closer to ecstasy. I didn’t let up, but continued to fuck both your ass and pussy together. As your body shook, the stored up passion exploded. I sensed the room was filled with wonderful fireworks, going every which way and surrounding us everywhere.

I was cumming in my bed, because of you.

As the fireworks died down, I dreamed that you lay down on the floor with me, and I held you close.

I rolled over in bed so that I could hold my husband close.

I finally drifted off to sleep, because of you.

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