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A walk in the country and a chance encounter. Strange? oh yes.
Snowdonia. A truly magnificent part of Wales. Rugged peaks and deep valleys. Babbling brooks and roaring waterfalls. Green and grey, all at the same time. Whether washed by the pure rain, buried under feet of snow or drenched in glorious sunshine, this land of princes and castles, myths, legends and history dating back to the dawn of time, is simply breathtaking!

My husband and I often visit the tiny villages with their slate houses and little Victorian steam railways, which are the best way to view this awesome spectacle of raw nature at it's best.

It was here, one beautiful sunny summer day, that my tale begins.

We were staying in a remote cottage on the banks of a shallow stream, deep in the heart of Snowdonia. There was just a track to the house and not a neighbouring property in sight. There was a small coppice near, through which the river flowed and through the trees it was easy to hear as it flowed swiftly over rocks that had washed down over centuries of rainfall.

We had been out most of the day, taking a ride on the little narrow gauge railway that steamed it's way along valleys, over rivers and past falls of water from high above and down the great slate cliffs. It chugged incessantly up steep mountain sides and past great lakes and all at a pace where the scenery could be appreciated with wonderment.

We returned to the cottage as the sun began to dip low in the sky and my husband, due to his illness, had needed to rest. I was still full of awe and joy at my surrounding and didn't want to stop.

As we entered the living room I turned to him.

“Philip, do you mind if I go for a stroll? I don't want to stop just yet.”

He looked at me and smiled.

“No,” he said, “of course not, but you don't mind if I stay here do you? I am dead on my feet.”

“No, I don't mind at all. You sit and rest. I shan't be gone long. I just want to appreciate this beautiful, magical place as the sun sets.”

“Okay,” he replied, “but don't be too long as the sun is already falling. You don't want to get lost.”

“I won't,” I promised.

I was about to pick up my mobile phone but thought better of it. There was no signal here and I had no pocket in my thin summer dress, so I left it where it lay, on the table.

The air outside was beautiful and warm, the evening sun kissing the mountain peaks, sending long shadows across the valley as I walked alongside the stream towards the trees ahead. The water played merrily amongst the stones, chattering and splashing as it flowed, tiny white horses frolicked and danced along with the sound. I was so happy here I felt as though my heart was about to burst out.

Apart from the water I could hear the faint sounds of tiny lambs bleating on the distant hillsides and the occasional call of a bird as it flew high above in the cloudless blue sky, and then, I saw it, hovering above the dancing water just a few feet away. The most beautiful blue dragonfly I had ever seen. It hovered silently, it's wings beating the air as it moved gracefully between the exposed rocks, looking for I know not what. It's body was almost luminous in hue, a glorious mid blue, almost like a spark. I was captivated as I watched it dart here and there. Before long it was joined by another, equally beautiful creature but green. Just as luminous, just as enchanting, both around 3 inches long, dancing around each other, never touching.

Just for a second they both turned towards me, as if looking at me and then, they were gone, the spell broken.

I smiled, still staring at the spot they had been, feeling the warm air against my naked arms, the gentle movement of the air making the skirt of my light dress move almost imperceptibly against my legs. I was in love. Not with anyone but with life itself, with nature. I could not stand in a place like this and not feel it, not be a part of it.

I looked up suddenly! What was that? A sound, like gentle laughter. I looked around.


Hmm... I must have imagined it, I supposed. With the stream in front of me, the trees, birds, lambs, so many little sounds, what's one more.

But wait, there it was again. This time, the slightest of rustling coming from within the trees to my left.

I peered through the boughs but could see nothing. A few steps towards the edge. No, just an animal a small woodland creature no doubt.

I began to walk slowly through the trees, alongside the stream to my right. The ground climbed steadily upwards and the sun shone through the leaves, causing the wavelets on the now fast flowing water to glitter and sparkle as they ran rapidly around the big rocks, tiny rainbows appearing above them.

I heard the tinkling laughter again and I looked around quickly and again, nothing. It was just my mind playing tricks, getting carried away with the shear exhilaration of this wonderful moment.

No, it wasn't in my mind! There! Through the trees, a movement, something flitting from one thin trunk to the next.

“Hey!” I called, softly, “Hey, wait. Who are are you?”

I heard the giggle again, to my right this time and then, almost immediately to my left, almost like stereo, like an echo.

“Come out,” I called gently, “Who are you?”

I looked around and this time I saw her, peeping from behind a tree.

“I see you. Come out. I won't hurt you.” I tried to sound encouraging. I wasn't afraid at all, just curious as to who this girl was.

