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Carmen and Lauryn - Part I

Lauryn's fantasy finally comes true.
Carmen is my best friend and my roommate. I’ve known her for about 3 years now. She’s a real cool female and she has me crackin’ up all the time. Carmen is 5’2, brown skinned and has a bangin’ body. I always wanted to know what she looked underneath her clothes. She has nice full breasts and a nice round ass. My name is Lauryn and I’m a stud. I have short curly hair, but it’s a mohawk right now. I have very light skin, I’m 5’10, and heavy set.

In the beginning of our friendship I was really feelin’ Carmen. I wanted her to be more than a friend but she really wasn’t trying to go there and I had just been heartbroken when the woman I loved told me she couldn’t marry me. As time went by Carmen and I became really great friends. We would be on the phone 'til late hours in the morning talking and laughing. Eventually we became best friends.

Many times Carmen had shared with me that she wanted to be handcuffed and spanked. What she didn’t know was that I wanted to be the one to do it to her. She was often in my fantasies and I got my rocks off thinking about her. I wanted her badly but I didn’t want to ruin our friendship so I didn’t do anything about it.

I was on my home from my class that had been cancelled. I walked into the apartment planning to go into my room but I was stopped dead in my tracks. I heard Carmen in the shower moaning. I noticed the bathroom door was slightly open. Being the perv that I am I quietly approached the open door and took a peek. Carmen had her full breasts in her hands and was pinching her nipples. I could feel the wetness grow between my legs. I stood there with my mouth wide open watching her intently. Her hands went down her smooth stomach and a finger slipped between her beautiful pussy lips. Her body shuddered in ecstasy, her lips parted and I could have sworn she softly moaned my name. My eyes were locked on her fingers furiously working her clit.

"Ahhh!!! Lauryn!!!"

I was in awe at the words that have entered my ears. Carmen was thinking of me as she pleasured herself! I quickly retreated to my room so I wouldn’t get caught. I ripped off my jeans, got on my bed, closed my eyes, and reached down into my boxers. As I gently stroked my clit with my fingertip I imagined it was Carmen’s soft pink tongue bringing me to climax. It didn’t take long for me to cum and when I did I came hard. I managed to hush my moans so Carmen wouldn’t hear me. I drifted off to sleep, my hand still down my boxers.

I awoke to sound of Carmen’s voice calling me for breakfast.

"Chinaman!!! I made you some breakfast, girl."

Chinaman was a nickname Carmen gave me because she said I had 'slanted eyes'.

She was the first person to ever say that to me but I guess my eyes are somewhat slanted.

I walked into the kitchen, sat at the table, and gulped down some orange juice. As I bought the glass to my mouth I realized that I never washed my hands after I came the night before; I hope Carmen didn’t notice. Carmen made waffles and was reaching into the cupboard to get the syrup. I couldn’t help but stare at her ass. It took everything in me not to go up to her and grab her ass. She gave me a plate of waffles and set a plate down for herself. I was wondering why she made me breakfast, but I wasn’t complaining.

“So, did you have fun last night Lauryn? I saw with your hands down your boxers when I went to wake you up.”

“Umm…yea” was all I could manage to say.

“It’s ok girl, I kinda liked seeing you like that.”

I quickly ate my breakfast not saying a word to Carmen. She just kept smiling at me and I was wondering my I was holding back. If it was any other sexy female I would have fucked right there without any hesitation. I guess I didn’t want risk ruining our friendship. I finished my waffles, set my dishes in the sink, and headed upstairs to my room. My mind was racing with so many thoughts and I wasn’t sure what to do. What I did know that I was horny again and had to take care of it. I turned on my computer and went to my pictures. I clicked on a picture of Carmen in a bikini and went right for my clit. I imagined taking off her bikini and laying her into the sand. She would spread her legs wide for me and I would devour her pussy. I rubbed my clit faster until I came harder than the night before.

One night I decided that I was going to make my fantasies come true. I finished a much needed masturbating session but I needed more; I needed Carmen. I could just go into her room and hope for the best but nah I needed a plan. I headed to the porn shop and picked up some handcuffs, a whip, and blindfolds. I arrived back home and got ready for my plan. I quietly walked into her room with the items I purchased from the porn shop as well as some chocolate syrup. I peeked into her room before entering and saw that see was sound asleep…perfect. She had on panties and a t-shirt and was laying on her back with no covers on. I slowly made my way to the bed and managed to handcuff her to the bed without waking her. I then proceeded to blindfold her and as I did this she began to awake. She parted her lips to speak but I gently kissed her before she could say anything. She moaned into my mouth and I began to undress her. I pulled her t-shirt off revealing her large breasts. I lowered my mouth to her nipple and sucked. I stop sucking to pull off her panties, she was already dripping wet. I stuck my tongue out barely touching her pussy lips. I wanted to tease her and being that was handcuffed she had no control over it. She lifted her hips forward but I backed away. I poured the chocolate syrup onto her taut stomach and down to her pussy mound. I greedily lapped up the chocolate syrup until it was gone from her stomach. I licked my way down to the last of the syrup and dipped my tongue in her pussy lips. I swirled my tongue around her clit and she started to squirm around beneath me and her juices were heavily flowing. I loved how she tasted and as much I wanted to continue I decided to tease her some more. I gently kissed all over her pussy lips and then her inner thighs.

“Please Chinaman, I can’t take it anymore.”

I gave into her request and sucked her clit into my mouth. I flicked my tongue up and down and occasionally dipped my tongue into her pussy hole. She was so tight. I knew she didn’t care for penetration but I had to feel how tight she would be around my fingers. Two of my fingers entered her. I curved my fingers and began pumping them in and out. Her pussy felt so warm and her walls were crazy tight, it was possibly the tightest pussy I’ve been in. I continued fucking her, my tongue still working its magic on her clit, when she started thrashing on the bed and screamed out.

“Ooooohhh YES LAURYN!!!! You’re gonna make me cum!! Make my pussy cum baby!!"

Seconds later her pussy was contracting around my fingers, her juice gushing out rapidly. I continued eating her pussy and made her have another orgasm; my head was slammed between her legs and I licked up all of her tasty cum. When Carmen eased the grip she had on me I began to remove the handcuffs. This night was far from over.

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