Finally, she skipped gracefully out into view, laughing gently as she danced amongst the trees. She was beautiful. Her young flawless skin, pale in the sunlight. She was as dainty as a ballerina, and dressed in the thinnest of gossamer. Her slender lithesome body outlined beneath but not visible. Almost childlike and yet not so. She was ageless, and moved with the grace of a fairy. She may have been twenty, maybe thirty, more even, I couldn't tell. Her hair was short and dark and her sparkling blue eyes matched exactly the shimmering blue of her dress. I was captivated by her, unable to speak as she skipped lightly from tree root to tree root, her soft laughter like music in my head.

I sensed, rather than felt, a movement behind me and I turned slowly, not wanting to turn away but as I did, I saw another beautiful girl. Almost identical in appearance but dressed in green gossamer and the brightest green eyes I had ever seen.

I was awestruck, silent. Twins, and so incredibly beautiful.

They danced around me, never touching, making barely a sound but for their gentle laughter.

“Do not be afraid.” The voice came from behind me, “They will not harm you.”

I turned slowly.

There stood an impossibly beautiful woman. Again, I could not tell her age, I would have guessed around middle age but, how my mind felt now she could have come from the middle ages and I would not have been surprised.

“I am Coedwig.” She smiled benignly.

“I am Anna,” I whispered, “I am not afraid but...”

She answered my unasked question.

“They are river sprites. You saw them earlier, dancing above the river.”

“I saw dragonflies...” My mind was in a whirl.

“That is because they had not revealed themselves to you. They are very wary creatures, making sure that only those with a true love of nature and a good heart can see them. You should be honoured that they trust you.”

I stared in silence at her. She was tall and willowy. She wore a cloak of brown green fabric that reached the ground and resembled leaves and branches and yet not like anything I had seen before. Her long, chestnut hair hung way down her back, below her bottom and around her head was a small circlet of thin twigs, interwoven with leaves and flowers. Her hazel brown eyes sparkled in the light filtering between the branches and as I gazed into them their depth seemed unfathomable. I sensed wisdom and age beyond calculation.

“Come,” she said at last. “Follow me.”

I hesitated, unsure.

“You have no need to fear me. You will come to no harm.” Her words were like the rustling of leaves and all doubt was washed from my mind and I followed her further into the woods.

As we walked, the Sprites danced around us and I could feel their closeness even though they made no contact.

In the centre of the coppice was a small clearing, a soft. Mossy knoll.

As I stood, the sprites danced and giggled around me, sometimes close and at others, distant but each time getting nearer. I was enraptured and gradually became aware that as they passed close their dainty hands were beginning to touch me, a flick of my dress, brushing my arms as I held them outstretched, their fingertips brushing though my hair. I began to laugh happily, my heart soaring with every touch and sound and soon they were dancing close, their hands everywhere.

I felt them move across my breasts, my buttocks, lifting my skirt.

I raised my arms and they pulled the thin material over my head, letting it fall softly to the soft earth in front of me. The fresh warm air on my small, firm breasts made my nipples tingle with excitement and they pushed outwards, aching and throbbing with each light pass of their hands.

Still they danced, laughing around me. The leaves rustled in their enchantment and the sound of the galloping waterfalls filled my senses and slowly my panties began to move downwards until I was naked as the day I was born. I felt free, unfettered by convention and at one with my beautiful surroundings.

I felt the soft, warm breeze on my naked rear the moisture forming between my legs as I gave myself willingly to them.

I threw back my head and held my arms out, feeling the air envelop me, blowing my hair ever so slightly. The thrill of the feather light touches between my legs, on my bottom, across my breasts, my back, hair face, everywhere, was driving me to a frenzy and then, almost as suddenly as they had started, they stopped!

I slowly allowed my arms to relax back to my sides and opened my eyes.

She was standing before me, Coedwig! No cloak of brown and green now. Nothing but the circlet of leaves and flowers.

She looked amazing, her tiny breasts tipped with erect nipples and between her tiny waist and the top of her legs, a triangle of chestnut brown hair, in contrast to my own smooth nakedness. Her physique was firm and smooth though and not spoiled by hard muscle but gentle soft curves of flesh from her narrow shoulders curving gently in until reaching her hips which flared gently outwards and down to become beautifully shaped and toned legs.

She stepped forwards and began to kiss me gently on my lips. I opened mine to accept her and my willing tongue sought hers as her hands moved to my shoulders, taking her hair with them to cover us both.

My heart was beating as if to burst free from the cage which held it captive as I felt her tongue enter my mouth. She tasted warm and earthy and her gentle hands moved slowly down the gentle curve of my back, coming to rest on the twin globes of my buttocks. I couldn't resist her now, didn't want to, I was in heaven. I had never felt this free before. All my worries had disappeared. My fears about Philip's health, money worries, all gone. All I felt now was peace and a rising thrill from the pit of my stomach.

I felt her long slender fingers slip gently down between, caressing, probing, pressing and her tongue working gently inside my mouth. I was wet now, like never before and I could feel the fluids slowly running down the inside of my legs. I sucked in her tongue, greedily and pressed my self against her body. She was warm and welcoming.

Once again, I sensed the Sprites dancing around us, brushing against us, touching so softly, their laughter ringing in my ears.

I felt a leg press gently between mine and I parted them, allowing Coedwig to press her thigh against my soaking vagina, feeling it separate my soft folds and pressing against my clitoris.

I began to rub myself back and forth against her as I felt the contractions begin. At the same time a moan began from deep within me. My legs began to vibrate and my stomach muscles contracted.

The moan got louder and louder as my body contorted and stiffened.

Coedwig pulled me hard against her, biting my lip and pressing her leg against me and, at the exact moment that my body exploded, she pushed a finger deep into me making me scream out as wave upon wave of pleasure flowed over me, engulfing me, taking my breath, stopping my heart. My muscles tighter than a bowstring, screaming out until finally releasing me to the tender touch of Coedwig, who used all her wiles to tease my nerves as I slowly collapsed onto the soft bed of moss at my feet.

I lay there, immobile, for what seemed an eternity, gradually coming back to reality.

Reaching out my hand, I felt the soft warm moss beneath me and I listened to the rustling of the leaves and the singing of the waterfalls but wait, that was all I could hear. No soft laughter.

I opened my eyes and quickly sat up.

Disappointment cut through me like a knife stabbing at my heart. I was alone! My dress was lying at my feet and my panties were still around my ankles but, still, I was alone.

“Coedwig?” I called out. Listening carefully I heard nothing. I screamed aloud, as loud as my lungs would permit. “Coedwig!”

A giggle seemed to echo all around me and then... nothing. Just the rustling leaves and incessant water.

With a heavy heart I pulled my underwear up and slipped my dress over my head allowing it to fall over my shoulders and started to walk back along the edge of the stream to the cottage.

Every footstep was a chore and my heart was heavy. I didn't understand. Why did she leave me?

I reasoned I must have fallen asleep and she didn't want to wait any longer.

Philip! He must be wondering where I am. I had been hours and the sun was already down behind the mountains. I began to run.

“Philip,” I called breathlessly, as I ran through the open front door.

“In here, Darling.” his voice came from the living room.

“I'm sorry I've been so long,” I said, throwing my arms around him, “I lost track of time.”

Philip frowned.

“What do you mean?”

“I didn't mean to be gone so long.”

“You have only been thirty minutes, Darling,” he frowned, “I expected you to be gone longer. I have only just had time to make a cup of tea.”

I must have looked shocked for his next words were:

“Are you alright, Sweetheart?”

“Er, yes. I... I think so. I thought I had been longer, that's all.”

He shook his head.


The following morning, I arose early and walked to the farm some distance away for some milk and eggs. It took about forty minutes to get there but the walk was beautiful and I soon began to feel my old self again.

As I walked up the lane towards the farmhouse I saw two beautiful dragonflies hovering over the pond, one blue and one green. I stopped and looked at them for a while. For a moment they both stopped dancing and turned to me. I couldn't resist.

“What did you two do to me yesterday?” and as one they turned a flew away.

“I'm sorry?” A welsh voice behind me spoke. I spun round in a panic.

“Oh, sorry,” I said. It was the farmers wife, “You startled me.”

“I'm sorry,” she replied, “I thought you spoke.”

“Oh, no,” I laughed nervously, “I was just chatting to the dragonflies. Silly really.”

I paused, then.

“I met a woman yesterday, in the coppice by the cottage. Do you know her?”

The farmers wife suddenly looked serious.

“What kind of a woman?”

I described her in detail and the colour drained from the old woman's face.

“Did she tell you her name?”

“Coedwig.” I smiled, “I assumed from the name she must be local.”

“You don't speak Welsh do you,” she replied, more as a statement than a question. “Do you know what that means?”

“Yes,” I replied, “It means I don't speak Welsh.” Facetious, I know and the farmers wife didn't smile.

“It means Forest!” She said quietly. “What did she do?”

“Nothing,” I lied, nervous now, “Why?”

“You must leave this place. Today. You cannot stay. Coedwig doesn't show herself without getting something in return. Go now and never come back, if you know what is good for you.”

“But my milk and Eggs!” I protested.

The old lady pushed them into my hands.

“Take them,” she said, “Take them and go, now, while you still can.” With that she turned and disappeared inside the house, crossing herself as she went and slamming the door behind her.

Wow, I thought, But should I go? Hmmm...

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